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PREPAID TARIFF rot SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS. } SOUTH WALES DALLY SEWS-j8^ lBier troiwia I | # jDailyNewj ■WbKDB. One Three Six & O ice ia Insertion. [Insertions. Hnseruon3 Cardiff Insertion. [Insertions. Hnseruon3 j Cardilf 1 J I Times. I 8. d, I ?■ g. | i. d. I L d. Word. | 0 6 11 0 I 1 6 r 2 0 m Words I o 9 j 1 6 j 2 3 3 0 .W&r,13I 1 0(2 0 j 3 0 ( 4 0 ♦SWorda I 1 3 I 2 6 I 3 9 I 5 0 54 Words ) 1 6 ( 3 0 ) 4 6 I GO SSach extc ) ( ( line of' 0 3 j 0 6 0 9 1 0 9 Words ) » t t These charges apply only to the classes of advertise- I IIIl"nt specified below, and are strictly coafined to thuse .hie'1 are-ordered ior cossp-.crrivs ii1.;erlion, and paid Foa .R8VlOliS 1'(\ xssutios ii either of these conditions is Boi compJieÜ itii, (he advertisement will be cifarged bJ the B'lS!nCi3 scale :— AASF.VB.RFS V.'AXTZS. j HCK*«!IS TO BS LBS. Apaei'M3nt3 TO LEI. MOSEY WASTKD. ARTK;uk3 LOST. I MOTXY TO Lf.VD. ÂltTICJ.lC8 t'OCSD. f ALSCKLI-AKEOUS WA*TS. JUJSIM £ .S.SSS /oa Disposiii. I MiSfSLLASKoes SALES. BUSINESS* W.V.N rr.a. 1 PxarirsasHiP* WANTBD. HO«3SS TO LOT. SITUATION'S WAXIKD. HOUSES WANTSO Situations WAKTEE. GENERAL ADVERTISING TARIPP. Parliambntaict NOTTC-S, Government Annotni cement^ uid Pa.r,Ümentary Elections are chained One Shi1¡jn j>*r line for each insertion. Prospectuses of Publio pompauies aro charged Ninepence per line for each Insertion. l'u(¡tic, Legal, Municipal, P&r()chi?, and School Board ()tice Tenders and C0n¡,raCt8, Jso., are jhanred Sixpence per Jin;) lor each insertion. Auction Not oed are charged Sixptnoc per Jine, and all other »1 asses of Advertisnace.ifca Fourpence per line per inser- tion. Some cf these charges "re, however, subject to in cc(ordanl with the nutnber of insertions ,rdcred.-P¡¡rticwar8 may be Qt!t1 at our Child and Branch Others ADVSRT.3kb3 when sending advertisements in raanu- icript, may calculate eilrht words to alina, and 12 tinea :0 mi incii. In charging advertisements the lines are Jot counted, but t'ie advertisement, including larg-e loos, dashes, and whits spaces, is measured, and the ipaee occupied is charged at the rate of Twelve lines to in inch. agerscnal- IF HENRY CLARKE, lata G.d .ener to Capt. Luck- raft, at Burry Port, will communicate with .1. Mitchell, nurry Port, he may hear or something t,) his benefit, 2231 'itelal TO STUDENTS IN .MUSIC.—Mr~FT ATKINS, M.B., inteuds, after the uresei.t vacation, FOR1MNLi a Pl VATE CLAsS for :he study of Harmony and Counter- point. Terras 10>tid perterm. Also open to attend Schools for te formation of Classes. Terr.1S en application to Feralov House, or of ressrs Thompson and Shacker. 4L88 ^durational. WANTED, an experienced MASTER, to assist in W tuition and take charge of boarders.—Apply, stating terms, Scholastic;]?, Daily News" Office. 2177 WRITING.—Mr JiaeCreanor, Writing-master, 36, W Sinyleton-terrace, Swansea, teaches Ladies and Gentlemen's fashionable wntm¡; 111 seven lessons. Entire latisfaction guaranteed. 2165 £ amer&hi £ PARTNERSHIP Wanted by an energetic Business Man, having capital, in sound, well-estab- ibhed bu.-iae33 thnt w;11 bear investrgition.—Ad- lress, Locke's Advertising Office, New- port, Hon. 243 LADY wishes to join another as Partner iu a FANCY BUSINESS.—Address Mary," Locke s Adver- tising Office, Newport, lion. 2231 T ■ gametic jpcrvatrts. WANTED, a Steady Young GrRL as General Ser- vant. One from the country preierreu.-Applv J,, Maiu,lee, 2247 in a month, an active, honest GIRL, not f under 16 one accustomed to children preferred. -Appry- Postmistress, Cal<1;cot, Chepstow. 21G3 WANTED, HOUSEMAID must be strong and healthy, ar.d accustomed to) wai at tab1e.- ApDly to Mrs Pyman, Acacia House, Kymin-terrace, fenarth. 2220 ANTED, a Good GENERAL SERVANT and 1" NUKSE. Country girls preferred.—Apply No. 6, St. Andi ewVcrescent. 2233 ANTED, good GENERAL SERVANT at Qiio-ley W House, Richinond-road, Cardiff; good charcter required. —Anplr from 3 to 5 or 6 to 9 p.m: 22S6 WASTED a steady 10CG PERSON for Kitchjn- maid.-App!y at Rapers Temperance Huw), Cardiff. 2227 WANTED, a strong GIRL as General Servant; one T V u-ed tc the trade preferred. Good character f8qUlred.-App:y Kind's Arms Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 2215 WANTED, a thorough pood COOK, also an ex- perienced KITCHENMAID, and a Second CHAMBERMAID. Each must be accustomed to Hotel work. Good characters indispensable. —Apply stJ.tillg aije, vvajfcg, &c., Oueen's How], Cardiff. 2175 "im.VTED, respectable Indoor MAN SERVANT; ff also a PAGE. Good wages. —Enclose staJl11Jed envelope, Mrs Godfrey, 118. Park-street, London, W. 216) WANTED, Good Plain COOK, £24; HOUSEMAID, 1'. Sisters or fellow servants may suit.—En- close envelope, Mrs Godfrey, Park-street, London, 2169 WASTfil), Two good GENERAL SERVANTS for witlower gentleman oi means. £ 20, all found.- Address, Park House, North-row, London, W. 2163 WANTED, HOUSEKEEPER (working).Plenty of assistance. Wages good. Enclosed stamped envelope. —Mi's Godfrev, lIS, Park-street, Londou, W. < 216) ANTED, COO A, HOUSEMAID, and PARLOUR- MAID for a youny married lady. Welsh ser. vants liked. Good General enant might suit.- Enclose stamped envelope to Mrs Pipe, oZ, Bishop's-rcad, West bourne-^rove, London. 2160 W" ANTED, Two GENERAL SERVANTS for WHow "'1' Lady and Son. Wages JE20 each. —For particu- lars, nd stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Pipe, S2, Vmdon. 2160 WANTED, Two SERVANTS to go with a Lady to America. Good wages. All expenses paid there and back. For particulars, senti stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Pipe, 82. Westbourne- grove, London. 2160 Situations -Vacant. RAPERY.—Wanted, a steadv YOUNG MAN. Ap- ply, stating age, aalaij, and reference, to it. Kdwards, Alertbyr. DRAPERY. —Wanted immediately, a thoroughly ex- perienced MILLINER.—Apply to T. Winter, leo, Mid Company, the Neath Drapers, Neath. DRAPERY.—Wanted an Experienced Youn; Mall, accustomed to Welsh Trade.-App:y, stating salary, to D. S. Thomas, Bazaar, Ystradyfodwjr. 2240* TO PAWNBROKERS' ASSISTANTS. — Young Man t_ Wanted, age iroia IS to 20.—Appiv 15, Broadway, Roath, Cardifi. 21 Si) TO DRAPERS.—Wanted at once, a good SALES- WOMAN, also a MILLIN liR, must have good ta^te. — Apply st.iting age, salary, and experience, to H. D. Evans Risca, Mon. 2HJl GROCERY.—Wanted, an Ex; trienoed^ll A^D. uiust be strict'y honest, and all bstainer.—Apply Jones Kvans and Co., Tintern, near Chepstow. s&S-s, 47923 BOOTTRADE.—WANTED 50 Rivtiters and Rounders, J[) chiefly nail work. Constajit employment.—Kicks, Ibteany Shoe 47033 ttOOT TRADE.—Rivetters are requested to REMAIN t4 FROM Erynmawr, as there is a Dispute about Wages. 4- WANTED immeiJiateiy an IMPROVER. Must be W steady and active. Also a sharp LAD, a-Ap- prentice.—Apply personally to G. Hiley, Grocer, Tre- herberi. TO~GRoCEUS' ASSISTANTS.—'Vanted an experi- JL enced HAND an abstainer preferred.—Apply to Josiah VVilh»;as> Grocer, Treorky, Glamorgan. 22 7 WAN ED. in the towns cf South ^VVales, Gentlemen T of local influence to represent a new and im- portant enterprise in the South-West of England.—Apply by letter, C. P. A., Messrs Craik and Anthony, Quecu- square, iii istoi. -ityl-' TO MILLINERS.— A thorough experienced HaInTTJ accustomed to assist in showroom.—D. Thomas and Co.. Temple-street, Swansea. 2223 WANTED a young vuan ic ust^ine^rtodnvinir.who 1" knows the town. None need apply without good reference.—Cross Bros., St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 2-13 WANTED immediately, a smart, re3pcctafcie youn" man as BOOTS, at the imperial Hotel, Cardie." 2212 ~T ANTED, a quick YoUNG MAN, to take ¿;"a:ge-of a horse and cart, and make himself generally meful indoors.—Apply to J Miller Grocer, i'a ri. strest, Cardiff. 2170 TO DRESSMAKER-j. — Wanted inamedi-itely, a HAND DRESSMAKER, with knowledge oi Mantia- making preteired.—PP^yj iu.; paiticulars to D. anu J. Evans, I'ortii. 2161 ^genrirsi, <TvciUv.c> & j WANTED, by one of the oldest,, and !110,t popular Life Assurance Compaaie?, AGENTS throughout South a>.>i Mi i-^vaies. _Ganu.'iae:i •f good social position and able to .n.'lueiice;ios> oi a high-class character will be very hbaraiiy trtaed The Manager will be in W;:tes cbort.y, a.u- dresseU t■> Life Assurance," care of Mtssrs \i. a ia F. Morgan, Clare-Street, Bristol, wili receive attention. 479-13 TBADESMAN that intends going cut of Buriuess is willing to take Commission (or on Sa.ary) for Tea, Od and Grease, Tobacco, or General Provision3,for Wales. Go >d reiereucc. — Address T. S., 17, Mary-street, Merthyr Tydfil. 4í:);H APARTMENTS to LET, to i-e^peutabie family. Two iron-rooms; moderate.—Ap;-ly 6; Wynùba,n-street, Canton. 2: US iioNTHLY may be added to incoino by tia e of fw °ur Packet Teas and Fiench Cdfee, in t'ns the mo3t lucrative Agency in the trade. Prospectus and rress opinions post free. W ite to CdiTtr, Oliver an 1 Co., Merchants, 231, Soutiigate Road, L^naon, N. 170<0 4 "'l^n'AJN TED, AGENrS, for Imiustriai Assiu-ance. in all '°°a llleu e-»iearu j,t least 30s a week, stump, to Manager, 6, bi, John's-square, 437S4 ^autea. rI^° AdS^eeksa X A^uei t.sei seen a suuui.jn as Branch Maua^er or to elicit orders has heemnanaging a large bu-'n' a ?I years experience, married, i: j family, aged 2:; "vL'r-■ thfuracter to bear the strictest investigation.—A-i.^s.' Manager, Post Otlice, Aborcarne, Mon. 2241 fcDtCAL.—Wanted lmmediatelyTby a stond-vea.^ Student, ail ASS IS '•,A.NTSHJrf>, to visit, uispense attend midwifery (ordinary), liave served four appreuticesliip. Unexceptionable references. — Apply K. W. U., Four Crosses, Merioaeti), North Wales. 2205 RE^vVERS —A practical Brewer, who thoroughly tin ierstands brewing all classes ot a.esand stout, and "1;0 understands malting, vrishes for a situation; would invest jElCO or £20¡¡ in a going concern.—Address, C. C. Mather. 40, St. Albai. s-roati, atford, Herty. 47013 SITUATION WANTED as Cohiery Pay Clerk or Sur- >o! face and Tratiie Manager. Energetic a.«d ex- perienced. Good references. — \V., South Wales Daisy Kaws," Carddf. £ 2ol t"'U. r' t I ii'ant$. BIUC1CS.—WANTED CO,001 to 100,000 NEW or S lidOX D-H AND, for Coll-e-y purpose?. Do- iiveiy, Cross Iievs^ S^tion, also LIMK. Quotation? to J H Ketley, Gleulay aud Co.. Ilir- SJMn^halU A3A71 i PORTABLE ENGINE 1 WANTED, from 6 to 10 h.p. Jt_ Must be complete and in good repair.—Particu- lars to S. Evans. Llanfyrnach, R.S.O., Pembrokeshire.2224 ia be tt.-OUSt, &r. TO LET, No. 26, Park-street.—Acply to D. Jone, j. Builder. ] 2239 ri^O LET, No. 10, Westbourne-crescent, Canton bridge, J. Cardiff. Premises may be viewed on or after Mon- day.the Otli inst. 2216 TO be LET. immediately, 25, Parade, Cardiff, con- taining 3 sitting-rooms, 5 bedrooms, and dressing- ruoms. with a Jar¡.e garden. The Farniture in the house may be taken at a valuation.-Apply to A. Bassett, i, Church-St., or Mr Pady, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 2228 TO LET, No. 9. COLDSTREAM TERRACE.Rent JL moderate.—Apply to Mr D. Roberts, 17. Church- street, Cardiff. 47923 LATTERL\.TH.-20 Acres to Let, two miles from Cardiff, excellent herbage, irood growth.—Apply to W. B. L., 110, Bute-road, Cardiff. 47398 TO LET, Furnished, Newport, fr mi 12th September, a very genteel Detached VILLA, suitable for a small family. Rooms spacious, yery lofty, and well fur- nished bath room, u-oial offices anq,ccl1aring, grape home, and with or without stabling.—Apply Mr John French, Bromley House, Caerleoa-road, Newport. 2190 BURRY PORT.—To LET, or LEASE, on very mode- rate termn, a T. n-roomed Semi-detached VILLA, elaborately finished, with suitable ou;hoQsè8, rden, and accommodation ruad at back, pleasantly situ. ated, and commanding a splendid view of the Burry R.¡vernd Carmarthen Bay.-For particulars apply to J. Mf«h:,el, giocer, New-street, Burry Port. 47822 rjlO LET, a HOUSE, containing six rooms, in Silv'er- I street, Roath. — Apply to W. Thoma3, outfitter, 142, Bute-road, Cardiff. 2179 TO semi-detaciied RESIDENCES m Howard Garden. semi-detached RESIDENCES III Howard Garden, Itoath-rond, wíthic three minutes' walk of the T:,ff aDa Ithymney Stations, aud fitted up with all modern COH- veniences. The rooms are numerous, very spacious, anù lofty. Rent, £83 per annum each. There is considerable garden ground at the rear of each house, and the occu- piers have the privilege of using Howard Garden. Also, two YILLA, near Roath Church, containing two sitting- ronms, J;ieher1S. bath room, the bedrooms, and good gardens. Rent, £::0 per annum each.—Apply to Lewis Brothers, Richards-terrnc: Heath. 2103 ¡tndt &c. II OUSE for Sale, 17.- Augns*a-stroet. Splot'ands JTI 18-feet frontage. — Apply to Mr W. Jenks, 41, Lewis-street, Canton. 2210 Ci GOD OPPORTUNITY for Working-men to secuie a r Dwelling.—TWO NEW COTTAGES for SALE in Newport-street, Lower Grangetowl1. A large proportion I of purchase money may be had on mortgage.-Apply to R. Emery, 20, Queen-street, Csraiif. 2196 A- oR. ŠA-TBARGA iN:=Two- newly-built HOUSES for SA LE in Pontarduhis by Private Contract; 313 feet frontage good letting neighbourhood.—For further t particulars apply t) W. M. Williams and Co, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Pontardulais, R.S.O. 19;> ri1. O be SOLD, by Private Contract, Ground R nts of S 63 Houses in the centre Of Canton the ground I rents amount to £ 135 a year; lease unexpireù about 76 years; price £ 3,500; the rents the llndlords do receive 1;; £S¡¡S; when the lease expires will pay nearly 26 per cent. A large Family Mansion in Pembrokeshire, with I H acres of land, good fishing and shooting, and within two miles of railway station price £3,500; will pay from 31 to 4 per cent. A small Firm, with a Hou: o and Out-houses, within a mile and a-half of Newport, 2) acres. Light-roomed House, with about S acres o Land about 5 miles from Cardiff; several 8-roomed Houses, with large gnrdcrs and bark entrance, lease 939 years, price £J00 each; eight Freehold Houses, includii.g a S110p, price £2,550; eight Houses, rents £124 16s, price £1.:100; three Houses, price two Houses, in- cluding a bhop and Pake-house, rent £5:2 a year, price £500. LOWER GRANGE.—Two Hotises, including a Shop, and Stable and Coach-house, price £700. ROATH.—Two Villas in Broadway, price £ë50; six fl,>nses. including a Shop, price £ 1,200; two Viliae ia Upper George-street, price £ c50; four House', with a Ion; lease, in the centre ot Cardiff four Houses, includ- ing a Corner Shop, price £650; ten Houses, price eight Houses, price £ 1,600 two Houses in Pear -street, price £ -00; ten-roomed Villa, with cellar, bath-room, ann gas fitting3 moi tly in every loom, price £ S00, two- tliirds of the purchase money could remain on mort- g-vge.—TO LET, three large Shops in Castle-road, suitable for drapers, ironmongers, druggists, butchers, or furni. ture shops, aJl with large cellars; sevenI five roomed Houses, with large rdel1.f!, at Ely, rent 4,3 6d per week; eight roomed Villa in Davies'-crescent. with lanre garden, Venetian tlinis, gas fittings, "'õ1d weU. rent £ 30 a year. onl, five minutes' wdk to where tbe trams start. Seve- ral Farms to LET in Monmouthshire, rent about £1103 per acre. For reply pi as' enclose a stamped envelope. Apply to Mr Thomas House and Land and Insur- ance Agent, 34, Cowhr<c,Cant >n, Cardiff. 40277 r- -J. 'C'" O gusitfess grmto, &(. SWANSEA.—To LET, modern Business Premises Suitable for draper, iron monger, o: sale-rooms requiring large space, and very loay. lJou:.I plate. glass front. In best part of High-street. Apply Derrick, 33, High-street, Swansea. PUBLICANS.— TO BE LET, with immediate X possession, tl a. capital INN. the Commercial Hotel, Heolfach, Rhondda Valley, on lease, 11 years to run. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.—l or rent, terms, j and all information, apply T. Lewis, as above. 2222 rTo LET, TILERS' ARM; Blaina; also GOLDEN 1 LION, Abertillery; both fuli-licenaed.—For par- tlcubrs apply to W. Webb Aberbeeg. 2213 CARDIFF —TO LET, a good refreshment house, doinga good trade. In main thoroughfare,—Apply J. i' Daily News" OtScc, 2214 HOUSE and SHOP to LET, iu Lower Cathedral-road. JjL —Apply to Mr John Jones, Butcher, opposite. 182 A OXl'ORD-STREET, SWANSEA.—Excellent busi- Oj, new premises, consisting of House, Shop, exten- sive Storerooms, auJ Stable to be LET. -Apply to J. Bluett, Eastgate-terrace, Neath. 2198 TO LET, an extensive business PREMISES, in the j)L principal street in Trelierbert.—Apply to Henry Tbv:Y13S, Draper, Treherbert. 2184 rl,nEF0REsT.-To LLT, toruer HOUSE and SoUP in I I Cattle-street, with or without Bakehouse suitable for any business premÎsc3 thoroughly repaired rent low.—Apply, Evans, 33, Meteor-street, Cardiff. 2176 TO LET, with immediate possession, that new and commodious SHOP and PREMISES, situate on the corner oi Castle-square and Caer-street, Swansea. Leading thoroughfare, central, and suitable for almost any cla33 of business. Large plate-class froutage to each street.-App].v on the premises, H, Castle square. 4ti41 |hi$ine$ses for i$l)on1. DINING and REFRESHMENT BUSINESS to be DISPOSED OF, in the City o' Gloucester. A first class position, and doing a larg-e tmdc. Kent £ 65, The busines is weB established, and the proftta are large. Prvprietor retiring for satisfactory l"a.soll3. -Apply W. C. Evans, City Sale Uoom3, Gloucest6r. 47946 DRAPERY.—An Established Readv Money Genera! Drapery BusineS: to be LlSfOjED of. Best position in a Steam Cod Valley, doiug a good sound trade. Good Shop, weJI fitted, and ev. r c')!Jvenience.- Apply, Drapery, "South Wales Lady News, Cardiff. 2226 OUTDOOR BEER and GROCER? BUSINESS, taking £17 a week incoming £9í) —Withers, Rock House, Mailborough-street, Eristo). 22c8 DRAPERY.—An old-e.-tab'.ishcd business, doing a good trade. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.— Harries, Compton House Fishguard. 2199 DRAPER'S VALUER, ov r Twenty — Apply to lHr Joh l Lewis, Fairfield House, Swansea, 20:) for gzlt —Pterdlimew. CJCHOONER for SALE.—The "Devenport," 133 tons Jo register, carries 230 tons, shifts without ballast.— For particulars apply to the Master, on board, at Ply- muuth. 2166 HARVEST CIDER ed per Callon. Devonshire Cider for Bottling or Draught in prime condition.— Appiy, W. J. and J. Gaskeil, West Bute Dock Ware- houses, Cardiff. 47196 ANGLING.—FRESHWATER FISH of all tin-Is can be caught ir. immens r¡ua:1titie with the Chinese bait, "Cliing" (Stinking Gladwin). Fish smell the bait fifty y .rds off and take it eagerly, especially salmon, trout, roach, and dace. Price 10s per lb. Sample, SutM- c ent to c t .h a bu hel of fish, s-ent post pail for 13 penny stumps. Address—Jules and Co., Importers, Southampton.—Testimonial: "Messrs Jules and Co., please send me a quarter of a pculid of your fish bait The sample I had last week answered sp en- cidly it took fifteen brace of roach, four and a of different fish. W. Katcliff, Lady wood House, Souih Vincent-street, Birmingham." 2206 BOAT FOR SALF.—Fishing- Smack, in Dock, at Car- diff. To be Sold to cover moitgago. Very cheap. Jol1a Jenkins & lO., Puilnarmoaic Cham hers, Ca: d. HARMONIUM, £4; ditto, je5 ditto (7 stops), £610.>; Pianoforte (good), ditto, £7. The Cheapest lluu3c in Wales fvr all Musicai Instruments. Robinson's HarLLouiuill Manufactory, 2o, Oxford-street, SWan;ea. 47819 ifaoans and ^olUevji t'epl,sites. BUTE WAGON WORKS, CARDIFF.-Joseph and Co., supply all kinds of New and Second-hand WAGONS, for cash. Redemption or simple hire. Wagons repaired by contractor otherwise. Works, East Moors; Ottices, 146, Bute-street.—N.B.—J. H. and Co., undertake to let or sell surplus stock fur any owners or ers. Par- ticulrlrs invited. 45701 |Vn$fr(lanco^. ,o\- u.oJ,¡. BILLIARD BALLS, Chalks, Cues and Tips, at JB,) HENIG Ivory Works, 11. Hiyh-street, London, .C. Cheapest house in the trade for billiard- table requisites and ivuiy goods m general. Cld balls adjusted or exchangedj and tsb ea re-covered. Price Lists on r.ppiicatii-n EstaUisheJ. 1802. 15O0 FOREST OF DEAN STOE. Tr ees and particulars, A.' address J. Mitchell, 5, South Luton-place, Cardiff. 2217 FOR HIRE, the fast-sailing cutter YACHT, "Village Belle,' 15 tons. This yscht, which is o'uite i;ew has been re-fitted and done in the newest poss'ible si'vle' She is replete with everything modern, is a suitable for K gentleman and hia famil vi;;itiJ1: tne sea-sule. For terms. ic.,ap;ly to Mr Siuirooj I feiretion House, Tenby. 47tii Is-NEV POCI.ET T1.V.E-PIECE-1S 1.. Warranted to denote Corree; Solar Time 1- Pos "!(2e Fifteen .Stamps. Tne FRExcn POCKET Tmz LDICA TO), (Patented in Eng. Ian:, and France), of which were sold during the PARU exhibition WU Uenote correct time; S^N>E ^JZO and s.iape as a watch costing Ten Guineas; serv.ce-ible metal case, ,ted w .rks balanced netion, en.u»ieMed dial glass d"ine. Warranted for two vears. Two se-ure^v pecked for Twenty-eight Stuxnps. Obtainable oniy irain the undersigned Sole Agents for Great Britain. THE FRENCH NOV £ L'Y COMPANY 11S, Park-street, Marble Arcis, Loudon, W. 1415 A FORTNIGHT'S FAMILY WASH, in Four Hours, without rubbing or boiling, by using "THE DOMESTIC W asher, Wnnger, and (three machines in one carriage raid, and a free trial allowed. — Illustrated prospectus post free from Morris Bros., Pontypridd, and Id, Angel-street, Cardiff. 44216 PERAMBULATORS.—"The Patent Safety TIevovinlr," counteracts wind, rain, dust, suu, liP., frum what- ever Quarier priaintr, and thorougniy pietects the e..ild from the most inclement weather. Pr-ces and inuctra- tions free. These Patent Carnages are sent ca riage paid to any Station.—Moms Brothers, 16, Angel-street. Cardifl, and Pontypridd. <6570 LATEST "TIP"10 CYCLISTS desuous of Cycling as eheaoly a's possible tins season, 1.IDE THE CAMBRIAN BICTfCLES, Jlanufactured by MORRIS BROTHERS. Or purchase your machine of any otKer and acccs- Series of all" descriptions of the fcune firm at a 4>iscount. One of the Largest Stocks of New and j-ecoud-hand Machines in the United Kingdom to select irom. All goods cmri^ge raid. 0 CRLVS—PONTYPRii LH HNOW ROOM AND OHICK— Price T,,»l Ao,01X fc'ii;ELT, CARDU i'. ± rice Ligt one Stamp. 4"JG7S T> -\TKCnrM.V,1"?, f0J Nervous Debility. Th!1vr:lLA,L VV,OUK> lowing sufferer how X they may be cured ar.d acquire Health and Vitality without the aut of Quacks, witb.'recipes for punfyit,g the blood, and removing Skin Affection*, free on receipt 01 Stamp to prepay postage.—Address Secretary, luetitute ot Anatomy, Birmingham. ltC3 I> a LEACH, BILL POSTiSK V. AND DELIVF.HER, 17, WOOD-STREET, C'AROirF, Rents all the Principal and moa Prominent POSTING STATIONS in Cardiff, Canton, and Roath. l large Advertising Van to parade the streets, with horse and tirisrer, to be Let Lflf the Dajr ot Wock. Appf, M AOOM ior teraau%i»> t JOHN JENKINS and £ JOS lliNOUNCEMENTS. J 0 H N J E N KIN Sand CO., AUCTIONEERS ft VALUERS, punLIO ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS, STOCK INSURANCE, MORTGAGE AN0 BUSINESS BROKERS, AIŒITRATO&S. HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, FINANCIAL & GENERAL AGENTS. PHILHARMONIC CHAMBERS, Sr. MAJLY STun, CARDITF. Agents to the SUn Fire, Provident Clerks' Mutual W. and Guarantee, sod the Norwich and lAndou Accident and Plate Glass Insurance Companie9, and the Pror Endowment, Loan, and Annuity Company. N.B. —J. J. and Co, prefer personal interviews, but where this is not practicable, communication may be made by post, in which case ,n stamps must" enclosed for reply. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. Cj W ANSEA.-De3irable compact BOTEL, with good Vault, on a long lease trade large. Ingoing £ 1,200.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-69 CCARDIFF.—Capital free double-license d PUBLIC- j HOUSE, in one of the leadin thorol1;hbres. An excellent opportunity for a person seeking a first-class business. — John Jenkins anti Co., SUll Fire Office, Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-6S T^TEWPORT. Good, well situated, DOUBLE LI. 1. CENSED HOUSE, doing a large trade (proof), ingoing, fully furnished, £ 600. Rent moderate.— John Jenkins & Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1—67 CARf;IFF, DOUBLE-LICF.NSED HOUSE, estab- lished as a boarding-house, within easy access to Docks. Lease moùeratc rent; good inventory in- going £ 500.—John Jwkiu8 and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Caruiff. 1—66 CARDIFF. -Good Double-licensed nOUSE in a populous neighboui hood, doing large trade rent low ingoing £ 900.—John Jenkiu and Co" Philhar- monic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-6 BRISTOL.-GOOd Free Full-licensed HOUSE, situate in an important busines part and near shipping rent £ 50; ingoing £ -2\—John Jenkins and Co., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. '-—61 "TA RAPERY ami GROCERY BUSINESS, in a capital \J manufacturing and colliery dbtrict in South Wales. Lea-e of premises, which have lately been reo stord at 2Teat expense. £ 400; Rent. £ 50 Lease, 17 years r..eturns, about £ 5,000, which can be increased Stock (low) at aluation.—John Jeukms and Co., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-6-1 SICLELICENSED PUBLIC BOeSE, in Cardiff: doing fair trade, and held at a ,ery low relit. Ill- going £ 120 John Jellkic8 and Co., Philharmonic Cha.mbe: s, Cardiff. 1-62 tCARDIFF, DOCKS. — Double licensed PUBLIC- j HOUoE, in good position. Ingoing and rent moderate.—J01111 Jeukius aud CO.,Auctiuneers, &c., l'hil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-59 d CONFECTIONER'S, and PRIVATE HOTEL BUSINESS, near the Bute Dock, Caidiii holding a wine licence, to be SOLD. Good Shop; lease Stock about £ 300, by valuatiolJ.-John Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-50 CANTON.-GOod Double-licensed HOUSE, in excellent position. Large tmde; price nloderate.-J uh n Je¡Ind Ca., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 156 CARüli"F,-Eir;gh.-lier!íRéd PUBLIC-HOUSE to be disposed of in Canton iucuming £ 00; low rent.- Apply to John Jenkins awl Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1 62 SIN OLE-LICENSED PCBLIC.HUUSE, near Can: iff luw rent; ingoing £ 40.-Apply to John JeLkins ami Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 17 IN E and BE Eli-LICENSED HOUSE for immediate DISPOSAL —a bargain—for special reasons. Unexceptionable opportunity for taking a public-house cheap. Satifaetory reasolls for leaving. Apply to Messrs John Jenkins & Co., Auctioneers and Account- ants, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. n 15 -C-A}DIFF- Suburbs of. A very spacious Single. licensed HOUSE, ill a ncw but very growi¡¡ neigh- oourhood, on lease at £ 100 per year. Ingull1g, £ 500.—J. Jenkins and Co., House and Late Agent, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1.11 X CARDIFF, Lower Gra.nge.-Double-licensed HOUSE in Grangetown, 011 a good lease, to be j)i8pOeu of, Satisfactory rCabona for leaving. Ingoing, £ 500 to £ 700 :lccon1Ïug to conditionl:i.-J. Jeukinfj & Co., Auctioneers Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiif. 1-J CAr.Dll; F.-Double-lieen:sed HuUSE, m easy distance j to station, important offices, aua principal thoroughfares; held 011 a good lease, aud duin" a large trade; to 1 DISPOSED OP. Iugoiug *.1,050.—J Jenkins & Co., Sun Fire Office, Philhanuonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1.1i BUSINESSES WANTED. SINGLE LICENSED lTULIC.HOUSE. Ingoing not o exceeùiug £ 50.—John Jenkin3 alld Co,, Phuiiar- monic Chambers, Cardiff. | VOUBLE-LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE, Bute-street 1 f or Docks, Cardiff. Ingoing £ 200 to £ 300. John j eukin3 anu Co., Brokers, Philharmonic \ulllber. Cardiff, MALL SPIRIT VAULTS £ 2C0 to £ 300; respectable o van 01 C adiff.—John Jenkins and Cu., uu Fire vitice, I'ni.iuumouic Chambers, Cardiff. A SMALL PUBLIC l1ÖUSE.-IlgOl11g not to exceed £ 100.—John Jenkins and Co., Suu Fire Office, l'I,ÜH.U"llIOIUt. Chambers, Cardiff. d OOD Single Licensed PUBLIC HOUSE.—Ingoing \X not to eiceed £ 180. — John Jenkins aud Cc LUiUe;)8 Brokers, l-'J¡ilj¡ar21¡jc Chambers, Cardiff. BUSINESS PllEMISES TO BE LET. H 0 eSE, with Shop front, 4-stall stabe, in Hoath, I:u.t.lble for Cabman, &c., low rent.—Appiy tu joi-u Jeniiins aud Ce., Philharmonic Chambers, Ul.r..¡Ï¡I. 3—47 WAREHOUSE, substantially built and Ùy:- aud t' containing 4 thurs, each about 36 ft. by 18 ft., wiili good :lppro,ch it1 Glaiistone-street. Low l'Cl1t. I John Jenkins alJll-Co., 1 hiihaimonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-44 OFFICES.—Two sets of four first-class and con- veniently-? rranged Offices, suitable for Sol.citors, Arcl1ÍtectI:i, &c., III best position of St. Mary-strect, to be Let with llliwe hate pOb;;ebitju.-p¡j,ricuiars oi Joun Jenkins & Co" 1 hiiharmouic Chambers, OaidUd. 3—33 LARGE SHOP, iu a good position, with exccJIclit Dwelling Apartments, iu a IJl"il.clpal street.-J011!J I "t11.11::I unu Co., 1 hiihaimonic 2-11 CCAPITAL PREMISES, in 30 first-class position in Car- j ditf, with showy plate-glass window, '10 be LET. l.eiit and lixturcs reasonable nu stock; unexceptionable opportunity tu oell business ill aleao.m:; situation, is ply •loirn Jenkin-j and co., Philharmonic Chambers, Call1!'i. 3—31 S. -An,;TÙR. Y-STRE'ETI—Good^AKEHoUsES,'suit- able for Bonoeu 01' other ktores, witÎl vcry gooJ. approach,- Jdw Jenkins and Co., liouse auu Estate Agents, Biiilhajrmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3.7 f L ,WO Seto of g00Ü Oil-ICES, to Le entered upon in a 3 month, ill centre of Cardiff —Apply Lu Joim utukhis and cu., Caiuilf. 3-7 HùSES, 1.c., FOlt SALE. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAD on the to Le soili cheap. Corner plut, 13v feet 1>.)" M teet. -John Jellkius and co., 1'hiiharuioinc Cliambcis, Lar.;iÙ. « —06 SEVERAL First-ciass COTTAGES in a goot!tti¡¡:! neigllbuuriJouJ, to 1' aoout & per ceut. clLar, tü ue SOLD.—John Jt:11ki"s and Co., House aud Estate Agents, Philharmonic \llet Cardin, 2—15 UE AltTH.—Four CoTTAG ES, in good letting place, .I.. 17 feet xrontage, good repair. Ground reu, £ S iU. b'.C £ 700. —John Jeaknis and Co., Pm.nainion-c t:h..woet1:1, Cardiff. Ji-tSi T,ua:ElioLD RESIDENCE l1l1 Ol"FICES, near Car- diu, 'lO Le SOLD, W.tu ur without a tiell1 ne.,r.- vohn Jenkins and Co, Pbhharnioinc Chambers, Car- duf. 2—to DESIRABLE RESlDE.t\CE, iu bestoi Cardiff, having ..I-' a "ueù entrante-hail, and containing 12 spacious "IlÙ "e71 ananged rooms, three 1<1Y¡lonl8, anti LatIJ. room, "i:h Lot jsnd (;11I water, good cellerage and domestic cpanmenu, in excellent condition, andieplete witll Yeuetlall blinus and bas fittings, to be 1::i0LU 101' the very lI..0Cer:te price 01 £ 950. Grounu rlut low; early possession, —Jonn Jenkins and Co., Philuannonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2—1,;i_ r"liRLE G00D~"HOUSES nuda STABLE, in Adam- 1 street, to Le SOLu, to pay 7^ pcr cent. Price £ 1,0U). -^ohn Jciikiiid and Co., i^niiUarmoUiC t:1.<.i.r1wers, Canli lÏ. -¡5 MOLTIMEiT ROAD, CANTON, C'ARDliFGood 1: letting Houses tu be :olù.AWly to John Jeu- nuio ^nd Co, i h.larUionic CLall.lUd8, Cardiff. 401 ^0 2 oj rg ^WOgood liOLbES, in Lower Catliedrai-road, to be Jl EOLD, fur jttiu. For particulars apply to John jenidu & (;¡., House und Eatule Agents, PiiiinarniOiiie Chambers, Cardiff. 2-15 f jj "11N S1REET, CARDIFF.—l our weIl-j¡¡¡iit and con- X. Veuieut IxUtSEb, all let, tu ue uLV. A "uull iu veetment ior £ bo0.—Jui.n Jenkins amilo. Philharmonic Ch;.W1ber Cardiff. 2-11 rjpEN good HOUSES in MonimerTroad, Ci^ntJnT"offer J. a good investment lor il,-GO.—John Jenkins and v., House aau Lbtate A:;el1¡;, Phiihaiinouie Chambers Cardiff. 2-3U SEVERAL HOUSES in Brook-street, Cardiff. Moderate VO prices. faafe letting uelh[;ournouU.-Jenkin:r and Co., l'nill1arwoulc Chambers, Cardiff. 2-35 HOUSE in Northcote-street, Cardiff. Very uwoerate price. -John Jenkins auu (Jo., c.rwff. 2-34 V YNDHAIVI CRESCENT, CANTON.— One or two f f g-ouu HOLSES to le SOLD, ofTerina; invest- ment3 itr ieel, £ &.<>, am) £ 070.—John Jenkins and Cu., llou^e 1.0 LlóÜe Agent. Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-42 -11 ERY Good HOUSE, wih showy suop, .ill Clifton- 1" 6tn:ét, to Jay nearly ,t per cellt. Price £ 500,— Joiiii Jenkins and Co., Auctioneers an.I Valuers, I'hill]ar. ie Chambers, Csr:" 2-5 13-ARTRlDGfi ltUAL>Very compact anu neat semi- detaciied VI I.LA, ill ex,c;1eat condition. Price £ 450. -Johll Jenkins ana Cu., lioe and Estate Agents, Phil, halllwwc Chambers, Cardiu 2-28 A CONVENIENT 12-ROOMED llOUSS, in mcù part of loaLh, with twv entrances, and Ijd at:l. very low.gruüllù rem, to he sulJ;¡.t Wr prit;c.-Jolm Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, nÜ,llalWUiÜC Cham- bers, Caruiif. 2-S EIGHTEEN wcll.Luiit HOUSES, in goed locality. Price, £ 2,su0. Ground rent moderate. Joun J l;1!j{,ll a.U Co., Piiiiiiarmonic t.Lu.nlOOnl, {;a.alÜl. 2-26 1\OClt vcry desirable llOLSES, let for £ S2 per year, fvr £ 1,050,—Johu Jenkins auJ Co., Philharmonic Cuariiooi>, \J-J1!f. 2-27 HOUSES '1'0 BE LET. Q IX-Uû011LlJ HOUSE, Cathuiral.rud; rent £ 30. lurtiier pa.rticul:us ur Johu Jeukills and Co., Phil- hanu0¡uc Chambers, Caroill. 3- 45 11,- CARDIFF.—HOUSE to LET ilJ Union-street, suitable 'J for boot maiier or tailor.—John Jenkins and Co., uctloueers, Philharmonic Chambers. Cardiff. l:>E:iAltTH.- Very convenient R£8lUE\CE, in Cliv- ..L. road, tu be Let, immediately. GU0rl neighbour- hood; Htntlow. Furniture can be pu,chaseù a bargain, or valuation.—Joim Jenkins and Co., Piiiiiiarmonic Chambers, Cardiff. J—43 FURNISHED ItESIDENCES TO LET. J CHEP;IOW.First ciasjj^ completely fnrnished ùe. 1 J tached RlDEl\CE, within eay access to Hailway Station; comprising three recei tõOtJ anti seven bedrooms, wich usual tiiices. Large wellstockctl garden; lawn- teJJ"s1i archery ¡{f\lunda. Ciood 8t:cblil:j(, &c. RcJnt, only £ 120 l'er anUU1!1_-Apply to Jolm Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3 42 WANTED 1'0 PUROHASET A Fj:J.:El1,)Lu or Long LeaseholdrUBLlC.H6USE -I John Jenkins and lio., Auctioneers, Philharmonic Chambeis, Cardiff. GROUND TvENTS FOR SALE. I n<) A O secure Ground Rents in Cardiff to aLo,~C/yO l :1'hout 4 pel- cent, at once. Through tne lease being eliort the reve:-sl0lJary interest is of CUI1- siderable value. —John Jculdls anù o., Accountants, p¡:mn0n:c- Chambers, Cardiff. 2-30 MONETARY. -g •v £ 250, and £ l1-,i0 enly to be INVESTED on owJlOv, MORTGAGE.—John Jenkins and Co., Cliamben1, Cardiff. 1? A f and £ 50° t0 be ADVANCED on good free- zt\J if, hold secuiities.—Particulars, to John Jenkiiu ,.ad Co., Accountants, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. LARGE SUAfs- to.he advanced 011 Le,18elwlds, Free- holds, Reversions, Annuities or Ground Rents.— John Jenkins and Co., Moi tgage Brokers and Fiuauqial ta. Pbl'JIl9W.Ç Chambers. Oalc.lj4. I W. AND S, H E It N 1 (Est;lblished 1849), HOURK ESTATE, AND LAND AGENTS. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS, 4c. FIRE. LIFE, ACCIDENT, AND MARINE INSURANCE I AGENTS. Omen: 74, SAINT MARY-STREET. ANNOUNCEMENTS (Extracted from our Register.) FURNISHED RESIDENCES. TO LET. I PENARTH, NEAR CARDIFF.—Commodious Family Marine beautifully-situated RESIDENCE, 10 bed- rooms, gardens, &c. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1301 ABERGAVENNY,—Nice VILLA, in Suburbs. Three reception, four bcdöe,mls. Gas. Ncar: station. .&10 erate rent for two or three months. -:Mes.srs lIern, Card Uf. 1292 A BERGAVENNY.—Detached Furnished RESIDENCE —3 sitting rooms, 5 Leu rooms,>lull dressing room; good domestic lent £ 3 3s per weel.Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1141 BRECONSHIRE.—Desirable Furnished RESIDENCE —4 reception rooms, billiard room, 7 bedrooms, good domestic offices stabling, &c., near church and station. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1002 CARMARTHENSHIRE.—Furnished MANSION, beau- tiiully situate, with exteu3ive shooting aud fishing privileges, suitable for a large e,tablislunent.- Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1093 CHEPSTOW (near) — Beautifully situated on tne Wye, and within easy distance of Tintern Abbey and the Wyndcliif. — Desirable Detached Furnished RESIDENCE, in own grounds 3 reception rooms, 7 bed- rooms, Ii acre most productive garden, gooli water, anu requisites. Rent very moderate. 1233 rglENBYT—Detached-Villa RESIDENCE three Recep- I tion rooms, eight bedrooms, about two acres of gardens and ground, nicely laid out, eommandlllg mag- nificent views. Furnished or unfurnished. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1150 GLAMORGANSHIRE, near good town and main line station, and. within easy distance of beautiful waterfalls of Vale of Neath, handsomely-furnished RESI- DENCE, 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, good domestic offices, stabling, garden, and ¡¡rounds; rent moderate; or would be SOLI) a lmrgain.-Messrs Hem. Cardiff 105 MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Family MANSION, veil fur- l' nished, delightfully situated, garden, lawns, aml ornamelltal grounds, ö acres of prime meadow land. Rent moderate.-Me:isrs Hem, Cardiff. 539 NORTH WALES.—FURNISHED MANSION, beauti- fuliy sit.u:t.e 11\ the ceutre of finely wooded park, COIllIl1:LIHJ:n; magnificent views, excellent shooting and fishing near harrier3 ami foxhounds contaills 4 recep- tion rooms, 17 ùeJ anJ dressing rooms, good domestic oHkes, stabling, &c.; productivo gar<ien, vineries, orchard, amI greenhouse—1,000 acres shooting strictly preserved trout stream reut moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1217 ON the WYE.—Furnished Country RESIDENCE, contains hall, 2 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, wlich-bouse,and 6tClbÜn;,ne,\r a station 011 the WyeValley H.ailwa.y. llent. £ ?. 2a pu Hem, Car- diff. 1011 J5ENARTH. -Severe furnitheJ Marine RESIDENCES. ^JJARDIFF.—Several FURNISHED RESIDENCES] UOUJSTRY l'.ESlDEiSCEa TO LET. CARDIFF (near). -Good HOUSE in the country and near the sea six bedrooms, &c., 3 acres land rent £ 50.—Messrs Hem, Cardiff. 1308 ONMOUTH-(near).—Good Family HOUSE £ 50. Price £ 1,300.—Messrs llern, Cardiff. 1220 EWPORT.—HOUSE, standing in its own grounds J3l 3 receptiou, 7 bedrooms, and offices, &e.—Messrs hem, Car JiU. 12 PENARTH, Cardiff.—Good HOUSES, £4£75. J. Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1286—7 ltiLTEAlt CRKiKHOWELL and ABERGAVENNY.— Good country COTTAGE RESIDENCE; 6 bed- rooms 2 good sitting-rooms, stables, gardens, ic.; rcut moderate.—Messrs ilen-, Caruitr. 1277 PONTYPRIDD (near). -MANSION, with 160 acres land, suitable for a gentleman or rebpectable farmer; 1 ent very moderate.—Messrs ilern, Cardiff, 1235 ri^ENBY.—Superior HOUSE, contains two Sitting I rooms and eight bedrooms, ali modem appliances and conveniences. Rent, £ 60.—Messrs Hem, Caidiff,- 1132 HEREFORD.—Modern-built detached Gentleman's RESIDENCE, charmingly situate.— Messrs liern, Cardiff. goo t BERGAVENNY.—Small MLLA RESIDENCE on .11. the banks of the Usk, good fishery.—W. & S. Uern, Cardiff. 1003 1!ESIDENCES FOR SALE. Mi"^ENBY.—Freehold J amily RESIDENCE, with grounds H (two acres); 3 reception rooms, 8 bc-dr oms good domestic offices, coach-house, stabliug, &c Price mode- rate.—Messrs Hern. Cardiff. 5^2 ^LFRACOMCE.—Picturesque Family ofd Fashioned _5. Cottage RESIDENCE, in its owu well-timbered an l nicely laid-ouo grounds, with 3 acres meadow land, 3 reception, 6 bedrooms, and good attics, garden, coach- house, &c., near the town, parish cliurcbj and railway station. Immediate possession. Price on application. 1268 Ci LAMORGANSIIIRE (near main line station),— UooL1 HOlí1:iE wIth Stal.>ilJJ; CC);lchouse, &c., with or without Furniture a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 10J5 TOWN RESIDENCES TO LET. CANTON.—Good HOUSE, in Ely-road fine views, healthy, near Tram terminus. Rent only £ 3 '.— healthy, near Tram temÜuU3. Rent only £ 3 '.— Mcsirs Hem, Cardiff. 1259 DAUK- PL"\CECA;:DIfF.- Genteel RESIDENCE, Jt Lining and urawing-rooms, hail, 5 leurocins, dressing-rooms, iitc, bathroom, gas fittings, and blinds. Lent moderate.—Messrs Hrn, Caruiif. 1202 CARDIFF,—Superior HOeSE, __wi_t.iI ample accommodation.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff "jVfTAINDEE, NEWPORT.—A MANSION HOUSE, con- JjJL tains 3 reception and other rooms, numerous bed- rooms, stabling, lawn, pleasure grounds, garden, tic.— Messrs Hem, Cardiff. CARDIFF.—Good HOUSES to LET in Pembroke- terrace, Castle-road, Oakfiell1-strcet, Newport- road, Cowbridge-mad, &c. Moderate rents.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 43802 W. & S. HERN, 74, r. MARY STREET, for JtaU.—xt tOtk, a\avviaovc.o-. AT GVVATKIN'S CLYTHA CARRIAGE WCRKS, Clarence-place, Newport, NOW on SALE :— i\ew Dog Cart, The Donca.teiJ .30 New Varnished Wood (Rire,) Gadabout" New Lorne Car, with Jamp;, ior eob 32 New Parisian Vis-a-Vis Phaet n, with lamps, for cob 40 New Pony 2-wheel ia-.ket Trap "The Volantino' 25 Second-hand Brougham (in oöd condition) 20 Two second-hand Dog Carts (nearly new), each 20 Second hand Denaett Gig (ill good condition), 10 Two new Itave Carts (f o Giorers), each 15 & 16 Second-hand Crank Axle Cart 6 46052 PARROTS.—Parrots oil SALE.—A beautiful ycung Africaii Grey. CïÏlU1:n tail, 5ëõlt to a¡¡y,aÜùre;s, package inc uded, for 12s 6d; if not satisfactory 011 receipt, money returned this is execly the same class of birds as sold by others at a different price. 3,000 cages, the tructibie, let Cllb". A variety of otber Beasts, Birls anJ Reptiles.—Win, Cross, largest impvr- ter in the world, 16 aud 18, Earle-strcet, Li verpvol. 4,854 gm$aU.—Prvdunmi, (fOot, &r. EVElAL PORTABLE and FJXEV ENGINES lwith >0 or without winding gear), Mortar Mtiie,Saw Benches, Centrifugal Pump;, tc., for saie, hire, or deferred pay- me it.—Fie.ding and Piatt, Atlas Iron Works, Gloucester. 209S STEAM HAMMERS AND TOOLS FOR SALE.— 2 15-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 6-cwt Steam Ilammers, 2 4-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 Shaping Machines, 4 Drilling Machines, 2 Slotting Machines.— Apply Thompson and Wilson, Leeds. ° 45972 FOR SALE, a Double-cylinder Beam STEAM ENGINE, buiit by Joyce, of ¡,ondon, ill houe framed with 24 and 12 inch cylinder; h t'n four foot stroke. Wrought irou crank and connecting rod. Wrought iron crank shaft, 10ft. Gin governor and feed punip. May hasten at work at Messrs Reynolds and Aden, City Flour Mil is, Gloucester. Removed to make room for more power.4710i ON SALE.-ENGINES, B0ILEK3, MACHINERY f rid TOOLS. New ar.d eccond-ha'd locomotive, horizontal, beam, condetuiug, vertical, compound, and portable engines; Lancashue and Cornish boilers, with awt without Galloway cross tubes in flaes cranes, pumps, mortar mills, weighing machines, tools, &c., &<]. Other miscellaneous machinery co stantly ùein; added to and taken Írum the õ}reseut large and varied stock,ait iu first-clas* working condition, mostly equal to new.—For prices, &c., app'.y to Henry Parkinson, Great Lever Engine and Boiler Works, Bolton. ES3 h- 4752S O ~3 TO £ 50,000 for immediate inve tment SfcX Vfvfv/ on Freehold Properties. — Part,culars to Price Daniel, Church-street Chambers, Cardiff. 47S70 sums of money—Small and lJi large amounts,for immediate investment on Free- hold, Leasehold.or Copyhold securities.—Apply Price and Daniel, Mortgage Brokers, Church-street Chambers, Cardiff- 47b71 £ 0* /If^A antl °t:ier Sums ready to be Advanced O.J Frotnold LAND, at 4 per cent.— Apply to jso.reitor, at the office of this paper. 2183 MONEY advanced upon all kinds of real security.— Apply John Henry Jones, 1, St. John-square, C-Crui;?. 44284 D(J VOU WANT MONEY ?—If so, save time, trnuole, and expense, by applying direct to Mr Louis Burnett, 49, Bute-street, CardiiT. £10 tõ £5CO lent daiJy..No smetie.3 or fees This advertisement is genuine. 45129-8274 4 VON LOAN AND DISCOUNT COMPANY.—St Helen's-road, Swansea.— £ 5 to £ 100 advanced upon application to Householders and others. No sureties required. Call or write any day.—Office hours, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 44232 "S ONEY ADVANCED by a Gentleman unconnected It a with any Cardiff Money-lender.—John Henry Jones, 1, Sr. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 O to £ 750 granted at shortest notice upon per- SwOvf sonal security.—Apply Jolui Henry Jones, So. i, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 TTT^STABLISHED 1dCS_AL>VANCES ¡rom £1 r.I1! up- _S2i wards on Plate, Jewellery, Gems, Works of Art, Garniture, and every description oi portable property.— Apply Chilleott and Co., Park-street,Bristol.—P.S. Goods or cash forwarded to any part. 1926 LIFE Policies, Life Policies, Life Policies, Life Poheics Bought, Sold, or Advances made thereon daily. Swansea Stock an I Share Association, Swansea, Sales by Public Auction every Wednesday. 23593 ^LERGYMEN, Farmers, Clerks, Shopkeepers, and V/ Mechanics can reeeive ADVANCES upon FURNI- iCLji, etc. (without removal), at onco by writing to Mr J- J. Jouea, 13, College-street, Swansea. Distauce no object. 41213 "OONTMORLAIS LOAN OFFICE, MEUXHilt.—Mosuy -fi. ^immediately advanced from £ 5 ana upwards, by I Mr W. R. Cohen, to Tradesmen, Householders, Fai- I m:evS' and others 0!1 their Stock-in-trade, Furniture. &c., ^thout removal or inconvenience in any way. Repay- able by easy instalments. Distance no object. All ap- plications punctually attended to. Strictly private. None Senuitie refused.—Apply personally, or by letter, to 20 md 21, Ponttaorhue, Merthyr Tydtil. 10082 n'HR l"ON'l'AH.DULAI AD Di^rucrTToAN Jt. are l)r^!)ired to LE j) SUMS from £5 to £500 at a uay 3 notice, for long or short periods, to farmers, Publicans, Tradesmen, Householders, and others, on their own security, including furniture stock-in-traclo, farming stock, &c., w:thout removal. Distauee uo object.—Apply, W. M. Williams, Manager. 47303 ENTLEMEN, TRADESMEN. FARMERS, and others can obtain CASH ADVANCES, in sums from £ 20 to at a day's notice, without sureties. No fees r charged. Prospectus gratis, by application, either per- sonal I v or by letter, to S. Bia'.berg, 2, Butc-terrace. Cardie. N.B.— Intending a|>plicants are reminded, that by Cardiff. N.B.— Intending a|>plicants are reminded, that by app ying to this oifice they are in treaty with a bona fide les det\ whoaivaucsa n.ara thau any two ia the Princi- ulliv- E R N, FINANCIAL AGENTS, MORTGAGE BROKERS, AGENTS FOR THfi LEADING BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETIES. STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS. OFFICES 74, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF. ANNOUNCEMENTS (extracted from our Register) TOWN RESIDENCES TO LET. CARDIFF.—Richmond terrace, Park place, Good C House, recently Pliuted and decorated, 10 rooms. Another desirable House ill Park-Grove. 2 sitting, 5 bedrooms, bath room, hot and cold water, & &c.— Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1305—9 FOR SALE. CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. — Good House. Garden, alld :t3b¡iTlg. Price moderate.Ml'S3rS Hern, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Mortgage Brokers, and Accountaut3, Cardiff, R' OATH-ROAD, CARDIFF. — Semi-detached Resi- dence, niedy arranged. Hot and culd baths. Good garden. Price modera.te.-Mesrs Hcrn. Cardiff. FREEHOLD PROPERTY.—Several Lots .1-1 —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1175—1178—1161 ROATH^ CARDIFF.—COTTAGE PROPERTY ~l great bar,ain.-Mesrs Heru, Cardiff. 1214 EAST TERRACE"JAITdIFF^QOO-years Lease, low ground rent, Two HOUSES will pay 7 per cent, uet.-Messrs Hem, Cardiff. llU2 residence, hotanù cold baths, rent £ 45. Price —Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1153 PENARTH, superior RESIDENCE.—Commanding hlle VICWS. Price mouerate -Messrs Hem, Cardiff. 1153 PEARL-STREET, CARDIFF.-Corner SHOP, side en- trancc and Two g-oud Houses, a bargain; large portion on mortgage.- Messr.; Hem, Cardiff. 1040 COW^RIDC.E-ROAD.-Sniair VILLA RESIDENCE. Price £ 351 1152 FOlt SALE, Three HOUSES in Christina-street, Bute Docks. Price moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1196 _iD Docks. Price moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1196 LOWER CATHEDRAL-ROAD, CARDiFFTconyei-ient JLJ House, ground rent low. Price moderate. —Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1064—1066 ROOiTTERUACE, CANTON, Eight-roomed Villa, .> ground rent. low; price moderate.-Me:lS\"8 Hem, Cardiff 1065 KL.G.S-ROAD, CARDIFF.—Freehold RESIDENCE, B\. two sitting-rooms, five bedrooms, hot and cold baths well built. Price moderatc.-Messrs Hern, Cardiff 1154 TOWN RESIDENCES. WANTED. I71URNISHED HOUSE.-Sea coast preferred. Shoot- ing and fishing if possible. — Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 240-211 C- ARViFF. In good locality, Comfortable RESI- j DENCE 2 goori sitting-ïOorns, 5 be<1roonljj, and baths- Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, Cardiff. ROCERY and PROVISION BUSINESS, good"; If small. Rent about £ 30.—Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, Auct_i,_st. Mary-street, Cardiff WANTED, in Carmarthen, Monmouth, or Glamor- gan, FURNISHED REbiDENCE, with Shooting. —Messrs Hern, Cardi.f, COTTAGE and about an Acre of Garden and Orchard. —.Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 72 PORT, jlwTTaT^- near. —Good RESIDENCE.— .1. Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 14 C'1ARDIFF DUCKS.-Good BUSINESS PREiUSES.— SO Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 219 L-l OVSE with 7 Rooms; little land near a town. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 44 FURNISHED COUNTltY RESIDENCE^"with 10 bedrooms. —Messrs Hem, Cardiff 207 tCOUNTRY RESIDENCE, near Cardiff.—Messrs Hern, j Cardiff. 20<3 pjMENBY, or Near.—RESIDENCE, with 8 bedrooms. 8 Rent about £ 50.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 186 RESIDENCE, 3 reception, 7 bedrooms. 1 Reut not to exceed ;£12().-le;g Hern, Cardiff. lC4 EVEUAL Gouù FARMS WANTED, ranging from &0 to particulars. MINERALS, MINERAL ESTATES, &c. FOREST OF LEAN.-Vory superior STONE QUARRY; -1 low reut, no royalty, a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1206 STONE QUARRY, in working order, with Railway siding; very moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. iS/tj MONEY. < 4 -3 A A t° £ 20,000 and upwards on Freehold, Copy- otw'JLt/?-/ hold, aud Leasehold Properties", Reversion- ary Interests, &e.; and from to £ 1,C00 Ull Personal Security, 1.\1e Interests, Reversions, Shares in Public Cvmpuie5, "ud other :5ecurities.-Full particúhr3 and forms of application may be obtained of Mr Samuel Hem, Estate Agent, 74, St Mary-street, Cardiff. *or immediate Investment 011 Mort- v v Rage of Good Freehold Property or Land.— Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, 74, St. Mary- ¡,;trect". Cardiff. BUSINESS PREMISES. C^OWBRIDGE ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. — Good HoUSE and SHOP. Dest position. Immediate possession. Rent moderate.—W. and S. Hern. CCARDIFF.—HOUSE and SHOP in Bridge-street, j suitable for any business. Rent moderate.—W. and b. llcrn. CCARDIFF.—HOUSE and SHOP ir. Sophia-street,Bute- ) town; small sum required for fixtures. Rent moJerate.- W. and S. Hem. 1263 B- ~UTE-STRE'eT, CARDIf F.—Good HOUSE, SHOP, B and PREMISES, with or without extensive Cellar- age. Side and back Entrauces.—Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1015 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. CARDIFF.—Old-Established BREAD-BAKERY and GROCERY Business. Early possession. Stock, plant, fixtures, £:0 —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1280 CARDIFF.—Double-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, good situation. Lease; moderate rent; ingoing iow. Large aud increasing tratlc-Messrs Hern, Cardiff, PORTISHEAD.—Good HOTEL with ample accomoda- tion,doing good trade. Rent and ingoing moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1162 43802 -———— V69 W. & S. HERN. 74, ST. MARY STREET. TO £ 1,000.—To be LENT, on Personal or other ^Ov securities. Reversionary Interests, Household "uú Trade ;t"cs, &c.-Apply tu Price and Daniel. Finance Bro!iers,Church-strect Chambers, Cardiff. 47872 ESTABLISHED 1836.-The WEST OF ENGLAND 1 LOAN and DISCOUNT COMPANY, 44,Commercial- street, Newport, Mom, ADVANCE CASH from £,0 to £1,000 at one day's notice, ill any part of England or Wales, without sureties or fees. The above company grant more advances, ar.d on more reasonable terms, than any other in the Principality. Prospectuses gratis, by applying eiti.e by letter or personally at above au d res3. _4 ;G5 J. BLAIBERG, Manager. G REA T REDUCTION OF INTEREST. Jr —— MONEV ADVANCED ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, FROM £5 To Farmers, Hauliers, Tradesmen, &c., on their Stock, Crops, Furniture, & Apply personally, or by letter, to SBlO HARRIS, WAVEIILEY BOCSE, 476H CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. MONEY. — NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK (Limited), No. 3, Great Charlcs-st eet, Binning- ham. Established 1307. Paid-up Capital, £ 100,000. Reserve ADVANCES made at a much lower interest than chirgei by loan societies and money lenders, from £10 to £1.000 to responsible persons upoa I,ote of hand alone; also Seeds, life p:>Iwic3, and upon mortfe-aye of îurLimre, stock, p'a.:1t, cropa, and furna^g Imple- ments, without removal. No sureties or unnecessary expenses required, and ali couvnuiiicatioiis are strictly private. Apply personally* or state amount required. DAVID TUUNEK, "Manager. N.B,—Distance no objeet. The nbQve bai k lends more money au nudity than any two or three (combined) of the largest advance offices or deposit nauk, through- out England, and no good application is ever refused. Current accounts opened. Deposits received. 807 ^EWPORT AGENCY SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS I CARDIFF "TI-MES. The PUBLISHING and ADVERTISING OFFICE is at No. 10 GREAT DOCK STREET, NEWPORT, (OPPOSITE FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY,) where ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED; THE NEWSPAPERS SOLD and BOOKSELLERS AND NEWSAGENTS SUPPLIED. The Terms for Advertisements and the Wholesale Sup. plv of Papers are prechely those charged at thè Chief Otlice, Cardl'T. W. MILTO LOCKE, RKPO.TKR AD Manager, SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS AND TIll CARDIFF TIlES. FIRST EDITION.6 a.m. FRIDAY. SECOND a.m. SATURDAY. SPECIAL FEATURES* in EACH ISSUE. THIS DAY. "JUST AS I AM:" A New Serial Story, by MISS BilADDON. Chapter XLIV. OUR LONDON COURESIONDEKCE By an Eminent Parlia- mentary Journalist. "y CoLom GvMREia" Edited by Pafydd Morgan\vp." THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF A SOCIAL WAST- REli or thc Ups and DOWU3 of Vagrant Lite.— Chapter VI. SPECIAL REPORTS ox thb STATK CF TRADE: From our Trade correspondents at Cardiff, Swansea, New- port, F rest of Loan, North of England, and West Midlands. NOTES ox C l k anr EVKXTS. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT The Rejection of the Irish Disturbance Bill. Employers' Liability Bill. The Hares and Rabbits A STATESMAN LOVED BY THE PEOP'.F. Leading Article. THE COLLIERS AND INSURANCE CLAI SK Leaning Article. MUSICAL NOTES: By a Bachelor of Music. THE Soda WALKS COAL TRADE: Delegate Meeting at Aberdare,—Letters from Mr Macdonald and Mr T Halliday. THE DISASTER IN AFGHANISTAN: The Battle described.—Immense JOS3 of anus and stores. THE COLLIERS and THE INSURANCE CLAUSE Leading Article. s THE SOUTH WALES EISTEDDFOD The Awards. MR CAUBUTT, M.P„ AT NEWPORT. ADELINA PATH AXD HER WELSH HOME. r Glamorgan VOLUNTEERS CANVASS. I ILLNESS of MR GLADSTONE. I SPEECH DAY AT Cuiim's COLLKOB. AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. GOOD NEV/S AT DOWLAVS AND CYFAJITIII-A. GL.V110U0ANS.IIRB AND MONMOUTUSUIKX AtiSiZBrJ, THE GREAT WEEKLY PAPERS. 72 LONG ( |3 I ~72 LONG COLUMNS. I i RICE 4) ) COLUMNS. To be obtained of all Kewsagents throughout GLAMORGANSHIR.E C A R M A R THE N- MOIs.MOLi TH8H1RE SHIRE BRECON SHI KE PE M BJiOKESHIRE HEREFORDSHIRE CARDIGANSHIRE U LU U CESTERSHIilE. Sent post free from the Chief Offices, Cardiff, for nd. or for 2s Od per qua: ter to sny address in the United King- dom or for 3d. per (juarter to any part of Europe, the United ates. or the Colonies. ( E B E N H AM AND HEWETT Invite attention to their extensive Stock of FURNITURE, CARPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, &c. Being Manufacturers, and avoidiT1!;r intermediate sources by economising cost, and selling at smallest of profit for net cash payment, they can guarantee Lowet Prices for reliable Furniture. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF CARPETS AT OLD PRICES. Estimates and Designs for complete Furnishing. C'AVEMDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. TO J^JACHINEM JJUYERS. PURCHASERS OF NEW AND SECOND- HAND MACHINERY OF ANY DESCRIPTION SHOULD SEND FOR A COPY OF pHILLIPS'jyjONTHLYJ>EGISTER OF AND SECOND-HAND MACHINERY, IN WHICH IS ADVERTISED EVERY ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL REQUIREMENT. PORTABLE, VERTICAL, AND STATIONARY ENGINES, DIRECT ACTING STEAM PUMPS, MORTAR MILLS, SAW BENCHES, VERTICAL, CORNISH, AND OTHER BOILERS. Always for immediate Sale or for Hire, or Purchase Hire. Apply for Prices to CEIARLES T\ "PHILLIPS' AJ^. X 47674 NEWPORT. MON. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL, JL FROM A LADY 80 YEARS OF AGE IN RAVP'IP. OF PARR'S LIFE PILLS AND SPENCER'S PULMONIC ELIXIR. 8, Exeter-street, Southwark, S.E., Oct. 17th, 1879. flEAR SIRS,—I be to inform you that 1 have taken LIFE PILLS for the past 50 years. I am now 81 Jlmrs of ago, and I quite believe my life has been prolonged by taking riLLS, and I shall continue taking them 11.8 ],.n;¡ as I Jive. I have also taken SPENCE I'S ELIXIR for about 11 years, ?jid it has done me a wonderful r.m innt of good, and U always gives me 1I131:.nt relief when my cough is troublesome in fact, I would not be without it. 0 Yoin-a obediently, SARAH NEALE. Messrs T, ROPKRTS & Co. Sold by appointment Ly all re-pcctable Chemists and lcdidne Vendors, iu Boxei, Is ljd. 2-i Stt and ;L Family iHckcts lis each. UiO!J COOLING and REFRESHING are the effects of ROWLAND'S KALYDOR on the face and hands of all exposed to the scorching rays of the sun and heated partic-es of dust; it eradicates ail Tan, Freckles, Sunburn, and cutaneous eruptions, and realises a benuti- ful and healthy complexion. Size 4s 6d and 8s 6d Der bottle. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL prevents the hair falling off during the hot weather. Sizes 3s 6d 7s 10s 6et family bottles equal to four small; and 21s per bottle. ROWLAND'S ODONTO whitens and preserves the teeth, prevents and arrests their decay, and gives a pleasing fragranee to the breath. Sold by all chemists, perfumers, and hairdressers. Ask for ROWLAND'S articles 45910 l1..SK FOR LIEBIG COMPANYS EXTRACT OF .B-J Meat. In use in most Households throughout the Kingdom. An invaluable and palatable tonic for Invalids. 0AUTION. L- IEDIG COMPANY S EXTRACT OF Meat. In conscqu i1c-G of numerous inferior and low-priced substitutes being in the mar- ket (sou;etimeJ accompanied hy misleading chemical analyses), purchasers must in.-ist on being supplied with the Company's Ex- tract, which for fine flavour and perfect clearness IS pronounceù bor all competent authorities to be the best. lr IE BIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF JLJ Meat. N.B.—Genuine ONLT with fac-similo cf Baron Lieblgo's Signature, in Blue Ink, across Label. Ask fjr the Company's Ex- tract, aud see that no other is substituted for it- 43375 LEA In consequence of Imitations & of the Worcestershire Sauce, JpERRINS' LEA and PERRINS JL Beg to say that the original bears SAUCE. their Signature on the label, for which the purchaer should look to secure the genuine T EA WORCESTERSHIRE & SAUCE. PERRINS' Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, g Worcester; Crosse and Blickwell, London; Si 77/-1T71 and Export Oilmen generally. AU Retail by Dealers throughout the 478^0 World. 8732 THIS DAY (SATURDAY), AUG. 7, 1880. ?- B. EVANS AND j GREAT (CLEARANCE S ALE. When Sealskin Jackets, Squirrel-linod Cloaks, all Show Room Goods, Summer Articles and Materials, Coloured Dress Fabn<?3, Black Meriuos, Cashmeres and Stuff?, Silks, Velvets aud Velveteens, Fancy Goods, Carpets, Curtains. Bed- steads, Furniture, &c., WILL BE OFFERED AT A REDUCTION IN PRICE, J[. B. EVANS & COMPANY confidently invite attention to perhaps the Cheapest and most desirable Lota of General Drapery Goods I they have ever submitted for Sale. I h 41 1, 2, 3, & 4, TEMPLE STREET, 5, CAER STREET. AND TEMPLE IJANE, I S WAN S E Â. 47917 BORWTOK'S BAKING POWDER. JL3 FOUR GOLD MEDALS. ]OR WICK-;g-B-AKíNG-PO wDER. FOR WHOLESOME BREAD. B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER FOR" PUDDINGS'AND PIES. B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER. DOR PLUM OAKE. B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER. FOR TEA CAKE> AND SCONES. IOj-tWICICS BAKíNG POWDER, 44443-8120 FOR NORFOLK DUMPLINGS. "")I THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF A SOCIAL WASTREL, Or THE UPS AND DOWK, OF VAGRANT LIFE, Appear weekly in the CARDIFF TIMES" and "SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS." This remarkable history of one who was the most notable mendicant of modern tunes is founded entirely upon facts, many of which came uoder the writer's own cognizance, whilst others have ble-i obtained from special sources. The life of the Oxford Collegian who lived as a vagrant for nearly 20 ycara will bo found one Al tho moat interesting oi biographical narratiyca t RAPERY 1 JJRAPERYI J THIS DAY (SATURDAY). AUG. 7TH, 1880. D. T. EDWARDS'S GRAND 0LEARANOE SALE, At further Reductions, with other inducements. BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. Visitors to the Eisteddfod will do well to secure a good parcel. D. T E DWARDS, 94, OXFORD STREET & 5, PARK STREET, SWANSEA. LATEST NOVELTIES IN SHOW- ROOMS. 47909 ¡: ,¡.


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