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GWILYM EVANS, F C.S., MANUFACTURING CHEMIST. I LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS. j THIS preparation is now extensively taken throughout the country by patients suffering frcm JL debility, nervousness, and general exhaustin, and if any value be attached to human testimony the fffiacv of this mcdicine ha? been successfully established. Ita claims have been tested and proved by the medical profession and others, and corroborated by the written testimonials of eminent men. The Qainiae cr Bitters contain not only a su table quantity of Quinine in each dose, but the active principles of the following well known herbs—sarsaparilla, saffron, gentian, lavender, and dandelion root. The use of Quinine is well known, but it has never bepn satisfactorily combined with these preparations, until, after overcoming consider- able difficuitipp, the proprietor was able to secure a perfectly aniform preparation, combining all the essential properties of the above p^nts in their greatest parity and concentration. It now established as a family medicine, ar.d is increasing in popular favour the more it is known and tested. Gwilym Evans's Qainiae Bitters is a tonic Pick-me-up," scientifically mixed in happy proportions. ADVANTAGES CLAIMED. 1. Entirely vegetable, therefore containing neither iron or marcur; 2. A happy combination of medicines hitherto not successfully dispersed. 3. Enjoys the confidence of the leading medical men in all districts in which it has had a fclir and continued trial. 4. Quinine Bitters are superior to any other kind of bitters pre- pared. 5. Patient? who have suffered long and suffered severely, have received lasting and permanent benefit from their nse. Lastly. The numerous important testimonials received clearly demonstrate their value. MEDICAL USES. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS contains QUININE, and also the active principles of DANDE- LION and GENTIAN, LAVENDER aud SAFFRON. Without exception the best Remedy for Depression of Spirits aad Melancholy. GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS being a vegetable "Pick-m'-up," is strongly recommended for nervous diseases, such as undue anxiety desp^idency, f-iinting fits, nptirahna, and nerve pains genera'iy. Has been taken with great permanent results for INDIGESTION in its DIFFERENT FORMS, such as sick h a J-ache, heartburn, cramp, flatulency, sense of fulness and oppression after eating, drowsiness, and pains in the region of the heart. Has successfully treated (after all known preparations had failed), severe cases of affections of the chest, such as common colds ronchitis asthmatic colds, shortness of breath, spitting of blood, &c. TESTIMONIALS. From the REV J. H. WILLIAMS (Brynfardd), Head-master of Dowlais Grammar School The woaderful efficacy of your Quinine Bitters" to restore health and vigour, after lingering illness and debility, has been recently aad sufficiently proved by my family, and elicits this voluntary and conscientious testimony from me for the benefit of others. From J. ELLIS EDWAEDS, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., &c., St. Clears, Carmarthenshire. Having been so frequently aal-.ed by my patients as to the desirability of taking your" Quinine Bitters," I have for the last two years given it a fair trial, and find it, without exception, the most pleasant and effectual .y Bieans of administering that remedy. THE TREATMENT IS SIMPLE. GWILYM EVANSS QUININE BITTERS removes disease by stren -thenicg th9 system geaerally. They correct the stomach and purify the blood and thereby removthe £ ■ st cause. N.B.—Mr Gwilym Evans can supply, by post, the names of patients in almost every district in Wales and West of England, whmhave tripd his Quinine Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of the benefits they haro themselves received. Be not persuaded to try any other preparation, as there are umerous imitators of all genuine and successful medicines. The names given here are well known, and can be consulted as to the merits of this preparation at any time. OLDIN BOTTLES, 2s 9D AND 4s 6D; AND CASES CONTAINING THREE 48 6D BOTTLKS AT 12s 6D EACH; ALL CHEMISTS, OR DIRECT FROM THE PROPRIETOR. NOTE.-The name Gwilym Evans, F.C.S., M.P.S., onStamp and Label E MANITOBA AND THE CANADIAN NORTH WEST, through which runs THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Farming and Grazing Lands for Sale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers. If you desire to receive, free of charge, the Rail- way Company's New Regulations for the Sale of Lands in the Canadian North. West and also the latest Maps, Pamphlets, &c., containing the latest iuformation about the country, address- ALEXANDER BEGG, Canadian Pacific Railway Offices, 101, Cannon- street, London. B 562-156 SAMUEL EVANS, A MF ONI A BUILDINGS, BANGOR. Oorn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Oil- cake Storer. AGENT FOR— Spratt's Patent Meat "Fibrine" Dog Cakes. The Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company. The Gloucester specific for Foot Rot in Sheep. The Liverpool, Cheshire, and North dies Patent Manure Company. Messrs Richardson Brothers and Co., Linseed Crushers and Manure Manufacturers, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Sligo g. E. will be pleased to send quotations upon pplication. CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE! WHILE many of the Cheshire fanners have give", up making Cheese, owing to American competition, aid, consequently, the demand for super- or Cheese is much in excess of the supply, the Farmers of the Vale of Clwyd have been busy, and the famous Dairies of Kilford, Twysog, and Lleweni have turnec out large quantities of exceptionally good quality which we can offer at very moderate prices. Weights, from 451bs to 701bs. Orders by post immediately attended t JOHN ROBERTS AND CO. THE STAR," WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PROVISION STORES HIGH-STREET, DENBIGH. ROBERT OWEN, (LATE LLOYD), HIGH ^STREET DENBIGH, GROCER PROVISION, CORN AND FLOUR DEALER. A WELL Selected assortment of Teas, at Prices ranging from Is 6d per lb to 3s. His 2s Tea will compare favourably with any sold in the district. A large Stock of Finest Vale of Clwyd Cheese always on hand at moderate prices. Orders by Post promptly attended to. Tidings of Comfort and Joy. The Marvellous Cure for Corns and Waits, VERRUOAOINE (REGISTERED). Is guaranteed to remove the most painful CORN OR WART In a few day3, without pain or inconvenience RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SUBGBONS. The following unsolicited Testimonials have been sleeted Walton Liverpool, August 21, 1882. Mr Hughes, Sir,-The VFRRUCACINE reached here on Sat- urday; enclosed are stamps for postage. Kindly send half-a-dozen more b ttles to the above ad- dress. I must add that the VERKCCAOINE is a most marvellous cure for corns, and I am sure my friends will fully apprecate it. Enclosed is P,O.O.- Youre truly, Ellesmere, Salop, Nov. 22, 1882. gif>—I enclose postage stamps value Is. 3d Will you please seed me per return of post another bottle of VEERI-CACINE. I am very much pleased with it, and cau highly recommend it; as I believe by using it a few mere times will entirely remove my corns.-Yours respectfully, ————— Mr R. D. Hughes. A Solicitor writes12th December, 1882, Dear. Sir,—Will you please send me three bottles of your VEBRLCACINE. It is the greatest bless- ing I ever came across. I want these bottles for friends.—Yours truly, — Mr R. D. Hughes. Medical Hall, Denbigh. Sold by all Chemists at 131d., with ful directions and Testimonials, or by I." os for 15 Stamps from the Inventor, R. D. HUSHES, OPERATIVE CHEMIST Medical Hall, DENBIGH. Whol 7Ftl-, of all the London and Liverpool Patent ;¡. i':e houses. E 575 TOWYN TILE WORKS & PIPE WORKS FORYD, near ABEBGELE. LAND DRAINING PIPES from Ii inches to JLj 6 inches always in stock, which are made of the best selected Clay, free from Limestone: larger sizes made on the shortest notice. The Works have a siding adjoining the Chester and Holyhead Railway; are near Foryd Pier, Rhyl, where sailing Vessels can be loaded. The above Works are nearer to Anglesey and Carnarvonshire by many miles than any other works in the district. For prices and particulars apply to the Owner. J. WILLIAMS, B 1371-494 Tewyn Tilery, Abergele. WORTHY THE NOTICE OF ALL. X20 PER CENT. INTEREST NEW STEAMSHIP. 1. The Shares for our steamship Anne Thomas were taken up so rapidly that we have contracted for another, to be ready for sea ia December, 1883. The cost of the steamship being £ 27,600. 2. This steamship will be of thd best the celebrated ship builders Messrs Palmer and Co., Jarrow-on-Tyne. It is of great importance to the shareholders who are the buildars of a ship, because the true value of a ship, like that of a house, depends upon its constuction. The name of this steamship will be Katn Thomas. 3. We can promise with the greatest confidence that this steamship will pay about JjiO per cent., perhaps more. Whilst sailing vessels to a great degree are out of date, and pay little or scarcely any interest, steam- ships pay better than ever. Even when trade was very dull, the steamships of Cardiff were paying, as a rule, about X20 per cent. per annum. We paid our share- holders the last-half year, ending December, 1882, at the rate of £ 24,10s per cent. 4. The bosks are open at the office at all times for the inspection of shareholders, and the Policy of Insu- rance may always be seen, to prove that there can be no loss through a shipwreck. 5. The shares will be .£100 each, and to be paid as follows :— X a. d. 10 0 on application for share. 49 ft 0 December 1st, 1883. 12 10 0 in another six months. 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do. Thus the share will be paid up in two years. But the interest will be paid on the whole from the com- mencement, viz., December, 1883. Thus making it convenient for all who have little money to invest. 6. It is understood that we do not charge any com- mission for the building of the vessel,which is the usual custom. The vessel will cost the shareholders the same amount as we are obliged to pay the builders, viz., £ 27,600 This will be an immense advantage to the shareholders to commence. The payment to us after this will be X2 10s per cent. upon all the profits of the brokerage, &c. going to the shareholders We espec- ially wish to draw the attention of the shareholders to these conditions, and compare them with the conditions of other firms. 7. The interest will be divided after every voyage, so that the shareholders will know from month to month what the profits of the vessel are. 8. The vessel will be on the principle of the Limited Liability Company, and we shall be the principal sharoholdera in it. I FURTHER ADVANTAGES. 1. Every information will be found in the prospectus, or by writing to us, such as the names of the builders, cost of the vessel, the construction of the vessel, Ac., &c., which usually is not fowad in prospectuses. We are desirous for all to know the whole partieulars- 2. Another great advantage is that the payment for management is so low, whilst we charge no commission on the building of the vessel. All who are conversant with these things know that this is an immense ad- vantage, 3. No one need fear losing their money, because the ship will be insured to its full value, in case of ship- wreck, all accid nts, and also any neglect on the part of the captain. Sometimes these are neglected, but for the sake of strong security to the shareholders, the policy williil ways be shown in the office, 4 We are fully conversant with shipping affairs,and know all the. principal ports: and many of the principal traders in England and on the Continent have taken sh ires in our vessels, and send daily for shares in the Kate Thomas. 5. All are welcome to make inquiries as to our character in Cardiff, or at the National Provincial Bank of England, Cardiff, Brigend, and Dolgelley. 6. Anyone desiring for one or more shares, should write te ns as below. Write soon for shares. EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO., BUTE CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. I know Capt Evan Thomas and Mr Radcliffe well, and I have eve y confidence in their ability and honesty. They are not people to promise what they cannot per- form. Many of my friends are shareholders with them already. (Signed), J. CYNDDTLLAN JONES, 2, Richm nd-Crecant, Cardiff. I JJRIDGE HOOSE SCHOOL, CHESTER PRINCIPAL: I J. MATHER, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin. (Classical Honors. The advantages offered at this school are liberal diet, moderate terms, tueses ful preparation for examination, oarticular attention to taekwaid boys. Duties resumed Wednesday, July 26th. erms on application 47 erms on application 47 WILLIAM JOHN pARRY, GENERAL MERCHANT, MAEB-Y-ttJttOES, BANGOR, CAN Buppl) the best of the following at the most reasonable figure. Contracts for the supply of large quantities entered into. Orders promptly attended to. An experienced man will attend any experiments required with Explosives. EXVLOSl VES. — Gunpowder, Blasting Gelatine, Tonite Dynamite, Sporting Powder, Detonator? of all kin s, Fuses, Percussion Caps, Cartridges, Ac. ENGINE 'ACKING of all kinds. INDIA RL BBER.-Sheets, Washers, Hoses, Buffers, Ac. GUTTA FEKCHA.—Tubing, Beltings, &c. BEST CAST STEBL.-In bars of all kinds. CRUCIBLE STEEL.-Wheels for Slate Quarries Lead Mines, andCollieries. ROPES.—Hemp and Wire of any length. OILS and GREASE of all kinds, for every description of Machinery and Lamps, as well as for Painters FOUNDERS' DUST.—Charcoal Blacking, Coal Dust TAR—Stockholm I ar, Pitch, Coal Tar, Coal Pitch. ENGINE WAS I E. —White and Coloured. PAINTS, COLOUBS VARNISH, and GLUES, of ali description CANDLES of ailkin PIPES.—Iron, Ziinc, and Clay. Warehouses and Magazines at Bethesda, Bangor, Carnarvon, Featiniog, and Dolgelley OFFICES :-3 & 4, WILLIAMS' COURT, .KETHESDA NEAR BANQOJB- *y73—34? NORTH WALES SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIA- TION. THE NEXT EXAMINATIONS will be held I»t the QUEEN'S HEAD ''AFB, BANGOR, and the TOWN HALL, RHYL, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY, JULY 6th and 7th, 1883. The Association Scholarships are, for the present, confined to the Counties of Anglesey and Carnarvon. Two Scholarships of X20 a year for three years, one for Boys and one for Girls, and given by His Grace the DUKE OF WBSTMINSTES, are open to the whole of North Wales. In order to send in Candidates, schools mast be affiliated to the Association, for which an uniform fee of 5s. is now charged. Managers of Schools and Teachers are invited to communicate at once with the undersigned for Syllabus, &c. W. CADWALADR DAVIES. Bangor, Feb. 21st, 1883. b 609



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