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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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THE GREAT SKIN CURE. gUDDEN'S S. R. SKIN OINTMENT WILL CURE Itching after oneapplication destroys every form of Eczema; heals old Wounds and Sores; acts like a charm on Bad Legs is infallible for Piles prevents cuts from Festering; will Cure Ringworm in a few days; removes the most obstinate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes, 7|d and Is ljd. A gents for Merthyr —fl. M. Lloyd, 28, Victoria-street, and V. A. Wills L.D.S., 3a. Victoria-street; Hirwaiii-W. A. George; Dowlais-J. Evans, Chemists. Wholesale—Edwards' Barclay. j SAVE YOUR MOVJEY By buying dIrect. l11g adds 5,' IJ) pncc. Biggest variety of new desIgns in all kinds of Ea. v CarriagiOs. Lowest prices.foccash. ¡;:asy payments ¡rom 4, pal I ,t b-y 't,ill V, ;¿:j PUBlIO SUPPLY CO., HI Hill PfiAWP DIDAL am UN MIS. UrliflL I dalu ar ddiwedd y mis pun yn we]|—os gellwch ddyweyd mewn gwiriooedd nad ydych ddim gwell, dywedwch hyny wrthyf, a ni a groeswn eich enw ailan. Gwna ein meddygiuiaeth ryfeddol iacbau yrhan fwyaf o achos- ion o Aiibwyldetau yr Areuau, yr Afu, y Gwaed, y Cylla, a'r Croen. Crydcyniulau, Sciatica, Gout, Gwendid y Gwaed, Llesgedd Gieuol, a Gwendid Benywaiod. PEIDIWCH ANFON ARIAN-1 hyd y nod Uythyrdol!. Treiwch ef am bedair wythuos, ac yna talwch i ni 4s 6c os cewch les oddiwrtho-ond nid heb hyny. Ysgrifenwch heddyw. Paham yr aroswch ? Nid ydych yn rhedeg i un perygl! Ni a anfonwn ar droad y post. En wch y TYST.-Theo, Neol Go.JLtd.. Dept. 71, 29, Ludgate Hill. Llnndain. B CEWCH WYBOD POBPETH >Jk AM cycles goreu y byd H £ 6-10-0 Talu tra ynei defnyddio achefydamyjnoddgellirsicrhau ;%jp> £ 225 MOTOR CAR AM DDIM J0T' H Ond 1 chwi jsgrifennu (Cvmraeg SST,- —: neu Saesmeg) i Dep t. P 116. j!5j| A T. L S VEK'nY YN AWR YN BAROD, LLAWLYFR Y CYMRO, Y LLYSIAU-LYFR TEULUAIDD. Yn traethu ar brif Lysiau Meddygiaethol Cymru; a prit" glefydau, a'r modd i'w hiachau. Cynwysa y Llyfr rhagorol hwn dros gant o ddarlun iau IJiwiedig o'r gwahanol lysiau Cymreig y lleoedd y maent yu tyfu, eu dulliau, a'u rhinwoddau. GAN R. PRICE, CWMLLYNFELL, AC E. GRIFFITHS, ABERTAWE. iPIfcIS 3/6 NETT. Prisiau neillduol i Lyfrwerthwyr. Ysgrifener am y telerau. Cyhoeddedig gan W. H. SMITH a'i FAB, 1:, High- street, Swansea. -J. I'lle y -I,- b;, -t, Y;- wyj f, yn SW!FTO, ROVL'RG, Jf<sovhiST&r.ciiua.LKmv, vxirmms', M PR0G^ESSj_ JPREMIEKS, CEiNIAViis a biN0KR8,3k 'ArNEI.;D.Yll; C(IVF.NTRY AM n e,, 0 inis. kr Brawf: Yi,-ri,"eyinwch ain gop, !id ,) EDWD, O'BRIHIN, Ltd,. y byd Y3 0 0 v E x it kr. go YEARS, GUARANTEE ft WYDDFA 'R TYST am bob math o Iyfp. rha#Wymiad °'r fath oreu ara y Prisoedd I NORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS, celebrated for 120 years, 1 I and still unapproached as a Rsmedy for I I DI EST I N "T, BlNORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS s A Safe and I 1 Oertain Remedy for SNDlSGESTiOSM, SICK I I HEADACHL-, ;IBELIOUSNESS, HEARTBURN, fl I ACIDITY of the STOMACH, LOSS of APPE- | I TITE, DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPATION, &c- fl 1 A Powerful T&nto sand Gentle ApeiHIent. Perfectly Safe, fl I for Ladies. IUd" I Sold alt over the World, or MOKTOM'8, LTD., Si Spital Qq., London. fl ..6.A.A.A"¿.A.A.A.ÃÃ' v T + + + + + + + + ;+ + + t esn i> + M t M' P T m jf + + + + + Ai rwvw v v v v vwwv A X REMARKABLEi + INVENTION I ♦ FOR THE ♦ t CULTURE 0F| + HAIR. I + r 'IHE EVANS VACUUM CAP is a practical invention constructed on scientific and + J. hygienic principles by the simple means of which a free and normal circulation is + t restored throughout the scalp. The minute blood vessels are gently stimulated to activity, ▲ thus allowing the food supply which can only be derived from the blood, to be carried to the ▲ hair, roots, the effects of which are quickly seen in a healthy, vigorous growth of hair, X X There is no rubbing, and as no drugs or chemicals of whatsoever kind are employed there is X ▼ nothing to cause irritation. It is only necessary to wear the Cap three or four minutes X ♦ daily. | 60 DATS' FREE TRIAL! ♦ X The Company's Guarantee. i An EVAN'S VACUUM CAP will be sent you for sixty days' free trial. If you do 7 not see a gradual development of a new growth of hair, and are not convinced that ▼the Cap will completely restore your hair, you are at liberty to return the Cap J with no expense whatever to yourself. It is requested, as an evidence of good faith, that the ▲ ♦ price of the cap be deposited with the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company of London, the X ♦ largest financial and business institution of the kind in the world, who will issue a receipt X guaranteeing that the money will be returned in full, on demand without questions or X + comment, at any time during the trial period. + t n T^emTwD>A: N-L0VE> bis to the Medical Board on the subject of Afoptecia + (loss of hair) stated that if a meaus could be devised to bring nutrition to the hair follicles (hair X 4- root '), without to any irritating process, the problem of hair growth would be solved T X Later OD, when the ^VANS VACUUM GAP was submitted to him for inspection he remarked ▼ ▼ ttat the Cap would fulfil and confirm in practice the observations he hid previously* Wade before ♦ ▼ the Medical Board. J f 1 v M.°0RE' referring to the invention, says that the principle upon vrtiich the Evans ♦ jr Vaccum Oop is founded is absoutely correct and indisputable. f An illustrated and descriptive booh of the Evans Vacuum Cap will be sent, post free, on application, "t > THE SECRETARY, EVANS VACUUM CAP CO. LTD ♦ REGENT HOUSE, REGENT-STREET, LONDON, W. JUJSEW Hu 5 EL, (1st .bUshel! over 100 years,) Suffolk St., PALL MALL, LONDON, Adjoining Trafalgar Square. (SuccessotS to MR ROBERTS, Thanet Place.) Telegraphic Address-' Pleasant,' London. Telephone-N o. 8889, Central. Proprietor-H. R. JONES The Academy, Pontypridd PREPARATION for U vversitv Matriculati"0' and for English and Welsh Colleges. Terms, apply to— E. Dunmor Edwards, M PRINOIP^- I