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To Commission Travellers through ^orth Wales &c May have OM MISSION for ALMANACKS &c., 1884. First-class reference required.—"i.Ksard Co.. Nottinrbsm. I w dWINU MACJbU-N hi, entirely I W new. suitable for tailors and ethers, to be I Bold hi &. grwrt reduction from cost price—Apply to "Cymro," £ zpre** Office, Carnarvon D- TO SHOPK-Ei'jiilS & TEA DEALEBS. —AGISTS WaNTED, for Loose or Fa kef, Teat. Special terms to good men.-Write to G. (101) and Sou, 8, Chiswell-street. London, E.C. t>1192—-411 THE EXPRESS AND GENEDL IN -iL AMERICA.—The proprietors of the North 7 Walts Express and the Gint&i Gymreig have appointed Mr H. P. Hubbard, proprietor of the International Newspaper Agency, New Haven, State of Connecter, M tt»-ir sole agcrjt in America to receive advert,.8<- tnems for insertion ic their papers. E LIV3SRPOOL COMMERCIAL INVEST- MENT COMPAJA", LIMITED.—LOANS of from £ 10 to £ 1000 promptly granted, and the interest charted unusually moderate- Personal or other seem tiy. Share Certificates, Doeis Bonds, Life Policies, &A..l'iy to K. Roberts- City-road, Chester; or to James Smith, Secretary, 11, Seymour-street, Liverpool. B 1151-403 £ •> WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY and HONESTLY REALIZED ly persons of EITHER SEX, without hindrance to present occupa- tion.-For particulars. &c., enclose a- dreaaed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants, Birmingham.—This is genuine. E 416 BE SOLD, a larae Leasehold House and X Shop, close to the Railway Station, in Car narvon. Lease, 80 years. Excellent situation for business or lodging-house. Part of the purchase money may be left to be paid by instalments over a long period.-applv to Mr Griffith Joues, Enamel Slate Works, P n'rallt. Carnarvon. E TWELVE caafiu* -ieVISITK, 2s 8d; six, JL is H (.arte dorged to 10 inches, 58 Cabir,et. 2s. Sent Cf-rte with stamps. Perfect copies and cngmal returned free. London Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lcn- don. W.—V. S- D. PHILLIPS, Manager. TffKRVOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY —i. gentleman, having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple mean.- of tseii-cuit,. He will be happy to forwar i the particulars to any sufierer on receipt of u stamped and directed clivelcIpe.-i-, ddress, Mr J. T. Sewell Brook Villa Hammersmith London. tIIG2 THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR ORANGES, IjEMONb, APPLES, GRAPES. NUTS, DILTFS, AND ALL KINDS OF FRUITS AND VEGET- ABLES. Wholesale only. Detailed price lint, post free, on apf lication.—W. RGEERTSON AND Co., 1, Broad- street Buildings, Liverpool-street, London. b 1647 4TH BATTALION ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. THIS Battalion will assemble for Preliminary Drill and Training at Carnarvon m the following dates: -Recruitq, on Monday, the 12th Ita,ccl the Battalion, on Monday, the 7th May. B 16)1-.588 £ 10 B20 £50 P,100 2500 OPTIONS on Stock Exchange Securities One Uniform j-'rice. Acknowledged the best and fcfife&t plan ever devised for making large profits from small m'estm. nts with threat rapidity. JSc/j', '? ■ifito.,{b>o i (sq¡;,d »iiit:,9i) SENT FREE. Address George Ev ms and Co., Sworn Brokers, Gresham House, Old Broad-street, Lcndon. E556 AtiNAitVON PERMANENT JBisiWEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. £ 2,000 now ready to be advanced on Freehold or Leasehold Property in Carra-rvon or the neighbour- hood. Principal and interest at y per csnt. to bo re- paid by monthly instalments.—Apply to the Secretary, Mr John Rees, 24, Wellington-terrace, Carnarvon. E 457 alt Bell's Patent Lite Pills ana Ointment. IT is calculated that i t every reader of this Paper kept a b x and Pot of the above ready at baud they would save on an average X4 each in Doctor's Bills every year. Or all Chemists, Is I5 I and 2s 9d, or Post Free fcr 15 and 36 Stamps from W. BELL & CO Reading, Berks. B MONEY. AAA — Having this amount owiu,vvv« placed at disposal by gentlemen for investment, immediate ADVANCES will be n.: de to responsible parties without delay, upon security of Stock in-trade, Household Furniture, &c., without removiil. ht a very low rate of interest. The strct?st confid-rce find secrecy to all proposals may be relied upon.—Apply Messrs J. D. Edwards and Co., Public Accountan t's, 87, Mostyn-street, Llandudno. B 1500-536 MI. J i). E 1) W A it it ACCOUNTANT, Fi Ajiciit, Ö6, MOSTYN-STREET, LLANDUDNO. B 520-1440 MANITOBA AND THE CANADIAN NORTH WEST, through which runs ThE CANADIAN PACIFIC UAILWAV ^araaing and ng Lands for Sale on I asy Terms to Actual Settler". It you desire to receive, "ree of charge, the lhil- Vray (jonapa-Y,, New Regulations for the Sale of Land', ill the C"nadian N",)rth-West and also the atest H(upS) Pamphlets, &c., containing the latest iiucrj,ation about the country, address— n ALEXANDER BEGG, Canadian Pacific Railway Offices, 101, Cannon- street, London. k 5G2—156 DK. O. W. JONES, D.D. (AM.), UD.S., F.P.S.G. DENTAL SUR 2EON, MAEKET-PLACE,BANGOR "OEQTJIRES a Well educa.ted Youth as an _LV A Pi lvENTICE He will have a good opportu- nity to learn High-class Dentistry. O. W. Jones is at Llangefni on Thursday in Lie-?. wigan-rcad on the way to the Cosnty Court. PHILLIPS & SON,S DANDELION COFFEE, FOR LIVER AND INDIGESTION, Contains Three Times fcHe Strengra of Ordinary Ootfee. BOLD GUCCIRS EVERYWHERE 51—4fi KAY'õ COMPOUND.- kstbina and Bronchitise rsa diately mmerelioved byit. Sold by ail Chemists. A CARD.—To ALL WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM THE errors and indiscretion of youth, nervous weakness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c., I wSl ild a recipe that will cure you, TREE OF CHARGE. This groat remedy was discoveii d by a missionary in South America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the REV. JJOSEPH T. IXMAN, Station D, Neiv York, City, U.S.A. CUMBERLAND I CURED I HAM S, I CUMBERLAND I CURED BACON, PRIME A 31 r: R I C A iV CHEESE. l -.Ll6 _l' REDUCTION IN PRICES THIS WEEK AT THE T POOL-STREfcT MARKET; CARNARVON, I BEACH MiiUiST SCHOOL, CRICCIETH CONDI" CTED ify MISSES WILLIAM- AND TEMPLE. Prospectuses free on application k, above address Duties rernmed (D.V.), January 23, 1883. ONE BOX OF CLAKKE'S B41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary organs, in either sex (acquired or coid stitutional). Gravel and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury Sold in boxes, 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world; or sent to any address for sixty stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN axd MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln: Wholesale Agents, BARCLAY & SONS. London and all the Wholesale Houses. ~j\,TACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS .1.\ are the best.Pttblic Opinion. They come as a boon and a blessing- to men." The Pickwick, the Owl and the Vaverley Pen" Standard says, TLcy are a treasure." Cd. and Is. per Box. Sold throughout the World. Also THE HINDOO PENS, Nos. 1, 2 & 3. Specimen boxes, containing all the kinds, by post Is. id, Pate. ire? ofJr'rns cvd Pc'>iho!der*y 3Tacnivev and Cameront 23 to 33, B!riir Street, Elli] (Estd. 1770.) Su 1- /-c. -<; -'=> ""<d': "-== Ølil, '¡. p- /tr¡iê-7'"r' ,P"'1 l..i, o. LIVERPOOL TO FEW YORK &u BOSTOK- EVERY V/EDNESBAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been estsablished foi Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for- all classes of Passengers. Apply to the CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANY, Limited, Liverpool, to their AGENT,—WM. J. WILLIAMS, Market-street, Carnarvon, ———-——————.———————————————————.—— ^•KBRIOAN LINE oNITED STATES 01 A II. STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. HVKIIY WKDKESDAV AND ALTSHNATJi 8ATURD4T- f'jrbt-clfiS1 Lill-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passenger? equal to arj ciurcpeSii Lint. Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia iv, tne Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THB SHOKTBSX A BEST ROUTis TO THB WEST. Apply to RICHAiiDSON, SPENCE & CO., 17 ii 13, Vf street, Liverpool. LOCAL AGENTS.—W. J. Williams, secretary the North Wales Quarry men's Union, 7, Ilarket- street, Carnarvon; John Fouikes, 24, High-street. R. î-J. Ecborts, Rock Cottage, Creigiau \OVJr. Talvsam- n 9.27-77—A MR}:THEt ITHE-LIF.E'! I KORtlKsEAMEP P d I i T IF CREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER Has the Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World. OVERWHELMING TESTIMONY ACCOMPANIES EVERY BOTTLE, PROVING THIS TO BE THE GREATEST MEDICINE EVER DISMYESED. For cleansing and clearing the Mood fiom a ■-> it cannot he too highly remiBmendea. Diseases. For Scrofula,Scurvy, Skin an(^lood-U » and Sores of all Kinds, it is a never-failmD ana im- manent cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the InCCk. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the Neck. I Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. Cures Blaukheads, or Pimples on the Face. I Cures Scurvy Sores. Cures Caiicerons Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure matter, From whatever cause arising. As this mixture i" pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anythh injurious to the most delicate con. stitutior of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to givo it a trial to test its value. D.DTe THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL.PARTS. Sold in Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, containing.six times the quantity, lis. each—sufiicicnt to effcrta per- manent cure in the great majority otlong^tawli^ cases, BY ♦ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICI>. £ VENDORS throughout the world, or sent for ^0 or id- stamps by the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN A>D MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln. (Trade Mark-" Blood Mixture.") VALUABLE DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIR.—If your hair 13 turning grev or white, or falling off, use The Mexican Hair Renewer." for it ivill positively restore in every case Grey or White haii, to its original colour, without leaving the disagreeable smell of most "Hef-rorers." It makes the hair charmingly beauh.iu, as well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald spots, ",here the glands are not decayed. Ask your -,i Chemist for "Tim; MEXICAN HATIT sold by Chemists nud Perfumers everywhere at H". be., per Bottle. V>'i,o'u.s;i!e depot removed to i^inngdon Road, Loudon. THE GBAMHA1! SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQLAEE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAYIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a JL graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examination. are carefully aDd suc- cessfully nrepaiwl for professional or commercial life. English, in its several bntoche3 of Grammar. Compo- sition, History, and Literature, is mede a special snhjsct of study. The senior classes are presented at the Pupils' Examinations of the Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer and Christmas. The Qnarter-dajs for this Falt-year rre JViii:ary''2ord end Arrii'.SOth. E 73d- THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. TRADE N O-RL MARK. CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple Remedy for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which ice are subject, being a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that it is with justice calkd the "Natural Strengthener of the Human Stomach." "NORTON'S PILLS" act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation, safe under any circumstances, and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use, as they have been a never-failing Family Friend for upwards of 50 years. Sold in Bottles at Is. ld., 2s. 9d., and lis. each, by all Medicine Vendors throughout-the World. CAUTION. Ash for NORTON S PILLS," and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation. BRYANT & MAT'S I MATCHES THE BEST & PURHST ANTISEPTIC IN THE WORLD" fan PMSW/m FOOD, PUR, -VINO WATER, COOKING VEGETABLES, BLEACHING LINEN and L '■'FFCTSfjn CLGT'l'NG. It is a Household Treasure, Toilet Delicacy, Greenhouse requisite, and uc<iyrt!)iK f'r iises. Sold in Id., 3d. and 6d. Packetr. everywhere. PATEMT CALIFORNIAN If cuv difficult' occurs, send 2 stamps to the Works, BPU&k Jk M FATEHTB03AX COMPANY. BIEMISTGKAM, i-;# | | Lj £ V and ijcv. wiH tcceiue id. nac/.ct, with directions, uses, p recipes, list of preparations, and papers detailing its | H. St m m m. discovery and importance. r- j Each GEI7ITIWE PACKET carries 6- the PATENT TRADE MARK, WMKI FSAUD.! BO^AX CRYSTAL, thus— ITH E LARGEST MAN OFACTURERS I N THE WORLD Trade^ Mark <«& I Colman'SY \fiY 1'h.i. ¡;;¡" Li. II. ,¡ It #1' A :f;, k'J'l j I' t; A Mustard I t6 'j{J.i- MANUFACTURERS BY TO ) SPECIAL WARRANT rWEQU EEN A LWAR I TH ¿. li- I ASK FOR GENUINEOR DOUBLE SUPERFINE" A-Wo limps amlel-TATIi ■w3r xji I'RITELV VEGKTAHLE. IVitectly HarmlesS, -ill 1-ttiuce fl.(,1 o e the z st its ,,t' 'id 1,y otanic Medicine Co X* <6^ ionLi-,ii, W.C. — — — A NO TJ"7DUE?!E 00 NOT'HUY mzr0Æ£!trt,- Sixpence spent in them saves 10s. "The CLEAN Black Lead.Vtde Press, JAMES' COLD MEDAL Successive awards for Er- I |( 1 lm#l H cellenceof Quality aadCleanli- 1WI Dess in UK. ■ A m ,8rilliant iSSSSiu BLACK LEAD Economloa/ II BEWARE of WortUeBB Imitations SYMINGTON'S WORLD WIDE A O A REPUTATION DANDELION, FRENCH and PATENT COFFEES W. SYMINGTON & Co., ) Established Bowden Steam Mills, ( „ ouer MAEKET HARBOROUGH. year* 0 R K S -:L" F. L 1 -3 H t The most d( iicious Sauce in the World. YORICSHE^S REUSH m Enriches Hot Joints, Stews, Chops, Pish. &e. With Soup it is channinz. Blends admirably with all Gravies. Makes Cold Meat a Luxury. Makes the plainest Viands palatable. The daintiest dishes more delicious. A great addition to Cheese. Every dish is improved bv its addition. Epicures pronounce it the Best Sauce. Beware of Colourable Imitations. e t Sold Everywhere in 6d., Is. & 2s. Bottles. GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS. RADLAA EXCELLENT AND FOR IFLJU PALATABLE HOUSEHOLD RECIPES Write to Gool)- I L-T,, BACICHOVSES; Co., LEEDS, Enclosing a penny stamp for postage, vlien you will be pre- sented with a valuable book of 100 pares, hound in cloth, and fullv illustrated, called ''OOOI)THIMiS, MADE. SAi.I), AND DONE FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD. ritase mention tins paper. TOWLE'S PEMMYROYAL & STEEL PILLS FOR FEMALES quicldv correct all irregularities and relieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes Is lid md 2s. !>d.. of all Chemists. Sent anvwhere for 15 or 84 Stamps, by the Maker. E. T. TOWI.E, Chcr,i-t. Nottingham. L i;v■; NEW BREAKFAST d AFTER DINNER BEVERAGE. CON ROYS MALT COFFEE Pure Coffee combined with Malt by Patent Process. Aa a breakfast beverage it I "A nourishing and health lg tnurarpassed."— I producing article of diet."— Dr. SANDERSON, M.R.C.S. | E. DA VIES, F.C.S., &C. ASSISTS DICESTION. Betail from all Grocers, Druggists, &e. Prepared only at the JULT OOFFEE WORKS. M. FLEET ST.. LIVERPO Or. MMmB,! L Si GOOD for the cure of WIND ON THE STOMACH. GOOD for the cure of INDIGESTION. GOOD for the cure of SICK HEADACHE. GOOD for the cure of HEARTBURN. GOOD for the cure of BILIOUSNESS. GOOD for the cure of LIVER COMPLAINT. GOOD for the cure of ALL COMPLAINTS arising from a disordered state of the STOMACH, BOWELS, or LIVER. Sold by all Medicine Vendors, in boxes at Is lid, 21 and 4s 6d each or free for 14, la. or 54 Stamns, from PAGE D. WOODCOCK, BIGIi STREET, LINCOLB. SINCLAIR'S ThpFamilti GROCERS & OILMEN Ihe rami; m yi IB SAVES fuel, Wash unJi- hal^ LABOUE. out the misery of [\ ff A jjie [tfagic a Steamy House. £ t\ | Eaill Cleanser J OF,SOAP atl0us' Ask -or SINCLAIR'S." A writes to The '1 I reconunead it f JY* t house '.vife it safest' material; economises the clothes require less xuu- fjy bin;? and no bailing. TAMES SIXCLAIH, Southwark, London,S.R OPEX-Aia PiSlOlLWi ON SUNDAY A1 TERNOONS, j ON THE QUAY, CARNARVON. II It is intended ID.V.)ch the Gospel on Sun. day Afternoons near to St Mary's Church ud the I Drill Shed, AT FIVE O'CLOCK. I Christian friends are invited to assist in the prcod work. E 5S5 CHEESE! CHEESE CHEESE! WHILE many of the Cheshire farmers have if given up making Cheese, owing to American competition, and, consequently, the demand for super- or Cheese ia much in excess of the supply, the Farmers of the Yale of Clwyd have been busy, and the famous Dairies of Kilfcrd, Twysog, and Lleweni have turneo out large quantities of exceptionally good quality which we can offer at very moderate prices. Weights, from 451bi to 701hs. Orders by post immediately attended t(\ JOHN ROBERTS AND CO. THE "STAR," WHOLESALE -N Lp RE, TAIL PROVISION STORES HIGH-STREET, DENBIGH. I ROBERT OWEN, (LATE LLOYD), HIGH STREET DENBIGH, GROCER PROVISION, CORN AND FLOUR DEALER. A WELL Selected assortment of Teas, at Prices ranging from Is 6d per lb to 3s. His 2s Tea will compare favourably with any sold in the district. A large Stock of Finest Vale of Clwyd Cheese always on hand at moderate prices. Orders by Post promptly attended to. BEST ENGLISH AND AMERICAN HA N. WILLIAM JOHN pARRY, GENERAL MERCHANT, MAES-Y-GROES, BANGOR, CAI? supplj the best of the following at the most .-asonable figure. Contracts for th„ supply of large quantities entered into. Orders promptly attended to. An experienced will attend any experiments required with Explosives. EXPLOS) VES. Gunpowder, Blasting Ct; i, Tonite Dynamite, SportingPowd-;r, Detonator- of all kin s, Fuses, Percussion Caps, Cartrid 00, &t, ENGINE i'ACKING of all kinds. INDIA RI, PBER.-SIieets, Washers, Ho-es, Buffers. &c. (t UTTA I -tiiCHA.—Tubing, Beltings, &c. BEST CAST STEEL.—In bars of all kinds. CRUCIBLE STEEL.—Wheels for Quarries Lead Mines, rndcollier;es. ROPES.—Hemp and Wire of ai;y length. OILS and GREASE of all kinds, tor every description of Machinery and Lamps, a", well as for Paintero FOUNDERS' DGtiT.-CbrcQal Blacking, Coal Dust TAR—Stockholm Car, Pitch, Coal Tar, Oca! Pitch. ENGINE WASTE.-White and Coloured. PAINTS, COLOURS VARNISH, and GLUES, o £ si) description « CANDLES of PIPES.—Iron, ;ë.inc, aEd Cluy. Warehouses and Magazines at Iietliesda, iBangoi, Carnarvon, Festiniog, and Doigelley OFFJCESS 3 & 4. WILLIAMS' COURT, .FCSETHKSDI, NEAR BANGOR- S 973—34S lidihas of Comfort and Joy. The Marvellous Cure for Corns and Waits, V E li, P, U C A C I N E (KEGIfcTERED). Is guaranteed to remove the most paiuiul CORN OR WART In a few dey^, without pain or inconvenience RECOMMENDKr BY PHYSICIANS AND SCEGTONS. I The following unsolicited Testimonials'havo been tyected :-Walton Liverpool, August 21, 1882. Mr Hughes, Sir,—The VEEHVCACINE reached here on Sat- urday enclcscd are stamps for postage. Kindly send half-a-dczen more bottles to the above ad- drees. I must add that the VERR-UCACINE 19 a most marvellous cure for cornand I am sure my iTieLde will fully epprecate it. Enclosed is P.O.O.-Yours truly, Ellosmere, Salop, Nov. 22, 1882. Sir,-I enclose postage stamps value Is. 3d Will you please send me per return of post another bottle of VERRUCACINE. I am very much pleased with it, aild can highly recommend it; as I believe by using it a lew more times will entirely remove my corns.—Yours respectfully, ————— Mr R. D. Hughes. A Solicitor writes:- 12ih December, 1882, Dear Sir,—Will you please send mil three bottles of your VERRVCACINE. It is the greatest bless- ing I ever came across. I want these bottles for friends.—Yours truly, ————— Mr R. D. Hughes, Medical Hall, Denbigh. Sold by all Chemists at 13id., wish ful directions and Testimonials, or by l os for 15 Stamps from the Inventor, R. D. HUGHES, OPERATIVE CHEMIST Medical Hall, DENBIGH. Wholesale of ill the London aud Live- po Patent Medicine Houses E 575 HEALTH, TONE, AND VIGOUR I iQ ,,?ë' <J .+ ¿: ¡It 'T'HIS preparation is pronounced by the JL most eminent members of the Medical Profession to be unequalled for its power in re- plenishing the vitality of the body, by its supply- ing all the essential constituents of the blooo aud nerve substance, and for developing all the powers and functions of the system to the highest degree. It re- moves pimples, blotches, purities the blood, trives new life, sound aud refreshing sleep %a I restores the con- stitution to health and cr time. Sold by most chjmists at 2s 9d,. and 22s per bottle; or sant to any audre s a nill ge paid, on receipt of price bv HILTON A Cc., iS4, High- street, Notting Hill, Loudon CAUTION.—Ask for Sir Astlcy Cooper's Vital Restorative." Do uot let the chemis: persuade you to take any other. The argument of larsrer bottles and less price is put forward. It is QUALITY ttie afflicted require—not quantity. Agents—Barclay and Sons, 95, b\v n-street, London, and all the Wh lesulo Houses. B 4.4-?I\A KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES cure Cou ghs, Asthma Bronchitis.—Mcdical, testimony states that no -other medi- cine is so effectual in" the cure of these datigorfts maladies. One Lozenge alone gives ease, one or two at bed. time ensures rest. For relieying difficulty of breathing they are in. valuable. They contain no opium nor any vioJent drug. 1 Sold by all Chemists in Tins, Is. I^d. si:d 2s. Sd. each. • WORTHY THE OF ALL. £80 PER CENT. I; TEKEST. NE W ,STEAJISJJIP. 1. The Shares for our other steamships ware taken ip so rapidly that we have contracted for another, to )e ready for sea i., Ss^'eenbei, 1883. The cost of the iteamship being £25,tW(I. 2. This steamship will be of the best construction, -he celebrated ship builders Messrs Palmer and Co., Jarrow-on-Tyne. It is of great importance to the shareholders who are the builders of a ship, because the true value of a tLip, like that o." a bouse, ctepends apon it, constuctioa. The name ol this steamship will e Anne Thomas, 3. We can promise with the greatest confidence that shis steamship w 11 pay about .£:!O per cent., perhaps nore. Whilst sailing vessels to a great degree are oat )f date, uEd pay little or scarcely any interest, steam- ships pay better than ever. Even when trade was very lull, the steamships of Cardiff were paying, as a rule, ibout X20 per cent. per annum. We paid our Ehare- holders the last-ha.f j ear, ending December, 1882, 3t She rate of X24 10s per cent. 4. The books are open at the office at all times for ihe inspectiOR of shareholders, and the Policy of Insu- rance may alwajs be seen, to prove that there can be no loss through a shipwreck. 5. The shares will be .£;100 each, and to be paid as follows £ s. d. 10 0 on application for share. 41 0 0 September 1st, 1883. 12 10 0 in another six months 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do. Thus tie share will be paid up in tvro ycarj. Bat the huereat will be paid on the whole from the com- mencement, viz.,September, 1883. Thus making it convenient for all who have little mcney to invest. 6. It is urdrrstoad that we do not charge any coai- mission.for the bmldingjof the vessel,which is the usual custom. The vessel will cost the shareholders the same amount as wc. are obliged to pay the builders, viz., JE2i»,GOO. TLÍs will be an immense advantage to the shareholders to commence. The payment to us a,ter this will be £ 2 It's per cent- upon nil the piofits of the brokerage, & going to the shareholders. We espec- ially wish to draw the attention of the shareholders to these conditions, and compare them with theconditions of other firms. 7. Tae interest will be divided after every voyage, SO that the shareholders vn.i knew from month to month what tne profits or tile vessel are. S. The vessel wiii b" on the principle of the Limited Liability Company, .ù we shall be thu principal sharoaolders in it. FURTHER ADVANTAGES. 1. Every information will be found in the prospectus, cr by writing t;, us, such a-j the names of the baildars, coat d the vessel, the construction of the ve sel, &c., &e., which us-ai.ll' is not fo^d in prospectuses. We are desirous tor ail to know the waole particulars. 2. Another greas advantage is tua: the payment for management ii so IJW, whilst we charge no commission on the baildiiig of the vessel. AU who are conversant with the^e things know that this, i3 an imincase ad- vantage, 3. No one need fear losing their money, bscacse the ship will be insured to its full value, in case of ship- wreck, all aeclCl :nts, and also any neglect on the part of the captain.' Sometimes these ara iieglectid, bnt for the sake of strong i-.ecurity to the suareholiers, the policy will always be shown in the offi;e, 4. Weare fully cr-nversant with shipping affairs,and know all the principal portk and many of the principal traders in England and on the Continent have taken shares in our vessels, Li-d Ü.üly for shares in tha Ainu litul,t(ts. 0. All are welcome to make inquiries as to our character m Cardiff, or at the National Provincial Bank of England, Cardiff, Brigead, uud Dolgelley. (i. Aiij one desiring for one or more shares, should write tf us as below. Write w;¡;, tor shares. EVAY THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO., BUTE CHAMBERS, CADDIPF.. A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. I knúIV Capt Evan Thomas and Mr Radcliffe well, and I have eve, y confidence in their ability and honesty. They are not p^le to promise what they cannot per- form. 'dany of my frituds are shareholders With them alrtady. (Sigiacd), J. CIND LAN JONES, 2, RicLmond-Crecant, Cardiff. JgRiiX E HOUSE SCHOUL, CHESTER PRINCIPAL J. MATHER, B.A., Trieity College, Dablin. (Classical Honors. The ..d wiatages offered at this school aru liberal diet, modtraie terras, successful preparation for csaaunarion, particular attention to backward beys. Duties resumed Wednesday, July 2Gth. eraii oa application. 47 TOWYN TILE WORKS & PIPE WORKS FOBYD, near ABERGELE. LAND D±>.AIDING PIPES from l inches to 6 inches always in stock, wh ch are made of the best selected Clay, free from Lime-tone: larger sizes made on the shortest notice. The Wcr'ss have a siding ad joining the Chester and Holyhead Railway ixar Foryd Pier, Rhyl, where sailing Vessels can be loaded. The above Works are nearer to Anglesey and C..rlJn'"D:J;'¡ile by mary miles than any other works in the district. For prices and particulars apply to the OWLEr. J. WILLIAMS, B 1371-494 Tewyn Tilery, Abergele. SAMUEL EVANS, ARVON2A BUILDING Sr BAFOOR. Corn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Cil- enke Storer. APENT FOR- Spratt's Patent Meat Fi brine Dog Cakes. The Manchester l aze Cattle Feed Company. The Gloucester specific for Foot Ret in Sheep. Tne j-ivcpcol, Cheshire, and North V* dies Patent Manure Compaay. Messrs Richardson Biotfcera and Co., Linseed Crushers ai-id Manure S2a;iafactarois, Bellust, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Sligo S. E. vjli be pleased to ..end Quotations upon application. Made of LONG STAPLE SELECTED ELASTIC WOOLS SPEAMSI'S ROYAL DEVONSHIRE SERGE in all 1 'a.-liioiiaKe C;,1i)O;'3 in X' W Fancy x-sipus flakes a av.-mtii without lie:ivy. ?.Tn- equal!«*d for I.udio' Dveaeej? and for Ya",1ItiJ1! awl Soft water will not .hurl' it. "Wr.-hos like flannel and brushes like '"loth. Special make for Children's and "ioung Rudiftt* Dresses in Navy i.hie. 7 the yard lor Ladies' wear at. ]«. and 1. the yard i'or (xcntUiiinrs wear at 4s. 21i:?. and Cts. 9<7, thf yard for I5oys* wear at *2.«. lid. and :)s. ]l<f. the y«rd. Patterns free. Any length cut. ria^e paid on all mrcH of 20.<. and upwards to) all stations in England and Waict; also to Edinburgh, Gin^row. Dublin, Bella.t, Cork. and \N';iterford.' a SPEARMAN and SPEARMAN, Plymouth. No other address or agency whatsoever. KAY'S TIC PILLS, a specific in Neuralgia, Face- nche, &?., 9^d., Is Hd,; postage Id. Of Chemists. Kay Bros., Stcckport.