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THE GREAT SKIN CURE. BUDDEN'S S. R. SKIN OINTMENT WILL CUIU] Itching after one application destroys every form of Eczema; heals old Wounds and Sores; acts like a charm on Bad Legs is infallible for Piles prevents cuts from Festering; will Cure Ringworm in a few days; removes the most obstinate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes, nd and Is lid. Agents for Merthyr -H. M-. Lloyd, 28, Victoria-street, and V. A. Wills, L.D.S., 3a, Victoria-street; Hirwain—W. A. George; Dowlais-i. Evans, Ohemists. Wholesale—Edwards, Barclay. j SAVE YOUR MOfJEY By buying direct. l1Jg adds 5 in to tile price. Biggest variety of new designs in all kinds of Ba y Can iages. Lowest prices follca, -*a, y p a)-inentsfrom HI Hfll PBAWF DIDAL am UN MIS. I 11-1 Jil| — — I dalu ar ddiwedd y mis pan yn LSI L/J1L -well—os gellwch ddyweyd mewn gwirionedd nad ydych ddim gwell, dywedwch hyny wrthyf, a ni a groeswn eich enw allan. Gwna ein meddyginiaeth ryfeddol iachau y rhan fwyaf o achos- ion o Anhwylderau yr Arniiau, yr Afu, y Gwaed, y (Jylla, a'r Croen. Crydcynmlau, Sciatica, Gout, Gwendid y Gwaed, Llesgedd Gieuol, a Gwendid Benywaidd. PEIDIWCH ANFON ARIAN- byd y nod llythyrdoll- Treiwch ef am bedair wythnos, ae yna talwch i ni 4s 6c os cewch les oddiwrtho-ond nid heb hyny. Ysgrifenwch heddyw. Paham yr aroswch ? Nid ydych yn rhedeg i un perygl! Ni a anfonwn ar droad y post. Enwch y TYST.-Theo, Neol Co ILtd., Dept. 71, 29, Ludgate Hill. Llundain. 11! H CEWCH WYBOD POBPETH ■ N JB AM CYCLES GOREU Y BYD R £ 6-10-0 Talu tra yn ei defnyddio ac hefyd am y njcdd gellir sicrhau E225 MOTOR CAR AM DDIM JFLT j| Ond i chwi >sgrifennu (Cymraeg Sjj ,• neu SaMne^DEP^T. P 116.^ 'OES Y BYD I'R IAITH GYMRAEG.* Un o'r pethau goreu i'w chadw'n fyw ydyw drwy ganu Gymraeg. DEWI SANT, 4" DeuawdGwladgarol, i T. neu S. a B. 6c. MAE CYMRU'N MYN'D I FYNY, Can yn y Ddau Nodiant. 6c. MAE CORON GAN DDUW I TI, Deuawd cysegredig (S. F. a H. N.) Pris Is. YR IESU WRTH Y LLYW, Deuawd cysegredig (S. F. a H. N,) Pris Is, YR IESU, Cantawd i Gorau Ieuainc (S. F.) 6c. BRWYDR BYWYD (S. F 6c., H. N. 2s 6e). Cantawd i Gorau mewn oed, pri odol iawn i'r amserau, 0 nodwedd botlogaidd. Aufonwch am restr o Gerddoriaeth i Gorau Plant a Chorau mewn oed 27ain i ddems ohonynt, ac amrywiaeth mawr o Ganeuon, Deuawdau, Triawdaii, Anthem, a Chyd- ganau, i Gorau Cyraysg, a Meibion. Dros 600,000 wedi eu gwerthu. I'w cael gan yr Awdwr, HUGH DAVIES L.T.S.C. (Pen- cerdd Maelor) Plasmarl, tandore, ft.S.O., Glam. ffMliffltlrr mWr rn Mae v telerau jam M BB ar bs rl)Hi yr wyt ti yn Y HA8 A JW GWERTM EWERRII, KOVERB^BHWW Tj DC,WIKII. THS, SOOVSSf TEY- 0HALI.E -*iSE, mtUMPHS, HUMBERS, gf PK0SRKBS, PREMIERS, CSNTAtfK.S a SINGE&3, wHBR B yn gosod Cycles goreu y bydt o sewn yafael pawthlSHH M CYCL2 0 KADB TKJHEX, WEDX B3 RffllB M J WSEUD YH 00VJJSTEY AM 0 jC JAr Brawf. Ysgrifennwch am sopi rhad o delerau. EDWD. O'BRIEN, Ltd. COVENTRYY3 M,,vyaf 2 ARS *-— GUARANTEE I For INDIGESTION. A SAFE Household I I Remedy: NORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS. 1 I 120 years' unequalled reputation. R I The best remedy for Indigestion, 1 Headache, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, I Constipation, Stomach and Liver | Complaints. Try them and prove for 1 yourself. The cost is small. The I benefit great. Ij Bottles is. 1 £ d., 28. 9ti., sold a!! over the World, 1 or Norton's, Ltd., 21 Spital Square, London. <jt ♦ X + ft X ♦ v ♦ ►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J A X REMARKABLE" INVENTION t t FOR THE CULTURE OF! HAIR. j j, rpiHE EVANS VACUUM CAP is a practical invention constructed on scientific and j' ± X hygienic principles by the simple means of which a free and normal circulation is ▼ restored throughout the scalp. The minute blood vessels are gently stimulated to activity. ▼ 7 thus allowing the food supply which can only be derived from the blood, to be carried to the Y hair roots, the effects of which are quickly seen in a healthy, vigorous growth of hair, j T* There is no rubbing, and as no drugs or chemicals of whatsoever kind are employed there is 4 ▼ nothing to cause irritation. It is only necessary to wear the Cap three or four minutes + daily. f | 60 DAYS' FREE TRIAL! J The Company's Guarantee. An EVAN'S VACUUM CAP will be sent you for sixty days' free trial. If you do X not see a gradual development of a new growth |of hair, and are not convinced that # J the Cap will completely restore your hair, you are at liberty to return the Cap T X w>th no expense whatever to yourself. It is requested, as an evidence of good faith, that the # the Cap will completely restore your hair, you are at liberty to return the Cap T + with no expense whatever to yourself. It is requested, as an evidence of good faith, that the # + pnce of the cap be deposited with the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company of London, the 4 + largest financial and business institution of the kind in the world, who will issue a receipt guaranteeing that the money will be returned in full, on demand without questions of comment, at any time during the trial period. C ♦ } + The eminent D(I. N. LOVti, in his address to the Medical Board on the subject of Alopsecia + (loss of hair) stated that, if a means could be devised to bring nutrition to the hitir follicles (h:,ir T + root;), without resorting to any in it. ting process, the problem of hrir growth would be solved f T Later on, when the EVANS VACUUM U.P w»s submitted to him for inspection, he remaik^ f ▼ tbat the Cap would fulfil aud confirm in practice-t ha observ .tioos he had previously made befo^ > ▼ the Medical Board. J Dr W- MOORE, referring to the iuvent'on, says that the principle upon which the Evn»s # ▼ Vaccum (Jup is founded is absoutely correct and indisputable. An ilia Irated and descriptive look of the Evans Vacuum Cap will be sent, post free on application• THE SECRETARY, EVANS VACUUM CAP CO. LTD., { ♦ REGENT HOUSE, REGENT-STREET, LONDON, W. V ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ JONES' HOTEL, (Established over 100 years,) Suffolk St., PALL MALL, LONDON, Adjoining Trafalgar Square. (Successors to MR ROBERTS, Thanet Place.) Telegraphic Address—' Pleasant,' London. Telephone-No. 8889, Central. Proprietor -H. R. JONES The Academy, Pontyprl PREPARATION for University Matrit Vf JL and for English and Welsh College3' Terms, apply to— A E. Dunmor Edwards, PHINClf^