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LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. Torn TRIIOI SNOWDUN DISTRICT, 1878. Arrangernents have been made wfrh the Coach Proprietors for a series of Coach Tours through the Snowdon District, in conncdioll with the Lon- clou and North Western Co's trains from Chester, Rhyl, Llandudno, Bangor, Carnarvon, &c. Pas- sengers at the time of starting in the morning are furnished with tickets, which ensure their being 'provided with seats on the Coaches. The follow- ing are particulars of the routes of the various ToIars:- Tour No. 1. Commencing Jane the 24th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach through the h Pass of Llanberis," and pn-st the Swallow Wa- terfall to Bettws-y-coed, and by Rail home to the station from which the Tourist started in the toorning. Tour No. 2. Commencing June 24th. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence through same "District as No. 1. Tour to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 3. Commencing the 21th June. By Rail to Carnarvon, thence by Coach round Snow- don to Beddgelert, and through the Vale of Gwynant, and the Pass of Llanberis to Carnarvon. Home by Train. Tour No. 4. Commencing July. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach past the Swallow Waterfall, Capel Cnrig, the Yale of Nant Fran- con, and the Penrhyn Slate Quarries to Bangor. Home by Train, or Passengers can travel by Train to Bangor, thence by Coach through the same District to Bettws-y-coed, and home by Train. Tour No. 5. Commencing June the 5th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach to Beddgelert, and back to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 6. Commencing June 5th. By Rail to Bettws-v-coed, thence by Coach to Beddgelert. and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by Train. Tour No. 7. Commencing June the 3rd. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to the Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mill Falls, and along the Pentre Foclas Road as far as Foelas Hall and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by Train. Tour No. 8. Commencing June the :rù. By Rail to Llanrw-st, thence by Coach to Trefriw and back, and liQine bv Train. These Routes cover some of the most beautiful scenery in North Wales. Full particulars as to the fares, tine- of starting, &c., can be obtained at any of thi> principal Stations and Hotels along the North Wales coast. G. FINDLAY, Chief Traffic Manager's Ofliee, Eustoa Station, May 29th, 1W7N. 1612h H Y I, W INTER, GARDENS. r\, • OPEN DAILY. Flowers in great perfection, Waterfall, Lake, Rustic Bridge, Houses, &c., all combine to make it a pleaeant .place of resort. Lawns for Tennis, Badminton, Croquet, Bowls, Archery, and Quoiting Grounds, Inside and Out Rink for Skates, with Plimpton Skates. ENGAGEMENTS FOR PRESENT SEASON. MYEA, the Mving Mystery, DAILY. JTJNE 24TH, for 12 days. Dr Holden; Miraco, the Indian Rubber Man; the Court Magician, recently performed before the Royal Family and Tula, the man with the iron jaw. JULY 6TH, Firi-t Annual Brass Band Contest for Welsh Bands onh. Prizes, X40. JTJLY 8TH, 'for four weeks only. Bon Bon, the little Blondin on the high rope. JULY 8TH, for 12 nights. Dussoni's celebrated Troupe of performing Dogs, Monkeys, and Goats—llj in number. JULY 8TH, for 12 nights. Harcourt and O'Connor, character ducttist.s. 12 changes nightly. JULY" 19TH and 20TH. First Annual Horticultural Exhibition, under the patronage of Lord R. Grosvenor, M P. Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. P. H. R. Hughes, Esq., Kinmel Pack; R. B. Hesketh, Esq., Gwrych Castle; T. Mainwaring, Esq., Galltfaenan, .&c. Prizes over £ 70. JULY" 29TH, for two weeks only. Mr and Mrs Mark Johnson, and Miss Mitchell, in their classical entertainment entitled "The Studio." —Dr. Lynn, th^ celebrated Hindoo Conjuror, in his varied^ntortainment as exhibited before Royalty. AUGUST 5TH, for 12 nights. Mons. King and Madame Isidora, in their unique entertain- ment. AUGUST 12TH, the Second Grand Brass Band T Contest, open to all comers. Prizes, £ 70. AUGUST 12TH, for 12 days only. Dr Lynn's Living Marionettes from the Royal Aquarium, London. Four entertainments daily. AUGUST 26TH, Tell and Tell, for 12 nights and Torsi Barger, m his unrivalled ventriloqual entertainment. During the season the grounds will be illuminated, Firework displays, Musical Promenades. The sT Hindoo Snake Charmers, Performing Fleas, &c. Luncheons, Teas, and other Refreshments on the premises of the choicest kind. By Order, 1697 i JOHN DEVINE, Secretary. npO~LET7—An old estal>lished~respecta"ble A PUBLIC HOUSE in Carnarvon.—Apply, office of this paper. 1694g -m_ RESPECTABLE YOUTHS having ^Hished their education desire situations, one aged seventeen as Clerk, the other fourteen as an Apprentice to the Draperv Business.—Address, S.S.U. 1721h RPO BE SOLD CHEAP. —Two Boats in good _L condition, one Sailing Boat 1(3 feet long, and Rowing Boat 24 feet long.—Apply, Globe Inn, New-street, Carnarvon. 16"5G OIISE TO i'iIiT^-hin sevenTi^rmtes' walk to Carnarvon Station, contains two Parlours, one Sitting-room, six Bedrooms, W.C., and Bath-room, two Kitchens; in the healthiest part of the town.—Apply to T. S. T., Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 1518 e TO BE SOLD CHEAP, -A. large quantity of BUTTONS and other goods suitable for tailors and dressmaker's A\ork. also a large quantity of Tacking Cotton very cheap.—Apply, Globe Inn, Carnai von. 1696g T^O"BUILDERS AjVD OTHERS^PREE-« X HOLD BUILDING LAND in Lots to be Sold or Let on long leases at Llanberis. The land is well laid out with streets and drains, and work- men's houses are in great demand intho district.— Apply to John Menzies, if), North-road Car- narvon. 1728h HOUSES"TO LET: H<> TSES FOR SALE! 11 FURNISHED H' )USES IURMSHED APARTMENTS NOTI< E.-To Parties Visiting North Wales, Llandudno. Colwyn, and Penmaen- mawr.— JOHN HUGHES, EM,ate and House Agent, Church-square, Llandudno, to inform the public that HE LIAS Various HOUSES TO LET and FOR SALE at the above places and brmrholtd).-Apply, I'nclosing stamp and addressed envelope, as above. 1687b I NOW READY. I THE PRIZE POETICAL COMPOSITIONS AT THE ¡ CARNARVON EISTEDDFOD, 1877, TOGETHER WITH A FULL REPORT OF THE EISTEDDFOD, THE SPEECHES, &c. Price in paper cover, 1#• in beautiful doth covet, Is. tjii. by Post, 18. 2d. or Is. 8d. All orders to be sent to Mi:. R. WILLIAMS, Publisher, Carnarvon. TH E PAVIUON," CARNARVON^ ¡- ONE OF THE LARGEST HALLS IN GREAT BRITAIN. PRONOUNCED BY THE MOST EMINENT SINGERS OF THE WORLD TO BE THE FINEST HALL FOR SOUND THEY EVER SANG IN. AN ATTRACTIVE PROGRAMME FOR AUGUST NEXT. | GRAND EXHIBITION AND HORTICULTURAL SHOW. Further particulars will shortly APPEAR. ROBERT HUGHES, SECRETARY. BRUNSWICK BUILDINGS, CARNARVON. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARNARVON. HEAD MASTEU,—MR. SIDDONS, ASSISTED BY EFIICIEKT AM) QUALIFIED MASTERS. ,4 T the above School a thorough, sound, and practical Education is offered. The course J\. of instruction includes Divinity, English, Latin, French, Arithmetic, and Mathematics, Drawing, Writing, and Book-keeping. t Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and for Mercantile pursuits. Special advantages offered to Private Pupils on reasonable terms. Classics taught by a Graduate of Oxford. Oral and Written Examinations are held at the cloicof the half-year, in order to test the progress of the Pupils. A limited number of Boarders are received by the Principal, who enjoy home comforts, and whose Moral, Mental, and Physical training are objects of special attention. Terms moderate. Prospectus sent on application to MR SIDDONS. School duties WILL be resumed on MONDAY, JULY 29th, 1878. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN NORTH WALES FOR P IANOS AND II A R M ONIUMS IS AT J OEOEGE HOLLAND'S M U R IC W A It E H 0 USE, NO R T. H BOA T). I OPPOSITE THE RAILWAY STATION, O A R N A R VON. THE ONLY SHOP IN CARNARVON where PIANOS bv BROADWOOD, COLLARD AND COLLARD, and all the best makers are to be seen. G. II. having made arraugeinent.s with the best London firms to buy large quantities for Casli, can now offer PIANOS and HARMONIUMS at a discount of Twenty per cent of the list prices. A "Warranty given with each Instrument. NOTICE-G. H. being the only Practical and Professional Tuner and Repairer in Carnarvon, cautions the Public against employing persons to Tune and Repair ;,who are not qualified to do so, as by employing such persons, Instruments arc more likely to be damaged. All Instruments sent to G. H. for repairs are ^lone on the premises and not sent to London, as is done by other people, con- sequcntly G. H. can do them at about a THIRD THK PRICE. PIANOS and HARMONIUMS TUNED, REPAIRED, and RE-SILKED &c. Lessons given in SINGING, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, VIOLIN and CORNET. 'TUTORS for every Instrument kept in Stock. A Large Stock of Cheap Music at 3d each. A Catalogue sent on receipt of one stamp, also a Large Stock of Best -Altisictt half-price. I THE PROGRAMME OF THE MENAI BRIDGE EISTEDDFOD. THE PKOGRAMME of the above GRAND EISTEDDFOD is in tlio Press and will be published on MONDAY NEXT, with all particulars relating to this Grand Gathering. PRICE 6D, PER POST, 6D, May be had of all BOOKSELLERS in North Wales, at the RAILWAY BOOKSTALLS, and of the Publisher, MK. R. WILLIAMS, Camarvo. A FEW PAGES RESERVED FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. PARTIES DESIROUS OF AVAILING THEMSELVES WILL PLEASE DO SO AT ONCE. TERMS ON AP- PLICATION. THE MENAI SUSPENSION BRIDGE. NOTICE. AN and after Six o'clock on MONDAY, the 24th hist., the Traffic on the EAST SIDE will be STOPPED until further Notice. The WEST1 SIDE will be OPEN for Traffic from Anglesey to Carnarvonshire every lioui and HALII. Hoi- R (commencing at the above time), and will remain so for Fifteen minutes. On the alternate quarters it will be open. from the other side. Railway time will be kept as accurately as possible. The Engineer earnestly hopes that the Public will render him every assistance in carrying out this arrangement. J. HAYWOOD, ENGINEER. BANOOB, June 20th, 1878. TO LADIES AND ALL CONSPMEES OF SEWING COTTONS. R,JLWORTII'S j R O Y A L S E W I N G C 0 T T O N S A R B T H B BEST FOR HAND OR MACHINE ONCE TRIED ALWAYS PREFERRED. SPECIALLY APPOINTED HOLYHEAD. 1 IMPORTANT SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. U — H \TW. RIVA. has been instructed to! LFX SELL BY AUCTION, at the Rose and |( Crown Inn, Holyhead, on Saturday, the 13th July, J1 1878,at 3 for 3.30 p.m. (subject to conditions to be J" then and there read), all those new and commodious Houses situate and being No. 10, 12, and 17, St. Cybi-street. j: The property is held under a Lease granted in I 1876, from the Right Hon. Lord Boston, for the term of 99 years, at the annual ground rent of 38s. for each house. House No. 10. contains Parlour, Kitchen, Back I Kitchen, Two Bedrooms, and Attic. House No. 12, contains Parlour, Back Parlour, Back Kitchen, Sitting Room, Two BEDROOMS, and Attic. House No, 17, Ditto Ditto. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Stanly-street, Holyhead, July, 1878. 1742-h BANGOR NORMAL COLLEGE. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Donors and Subscribers to the above Institution will be held at the College, on TUESDAY, the 9th of JULY. at One o'clock in the afternoon. DANIEL ROWLANDS, 1724h Principal. PXTRA STRONG MINING POWDER. I E.S.M. STRENGTH WITHOUT NOXIOUS FUMES. SAFETY WITH ECONOMY. AN ALMOST TOTAL ABSENCE OF SMOKE. This well-known Mining Powder, manufactured by CURTIS'S & HARVEY, is much superior in strength to the ordinary kinds, and is altogether free from the serious disadvantage of producing NOXIOUS GASES. For these reasons, it is commonly used in close underground places, and wherever rapid progress is of great importance, It will be found to be particularly suitable for Quarry work where hard and tough Rock has to be removed and for all sub-aqueous blasting opera- tions. Can be obtained of all Dealers, also of R. J. DAVIDS, 1714h Glan Helen. Carnarvon. LIMITED) ic H. M. GOULBING 0-™ il'-h' (, '.c"' (, f'( '41. 1, VU r.p (;:i'¡ tr -77" ""1" COULDING^ MANURE WORKS. T V THE CLEN CORK. IP\T\0^— NCRTH WALL DJEUli.. \R^ BIIANCH WORKS GRACEDIEU WATERFORD, AND SINGLANDS LiMERiCK. V.! V .f GOULDING'S BONE; MANURE, For Turnips, Flax, &-c. Soluble Phosphates 19 to 24 per cent. Ammonia 1.50 to 1.70 GOULDING'S SPECIAL MANURE, For Wheat, Oats, Barley, Potatoes, 6-c. Soluble Phosphates 17 to 19 per cent. .Avrrnonia 4.50 to 4.75 Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S CORN AND GRttSS DANUBE, Specially prepared for Cereals and Grasses. Soluble Phosphates per C-t. Ammonia 5 to 5.50 Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S SUPERPHOSPHATE, For general use with Special Manure er Git.;no. Soluble Phosphates 25 to 27 per cent. Farmers^are cautioned to buy only from authorized Agents. Applications for Agencies in districts not yet represented are invited. t AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. John Lloyd, Carnarvon. Mr. W. Thomas, Valley. Mr. John Parry, Bala. Mr. John Williams, lironnant. Messrs. J. H. Owen & Son, Dwyran. Mr. Thomas Jones, Conway. Mr. W. E. Williams, GwernlSs. Mr. Thomas Roberta, Denbigh. Mr. D. Evans, Llangollen. I Mr. O. Hughes, Milnycoed. Mr. Griffith Jones, Mold. Mr. E. Roberts, Ruthin. Mr. II. Williams, Gwydryu'N.wydd. 1 Mr. A. Hughes, Bodelwydden. Mr. Thomas Hughes, Brvn Goronwy, Tynyg'n. 10.S5 GO EO UG H OF CONWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on and after Friday, the 19th day of July, 1878, a Market will be held on every Friday throughout the year in the Market Hall, situate in Castle-street, in the town of Conway, for the sale of such Commodities as arc enumerated below, from and after which day it will be unlawful within the said Borough for any person to sell from door to door or self or ex\Oi"e for sale in any Street, Highway, open, or public place (not being the said Market Hall or his or her own dwelling house or shop) any L'ut jher'S Meat, Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Honey, Game, Fish, Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes, Roots,Ferns, Seeds.Eartlieii jware, L'edler's Ware; Agricultural Seeds, [Gardeners Plants, Flowers, Garden Seeds, or any Garden Stuff. Offenders will, for every .uch offence, be liable to a penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the following days have been appointed Fair Days within the said Borough, viz.:—the 26th March (Clover),. 20th June (Wool); 13th September (Honey) 21st October and 13th November i (Butter). Provided that when any day herein-before appointed for the holding of a Market or Fair shall be a day duly appointed for a solemn fast, or puolic thanksgiving, such Market or Fair shall be held 011 the lawful day next preceeding such first-mentioned days. For Stalls or places in the Market Hall, and Stalls or Standings on Fair Days, apply to Mr JOHN TREVOR, Market Hall, Conway. By order of the Town Council. T. E. PARRY, Guild Hall, Conway, Town Clerk. 3rd July, 1878. 1740-li THE LLANDDYFNAN AND LLANFAIR- JL MATHAFARNEITHAF SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT.—Parties desirous of offering tenders for building School and Master's Residence at Llanddyfnan, may inspect the plans and specifica- tions for same on and after this date, at the offices of Mr Richard Davies, Architect, Bangor, and at Rose Cottage, Llangefni, between the hours of ten a.m. and four p.m. Sealed tenders to be sent to the undersigned on 8r before July 20th, 1878. The School Board do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. W. THOMAS, Clerk to the Board. Rose Cottage, Llangefni. June 22, 1878. 1699-h HE GRAMMAR. SCHOOL, CALT- N A R V O N MR SIDDONS returns his sincere thanks to HIS friends and Patrons for their kind support, and begs to say that he has engaged an additional Master, Graduate of the Oxford University. Mr S. trusts by strict attention and care to the Youths placed under his charge, to merit a continuance of their support. 1743-h MESSRS. TURNER AND ALLANSOX, SOLICITORS, CARNARVON, will on MONDAY, the FIRST day of JULY next, REMOVE from their Offices, Number 1, Church- street, Carnarvon, to BnOX SmOXT, the late residence of Mr Thomas Hobley, at the end of Segontiuni-terrace and Garnons-street, and immediately opposite the steps leading to Messrs. De Winton & Co.'s Foundry. Under-sheriff's Office, Cariiervoii. loSCh ANNUAL I CLEARANCE SALE Or SLIOHTJ.Y SOILED SHEET MUSI 0 FOK A FEW DAYS ONI.Y. AT ONE SIXTH MARKET PRICES—3s. PIECES FOR 6D. THOUSANDS OF SONGS, BALLADS, AND Pianoforte Pieces by all the Great Masters, 700 Pieces, 7d each. CARNARVON PIANOFORTE & MUSIC WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE-STREET. W. JARRETT ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. 1713-h jaEK-BEKT (IARELRSS CABINtT MAKER 7PHOLSTERER AND COMPIJII HOUSE FURNISHER, GENERAL DRAPER, &c., j 54 AND 55, MOSTYN STREET j IX AN DUD NO. | AUCTIONEER AND VALUED. ESTIMATES GIVEN, 193 i T0 THE AND IN I) DENT X ELECTORS Oj THE CONTRIBUTORY BOROUGHS OF FLINT. Elscioss and FALLOW Covstrymex,—-Having been urged by influential Li bei-al., frolii your Boroughtl, to come forward as the Liberal Candi- date for the seat now vacant by the death of Mr Ellis-Evtoj), I willingly place mv services a*: your disposal. As I have for yeaj-s taken an active part in poli- tical maimers in \Vales, my views are known tp many of you, and f may sum them up in the G)d old cry cf the Liberal pc-rty-PF.-it E, Rstkunch- mknt, and Rki'okm, We want Peace in the interests of suffering hu- manity, and tc. re-ilve our, now b'ighted by war and the rumours of war. To that cud, 11»- joice that the Governu e :t of Lord Beaconsficld has at length adopted the policy of a conditional agreement with Russia for the protection of Christ- ian Nationalities, which Mr Gladstone has from the first so consistently advocated. We require strict Retrenchment in the cost of the Pub!; <•; services. Our regular national t-xpen- diture is now greater thun it has ever been in the history of Lngland, and the increasing Taxation which seems invariably to be the work of Conser- vative Governments, pr. tees doubly lit.rd on a nation suffering from depression of trade. We need Relonn in matters affecting the poli- j tical rights and the religious privileges of large classes of ear fellow countrymen. The tillers of the soil, na a ciiiss, are denied any share of political power, whilst about half the nation are painfully reminded of religious dis- abilities wlien they enter the national gr „w:yai\ia. I will, therefore, support the reduction of the franchise in cour.iaes, and Mr Osborne Morgan's Burials Bill. Your Boroughs have been distinguished for their fidelity to Liberal principles, and if I have the honour to be elected as your representative, it will be my aim to act according to those principles, to support all measures tending to extend religious equality, and to promote the true happiness and prosperity of the great masses of the people. I have the honour to be, Your obedient and faithful servant, JOHN ROBERTS. Bryngwenailt, 22nd June, 1878. 1712h rpO THE ELECTORS OP THE FLINT- ± SHIRE BOROUGHS. GENXLEMKM,—A vacancy having occurred by the death of your late respected Representative, Mr P. Ellis Eyton, 1 beg to offer myself as a Candidate for your suffrage?;. My long connection wiih the town and district of Fflint, as a member of the Firm of Messrs Mus- pratt Bros. •& Huntley, will, 1 hope, permit me to count on your good will. I have, moreover, good reason to beLievethat my political convictions, which arc not the growth of a day. but the result of considerable thought, and in unison with those of the large majority of the constituency. I ueed. hardly say that having been for several years a member 01 the. liberation Society, I am in principle in favour of Disestablishment*; and the position of the Church in Wales is that, according to the principles held by the great majority of Liverpool, its existence as-an Establishment is both an anomally and an evli, Mr 0-boriie Morgan's Burials Bill is a part of this great question, and will receive my hearty support. As regards the Foreign Policy of the present Government, I think we are ail agreed that even sho ild the great blessings of peace b secured by the Congress now sitting, the path followed has been both tortuous and perilous. Four years of Tory finance have dissipated the surplus of six millions left by Mr Gladstone and the Liberals, aud.landed us with a deficit of nearly the same amount. The trade of this district,.in common with that of the whole country, has for some considerable time been depressed, and we cannot expect any great improvement as long as a mischievous Foreign Policy, followed by increased taxation, weighs upon the springs of industry. The sudden death of my valued friend, your late member, Mr P. Ellis Ev ton, will leave but little time for me to make you fully acquainted with my political views, but I hope before the dry of Elec- tion to have several opportunities of addressing you. In the meantime, I remcrin, Your very aithful Servant, EDMUND KNoV/LES MUSPRATT. Trelawney House, Fflint, June 2d Mi, 1878. GSKTLKTJKV,—-As the meeting, held to-day, have selected Mr John Roberts as the Liberal Candidate lor these Boroughs, and t- T am un- willing to take any steps which would tend to a division in the p<rty, I have decided to withdraw my name, on the present occasion, from the list of Candidat es but not having had any opportunity of meeting the Elcetors, I beg to refer y\>n to the Address pieposed issuing. Your faithful Servant EDnjND K. MUSPRATT. June 24th, 1878. 1741c LLANLEDROG, PWLLHELI. rpO IjET, with immediate possession, the X House and Premises known as THE COTTAGE, and lately in the occupation oi J. T.. Canipbelu Esq., of London. The house is commodious, most healthily situated on a rising bank, and well sheltered from, the east, north, and west winds, ft comprises Reception-rooms. Bed- rooms, Kitchens, Sculleries, Pantries, Cellars, Out. houses, Stables, Coach-houses, &c., extensive Gardens, Greenhouse, with about three acres of Shrubberies and Gra>.ingland if required, and has a complete southern aspect, eommallding an extensive view of the whole of the Merionethshire range of mouutains -is within two minutes' walk of the Parish Church and Parsonage House, five minutes' walk from the splendid bathing of I Pwllheli, which is acccssable fcr bathing at all "hours of the dny, the road to and from the borough town of Pwllheli, dist..iu-: three miles, passing close below the house, on which the Mall Post rmd other carEl and omnibuses pass daily to and frn.- Apply to John Edward, Estate Agent, Pwllheli. IG68-h PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. W. -URRRTT ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. W J. R. 1L¿S respectfully to iuutuate to t ? the nobility, gentry, and the public geiuer- aiiy that he La* recently added to his stall' a lirst- ciass Pianoforte. Tuner, from the wolJ-known fo¡:¡:a of John Brinsmead and Sons, London, and win b. enabled to perform with the utmost promj-tltude and care nil orders he may be favoured with. Pianoforles and Harmoniums tuned and repaired ire-silked, polished, <lc., equal to now. Terms moderate. jv^h