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".°.iiloiil F' t EPITOME OF NEWS. --+- SOMK persons have been arrested at Mataro, in the pro vince of Barcelona, who wore fo;>ni to be in possession of for;;eJ lour per Cent. Internal Boads. forgery was very clumsily done. TIlE Leeds Chamber of Commerce has re- solved to petition against the proposed bridge over the Huinber, on the ground thic it would be detrimental to hifrh-masted vessels bound for Goole. "A NOTHKU German students' duel with pistols in Fr, ii)tir; h:lS ended falal)y in FfI ibur; A medical ftucl"nt Hameù Be'gardt and a student named Weidig, of Gieseen, were the combatants. The for.i cr was killed. apatiese papers state that an Envoy from the King of Hawaii has arrived in their count, y for the purpose of making arrangements for the introduction of Japanese immigrants into the Sandwich Islands. The ,r. reason given for this is that the Hawaiian native popu- lation is fast diminishing, and that Chinese are flowing in to take their places in such numbers as to cause anxiety to the Government:. ,-LIE HoiiNKiis' COMPANY.—Mr.O.TI.Compton, of If, Great George-street, London, S.W., has been elected master; Mr. W. H. Collingridge, of The Elms, Hornsev, upper warden; and Mr. J. M. VV iikinson, of Kus-ell-roaii, Kensington, renter warden, of this com- pany. SEVERAL chancres are being made in the diplo- matic representations of Russia and Germany. In I addition to the Embassy in Berlin, only the Ministers at Stuttgart, Dresden, and Weimar will be retained. The Minister, Von Ilolt/.ke, who has been in Darms- tadt, will go to Weimar, and Barlln Mingden will go from II imburg to Dresden, while the Minister at Stutt- gart will include Munich aad Carisruhe in his responsi- bility. IT is now definitely stated that Mr. Baron Pollock and Mr. Justice Manisty will proceed with the Salisbury election petition inquiry, which will be opened at the Couneil-hou-e, Salisbury. Excessive and colour- aole employment and the distribution of coals and blankets by Mr. Kennai\I are stated to be the main charges; the allegations of direct bribery are, it is under- stood, to be withdrawn. A GALLANT RESCUE has been made at Scar- borough by the coastguardsmen under Mr. Evans, chief boatman. The smack Young Alice, through an accident to her sails, drove ashore nearly opposite the coast- guard station. The rocket apparatus was immediately got out, and the lifeboat launched, as there was a very heavy sea running, and the crew were in great peril. By the efforts of Mr. Evans and a number of volunteers, the crew of five men were landed through a heavy surf. p WHAT IS "SACRED" MUSIC? — Ihe New York judges have just decided that" sacred" concerts are not prohibited by the new Sunday penal code. If ever such a "<:o.le" were to become law in England—which the Fates forbid how interesting it would be to look on while the lawyers decided as to what was sacred music and what was secular. Fancy can imagine a similar trial to that of the late Belt case, with the difference that, instead of busts and plaster casts, the twelve intelligent jurymen would be regaled with musical performances by leading artistes.— Musical Opinion. AT the Ash Wednesday (midday) service in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, there was a good attend- ance. the prrtion of the church beneath the dome being thronged. The ceremonies lasted a little over half an hour/and consisted of a brief service, hymn, and address. The latter was given hy the Rev. Gordon Calthrop, M.A., vicar of St. Augustine s, Highbury BOTTI/E l)GPn "W3.3D6CI 3.SnorG? "Wlttl tn.6 following words written on a saloon ticket: Our ship is in great distress masts destroyed immediate help is necessary. Steamer Nederland." THE construction of a canal between the Oder and the Vistula has been undertaken by a private eompanv, and the preliminaries are already in pro- gress. The canal will connect the coal and iron districts of rpperSHesia.the rock-salt and limestone districts of Po,en, and the agricultural districts of East and West Prussia. THE EAIIL OF DEBTIY has appointed Mr. H. W. Just, of the Colonial Oilice, to be his assistant private secretary. THE TIIIRTET-ATH ANNUAL ISSUE of the City of London Directory (1883) has just been published by Messrs. W. and L. Collingridge. The work bears un- mistakable signs of careful and painstaking compilation, and must of necessity be a. valued adjunct to the count- ing-house or oiiice. Apart from the ordinary contents of a directory it contains a guide to the several Livery Companies of the City, a reference index to all the bankruptcies and liquidations for '82, a Corporation directory and a conveyance guide; whilst the volume, both well printed and bound is issued at a moderate price. A new coloured map on a large scaie crowns its list of useful attractions. THE ()dlf Pi-s states that the removal of Highga te Arciiway will be necessitated by the making of the stenp grade tramway along that thoroughfare. AT the annual meeting of members of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Arts held at Llandudno, Mr. Norbury was elected president for the current year, and Mr. Charles Potter vice-president. Mr. Bankcs \a3 re-elected honorary secretary. It was stated that the inaugural exhibition at Llandud io had been a great suc- cess, and arrangements were (lending for two exiiibitions to be held this year—in the summer at Rhyl, and in th« winter at Cardiff. A DKNTSELY-CROM"DRI> and enthusiastic meeting has been held at Sheffield in support of Mr. I'.rar'Jaugh'a rh'ht to take his eeat for Northampton. A resolution to that effect was proposed and seconded, when an amend- ment was submitted that Mr. Bradlaugh's conduct Lad been such as to entitle him to no special resolution. The seconder of the amendment declared that Mr. Bradlaugh had asserted that there was no God. Mr. Bradlaugh called him a deliberate liar, and great confusion pre- vailed. The assertion was withdrawn, and the resolution was carried. THE police at Hinckley are in search of a man who gave the name of T. G. Hntohm«n", and who is wanted on the charge of robbery. It is alleged inat the man went to tlie house of Mr. John Bedford, at New. buildings, Ilmckley, and engaged lodgings there, stating that he was a detective from Lough- borough, and that he had come after a man whom he had arrested and placed in Hinckley Lock-up. To secure the confidence of the landlord the detective pre- sented him with a couple of fowls. [Hiring the day Hutchinson asked for the lean of £ 1 10s. until Superin- tendent Chapman had the money to give him. Mr. Bed- ford advanced him the amount on an I 0 r, and subse- quently lent him a watch. Hutchinson left Hinckley by the 7.17 p.m. train, and has not since been heard of. CHURCH-STRF.P.T, Edgware-road, London, was recently the scene of a curious disturbance, owing to an organised opposition to the street preaching of Mr. Davidg-, of Paddington Hall. As soon as the meeting outside the hall commenced, several of the residents opened their windows, and from them rattled tin tea trays and frying-pans, which, together with the melodious sounds arising from springing rattles, goon attracted a large crowd, and it was not until after much persuasion on the p Irt of the: police that Mr. Davidge withdrew into the interior of the hall. PETER STEPHENSON, barber, David Williams, and Thomas Jesse have b en committed to the assizes on a charge of stealing about £ 0 from the person of John Harris, at 14, Moina-terrace, Cardiff, Stephenson's shop. It was believed that pro-ecutor, while in a helpless state of intoxication, went to be shaved. He pulled out i ba.f containing gold, which wa.) upset. A scramble eiisue-, for the sovereigns, and prosec itor, deprived of all his money, was put into a cab and driven to an address which waS afterwards found to be wrong. ARCHIUSHOP CHOKE having been written to respecting the Irish distress by Dr. Howard, of Oldham, the latter has received a reply, in which the archbishop Bays ho had begun to hope we had seen the last of Irish famines, but he was more than ever thoroughly convinced that until the Irish people got into their own hands the management of their own aft a: re, and shook off a bloated aval ruthless voke which continued to oppress, them, they need never expect to enjoy the blessings of social peace that was known to prevail amongst every other free-born people. 'i i'E annual meeting of the Liverpool Union Bank has be n held at Liverpool, when the report of the directors showed that the net profits for 1^3" were The payment of a dividend and bonus, *^ounl>»g altogether to 12}; per cent., and absorbing ^6,6 "> wasrecomme ed,with the passing of i 10,000 10 *esor' e fund. The balance to be carried to this year s a°c^unt \3 £ 9631, A FARMER IN Douglas oounty, Nebraska, to J friend, gayS 1 have had a visit from the arq^. o{ Lome. Along with him were the Princess Louise an<. Xhev came up to my house and 8tayed for three no'irs, and the Princess took a sketch of ™'V ™hole—fam, house, stabling, wire fence, and a the tree8 j ,acj planted myself about three years since. le m;,rquis .fid, princess "both shook hands with me ien they ca^ up, but did not eay who they were for to0re than anh/ur." --=-=-===-=-==: « A MEETING lias been held at Glasgow, under the auspices of the League for the defence of Constitu- tional rights, to discuss the right of constituencies tit be served in Parliament by men of their choice. There was a large attendance. A MINT. R NAMED AViLMAM PRICE has been admitted into the hospital, Wolverhampton, suffering from serious injuries received whilst employed at a colliery at Essington Wood, belonging to the Darlaston Steel and Iron Company. The unfortunate man was engaged in drilling coal in the pit, and having fired a shot the gunpowder exploded in a different direction to what he anticipated. The result was that Price was severely injured about the hands and face, and on his I arrival at the hospital it was found necessary to amputate both his hands. AT the Borough Police-court, Leicester, six • prisoners have been. tined 5s. and costs, for obstructing tbe highway in various parts of the. town with "potato machines." very large number of these machines, being constantly obstructing tbe narrow thoroughfares in the centre of the town, htve become an intolerable nuisance, and the authorities arc determined to put a stop to it. MESSRS. WATTS AND CO., a firm of drapers, have been summoned at the Police-court, Maidstone, for an infringement of the Factories and Workshops Act. Three girls were found working after four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon by Mr. Redgrave, the inspector, and the Bench ordered the defendants to pay ;<i penalty of £ 2 9s. Cd., including costs. THE Queen's Hotel, Cheltenham, a palatial structure in the Promenade, which cost £ 40,000, has been sold by the executors of the late W. S. Davis to a limited liability company for iE50,000, including the fine cellar of wines. The building contains 100 bedroom: and extensive stables patronised by the Yeomanry. Last winter, it is stated that F. Archer made a bid for the property. THE Mayor of Cardiff has received a letter from Lord Carlingford to the effect that he had great pleasur., in consenting to act as an arbitrator in eonjunc- tion with Lord Bramwel and the Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education, to settle the qnes- tien of the position of the proposed college for South Wales.. THE Forest of Dean miners, at a recent mass meeting, passed a resolution appealing to the South Wales men not to work more than eight hours a day. A resolution in favour of Mr. Bradlaugh's admission to the House of Commons was ordered to be sent to Mr. Gladstone. THE remaining probate actions and defended and undefended divorce causes in the present list will be proce(ded with until unshed, after whih a supplemental list «f causes without juries will lie taken. The supple- mental list is now ready, and can be seen at the Registry and at Room 136, Royal Courts of Justice. THE investigation into the circumstances attending the death of Sarah Wright, which took place in December last, has commenced before the magistrates at West Mailing. The Rev. J. H. Timins stands com- mitted for manslaughter by the jury at the coroner's in- quest. Mr. Trcevc Edgcombe, b^rri^t t, of the South- Ea.,tern Circuit, is retained for the defence. AnopT nine o'clock in the morning a man apparently sober, rushed up the steps of the Home Office in Parliament-street, London, and drove his hands through a large pane of glass in the door. The sentry who was on duty at the time outside the office imme- diately seized and detained him until the arrival of a constable. It was then thought expedient to convey the prisener to the Westminster Hospital, as his wrists were Severely cut. IT appears from a report of the general direc- tionwftha Crown lauds in I taly that more than 60,00» small proprietors have been expelled on account of inability to pay the taxes. Several deputies, in conse- fJuence, have prayed the Minister of Finance to bring forward the bill for thc abolition of the quote minime of the prsperty tax. AT the last meeting of the Council of the London Chamber of Commerce a memorial was adopted, and ordered to be sent to the Chancellor of the Exche- quer, praying that there may be no farther delay in IIbolishing the duties u >i n gold and silver plate. At a meeting of the East India Association a simi'ar memorial wusi adopted. At a meeting of the Goldsmiths'and Silversmiths' Free Trade Association, Mr. Edward J. WathersWn (the chairman") reported that the trade asso- cifttron? of Bombay and Madras, and the Chamber of Commerce of Calcutta, had memorialised the Indian Government with a similar object, and that the corre- spondence had been forwarded to the Indian Department in London. He further reported that the trade in Man- chester were moving in th" matter, md that a memorial was in course of preparation for signature by the gold- smiths and silveisiuiuio of that city. SHORTLY before eight o'cIoiA in the morning I the dead badr of a man wa^ found on tii, runway near the Aldershot Station of the South-Western Railway, I and, from his injuries there seemed no doubt that be had been knocked down by an engine. Anexaminationwas at once made, and resulted in blood being found on the front part of a light engine which passed over the spot where the deceased was found late on the previous night. The man was dressed in the uniform of a soldier in the Field Artillery, and, whst is ftvange, was only in stable uniferhi, as men are not allowed to leave barracks and go into the town unless in full dress. Atthespotwhere the unferiunate man was found there is a high embank- r.tent, and no thoroughfare near, so the supposition is that he went purposely there and committed suicide. AT a popular concert given by the Musical Society of Queen's College, Cambridge, in the Sturton Town Theatre, Mr. Dighy, in proposing a vo'.e of thanks to the Rev. A. Wright, r of the college, who presided, and to the performers, s.lid that he was glad to be able to say tint the slight Criction whieh had unfortu- natelv existed between the town and university showed signs of dijnppearanee, as during the evening he had received a communication from the Yice-Chancellor of the university, giving permission to Miss Alleyne's Shakespearian Company to perform in that theatre for three nights during full term. These remarks were greeted with enthusiastic cheering. Permission has also been given to St. Andrew's Hall to open for three nights. f MB. MORT-EY, the Liberal Association candi- date, has addressed a crowded meeting of Liberals in the Circus, Newcastle-on-Tvne. He said that the contest i must be regarded as an event of great importance. The Government did not need one vote or ten votes in the House of Commons, but a defeat in the election considerably affect the drift of their policy. The electors must also remember that in the election they had to give their opinion whether or not they wished Lord Salisbury to be Prime Minister of this country. Of all statesmen in England, Lord Salisbury was the most mistrusted, misdoubted, and mi-d>elievcd, and most. deserved mistrust and m if belief. At. the close of the meeting, a vote of confidence was carried almost unanimously. A large meeting of t:ie Conservative party was also held. Mr. Charles F. Hamond, who had determined to come for- ward, announced his intention to withdraw from the con- test, 'and Mr. Gain ford Bruce was selected as the Conser- vative candidate. Air. Bruce addressed a meeting, and criticised the policy of the Government, with regard to Egypt, taxation, and the closure. Sir AN illiam Armstrong has declined to contest the seat. THE Oldham Operatives' Association, in their report to their members, have entered a strong protest against the great mill extensions in that town, which they say represent OTer one million spindle^—a number unprecedented since 1875. The report says AVe have ample evidence that (hers is already too much yarn be;ng produced, and prices are being kepi down thereby, which prevents there being such a margin as would justify the committee in asking for a return of the ten per ccnt. in wages. Therefore, we are opinion that there is not one more mill required for several years to come. Bnt who is to stop the movement which is carried on by persons wdio care nothing at all about the welfare of the cotton trade, so long as they can lioat a mill on which they put on an extra price of Id. or 2d. per yard, and divide the spoil, then nominate each other for director*, and o''t-iin large commit-ions out of the various contracts. Then when the mill is built theysed out all their shares, and leave oth-r people to battle with the difficulties they have created, and if profits cannot be made they are the fir. t to cry out that the operatives ought to suffer a reduction of wages." AT the County Sessions, Carmarthen, Sarah Jones, a married woman, living at Llangerdein, was charged with an aggravated assault upon Elizabeth Bowen, a young woman of respectable appearance. Some dispute aiose between the parties in the house of a neigh- bour, and defendant kicked complainant and knocked her down. They were separated and complainant raised up, but the defi ndant again knocked her down. This was repeated three or four times, the defendant finally trying to choke the complainant. The chairman sentenced the prisoner to two mouths' hard labour. Mr. 'White, who defended, said-ths woman had just buried five children, but the Bench said they could not alter their decision. SiR SAUL Samvf.l, K.C.M.G., Agent- General for New South Wale8, has been informed by telegram of the arrival in Sydney of the ship Euterpe, which sailed from Plymouth with emigrants in October last. THE three men, Martin Scott, Henry Muller, and James CoN le. who were apprehended on the charge of having murdered two gamekeepers, nt'ar ort G asgow, have been examined before Sheriff Smith at Greenock, and committed to prison on a charge of muraer. THE (;crman Kmperor has granted the request Of the Sultan to allow a detachment of Turkish officers, annually selected for the purpose, to be attached to tae German army for the purpose of acquiring a practical knowledge of its regulations and its organisation. THE number of steamers on the Caspian en, is increasing fr. m d,ty to day. A single company which is winning pctr ni-um in the Baku region owns twelve steamers, as we!; as 100 sailing ships, and has lately added eight more steame.s, so that it will soon have at its dis- posal a fleet of twenty vessels, each nearly 230 feet long, and of a speed of nine to ten knots au hour. THE Commissioners under the Irish Land Act have, it is said, considerably reduced the rentJ on Mr. Parnell's Irish estates. THE naval pension of ;C:-)O a year for lieutenants vacant by the death of Retired ( oir.mander John D. Robinson on the. Gtii of January last, has been awaidrd to Retired Commander Edward L. Hoblvn from that date. AT the Petty Sessions, Wimborne, a man named James Watts, arrested on his own confession, was charged with setting fire to a stable, coachhouse, and premises at Kin en, Dorset, in June last. Premises were insured in the Th en.ix Company, who paid £ oo0 damages. Prisoner had stated to the police that a man named Proctor, who had a bill of sale on his furniture, offered him money to set fire, to the premises, but failed to pay. Oil and tar were, it was stated, poured on the straw, in which was placed a lighted caudle. Prisoner, who now protested his innocence, was remanded. SOME short time ago The Duke of Richmond and Gordon issued new regulations for the management of his English-estates, and very liberal concessions were made to the tenants. He announces that all these con- cessions will be granted to his Scotch tenantry. These tenants held a private meeting at Keith, when it was decided to make some recognition to his Grace for the recent liberal concessions, and a committee was formed for that purpose. THE EARLSWOOD ASYLUM.—The Board of Management of the Earlswood Asylum announce that the Right lion. G. J. Goschen, M.P., has kindly promised to preside at the forthcoming annual fe-tival to be held on March 7th. The chairman of the Festival Committee. Mr. John C. Bumsted. together with the indefatigable secretary, Mr. Wm. Tsichol.'g, are jointly anxious that the funds of the asylum may be greatly benefited by the anniversary, and consequently issue a joint appeal for pecuniary assistance. THE North Staffordshire coroner, Mr..1. Booth, has held an inquest at Burslem relating to the circum- stances attending the death of Eliza AVatIbanka, a married woman, aged 24, who recently fell down dead at the County Court. The medical evidence showed that deceased had died of heart disease, and a verdict was given accordingly. A MAN named George Bandy has met with a fatal accident at Padburv Station. Deceased had ridden from Buckingham to Padbury, a distance of only three miles, and as he was leaving the train it is supposed he fell, and the train passed over him. He expired before medical aid arrived. The unfortunate man was 46 years of age, anclleans a widow and four children. AT AOCBINGTON Alice Doubakin, a married woman with seven children, was charged with stealing various articles from the Market-ground. Prisoner stole a piece of print, and on being searched numerous other stolen articles were discovered—a hat being identified as the property of a woman at Blackburn. Prisoner was committed to prison for a month. MB. CODDINGTON, M.P., spealcing at a Con- servative stririe at Blackburn, said though the members wf the present Government before coming into powei were more lavish in promises than any previous Govern- ment, there had been less legislation in the last three years than in any like term since the passing of the firsl Reform Bill. He feared the closure would be used foi passing measures opposed to the feelings of the people, and declared the Government financial policy had been a greater failure than their Irish policy or their administra- tion of other affaire. THE JCXJCCFTIVE CorNf iL of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servant* have concluded their quarterly sitting at the chief offices of the society. City- road, London. The general secretary, Mr. F. W. Evans, stated that since the last annual Congress at Darlington there had been an accession of between 2000 and 3U00 railway men as members of the society. Amongst the resolutions passed was one asking Lord De h Warr to re-introduce the Brakes Bill -in the ensuing session. AT Stockton-on-Tees a cab which was being driven over Tecs-bridge was, by the horse taking fright, dashed against the parapet of the bridge. The horse fell through into the river, whence it swam on shore, the cab remaining on the bridge in safety. AJTOTHKB landslip uf a serious character has occurred on the grounds of the Whitby West ClilT Spa Saloon. The slip, or rather settlement, is at a point about half way down the circuitous carriage drive leading immediately to the s:doon. Many hundreds of tons of earth have giv-en away, accompanied with a portion of the road, and causing a great gap in the line of palisading. AT the County Court, Tluddersfield, the Regis- trar made an order adjudicating John and Joseph Haigh, carrying on business at Morley, Bruntcliffe, Brockholes, and Hanley, as colliery proprietors, timber merchants, and farmers, bankrupts. The liabilities are and the order was made on the petition of the bankrupts' mother, who is a creditor for over £0500. IN the Orkney Sheriff's Court, Kirkwall, Sheriff Mellis oil the bench, eight seamen, belonging to the steamer Halcyon, Captain Howell, of West Hartle- pool, were brought up charged with contravention of the fifth sub-section of Section 2 13 cf the Merchant Ship- ping Act, 1854, by refusing duty when at sea. There were four or the stowaways on board. The men pleaded guilty, but said the ship was making water, the pumps were choked, and the ilges full of coals, and they con- sidere i her nnseaworthy, nnd that for days their victuals had been stopped. The Sheriff, in passing sen- tence of fourteen days' im' ri-onment, said it was abso- lutely necessary to maintain the authority of the master of a veisel, and they could not make conditions with the captain as to performing duty. SPEAKING at a dinner of the Nottinghamshire Chamber of Agriculture and the Nottinghamshire Agri- cultural Society, Lord Gal way hoped the session would produce practical benefits for the agriculturists. There were plenty of agricultural theorist" but he had no faith in them. County hoards were one scheme of theorists, but such boards would not work more economically than those who had a large interest in the taxation of the country. He did not think the law of distress inflicted grievances on the bulk of the agriculturists. He hoped for something from the relief of tixation. A MAN named Michael Waters has been charged at Oldham with unlawfully wounding Annie Ferdinand. He and three other men went to where prosecutrix was living, and lie ask her to go out with him. Site refused, and he then struck her on the head and hit her ear off. The ear was found on the floor, and was shown in court, preserved in a bottle. The prisoner was committed for trial. A DEPUTATION from the Walsall Chainmakers' Association has waited upon Sir Ch-irles Forster, member for Walsall, to ask him to support legislation for the removal or mitigation of the evils arising from the employment of females in the various black country trades. After hearing the deputation, Sir Charles in- formed them th It they had his sympathy, and when the time came for action he should be at his post to do what he could. He also ariangedto meet tlie members who were going to London for the purpose of laving the matter t efere the Home Secretary. AT the Petty Sessions. Bromley (Kent), two young men, named Thomas Carter and Owen Carter, were charge t with stealing a quantity of snowdrops, the property of Mr. Lane, nurseryman, Cockmanig, Orping- ton. Prisoners said they took the plants to sell at Co vent-garden, London. They were each sentenced to four months hard labour.- -A German named Ptiefer, who pretended he -i:d not understand the English language, was sentenced to fourteen d iys' hard labour, at the same court, for refusing to perforin a task of work at the uniou workhouse. IT is stated that the oldest hand fire-engine in the Lnited States is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, t. was built by Brooks, of London, in 16.0^, and imported by the Moravians of lietlllelleln, the same year. In the year 1848, after 1^0 years of useful service, it was deposited in the museum af the Young Men's Missionary Society, where it still remains, and is yet in working order. The maker's original bill and the shipping papers exist to attest these facts. THE Episcopal Conference at Calcutta, under v the presidency of the bishop, has finished its sittings. The bishops who attended were ;hose of Madras, Bombay, Lahore, Rangoon, Colombo, Tinnivelly, Cochin, and Dr's. rs. Calwell and Sargent, missionary bishops. It is under stood resolutions were passed for calling attention to the future of the Church in India, upon the subject of the marriage laws, and of translations of the Bible and Praver- book.

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