Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



"WANTED, an and an I IMP HO YE (4 for tbe Drapery and Grocery. Apply to Wm. Owen, 40, Sand-street, Pwllheli. WANTED, an experienced Milliner. Also, a Dressmaker. Must be ablo to speak Welsh. Apply to BrIan Br- t.h>r. Carnarvon. WANTED.—Agents to represent an old established firm of publishers in North Wales. ^-Apply Wiiiiam Mackenzie, 23, Oity-road, Chester. B 344—944 ANTED, Ar LLa.Nh.WiST, in the main thorough, a Gh'jOERY and PRO- VISION SHOP.—Address, BETA," Genedl Office. is_»ns, &e. G969 THONM^^EIIT;CLOCK^RILMEPIECIIS, Jewellery, Furuiture, &e. AGENTS WANTRD. Wholesale Catalogues, 300 Illuotratijns, free.— APply,. Henry May (155), Birmingham. ct93l MILILINERY.—Wanted, immediately, a 1.1'1. good MILLINER, and to assist in sales.- Apply, stating age, salary required, and refer- ^pcea, to Mr Hugu Jones. London House. Flint. A GEMrf WAITED (Packet Teas; All House-to-house Calleio should apply. ^Pecial terms offered to good men—W cite to Geeves & Chiswell-street', LOIKIod, K.O. b 17^ 58 f^Airf VAbSERS for Advertisements and Sub- sorptions required, on commission, in every 0":11 of the United Kingdom, when £ 2 per week can be earned. Address—T. G. DIXON, Nf-.whmd, Hall. WHITE'S SEWING MACHiiNE, entirely new, suitable for tailors and ethers, to be at a great reduction from cost price.—Apply to ^Cymio." Express Office. Carnarvon. b FOWLS, Rabbits, Bees, how, Pig, and how J*" to Cultivate an ce of Ground to make £ 100 e?r year out of it. This litrJo book sent post free for Address- Sun,, Office, Hull. E 226 IRONMONGER*, ULOCKe, T;MJtSjfiEuEfcS Jewellery, Furniture, tee. AGENTS WANTED. y*«olesale Catalogues, 800 illustrations, free.— t "rPply, Henry May (154), feiimvn,gham. E 339 frfc^NGOR.—TO LKT, 16 years' Lease, a very Beat, well-established, Full Licensed Hpiiit S-irSts. Conveniently Bituated. Goodwill and £ »ltiEgs moderate. Rent only £ 24. Going concern.- eggly to Mr Win. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Holyhead. FOR SALE, a strong Spring HORSE CART, o suitable for Millers, Shopkeepers, and Wers. Also, a Platform WEIGHING MACHINE, j?, Weigh 16 cwt., in good order bath.—Apply to Williams, China Honse, Holywell. G 970 MTANTED, a Female Assistant for a Con- fectionery Establishment. Must be ex- *ienced, active, and obliging. Welsh indispensable- Apply^ Btatitjjjf Hg6j where last employed, and salary ^fted, to T. Jones and Co., The Priory, Carnarvon. TWELVE CA.viWr- ie ViMTE, 2s 8d; six, Is 8.. Carte v argsd to 10 inches, 5s Ibri 6^' Sent C- rto with stamps. Perfect copies > Original returned free. do on Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon- ^W.-F, s. p. PHILLIPS, Manager. I PO"WLE'8 PhNNYROIaL AND STEEL PILLS FOR FEMALES quickly correct all t^ffularities and relieve the distressing symptoms so n. v&lent with th« sex. Boxes, la l^*i and 2s 9d, of all Sent anywhere for 15 or 34 Stamps, by the E. T. TOWLK, Chemist. Nottingham. I 0 be disposed of immediately, an old- tii established business of a Grocer, Com and l0Ur Dealer, in a fashionable Welsh watering Satisfactory reasons given for the disposal, j. 0' further par iculars apply to Mr R. Thomas, Hnnflf>, Menai Bridge. B 814 W £2 W EEKL ¡,nul UPW AULKt mt»y De EASILY ^Jr and HONESTLY REALISED by persons of J^-HER SEX, without hindrance to present ^pation.—For particulars. &c., enclose a plainly ijQ* £ es8ed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, and ^fggANY (P. 293), Merchants, Birmingham. W"ATCH AND BICYCLE CLUBS. — K. Wanted—Foremen, Time-keepers, Cletks, Agents, and o'hers, to form clubs< for the tbftt ata Clnbfc. Association, Snfcinl +enr=< to good —Illustrated <atalosue, and full particulars, po3t ^•Jrom T. Hnll, Manager, Cracow-street, Leice?ter. P^RTMADUC — BiGH-SXREET. — HOUSE a AND SHOP TO BE LET, in Ma? next, now in CaPatian of Miss Evans, Dressmaker. Excellent ify-^ion—good Shop and Fixtures—very suitable for toi!*6* and Dressmaker and Fancy Drapery.—Apply E. Jones, Post Office, Portmadoc. B 933—340 2000 bTfiONG WUODKN HUKDLES for MthY 8ale» at 18 8d each- Fiye feet leng' five bars. Any quantity of twenty and up tjji* delivered free at any railway station within tefy miles of Conway,—Apply to P. and H. Y^^Timber Merchants, Conway. b 939—343 WANTED, AGRICULTURISTS~AND loo! OTHERS IN CANADA.—Free Grants of by ?,20Q Acres of Land and Assisted Passages are given Canadian Goverment Farmers^ delegates' i^oe™5' 'Uustrated pamphlets (describing the districts traversed by the Marquis ot J^prne), maps, and SohJ^oimation respecting any part of Canada its r", SaSo?8! trade demand for labour, wages paid, &c.,— free by the Canadian Government Agent, 15, f^gfaeet, Liverpool. q8°2 ANTED.—Anyone requiricg a servant, or 141,. parties wishful to be engaged, or property °Hl* t" 8eHj or exchange, mortgages wanted, &c., have t&f?HendySkrs', with three penny stamps to Wiii flensed Victuallers' Advertiser Office, when it inserted, and a copy of pap«r «eDt Poat tree_ J INVESTORS IN MINING SHARES, If you wish to sell or hay 7ba^ii:V^ tfiZf send for a weekly copy of the North of England, Journal and Liensed Victualler''& Advertise/ sold ^id, poat free. Office, Hull. Shares bought exchanged; likewise, property of every des- ^^J^bought, sold, and exchanged. E 226 J ^LLARD HARDING and" CoT^6 Wc ^EDMAYNE HAKDING and Co., Silk if ti13^>and General Drapers, will esteem it a favour • tron8 an(l the Public will kindly direct their -cations to Tie Square, Shrewsbury, in con- •" s<\6 Letters addressed ODly "Harding and ^times reaching another firm trading in that „ are in no way connected with J. M. H. and ^^gLTlESDAILY. e531d_ O>,A GOOD PLAN. dealing in Stock Exchange Securities as *e^aiDs five to ten times the amount invested \tio ra a, days. J610 to £ 1,000 realises same I Profit. Explanatory Book sent free. GEORGE EVANS AND Co Stock- ^°Ud«8' ^resham House. °'d Broad-street, ^<12^ b 246 CeHain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. Q^^S, a MEDICAL WORK, shoving h!i 18 how they may be cured, and re- *ith and vitality without the aid of Quacks, for P^rifymg tbe blood and removing BhjS19' a^so chapters on Happy Marriages Whom to Marry; The Temperaments; » Vital Force; How Wasted and How n M; Appliances end tho Wonders °at frft.c^oscope in Datecting Various Complaints. two 8tamPs- ^ecietary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- S.S SEASON 1882. NOW READY, AT THE POOL-STREET MARKET, A LARGE consignment OF KEILLER'S celebrated DUNDEE MARMALADE, just received in excellent con- dition. As this excellent article of food is acknowledged to be both healthy and appetizing, the price this year being within the reach of all, it is highly re- commended to the notice of families. IN ONE POUND POTS. IN TWO POUND WHITE JARS. IN THREE POUND GLASS JARS. IN FOUR POUND WHITE JARS. Also, a fresh supply of fine KIEL and other BUTTERS; the very FINEST BUTTER now selling at Is 6d PER POUND. Why pay Is lOd for inferior qualities ? TEA! TEA! TEA! W. LL- G RIFFITH, CORN EXCHANCE, PALACE-STREET, CARNARVON, BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Carnarvon JD and neighbourhood that he is appointed an Agent by one of the principal Tea Warehouses ia Lon- don, and that he now offers the best Tea at the reduced prices of 2s, 2s 3d, and 2s 4d per lb, in boxes of 20 to 22 lbs each. If you want to save a shilling to fifteen pence per pound in Tea call at the Corn Exchange to get it. Also, all kind of Seeds, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Ireland Potatoes, Clovers, Ryegrass, Swedes, Tnrnips, &c. Also, Agent for the beat Manures in the Market; has been used by the principal farmers in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey for the last fifteen years, and has given entire satisfaction. Large stock, as usual, of Flour, and feeding staff of the best quality, at the lowest prices. E 299 W. LL. GRIFFITH, PROPRIETOR. ,6a-, MAII, tp LIVERPOOL TO J)fEVV TOEK & BOSTOIT EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has beea established for c'-tv Years, and is noted for its Safety and r-^TYifort for all classes of Passengers. Apply to^i £ & C. MAC 1VER, Liverpool; or to their Agent JOHN EV ANS & 00., Herald Office, Carnarvon: or to WM. JOHN PARRY, 3, William's-court, Bethesda. B 124. d » M E R I 0 A N L I IR R. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND A1TBHNAT^ 8A1TTJM)4T First-class, full-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to any European Line. Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO TKB WEST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE&CO., 17 A 19, Water-street. Liverpool. LOCAL AGENTS.—W. J. Williams, secretary > the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7, Market- street, Carnarvon; John Foulkes, 24, High-street, 'Carnarvon; R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Oreigiau MRwr, Talysam. B 227 -77-d npO THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELEOTORS OF THE BOROUGHS OF CARNARVONSHIRE. GENTLEMEN, The grave has at length closed over what was mortal of your veteran representative who was chosen by you in 1837, and who has during Her Gracious Majesty's reign, with a break of only six years, been your faithful member, most diligent in the performance of every public duty, and at all times anxious and ready to further the personal interests of all who claimed his services. I am conscious of my own short-comings but in presuming to offer myself as a candidate for the seat vacated by the death of the late Mr Bulkeley Hughes, I do say that if I am returned as Member for these Boroughs I will strive to merit and retain your conndence and my votes in Parliament fiom 1868 to 1874 will, I trust, strengthen my appeal for your suffrages. Personally you know IDelwell, I reside amongst you, and speak your language, and we have many interests in common. My opinions in relation to the leading queatiosn of the day are what they always have been, and time has but deepened my confidence in the stability of the fundamental principles of Liberal- ism and I call upon you to record your accept- ance of our old watchwords, Civil and Religious Liberty, Peace, Economy, and Reform." I have refrained from in any way soliciting or even suggesting myself as a candidate for your suffrages until the duty has been cast uptn you of selecting a representative for the vacant seat, and after we had discharged the last tributenf respect at the grave of your late member. I will, at Public Meetings, and, so far as time will permit, by personal communication, discuss with you the most pressing subjects of the day, and will answer any questions you may desire to address to me. J am Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, LOVE JONES-PARRY. Madryn, March 14, 1882. AT ETHOLWYR RHYDD AC ANNI- BYNOL BWRDEISDREFI SIR GAERNARFON. FONBDM&ION,— Mae y bedd, o'r diwedd, wedi cau ar weddillion merwol eich hybarch Gyniychiolydd, yr hwn a ddewiswyd yn 1837, a'r hwn, yn ystod teyrnasiad Ei Grasusol Fawrhydi, gyda'r eithnad o chwe' blynedd, a'ch gwasanaethodd fel aelod ffyddlawn. Bu ddiwyd yn nghyflawniad o bob dyledswydd gyhoeddus, a dangosai ei fod bob amser yn awyddus ac yn barod i hyrwyddo budd- iannau personol pob un a hawliai ei wasanaeth. Yr wyf yn ymwybodol olm diffygion; ond with gynyg fy hun fel ymgeisydd am y sedd ddaeth yu wag drwy farwolaeth y diweddar Mr Bulkeley fughes, yr wyf yn meiddio dyweyd, os dychwelir yn aelod dros y Bwrdeisdrefi hyn, jr ymdrechaf deiljngu a chadw eich ymddiried, a hyderaf y bydd i'm pleidleisiau yn y Senedd, o'r flwyddyn 1*68 hyd 1874, gadarnhau fy apeliad am eich cefnogaeth. Yr ydych yn fy adnabod yn dda. Yr wyf yn byw yn eich mysg, yn tiarad eich iaith, ac y mae genym fuddiannau sydd yn gyffredin i ni i gyd. Mae fy ngolygiadau o berthynas i gweatiynau arweiniol y dydd yn gymhwys yr un ag y maent wedi bod bob amser, ac nid yw amser ond wedi dyfnhau fy ymddiried yn nghadernid egwydd. orion sylfaenol Rhyddfrydiaeth, ac yr wyf yn galw arnoch chwi i ddadgan eich ymlyniad wrth ein hen arwyddeiriau, Rhyddid Gwladol a Chrefyddol Heddwch, Cynildeb, a Diwygiad." Yr wyf wedi ymatal rhag ceisio, nac mewn un modd gymhell fy hun fel ymgeisydd am eich cein. ogaeth, hyd nes y byddai i chwi gwblhau y ddyledswydd o ddewis Cynrychiolydd am y sedd wSg, ac hyd neB y byddai i ni dalu y deyrnged olaf o barch uwch bedd eich hen aelod. Bydd i mi, mewn cyfarfodydd cyhoeddus, a chyi. belled ag y caniata amser drwy ohebiaeth ber- sonol, ddadleu gyda chwi gweatiynau mwyaf pwysig y dydd, ac ateb unrhyw gwestiwn a ddy- munwch ei roddi i mi. Ydwyf, Foneddigion, Eich ufudd Wasanaethydd, LOVE JONES. PARRY. Madryn, Mawrth 14eg, 1882. REPRESENTATION OF THE CARNARVONSHIRE BOROUGHS. ELECTION OF 1882. INSTRUCTIONS TO MR JONES-PAEEY'S SUPPORTERS. The Elector can Vote for only one Candidate. After receiving the Ballot Paper, the Voter must go into a Private Compartment, and with a Pencil, which will be provided in the Compartment, he must mark X on the right side, opposite the Name of Jones-Parry, which will be at the top of the Paper. (SEE THE FOBJC BELOW.) rhe Voter must then fold his Ballot Paper, so as to show the Official Mark on the back-deposit the Paper in the Ballot Box, and leave the Room. If a Voter spoils his Ballot Paper, he may return it to the Presiding Officer, who will provide him with another Paper. If a Voter writes his Name, or his Initials, or make any Mark other than X on the Ballot Paper, his Vot" will not be counted. Therefore, be sure to remember to place X oppoeite the Name of JONES-PARRY, as shown below. VOTE for JONES-PARRY, and VOTE EARLY, to prevent your being personated Poll will open at 8 a.m., and close at 4 p.m., on Tuesday, the 28th'of March, 1882, 4 FORM OF BALLOT PAPER. JONES-PARRY. 1 I (T. LOVE D. JONES-PARRY, X Madryn, near Pwllheli.) SORTON-P ARR Y. 2 (ROBERT SORTON-PARRY, 33, Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, I London.) CYNRYCHIOLAETH BWRDEISDREFI ARFON. ETHOLUD 1882. HYFFORDDIADAU-I ETHOLWYR MR JONES-PARRY. Nis gall Etholwr Bleidleisio dros fwy nag un Ymgeisydd. Wedi derbyn ei Bapyr Balot, rhaid i'r Pleidleisiwr fyned i Yetafell Ddirgel fPrivate CompartmentJ, ac yna, gyda Phencil fydd wedi ei darparu yn yr Ystafell, byld raid iddo roddi X ar yr ochr dde, gyferbyn. ag enw Jones-Parry, yr hwn fydd yn uchaf ar y Papyr. (GWEL T FFURP SYDD AR WAELOD Y DDALEN HON.) Yna bydd raid i'r Pleidleisiwr blygu ei Bapyr Balot, yn y fath fodd ag i ddangos y N6d Swydd- ogol sydd ar y cefu-rhoddi y Papyr yn y Balot Box, AS wedi hyny fyned allan o'r Ystafell. Pe byddai i Bleidleisiwr ddifetha ei Bapyr Balot, gall ei ddychwelyd i'r Swyddog Llywyddol (Presiding Officer; yr hwn a rydd Bapyr arall iddo yn ei le. Os ysgrifena Pleidleisiwr ei Enw, nea Lythyrenau ei enw, neu roddi unrhyw Fare arall heblaw X ar v Papyr Balot, ni chaiff ei Bleidlais ei chyfnf. Gaa hyny, gofaler am goflo gosod X gyferbyn ag Enw JONES-PARBY, megys y dangosir ised. PLEIDLEISJWCE dro8 JONES-PARRY, a deuweh i rOTIO YN OYNAR, er stcrhau na wna neb wall trwy dioyll eich cynrychioli. Bydd y Poll yn agor am 8 yn y boreu, ao yn cau AM 4 yn y prydnawn, yr 28ain o Fawrth, 1882. CYNL-LUN (YR PAPYR BALOT. JONES-PARRY. 1 (T. LORE D. JOBJES.PARRT,_ X Madryn, near Pwllheli) I SORTON-PARRY. 2 J (ROBERT SORTOK-PARRY,. 33, Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, London.) I VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. 30, WELL-STREET, RUTHIN. MR G. F. EYFORB has received instruc- tions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Castle Hotel, Ruthin, on Monday, April 3rd, 1882, at the hour of foar o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions then to be. produced, the above very desirable RESIDENCE, containing three well fitted Reception-rocms, five Bed-chambers. W.C. and Lavatory, Pantry, Larder, two Kit:hens and Cellar; and the Out- buildings comprise s. two stalled Stable, Loft, Saddle-room, Wash and Coal House (with room atove), a Pleasure and Kitchen Garden. For further particulars and rards to view apply to Messrs Lloyd and Roberts, Solicitors, or to th0 Auctioneer, all ot Ruthin. E 334 RUTHIN SHEEP DOG TEIALS, 1882. TO be held in Eutbin Castle Parks, on Easter Monday, April 10th, under the patronage ot Major W. C. West, Lord-heatenant; J. F. Jesse, Esq., High Sheriff; aad Edward Roberts, Esq., Mayor of Ruthin. All Comers' Stakes, open to all England. let priz;" £ 10; 2nd prize, £5; and 3rd piize, 13. Entrance, 10s. Local Stakes, open to subscribers omy. 1st prize, £6; 2nd pr:;æ. £4; 3rd prize, £ 2; and 4th prize, £1. Entrance, 2s 6d. Area of local district, and ali other information, to be had from EDWARD HUMPHBEYS, Hon. Sec. 14, Castle-street, Ruthin. B 331 HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. SPSINS 1882. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. T. J WILLIAMS HAS great pleasure in informing the Public that he has opened a new Branch in the TAILORING DEPARTMENT .v In connection with his already extensive busi- ness, and begs to announce that he has en- gaged the services of MR SOURLOCX as CUTTER, who has bad considerable experience in every branch of the Trade, and trusts, by prompt attention to all orders, to receive the continued support of his numercus friends and customers. GENTS' TWJSED SUITS, to order .£2 10s SCOTCH CHEVIOTS, to order S2 15s BEST BANNOCXBUKN to order X3 3s In all the leading Patterns and Shades. Also, West of England TROUSERINGS, WORSTED COATINGS, BROADCLOTHS, &c., in great variety. Ladies' RIDING HABITS, JACKETS, ULSTEBS, &c. LIVERIES AND JUVENILE DRESS. TEBMs.-5 per cent, for Cash 21 per cent. for Cash in three Menths six months-NETT. b 327 EDW ARD ROBERTS, BILL POSTER AND TOWN CRIER, 58, HENLLAN-STREET, DENBIGH, Posts Bills in all parts of the Vale of Clwyd. All work entrusted to him will be properly at- tended to. B. P. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, GARDENERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. JOHN WILLIAMS & SON, BROOKHOUSE NURSERIES, DENBIGH, BEG to inform their numerous supporters and customers that they have opened a nev? establishment at No. 6, VAms-STREET, Denbigh, where all kinds of Vegetables, Agricultural Seeds, Flowers, Ac-, are kept in stock. In inviting the farmers of the Vale of Clwyd to visit their establishment, J. W. and Son beg to thank them for their past support, and hope that they will be avoured with further orders. B 302-845 alt. BEACH MOUNT SCHOOL, CRICCIETB CONDUCTED BY MISSES WILLIAMS AND TEMPU. Prospectuses free on application to above Address. B15 JJOLT ACADEMY, NEAR WREXHAM. PRINCIPAL— J. OLIVER JONES. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service Law, and Medical Preliminaries, Pharmaceutical' College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, &c. The school premises, with a large and dry cricket field attached, are situated in a beautiful and healthy English locality, thus affording the best advantages for Welsh boys to learn the language. For terras, &c apply to the Principal. Duties resumed January 27th, 1882. o 764 THE OSWESTRY ACADEMY. HEAD MASTER MR OWEN OWEN, B.A. (Late Scholar of Jesus College, and Graduate in High Classical Honours). Classes will be conducted by the Head Maeter, assisted by Mr J. W. BESLEY (of the London University), and other competent Tutors. THE Classes provide instruction for Com- mercial Pursuits, for the Medical and Legal Preliminary Examinations, and for Matriculation at the Universities. Since 1879, fourteen pupils have passed the various Public Exammations, four it whom matriculated at the Universities. The second Quarter of this 'Ials-yeai will com- mence on Tuesday, April llt'i. There will be two vacancies for boarders, G 6ô8- KAY'S LINSEED COMPOUND, Asthma and Bronchitis immediately relieved by it. Se!d by Chemists. MAENGWYN GRAMMAR SGHOOJU IN,. MACHYNLLETH, Conducted by Mr. J. OWEN, late Inspector ?f Schools for the British end Ferefgr. School Society, and Tutor at the Society's Training Col- lege, Swansea. French and German taught hj s qualified foreign lady. Special advantages for Condidstes jrepaiiag for the Theological and the Training Colleges. Prospectuses and Terms may be on appli- ';aticn. I"" 4389-d MRS GWENFIL DAVIES, C.A.M., SOPRANO VOCALIST, IS open to Engagements fcr Concerts, Oratorios, Eisteddfodau, &e., ami may be addressed at Penffynnon Hall, Pontrbyd-j-gross, De, Aberystwjth. SLNQING AND PIANOFORTE LEESCI'S C'LVEN; E. G. LLOYD, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Accountant, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, COLLECTOR OF REKT and DEBTS, FIRE, LIFE, AND ACCIDENTS ISSURAKCES, Emigration Agent to all parte. Note the Address- 24, CHURCH STREET, G 850 BLAENAU FFESTINIOG. ESTABLISHED 1848. SEEDS1 SEEDS;! SEEDS! SAMUEL EVANS, 3 AND 4, ARYONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. COHN, FLOUR, SEED, HAY, STRAW, AND OIL- CAKE STORES. WHILST tendering to his customers his W grateful thanks for the liberal patronage accorded to him the last season, in the above new branch of his business, begs respectfully to inform Farmers, Gardners, Cottagers, and others, that he has this season increased the assortments, and with the greatest care selected a quantity of fresh imported seeds of the best quality, consisting of the following :— HAT AND CLOVER SEEDS, of excellent quality. Assortments of EARLY POTATOES, AND a Quantity of MAGNUM BONUM," SCOTCH DOWN," and "CHAMPION" POTATOES. IRISH AND WELSH SHORT WHITE OATS. IRISH TAWNY OATS. BLACK TARTARIAN OATS. BODORGAN WHITE OATS. WELSH YELLOW OATS. SCOTCH AND WELSH BARLEY, &C., &C., &C. All Orders will be executed with promptness. March 1st, 1882. B 923 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUTCHERS. DAVID EVANS AND Co., BEE HIVE, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON, BEG to announce that they have commeaced business at the above address. Their stock includes Oxen, splendid Wethers (3 years old), and Welsh Mountain Wethers —fed at Sir George Meyrick's, Eodorgan; Pig?, Home- cured Hams and Bacon, Geese, Turkeys, &c., &c. DAVID EVAXS AND Co. invite the public to view their stock as early as possible, promising to give eyery satisfaction to purchasers. Best terms offe cd to Country Butchers, Pro- piietors of Hotels, Shop-keepers, and Private Families. B 272 SPECIALITY. SNOWDON FLAKE, NEW PROCESS FLOUR. Highly recommended for Pastry and Fine-flavoured Bread. MANUFACTURED AT THE CITY STEAM MILLS, BANGOR. THOMAS LEWIS AND Co., PROPRIETORS. Trade Mark—Summit of. Soewdon. THE following remarks of Professor Graham, ■ in his admirable series of Cantor Lectures delivered before the Society of Arts on the Chemistry of Bread-making," will show the great necj r *y of having the FINEST WHITE Sour for making FICO aad wholesome Bread:- The next point which occurs to me as a chemist, as most c'sential in any good system of milling, ia the thorough removal of the bran; not. eyen the Btualleut quantity of bran should be allowed to remain m the flour when prepared, and for the reason that I have pointed out to you, that there is a soluble albumenons ferment called cerealine. This is a very active diastasic body. An infusion of cerealine, or an infusion of ordinary bran, will give a quantity of soluble ferment, which will rapidly a-ttack ^estarch-cells, and, m the presence of water, hydrate the starch into naitose and dextrine, giving a large quantity ef dextrine. ± hiS j3 another reason why I v! °uSyEtem of milling is per- fect whether it be done by rollers or disintegrators if WI^the» two coudilioM, SISZZS'JI the germ, »nd the removal of the bran." 0ur 9"lv Process SlaowdOn is perfectly free from germ an bran. THOMAS LEWIS AND Co., BANGOR, CAR V ARVON, PWLLHELI, HOLY- HEAD, AMLWCH, &c., &c. e261 E. P. ROBERTS, GLASS, PAINT, AND VARNISH MERCHANT, CLIFFORD-STREET, OXFORD-ROAD, MANCHESTER. MR. ROBERTS begs to inform his friends in Wales that he supplies all kinds of Var- nishes, Paints, &o., at the most reasonable prices. Also, he keeps Varnishes expressly prepared for Chapels and School-rooms. Testimonials can be had upon application. e A CARD.—To ALL WHO Aim Btrrresrso ntow TNt errors and indiscretions of youth, nervonc* weakiMM, early decay, loss of manhood, &c., I will send a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF CHAJRGK. This great remedy was discovered by a rnisaionaq in Sonth America. Send a eelf-addreesed envelope to the REV. JOSEPH T, LTXAN, Station D- 2iew Torh Citu, VJSJL