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DISTRICT MARKETS. ABERYSTWYTH, MO.VDAY. The prices at this market were as follows: — Wheat (new,) 7s 6d to 0s Od per bushel; Wheat (old,) 7s Od to 8s Od per bushel: Barley, 5s Od to 6s Od bushel; Oats, 3s 3d to is Od; Beans, Os Od to Os Od Potatoes, 5s Od to Os Od per cwt. Beef, 10d to OOd per lb Pork, 8d to Od per lb Mutton, lOd to OOd per lo Lamb, Is Od to Os Od per lb Ducks, 4s tiel to Os Od per couple; Geese, Os Od to 0s Od per couple; Fowls, 2.s 6d to Os Od per couple Eggs for a shilling, 20; Fresh butter, Is Od to Us Od per lb Chees, 4d per lb. BANGOR, FRIDAY. Prices: Wheat, 46s Od to 48s Od per quarters barley, 35s Od to 38s Od oats, 26s Od to 28s; oat. meal, 35s Od to 37s Od per 210 lb. Potatoes, 3s fid to 4s 0 per cwt. Fresh butter, 16d to 18d per lb Beef, 9d to lid per lb mutton, lOd to lid veal, 7dto 8d; bacon, 7d to 9d; best home-cured hams, lid to 12d. CARNARVON, SATURDAY. The following is a list of to-day's prices :—Beef, 7d to lOd per lb; mutton, lOd to lid; veal, 8d to I lOd; pork, 8d to 9d; bacon, 7d to 9d. Cheese, 7d to 9d per lb. Fresh butter. 18d to 22d per lb pot ditto, 14d. Fowls (dead), 2s Od to Os Od each ditto alive, 14d to 15d; ducks, 3s to 3s 6d geese, Os Od to Os. Eggs, 18 for Is. Pota- toes, 7s to 7s 3d per cwt. Wheat, 45s to 48s Odper qr; barley, 36s to 39s Od; oats, 26s Od to 28s oatmeal, 36s Od to 39s Od per 240 lbs. CONWAY, SATURDAY. Wheat, 15s Od to 16s Od per hobbet: barter lis Od to 13s Od per hobbet; oats, 10s d to lis Od per hobbet; beans, OOs Od to 00s Od per hobbet; oatmeal, 36s Od to 38s Od per 241) lbs. DENBIGH, WEDNESDAY. The quotations at to-day's market were as foh- lows Wheat, 16s Od to 16s 6d per hobbet: bar- ley, lis Odto lis Od; oats, ïs Od to 8s Od. Fresh biittei, 12d to 14d per lb ditto pot, 17d to 18d. LLANRWSf, TUESDAY. The prices at this market were as follows; — Wheat, 16s Od to 17s 6d per hob -Wheat (uld,) 008 Od to 00s Od per hob Barley, 13s Od to lis 61 per hob Oats, 9s Od to 10s 6d per hob; Beans, OOs Od to OI)s Od per hob Oatmeal, 46s Od to 003 OJ. per 240 lbs. Potatoes, 1 is Od to 15s Od per hob. Fresh butter, lid to 14d per lb. Beef, yd to 12d per lb: Pork, 00s Od to OOs Od per lb Veal, 7d to 8d per Ib: Mutton, lOd to Is Od per lb; Lamb, net to Od per lb Ducks, 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; Geese, 0s Od to Os Od per couple; Fowls, 3s Od to is 6d per couple Eggs for a shilling, 14. OSWESTRY, WEDNESDAY'. The following were the quotations: Wheat, 7s 2d to ï s 4d per bushel; barley (malting), 6s Od to 6s Hel; oats, 3s 6d to 4s 6d; butter, 13d to 14d per lb; eggs, 12 to 1-1 for a shilling; fowls, 3s 6d to .1: 6d per couple ducks, 4s Od to 5s Od per couple geese, Os Odto Os Od each turkeys, 10s Od to 00s Od each potatoes, 12 Ibs to 13 lhs for a shilling. P W Lh HELI .—WEDNESDAY. The following were the quotations: Barley, 20s per 220 lbs; oats, 28s per 315 lbs; oatmeal, 33s per 210 lbs; Indian com, 17s per 21) lbs. Fresh butter, Is lid per Ib; pot ditto, Is 1.1 to Is 5d per lb. Beef, 9d to Is 2d per lb mutton, lid to 1* 2d per lb veal, 8d to lid per lb ducks, 2s each fovyls, Is 9(1 each, eggs, 6s Od per 120 potatoes, 16s per hobbet. RHYL, THURSDAY. Very few farmers attended the market to-day. All sorts of supplies sold slowly. Wheat, 15s GJ to 10s barley, 10s to 13s beans, 13s 6c to 14s oats, 8s to lis. WREXIIAM, THURSDAY. The prices at this market were as follows:- White wheat, 7s 6d to 7s 9d per measure red do, 7s 3d to 7s 6d per bushel of 75 lbs. Potatoes, 4s 6d to 5s Od per 90 lbs. Fresh butter, 12d to 14d per bl. Beef, 9d to 10d per lb mutton, lOdto lid veal, 7d to Set Fowls, 3s Od to 4s 6d percouple.

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