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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. Meetings of the Council were held at the West- minster Palace Hotel London, on Saturdav, the 20th, and Wednesday, the 24th inst., at which Lord Aberdare presided. Present at one or both of the meetings—Mr J. H. Puleston, M.P., Mr Henry Richard, M. P., Mr B. T. Williams, M.P., Mr Stephen Evans, Mr J. F. Roberts, Rev T. C. Edwards, M.A., Mr John Hughes, Rev Robert Jones, M.A., Mr Ellis Jones, Mr A. C. Humphreys Owen, Mr T. J. Thomas, Captain E. H. VerneV, R.N., and Mr Hugh Owen. Among other matters agreed to were the following:— (1) The appointment of Professor Buckman to lecture on Agricultural Science in the ensuing session, in addition to Professor Tanner. (2) That a new arrangement be made with Professor Parrv, based on his discontinuance of teaching mu?ic to any but the ordinary male students of Art in the College. (3) That an invitation be sent by the president to the principals and other officers of the following colleges, viz., the Baptist Colleges at Haverfordwest, Pontypool, and Llangollen; the Presbyterian College at Carmarthen the Indepen- dent Colleges at Bala and Brecon and the Calvin- istic Methodist College at Bala and Trevecca. to attend a conference at Aberystwyth, on the 17th September, 1878. (4) That the question of short- ening the College vacations be considered at the next meeting of the council. (5) Mi Hugh Owen submitted the foiling proposal:— (a) That the duties which have hitherto belonged to the office of honorary secretary be divided into' two classes, No. l and No. 2. The duties embraced by the class No. 1 to include the convening of meetings of the council, attending their meetings, recording their minutes, and carrying out their resolutions so far as they may relate to the College adminis- tration. The duties embraced by class No. 2 to include the carrying out of the resolutions of the council and the Finance Committee so far as they may relate to the raising of funds for the purposes of the College, to the receipts and payments in respect of the College, and to the keeping of the College accounts. (b) That the duties belonging to the class No. 1 be placed in the hands oi two gentlemen who may be willing to act as joint honorary secretaries, (c) That the duties belong- ing to the class No. 2 remain in the hands of Mi- Hugh Owen, as treasurer, jointly with Mr Davii Davies, M.P. It was resolved that the council approve of the foregoing proposal: and as thev understand that Mr E. J. Evans, B.A., Ph.D., of New College, London, is willing to accept th 3 office of honorary secretary jointly with any gen tleman who may be appointed to the office, it was resolved that Dr Evans be appointed to be one c't. the honorary secretaries of the College, and that, the nomination of the second hon. secretary be de- ferred.



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