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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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WE BELIEVE that if every one would US,) Hop Bitters freely there would be much less sickness »ud misery in the world, people are fast finding this out, whole families keeping well at a tutiing cost by its use. Wo advise all to try it. Head Advt. Dr Jenner's Phosphorous aud Charcoal piovides the liumaji system with thought, nerve, and brain food, and furnishes the elements of vitality, health, and strength. Dt. Jenfier's Phosphorous and Charcoal are certain cures for me!ilueho;ja, nervous piostration, consumption aud impaired digestion, from whatever cause arising. Depot, 172, Great Xiehfield- street, Regent's Park, London, N.W. In bottles 2s. 9el 4s Gd., lis, 22s., and 33s. Mora any Chemist, or try post from the Depot. Dr. Jenner's Phosphorous arid Charcoal is a marvel- lous remedy for the loss of Nerve Power, and in arrest of Physical Decay, from whatever cause arising it is inv-luable and acts as a charm in Consumption, Exhaustion, &s. No medicitie known contains so much Phosphates, Soda, Mag- nesia, Limo, Chloride of Potassium, Iron, puie and U oxydised Phosphorous, all of which are scientifically combined iti this essence, and eich of which is collectively essential to the res- toration of lost function. It has received the sanction of Sir Benjamin Brodie, Sir William Lawrei.ce, Sir Thomas Watson, Sir Charles Locock, the College of Physicians, Sir .Tames Fergueson, Sir Philip Grampton, Sir Edward- Lasketli, ISH. James Clark, Dr Miller, aud Dr Lancaster.