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FRIDAY.—MARCH 10TH. HOUSE or Loiti)s.-Larl Stanhope, in the ab. sence of Lord Norton, presented a bill for the con- Nidation Of the acts relating to industrial schools. Earl Sydney brought up the reply of the Queen to the address of congratulation voted by Parliament OR her escape from the attempt on her life. In reply to the Eail of Carnarvon, the Ear) cf Kimberley stated thanw had received no information beyond hat appeared in the newspapers as to the fight 1ng reported to have been going on between the Boers and the native,, of the north-west frontier (Jf the Transvaal. On the motion of the Earl of Lytton, an address was agreed to asking for a copy of the correspondence between the Secretary for India and the Governor-General in Council Relative to public works in India from January, 1878, to the present time. The Slate Mines (Gm- Powder) Bill was read a third time and passed. HOT:SE OF COMMONS.—Mr Chaplin give notice that on going into committee of supply he would all attention to the enormous number of appli- cations under the Irish Land Act for the adjust- ment of a fair rent, and would move for a declara- tion of the opinion of the house that the existing machinery of the Irish Laud Act is wholly inade- quate to deal with the business before the com- missioners, and that some amendment of the act In this respect is immediately and urgently re- tired. Mr W. II. Smith we notice of his in- tention to ask the Premier-whether the Govern- ment would consider the introduction of a measure to facilitate the acquisition of land by occupiers and labourers on terms just and equitable to ^Wners. Mr Dodson, in reply to Mr links, said he hoped to be able this session to deal with the Whole question of local rating. He also said he bad hoped to be able to bring in a measure deal- tng with highway rating, but looking at the state tlf business he doubted whether he would oe able to do so. Mr Ashley, in reply to Mr Labonohere, laid the Board of Trade surveyor had instructions to look to the embarkation of the elephant Jumbo, tld to take care that there was no danger to the Ship or passengers. Mr Healy moved theadjoun- taerit of the house in order to express his opinion as to the arrest of Mr Rourke. Both he andtht, other Parnellite members who took part in the debate that ensued contended that Mr Rourke was Wrested solely because he was the activo business Partner of Mr Patrick Egan, the treasurer of the kaud League, and the object of his arrest was to ruul the business of the firm. Mr Forster stated that the arrest had nothing to do with Mr Rourke's business connection with Mr Egan. The bitter attacks of the Home Rulers on Mr Forster culmin- ated in a characteristic allegation by Mr Biggar I that the object of the recent visit of Mr Foreter to limerick and Clare was to gloat over the misery listing there. For this the member for Cavan "*ao sternly called to order by the Speaker, upon "hkh he immediately withdrew the offensive re- mark and apologized. The motion for adjourn ment Wè-S eventually negatived. On the motion lor going :"r4to committee of supply, Mr Blenncr- ha*aet urge:' the desirability of the railways of Iceland being purchased by the ^t ate. After some discussion, in which Mr Mclvor supported the Proposition, the subject was allowed to drop. I









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