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t; _T. GWILYAI EVANS, I C S„ MANUFAGTUEING CEEMIST. TAA-NEUY. SOTTTH WALKS 6TILya EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS. T_t~ „Pensively taken throughout the country by patients suffering_ from Hl> preparation H no i exhaustion, and if anv value be attached to buraaa testimony debili^v. nervousness, I'.claims have boen t-ted t.vA proved by the Ike effiacy of ibis medicine has e_ by written testimonials of eminent men. The Qahrue medical profession asd others, ■ 1 Q;- eat.^ dos°, but the active principles of the following Bitters contain not only a suitaole^twder, »nd dknde'ion root. The use of Qcinine is well well known V-rbs—sars^oinua- ™iV.-Yorr.Vm3d with these preparation?, until, after overcoming consider- known, but it has never been sau3 ♦ o_ R perfectly uniform preparation, combining; all the essential able difficulties, the proprietor .w"]; purity and concentration. It now established as a family properties of tha above plantain ,• more it is known and teste.1. Gwilym Evans's Quiniae medicine, rf mixed in hatpv proportions. Ktte, U toi. «• JHc*-s»<>, ■M"n.A0ES CLAIMED. .n ii. onniainin"' neither iron or morcnr" 2. A happy eombimiion of medicines 1. En-irely vegetable, thereto^e c g • cotj&don^e 0f the leading medical men in all districts in hitherto nof successfully dispens^ • Quinine Bitter? are superior to any other kind of Hitters pre- Which it he.' V-d a fair ana co.o an^ suffered severely, have received lasting and permanent benefit pared. 5. Patients important testimonials received clearly demonstrate their vdue. franta™. L^tly. !»«»» ,,EMCAL USES. THE GREAT "WELSH REMEDY. ,.C„C. RAT-IATTVR FITTERS contains QUININE, and also the active principles of DANDE- GWILYM FA ANS S Qbi,N Q.FRON- Without exception the best REMEDY for Depression of Spirit^ LION and GENTIAN, LAVENDER ana &AI**U- • nnl Melancholy. GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS O I(T)' V MN TIN" is Strongly recommended for nervous diseases, such a3 undue ANXIETY being a £ £ ^IA. and nerve pains generally Has been taken with great permanent results DESPONDENCY THINNN?n. L FORMS. such as sick n°a'-aehe, heartburn, cramp, flitulency, sens? for INDIGESTION in its^s and pains in the re-ion of the heart. Has successfully of fulness and oppression FVJ.D), SEVERE CMM of AFF^CTIANS of the chest, such as corn no A colds TESTIMONIALS. From the REV J. H. WILLIAMS (Brynfardd), Head-master of Dowlais Grammar School. von- Quinine Bitters to restore health and vigour after LINGERING illness and b>' ■» »a *»«•th" *«* "to— SSj Jr»V ° !oi the Ml « Mm. From J ELLIS EDWARDS, M.R.C.S., L.S A., Ac., St. Clears, Carmarthenshire, R N N VPD'BV MV patients as to the desirability of takin? your "Quinine Bitters," Having BEEN so frequency A^E J J D D JT WITH0UT exception, the MO3T pleasant and effectual I have for th= la=>t two years sivea it a lair XR. »„„» of .amitatertog that s L E. GWILYM EVA'NS'S QUININE BITTERS removes by »tr»0»themng the sytem geRcraUy. They correct the and purify fc blood, and thereby REMOTE B,. N03.T THE NAM93 0f patients in almost every DISTRICT IN Wales and N.B.— Mr (^ML7M1EVA]^ Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of West of England, ^hmaave t I<L T ARGUADED to try any other preparation, as there are The names give. here are well KN^N, and can be consulted as to the merits of this preparation at any time. o„ Aq fin- AND CASES CONTAINING THREE 4s 6d BOTTLE3 AT 12s 6d EACH; OLDIN BOTTLES, -S 9D A>a° CHE^igT3j 0E DIRECT FROM THE PROPRIETOR. NOTE.—The name Gwilym Ecany, F.C.S., M.P.S., onSUmp ani Label E



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