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WHITE'S SWING MACHINE, entirel I new, suitable for tailors and others, to by at a great reduction from coat price.—Apply to Cymro," Express Office, Carnarvon b« TO SHOPKEEPERS & TEA DEALERS. —AGENTS WANTED, for Loose or Packet ^Teas. Special terms to good men.—Write to G. (101) '*nd Son, 8, Cbiswell-street, London, E C. B!192—411 TO BE LET.—Furnished House, or Apart- ment^ in a healthy Hiid quiet locality of the Aown of Carnarvon, fifteen minutes walk from the Railwaj Siaiku.-Afi. resn, No 1681, Genedl and -Express Offices, Carnarvon. B 595 LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL INVEST- MENT COMPANY, LIMITED.—LOANS of from jeiO to £ 1000 protni tly granted, and the interest <»larged unusually iLoderate. Personal or other Share Certificates, DOCK Bonds, Life "olicies, &c.—Apply toB Roberts, City-read, Chester; I* to James Smith, Secretary, 11, Seymour-street, Mverpeol. B 1151-403 •Po WEEKLY and UPWAi DS Say be EASILY and HU^NESILY REALIZED by persons ot EITHER ?EX, without Lis. dranee to present occupa- —For particulars. &c., enclose a. dmsed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants. Birmingham.— This is genuine. E 446 T WF-LNE Ca^'IEP- de ViWTE, 28 8d; si is v' Carte ';1' argtd to 10 inches, 5Es J-tbinet, Ser'- C. rfce with stamps. Perfect copie Amd origin a! returned free. London Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon- don, W.—p. s. P. PHILLIPS. Manager. JLJEEVOFS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY iN -A gentleman, having tried in vain every has discovered a simple means « iie will be happy to forward ti>< to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped directed envelope.—.address, Mr J. T. Sewell *ook Villa Hammersmith Londoa. *<1102 THE EXPRESS AND GENEDL IN 4- AMERICA.—The proprietors of the North "aka Express and the aemdl Gymreig have appointed 4~r H. P. Hubbard, proprietor of the International Newspaper Agt.uoj, New Haven, State of Connecticut, •8 their tole agent in America to receive advertise- tnents for insertion in their papers. B EENARVON PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ^2,000 LOW ready to be advanced on Freehold or Irfasetclt: Pi,-pti'(y in ClHlJarvon or the neighbour hoed. Principal acd interest at 5 per cent. to be re paid by montHj iif-:alm(nts.—Appl> to the Secretary Mr John Rets, 24, Wellington-terrace, Carnarvon. E457 alt THE CHEAPEST BOUSE IOR ORANGES, LEMONS, APPLES, GRAPES, NUTS, DATES, AND ALL KINDa OF FRUITS AND VEGET- TABLES. Wholesale (nly. Detailed price list, post free, on application.—W. ROBERTSON AND Co., 1, Broad- Btreet Buiidingh. Liverpool stm t. London. B 1647 BEiCB MOTSKT SCHOOL, OBICCIETH CONDUCTEP kY it HISSES WILLIAMS AND TEMPLE. ^Prospectuses free on application to above address **otieB lemmed (D.V.), January 23, 1883. MILKIN G MACHINE. u THIS celebrated self-acting Cow uilkiiig Machine supers, des the laborious and tedious process ot handmJkinp, and can be ap- plied by anjoue; milking each Cow in tb eo or five minutes.- No CowkeeDer should be without UIis ■ valuable and useful Db-iry Implement. Irnce 6s 6d each oily, delivered. The New Milking Machine Co., ,°,f Furgate, Sheffield—N. BUCHANAN, Managing Director. Tubes fer Sore cr Corded Teats, Is 6d each. B 594 £ 10 220 £ 50 jElOO J5500 OPTIONS on btock Exchange Securities One Uiiilorm rice. Acknowledged the beat ana btfttt plan ever dev;sed for making large profits from small invebtm nta with great rapidity. Jlxplanatoybook (saco<«l eiiti-en) SENT FREE. Address George Evans and Co., Sworn Brokers, Gresham House, Old Broad- street, London. E556 Bell's Patent Life Pills and Ointment IT is calculated that if every reader of this Paper kept a B x and Pot of the above ready at hand tfcey would save en an average L4 each in Dodf r e tills every year. Of all Chemists, la lid and 2s 9d, cr Pobt Free for 15 and 36 Stamps from W. BELL & CO Reading. Berks. B ONE BOX OF CL&iKi'S B41 PILLS is warranted to cure all dkcharpfs from the Urinary Organs, in citl ej|sex (acquired or constitutional),Gravel and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. *R J-1-1 ^3- 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent ■Medicine Vendors throughout the world or sent to any ^TTDREPB for sixty atmrps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DBTJG COMPANY, Lincoln: Wholesale Agents, BARCLAY & SONS. London and Ml tbe WboWaie Houses. DR. O. W. JONES, D.D.. (AM.), L.D.B., F.P.B.G. DENTAL SUR 31 ON, M Ah KET-PL ACE.BANGOR TJEQTJIBPS a Well-educated Youth as an -1_L A PI BI'NTJCE. lie wil) have a good opportu- nity to learn Hifch-ckss Dentistry. O. W. Jones is at Llangefni on Thursday in Lied WgBii-rc: d (Jõ tt" wsy to tb< Cosily Corrt. PHILLIPS & SON'S 'I DANTYELK )]S C< )F.FEE. FOR LIVER AND INDIGESTION. Contains Three Times tne Strength of Ordinary CoJfee. SOLD OROCERS ANTi cwviSIKTs. EVERYWHERE TOWLE'S POWTROYAL ASTEAPHLS Polt FEMALES quickly correct all irregularities and relioTe the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes Is. ljd. and 2s. 9(1., of all Chemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or I 94 Stamps, by the Maker, E. 1. TOWLE, Chemist. Nottingham. YORKSHIRE RELISH M The most delicious Sauce in the World. y Enriches Hot Joints, Stews, Chops, Fish, &c. With Soup it is charming. Blends admirably with all Gravies. Makes Cold Meat a Luxury. Makes the plainest Viands palatable. The daintiest dishes more delicious. & great addition to Cbeese. Every dish is improved by its addition. Epicures pronounce it the Best Sauce. Beware of Colourable Imitations. Sold Everywhere in 6d., Is. & 2s. Bottles. GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS. FOR IOO EXCELLENT^AND FOR |yy pALATABLE HOUSEHOLD RECIPES Write to GOOD ALL, BACKHOUSE!t Co., LEEDS, JKndosing a penny stamp for postage, when you will be pre- 4»~v, ^ith a valuable book of 100 padres, bound in cloth, and AXT^lli"RtraU>d' 04116,1 GOOD THINGS," MADE, SAID, AHJJ DONE FOB EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD. Please mention this paptr. I CUMBERLAND CURED I HAMS, I CUMBERLAND CURED BACON. PRIME AMERICAN CHEESE. REDUCTION IN PRICES THIS WEEK AT THE POOL-STEEKT MARKET, CARNARVON. Ti) i LIVERPOOL TO 1STE"W" YORK & BOSTOH EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established for Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Passengers. Apply to the CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANY, Limited. Liverpool, Or to heir AGENT,- WM. J. WILLIAtIS, Market-street, Carnarvon. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE..£8 8a; STEERAGE..£.1. 4s t. f '$ AMERICAN LINB UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. MVBKY WEDNESDAY AND ALTBTTNATB SATURDAY, First-class, full-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to anj European Line. Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia an the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THB gHOBTBST AND BEST ROUTB TO IHB WBST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., 17 He 19. Water-street. Liverpool. LOCAL AGENTS.—W. J. Williams, secretary the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7, Market street, Carnarvon; John Foulkes, 24, High-street CtH-uairvon R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Creigiai \-1 "'IV1". Talvsam. W A "lyTACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS —'—- are the best.Public Opinion. They come as a boon and a blessing to men." The Pickwick, the Owl and the Waverley Pen.1* Standard says, They are a treasure." 6d. and Is. per Box. Sold throughout the World. Also THE HINDOO PENTS, Nos. 1, 2 & 8. Specimc-, boxes, containintt all the kinds, by post is. Ide 1'at' i-ifes of jPrtw <: ~d Mucntvrn and Cameron, 2.' to 33, Blair Street, burgh. (Estd. 1770.j LS GOOD for the cure of WIND ON THE 8T0XAC^ GOOD for the core of INDIGESTION. GOOD for the cure of SIa: HEADACHS. GOOD for the cure of HEARTBURN. GOOD for the cure of BILIOUSNESS. GOOD for the cure of LIVER COMPLAINT. GOOD for the cure of ALL COMPLAINTS arising from a disordered state of th, STOMACH, BOWELS, or LIVEB. Sold by oU Ifadicine Vendors, in boxes at la ljd, it and 4a <d each: or frev for 14,83, or 54 Stainpa, from PAGE D. WOODCOCK, BIGll STBBST, LINCOLN, SYMINGTON'S WORLD WIDE ADA PC REPUTATION AnADO DANDELION, FRENCH and PATENT COFFEES W. SYMINGTON & CO., ) Established SYMINGTON & Co., ) Established Boiuden Steam Mills, t y?^0wer MAP.TfP.T HABBOBOUGH. fifty year* !UFDR-TRID, BLOOD tt< IBM" KORt-D-PAMED THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER' AND RESTORER Has the Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World. OVERWHELMING TESTIMONY ACCOMPANIES EVEHY BOTTLE, PROVING THIS TO BE THE GREATEST MEDICINE EVER DISCOVERED. For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impurities, it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin and Blood Diseases, and Sores of ill kinds, it is a never-failing and per- manent cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. Cures Scurvy Sores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure matter, From whatever cause arising. Aa this mixture if pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate con- stitution of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Sold in Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each—sufficient to effect a per- manent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases, BY 0ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the world, or sent for 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietors, THE LINCOLH AND MIDLAWD COUNTIES DBUO COMPANY, Lincoln. (Trade Mark—"Blood Mixture.") I PUBLIC HEALTH ACT. I I REGISTER OF OWNERS FOR THE DISTRICT OF DWYGYFYLCHI. I NOTICE OF TIME FOR MAKING CLAIMS AND OBJECTIONS. I I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that all Persons who are entitled to Vote as Owners or Proxies at the Election of Members of the Local Board for the District of DWYGYFrLCHI, and who aie not on the Register of owners and Proxies now in force, or who being on the Register do not retain the qualification or the address described therei; and who are desirous to have their Names inserted in the Reg ster about to be made for the said District, and all Persons who are desirous of objecting to any Name on the Register now in force, are hereby required to give or send to me, on some one of the first Six days of March next, a claim or objection, (as the case may be) in the form hereunder set forth. (Signed) HENRY KNEESHAW. Dated this 14th day of February, 1883. chairman of the Local Board. OWNER'S CLAIM. To the Chairman of the Local Boarclfor the District of Dwygyfylchi, this day of 1883. I, the undersigned, claim to have my name inserted in the Register of Owners and Proxies for the District of Dwygyfylchi, pursuant to the provisions of the Public Health Act, 1875, as Owner of the Property hereinafter described, which is situate in the Parish of Dwvgyfylchi, that is to say (a) I also state that the interest or estate which I have in such Property and the amount of all the rent-SJiVice which I receive or paf in respect thereof, and the Names of the Persons from whom I re- ceive or to whom I pay such rent-service are set forth in the form hereunder written. inrTMiMii iH'in' T ZI iiiiiarrnMimiirTTTmrTriTT'Tlll IMiliWI I' InWI «■■■■ ■■ ht Miii»ai ■nnniiin ■■a— Description of Property (b). 1 In respect of which I have an estate or interest (c). 1- j X s. i. And in respect of which I receive in rent service the sum of (d). £ a. d. From (e). And in respect of I which I pay in rent- service the sum of (f). X a. d. mmm.L To (g). (a) Here insert a clear statement of tha p''oparty, as house," bailiing," house and acres of land." (b) Describe the property by its name, situation, or the name of the occupier, or any other designation by which it may be identified. c (c) Describe the estate or interest, as an estate in fee aimpla, of freehold, a term of years, and also whether it is held by the claimant solely, or jointly with others, and in the case of a partner claiming, insert the number and names of the other partners in the firm. (d) If the property is let by the owner, insert the amount of rent received from each tenant. (c) Insert Name ot tenant or tenants. (/) If the owner is a lessee paying rent, insert the amount of all the rent he pays. (</) Insert the name of the lessor. (h) This need not be *he owner's residence, but should be some address within the district. "A partner roust set out the amoant of rent service which he would receive or pay if the qualifying property were equally divided among the his co-partners and himseif. Signature of Claimant. Address Ji) of Claimant. CLAIM OF PROXY. To the Chairman of the Local Board for the District of Dwygyfylchi this day of 1883. I, the undersigned, having been appointed by of owner [or owners] of the Property hereinatter described, which is situated in the Parish of to vote as his [or their] Proxy pursuant to tne provisions of the Public Health Act, 1875, claim to have my Name in-, serteci in the Register of Owners and Proxies for the D strict of Dwyg/fyichi as such Proxy. I herewith transmit to you (a) the writing under the hand [or hands, or in the case of a corporation the seal] of appointing me such proxy. I also state the interest or estate wkich has [or have] in such property and the amount of the rent-service whici he [or they] recoives or pays [or pay] in respect thereof and the names of the r-ersons from whom he [or they] receives [or receive] or to whom he [or they] pays [or pay] such rent. service are set forth in the form hereunder written. Description of Property (b). I .-£.' In respect of which the appointor has an estate or interest of (c) WMriinminini r taagaam And in respectof which the appointor receives in rent service the sum of (d) £ a. d. I From (e). And in respect of which the appointor pays in c ent service the sum of (f £ s. d. To (g). I (a) If the appointment itself is not sent, insert the words an attested copy of. (b) Describe the property by its name, situation, or the nome of the occupier, or any other designation by which it may be identified. (c) Describe the estate or interest, as an estate in fte simple, of freehold, a term of years, and whether it is held by the appointor solely or jointly with others. (d) If the property is let by the appointor, insert the amonnt of rent received from each tenant. (c) Insert name of terant or tenants. (/) If the appointor is a lessee paying rent, insert the amount of all the rent he pays. (ffl Insert the name of the lessor. (h) This need not be the proxy a residence, but should be some address within the district. Signature of Pr xy. t ..Add es t (A) of Proxy. FORM OF OBJECTION. To the Chairman of the Local Board of the District of Dwygyfylchi, this day of 1883. I hereby give you Notice that I object to the Name of the Person mentioned and described below being retained on the Register of Owners and Proxies for the District of Dwygyfylchi. Christian and Surname of the Owner or Proxy objected to. Address, as described. Nature of Qualification, as described. Description (in case of Proxy) of Appointer. Signature of Objector. E608 Address of Objector. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQUARE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEAR3. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a -L graduated course of instruction, frequently tested bv examinations, they are earefully and suc- cessfully prepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its several branches of Grammar, Compo- sition, History, and Literature, is made a special subject of study. The senior classes are presented at the Pupils' Examinations of the Royal College of Preceptors even I Midsummer and Christmas. The Quarter-day a for this Half-year are January 23rd and April 30ih. E 73d THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS IN THE WORLD 3 Trade Mark £ [% 4j Bull's Head- Colmanss A Mustard MANUFACTURERS BY TO SPECIALWARRANTltPEQUEEN tl ASK FOR GENUINEOR DOUBLE SUPERFINE" r-I THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. TRADE |G3L§^ MARK. CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple Remedy for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we are subject, being a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that it is with justice called the (C Natural Strengthener of the Human Stomach." NORTON'S PILLS" act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation, safe under any circumstances, and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use, as they have been a never-failing Family Friendfor upwards of 50 years. Sold in Bottles at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and lis. each, by øll Medicine Vendors throughout the World. CAUTION. Ash for "NORTON'S PILLS," and do not lie perBuadsd to purchase an imitation. QPENING of PARLIAMENT. QPKNING of PARLIAMENT. QPENING of PARLIAMENT. QPENING of PARLIAMENT. WITH TO-DAY'S ISSUE of THE PICTORIAL. WORLD. A SERIES of p ULITICAL COLOURED PORTRAITS It) COMMENCED, the subject being S-i Ik STAFFORD JSORTHCOTK, o Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons and M.P. for North Devon. The intention is to alternate a liberal and Con- servative Member each week, and to accom- pany each Portrait with a page of Ulustra. tions, with letterpres. descriptive of the Con- stituency to which the Member belongs. Where it is possible, Views of their Country Seats will be given. Subjoined a List of Portraits is shown. As an enormous Sale is expe cted for this Series, and as there will be no reprints, intending Subscribers should order at once. THE PORTRAIT OF RFHE RIGHT HJN. W. E. tiLAoSTONE, X published Oct. 21, 1882, forms No. I of the Political Series; some few Copies of this Iasce can still be had, post free, 6^d. rf )zLE following is the ORDER in which the JJOLITICAL COLOURED PORTRAITS W ILL APPEAR in nPHE PICTORIAL WORLD. THE PICTORIAL WOkiLD. THE PICTORIAL WORLD] HE PICTORIAL WORLD. UIJ* SLAFIFOKD JNORTMCOTE, Bart.— Feb. 17. EARL OF GRANVILLE—Feb. 24. jy^ARQUlb OF SALISBURY—March. 3. ly^ARQUIS OF HARTLNUTON—March 10. DwKE OF iilCHMOND— March 17. E A.JRL SPENCER—March. 24. OKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND — March 31 EARL OF DERB Y—April 7. CiR RlSHAKD CROSS—April 14. J^ITT WILLI AM HARCOURT—APIII 21. E Ak.L VJAIRNB—April 28. L uRD -a ORTHRROOE:—May~ | ^O.uD JOHN MAN^E^O—May 12. J^ARL SELBORNE—May 19. RIGHT HON. W. H. SMITH-May 26. IR, lGuT HON. HUGH CHILDERi—June2. SIR MICHAEL HICKS BEACH, Bart.— June 9. EARL OF KIMBERLEY-June 16. "yiSCOUNT BAN DON—June 23. SUe. CHARLES JJILKE, Bart.—June 30. | URU ORANBKUOK—July 7. RIGHT HON. J. CHAMTTERLAIN—Julyl4 COLONEL liON. F. STANLEX—July 21. It luliT HON. J. G. GODSON—July 28. < ORD GHOLGE HAi^LlLTuN—August 4. "J ORD CARLINGFVJKD—August 11. *»* This List is given Provisionally. THE PICTORIAL WORLD. 1 THE PIOTORIAL WORLD. ^HE PICTURIAL WORLD. THE PICTORiAL WORLD. OFFICES 149, STRAND, London, W\C] B 606 HEALTH, TONE, AND VIGOUR 0 ltllll 'I'll, I! 1!1 I i "I6, N I 6 11 THIS preparation is pronounced by the ir.ost eminent members of tv TJ- Profession to be unequalled for i+n MeUca! plenishing the vitality of the bodv in Fe" ing all tbe essential constituents nf v, snpply: nerve substance, and for deveWno all 4V aad functions of the system te the V.i<rlL 1 1 P°wers ai>d moves pimples bitcles," r*" life, sound and refresHine SW,. i new stitution to health and viwn. • restores the con- by most chemists at 2S 9d Sold bottle; or sent to anv Us and 22s per receipt of price bv HITTV^M I"88, *arria' e paid, on High" Restorative. Do^oVjpt CooPjr's Vital take any other tH i. be ch.etDia ,persnade Jon to ess price is %S af^ Houses n-Ftrt"« lei-den, and all the Wh lee.-Jf S 44— I MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. PRITCHARD begs to give « I?" ilce> consequence of the oat break oi the Foot and Mouth Disease, his sales of Fat Stock, announced to be held at Menai Bridge on Monday, AEEVOSTPONBD. 0,1 MMDV' MA"H 19TB- Bodhyfiyd, Bangor, February 20, 1883. B 17C1 I THE FURNITURE MART, BANGOR. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING, AND OTHERS. TiLTR JOHN PRITCHARD begs to announce hia next Sale at the Mai t wi.l take place °? lo w 1 FEaRUAHY27th, 1883, commencing at Iz.oO noon prompt, and will include several consigflments of valuable ANTIQUE AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, com- prising Handsome Walnut Drawing. room feuites in Green Repp( Walnut and Mahogany, Loo ana Occasional Tables, Powerful-tone Cottage Pianoforte, in Walnut Case, by Erard; Wal. ut Whhtnots, Mahogany Telescope Frame Dining Tables, Sets of Mahogany Single and Easy Chairs, in Hair and American Cloth, Side- Djards, Cheffoni.iB, Bookcases, Bureaus, Secretaire, Three Ai.fque Welsh Cabinets ( wpwrdd Tridarn), about ihirty Antique Chairs, Two (-a vod Oak Chests, Antique Clocks with Brass Dia.s, a capital Harmonium, in Ash C ase, b ■ L a of Vv< rpool; valuable 0 1 Paintings and Oleogr ph, Window Poles, Fenders and Fire Sets, Carpets, Wood a « Ir n Bedsteads, with Palli sses; Wire Wove Spring, H-ir, and Wool Mattresses; exce lent Fea iier Beds Stretchers, Cots. Japanned Bedroom fcuite, handsome Mahoga .y Toi et la Dies j with Glass ttached, and Marble Slab; Birch end Paiuted Toi et Tables, Wardrobe, anoga^y. Ok, and Parted Chest oi Drawers; i01!6! xxrIttWerl3' Pedestals, Night Commodes, ioilet Ware, Toilet (jlafcse3, Cane-sealed Chairs, >i?TJiUfe'o nen Cupboard, Kitchen Dressers, witu Flat_bhely. s u capital new Coffee Mill, Corn Oruehe Drulli a:.d two BrdBS Horns (by order of the tiheriff), Lathe, Stained Cases, with Glaaed SWing Loors; 8 First-class Wrou-,h Ir n and Thie -resisting bafe^, a d numerous othei ec -ta, the whole of v. h:ch have been couzig d for abs lut" and unreeeivei tale. Bodhyfr. d, Bangor. 707—605 For Cure of Dawn Draughts in Chimaeys. Tge only Chimney Top you cannot blow down isf « T s-i JL HE V^ROWN." ,i been taken in the manufacture o U °7° vr° leavo':t,P^ly tree pa-jsagd for the 8 f^acmne and to proveut blow dowu, without IS £ ?TUCE WITH THE EAS^ EJACTIOA O £ THE The Crown Chimney Top is constructed of strong Galvanized Iron and being fire proof it is sure to la3t. Manufactured by JAMES GREEN. HIGH ttTREET, DENBIGH. im 310 E 330 j NAYY CONTRACTS FOR FRESH BEEP. j TE^P^8 be received until 2 o'clock on of T0p-frq»ra^L^'i^e lst Ma»chiiext, for the supply Cfl}^ (l r ^°^owing places, for Six Calvi-dar Months from the lst April next:— PEMBROKE, AND MILFORD HAVEN, j PATER. Forms of Tender,* containing conditions of Contract and all particulars, may be obtained on personal ap- plication at this Office. or by letter addressed to Director of Navy Contracts, Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W." Their Lordships do not bind tkemselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. 1 JOHN COLLETT, Director of Navy Contracts. •Applications for Forms of Ten.ier should state for what place it is intended to tender. Contract Department, Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W. 13th Februar y, 1853. B 603 |g«lgfin ■i'getARLH, Perfectly H»rmle»». ?}tiuce fr°w tvvo to five ts^ ^'P('k: a°ts °n the j £ SB^ "ie81 °™ich,prevent- Snfrt \S0IVXrsl0n 1!lt0 nTW Chemists. Send stamp lor pami)hlet. Botanic Eedicine Co., 3 Oxford-street, stamp lor pami)hlet. Botanic Eedicine Co., 3 Oxford-street, —JL London, W.C. » WOOLS SPEARMAN'S H 11 ¥ A I w?n ^ea"Eille wear. Sea wa'tr I1U IHL yi'V Washes like flanntl ^iVftes like cloth. Special mak» DEVONSHIRE he TWd for Gentlemen's we*r QCBftP w;i ;)aod,5s-,9d-tlie >tor uFL n Or and ^lld- 3'ard- %R Ea 9 ft 3M BB patterns free. Anj icRgth cut. Car- ^▼ardsto fill stations in parcels of 20*. »ud Glasgow, Duliiin, Belfatt Coil^ tnd TV i?pi-fV°ies; als0 10 Edllll,|lrKh' SPEARFZ^ SPBISUH, Plymoua Xg other a(ldieas or agency whatsoevet. D JVD TROUBLE 00 NOTHUY TO r-Ix Sixpence spent in them saves 10s. SINCLAIR'S S The Family r% QSOCERS&OILMEN Wash With- SAVES TIME, FUEL. out the misa i f Ik R LABOTHl. 'Sfwyltiid TERteSr, SEWARE °FSNAP mitations! O ^Sk for SINCLAIR'S." A lady -RTites to The Sir recommend it 1 j housewife it saves tiJ. .;¡,- material; economisesi 'i Aiil'ig the clothes require less rub- yff bing and no boiling." TAMES SINCLAIR, Southwark, London,8.R NEW BREAKFAST d AFTER DINNER BEVERAGE, CON ROYS MALT COFFEE Pun Coffee combined with Matt bu Patent Process. Aj a breakfast beverage it I "A nourishin* and heailfc sss