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BIRMINUH\M GOODS -Jewellery, Wat- ches, Clacks, Harmoniums, Bicycles, Tricyc- Jee- AGENTS WANTED Wholesale Illustrated Catalogue, P^st-free. Address, Henry May. Birming- ham. B 17)3-611 TO BR LET.—Furnished House, (,r Apart- ments, in a healthy »nd quiet locality oi the Town of Carnarvon, fifteen minutes wslk from the ■Railway Statun —Ac res?, No 1681, Genedl «md •JSxpreis Offices, Carnarvon. B 595 WHITE'S 8EWING MACHINE, entirely ut;w, suitrtt>lc for tailors and others, to b at u greal. redaction from cost price,—Apply 0 Cymro," Exuren Office, Carnarvon MILLINERY.—Several experienced hands m waited. Must be able to execute own Orders. Ala' several App) entices.—Apply. <J.l. yOBes, Bod I n- he, Carrarvon E BBAfrEKY.—Wanted a trustworthy Young Man fo> above trade, also eeveral Juniors Apprentices. Apply-<>■ D- Jones, Bou Marche, Carnarvon. E TO SHOPKE EPERS & TEA DEALERS. —AGENTS TV ANTED, for Loose or Fa ket Teas. Special terms to good men.—Write to G. yd Son, 8, Chiswell-atrcet. Loudon, E.C. b!192 411 £ 0 WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY and HONESTLY REALIZED by persons of EITHER *EX wi' nout Liudranee to present occupa- tion .-For particulars, &c., enclose aefdre^sed envelope EYANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants. Birmingham.-?Vm is genmne. E4*b Twelve visiie, bd; &1 Is i* ( arte -TJ arged to 10 inches, 5se Cabinet, 2f. Scut C; rte with stamps. Perfect copie •nd engmal returned free.. T London Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon gon, s. u. fBiLLipa. Manager. NERVOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY —A gentleman, having tried in vain eveiy Mortised reiD.dy, has discovered a simple mean* Of aelf-cuit. He will be happy to Particulars to any sufkrer on receipt of a P •JM* directea envelope,—Address, Mr J. • « „ frook Villa Hammersra ith London. THE EXPRESS AND GENEDL IN AMERICA —The proprietors of the North £ *ies Express and the Genedl Gymreig hi"Pjggjj} H P ■RnViViflrd wonrietor of the International Newspaper Agency, New Haven, State of Connecticut, M their sole agent in America to receive jmnts for insertion in their papers. B L IVERPOOTJ COMMFROIAL INVEST- MENT OOMPA>Y, LIMITED.—LOAJNh of FROM JBIO to £ 1000 promptly granted, and the mterost Charged unusually moderate. Personal or other ■ooarity. Share Certificates, DOCK Bonds, Life Policies, &c.—Apply to B.Roberts, City-read, Chester; Or to James Smith, Secretary, 11, Seymour-street, faverpool. iB 1151-.403 CARNARVON PERMANENT BENEFIT c BUILDING SOCIETY. £ 2 000 now ready to be advanced onFreehold or Leasehold Property m Carnarvon or the nfflghbww hood. Principal and interest at 5 per cent. to be re paid by montllv iDstalsnents.—Apply to the Secretary Mr Joha Rees, 24, Wellington-terrace, Carnarvon. B 457 alt. MR. CAPON, DENTAL SURGEON, (The Oldest Established in Carnarvon). Hay be consulted daily at his Residenc e, Manno, 20, North-road, Carnarvon. B 622 THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR ORANGES, LEMONS, APPLES, GRAPES, NUTS, DATES, AND ALL KINDS OF FRUITS AND VEGET- TABLES. Wholesale only. Detailed price list, post free, on application.- W. ROBERTSON AND Co., 1, Broad- Btreet Buildings. Liverpool-street, London. B 1647 BEACH MOTJM SCHOOL, CBIOCIETH CONDUCTKP uY MISSES "william p AND TEMPLE Prospectuses free m application te above address ,PntieB renin ff (I)."V ), January 23, 1883. £ 10 j520 JB50 B100 je500 OPTIONS on Stock Exchange Securities One Uniform v-rice. Acknowledged the and safest plan ever devised for making large profits from small investments with great rapidity. ^zplanatoyboob (second edition) SENT FREE. Address George Evans and Co., Sworn Brokers, wesham House, Old Broad-street, London. E556 MILKING MACHINE. THIS celebrated self-acting Cow Milking Machine supersedes the laborious and tedious process of handmilking, and can be ap- plied by anyone; milking each „„ If in th-ee or five minutes.- Cowkeeper should bo without No Cowkeeper should be valuable and useful Dairy Implement. Price 6a 6d each only, delivered. The New^MUkmg ^^HINE Co., 3, Fargate, Sheffield.—N. BUCHANAN, lS?fo?g;i^Oot<M T..I. 1. M each. B 584 ONE BOX OF CLABKE'S B41 PILLS is Warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in eitte- sex (acquired or constitutional),uravei Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. gold in boxes, 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemist? f^ P Medicine Vendors throughout the world; or sent to any •ddreBs for sixty stamps by the MakerP, THE LTNCOLN MIDLAND COUNTIES DBTTG COMPANY, Line ■ Wholesale Agents, BARCLAY & SONS. London the Wholewa-le Henses. MANITOBA AND THE CANADIAN "1. NORTH WEST, through which runs The CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Fanning and Giazing Lands for Sale on Easy Terms to Actual Settlers. If you desire tc receivo, Iree of charge, the Rail- Company's New Regulations for th Jjttds in the Canadian North-West and «^st Maps, Pamphlets, &c., containing the latest tnfomation about the country, address- ALEXANDER BEGG, N Canadian Pacific Railway Offices, 101, ._6 street, B 562-15b Price 2d., by post 2!d. PRIVATE PERSONS can procure or dispose of all ki ds ol property by SALJi< o ^CHANGE, without publicity, with marveiu u and perfect secuiity from dishonest pe'sons, •hrough the medium of "THE BAZAAR, THE EXCHANGE and IIART, and JOURNAL of the HOUSEHOLD." The Globe say Like all grand conceptions, the process is remarkable for its simplicity. Of. al Newsagents and Railway Bookstalls. Specimen Copy, two stamps. Office, 170, Strand, London. B- PHILLIPS FSON^ I DANDELION COFFEE. FOR LIVER AND INDIGESTION. Contains Three Times the Strength Of Ordinary Ooffee. BOLD GROCERS ANXa CHEMISTS EVERYWHERE "46 I CUMBFRLAND CURE'D HAMS, I CUMBERLAND I CURED BACON. PRIME AMERICAN CHEESE- REDUCTION IN PRICES THIS WEEK AT THE POOL-STREET MARKET, CARNARVON. Nt MAIL II'- # LIVERPOOL TO 1JEW YORK & BOSTON* EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established foi Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Pass^g^s. _Apply to the CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANY, Limited, Liverpool, .r. Or to their AGENT,-WM. J. WILL IAMS, Market-street, Carnarvon. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, JE8 8S; STEERAGE, X4 4s 1^ X H B CAN I N B UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. 1YBRY WEDNESDAY AND ALTERNATE SATURDAY First-class, full-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to an? European Line. Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE &HORTBST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WBST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE k CO., 17 & 19, Water-street, Liverpool. LoCAL AGENTS.—W. J. Williams, oecretary the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7, Market dtleet, Carnarvon John Foulkes, 24, High-street Carnarvon; R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Creigiai xfawr. Talvsam B 8t»- "■ ,I "M ACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS 1VA are the best.Public Opinion. They come as a boon and a blessing to men." Tho Pickwick, the Owl and the Waverley Pen." Standard say They are a treasure." 6d. am: la. pei- Box. Sold throughout the World. Also THE HINDOO PEXB, Nos. 1, 2 & 8. Specimen bozes, containintr all tho kiads, by post Is. Id. Fatorteef of Fen? and Peiiiiclder», Mncniven and Cameron, 23 to :1:1. Bia^r Street, Eilinburgh. (Esud. 1770.) HEALTH, TONE, AND VIGOUR ti THIS preparation is pronounced by the most eminent members of the Medical Profession to be unequalled for its power in re- Dlenishiug the vitality of the body by its supply- ine all the essential constituents of the bloou aad nerve substance, and for developing all the powers and functions of the system to the highest degree. It re- moves pimples, blotches, purifies the blood, gives new life, sound and refreshing sleep II restores the con- Btitution to health and vigour M A short fame. Sold by most chemists at 28 9d, 4s 6d, lis and 22s per bottle; or sent to any address carr.age PA^.ON receipt of price by HILTON & Co., 184, High NFOOAF Notticg Hill, London RAUTION.—Ask for "Sir Astley Cooper's Vital: D«L^«ITIVE Do not let the chemist persuade you to 95, Paft ii-streei, *-v HOUSES. 44- ?f;4 HFOR THE BIOOP tS THE LIFE? wnBLPrFAMED IFIIIIILILMSEFFL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER' AND RESTORER Has the Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World. OVERWHELMING TESTIMONY VFRY 130TTLIC, ACCOMPANIES EVERY BOTTLE, PE0VING THIS TO BE THF GREATEST MEDICINE EVER DISCOVERED. For cleansing and clearing the blood from all unpuriUes, it cannot BEL°?F?11OO1ZRI^IN and Blood Diseases, cure. ™°°NT"GSLSSSSO™ »the Keel. r"nres Scurvy Sores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skm Ciseftses. Cures Glandtto impTire matter, ^whatever cause^ariain^^ As thia mixture IP to the most delicateicon, As thia mixture IP to the most delicateicon, free from ANYTHING 3 P^PRIETORS solicit sufferers to etitution of either sex, ,UE> give it a trial to TE^ETIMOFG|ALS FROM ALL.PARTS. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMON cases, containing SI* Sold in Bottles 2s. 6d. E^^FFICIENT to effect A per- times the quantity, lis. EAR? RITIT 0f long-standing CMCB, manent cure in the GREAT P^TENT MEDICIN^ BY •ALL CHEMISTS OT sent for 30 or 132 VENDORS throughout TH0 L'I!!roour AKD MIDIXKB Stamps by tho Proprietors, TH OOUKTIKS DBOO COMPAWT, Lmco (Trade Mark-" Blood MIXTURE, J I THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBKIDGE-SQOARE CARNARVON. I ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, j and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). j PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a i graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are carefully and suc- -L graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are earefully and suc- I cessfully prepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its several branches of Grammar, Compo- sition, History, and Literature, is made a special subject of study. The senior classes are presented at the Pupils' Examinations of the Royal College ot Preceptors every Midsummer and Christmas. The Quarter .da:1 ¡¡ for this B hit-year nn Jma v 23, d H,( Al i il 30th. THE PAYILTCTN^ CARNARYOJN* TUESDA Y NIGHT, MARCl 6, 1883. FIRST GRAND PERFORMANCE OF THE NEW CANTATA "GORLIFIAD CANTRR'R GWAELOD," (The Inundation of Cantre'r Gwaelod.") Mr W. JARRETT ROBERTS (Pencerdd Eifion). UNDER THE DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE OF Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, Bart., M.P. The Right Hon EARL f POWYti, Powys Castle. The Right Hon. LORD ABERDARE, Dafiryn, Aberdare. The Right Hon. LORD R. GROSVENOR. Sir ED WARD J.REED, M.P.,Broadway.Chambers London. RICHARD DAVIES, Esq. ,M. P., Treboith. Baugor. WILLIAM DAVIES, Esq., M.P., Haverfordwest. JOHN HENRY PULESTONE, Esq., M.P. T. D. LOVE JONES-PARRY, Esq M.P., Mad. ryn Castle BENRY RICHARD, Esq., M.P. JOHN ROBERTS, Esq., M.P., Bryngwenallt, Abergele. The Right Hon. FREDRICK WYNNE, Glynllifon Park. The Very Rev. DEAN of BANGOR, Deanery, Bangor. Lieut Col. R. O. JONES, R.E. iviejor PLATT Gorddinog, Bangor. Capt EDMUND H. VERNEY, R.N., Rhianfa, Bangor. His Worship the MAYOR of LIVERPOOL. -IGNOR EURICO CAMPOBELLO, Jersey. STEPHEN EVANS, Esq., Old Change, London. J.Y.W. LLOfD, Esq. (of Clochfaen), M.A.K.S.G., Weymouth. LEWIS MORRIS, Esq J.P., Barrister-at-law, 89. Chancery-lane, London. H. J. ELLIS-N <»NNEY,Esq., Gwynfryn,Criccieth. BRLVLEY RICHARDS, Esq., Keiasingtou, London. JOHN THOMAS, Esq., (Pencerdd Gwalia),Harpist to Her Majesty the Queen. T. MARCHANT WILLIAMS, Esq, Inspector of Schools J. IGNATIUS WILLIAMS, Barrister at Law. PRESIDENT HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR OF CARNARVON. ARTISTES: MADAMS EDITH WYNNE, EOS MORLAIS, MISS LIZZIE EVAi^ S, RAM, Mft JAMES SAUVAGE, CHORUS-CARNARVON CHORAL UNION (Numbering about 200 Voices). CONDUCTOR—MR W. J. WILLIAMS, CARNARVON. INSTRUMENTALISTS Mdlle. S. A. SABEL, Mr J. WILLIAMS, Organist, Carnarvon Mr D. D. PARRY, Organist, Beth- esda; Mr R. PRITOHARD, Carnarvon Master J. JARRETT ROBERTS, Carnarvon. Trumpeter— Mr J. R. TIDSWELL. The Concert to Commence at 7 o'clock. Admission by Tickets 3s, 2s, and Is. Cheap and Late Trains to and from Bacgor, Nantlle, Llanbaris, Waeafawr, and Rhostryfan. Beok of Words, Sixpence each. THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. TRADE 0 MARK. CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple Remedy for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we are subject, being a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that it is with justice called the IC Natural Strengthener of the Human Stomach" NORTONS PILLS" act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation, safe under any circumstances, and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use, as they have been a never-failing Family Friendfor upwards of 60 years. Sold in Bottles at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and lis. each, by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. CAUTION. 48ifor "NORTON'S PILLS," and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation. | THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS IN THE WORLD THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS IN THE WORLD A w Trade Mark til 4 Bull's M Head. Colmansa a Mustard IPLLLLF' MANUFACTURERS BY ^™SPECIALWARRANTTTH°EQUEEN u ta ), ASK FOR GENUINEOR DOUBLE SUPERFINE" BRYINT IE Hin I MATCHES Bell's Patent Life Pills and Ointment ris calculated that if every reader of this Paper kept a Box and Pot of the above ready at hand they would save on an average £4 each in Doctor's Bills every year. Of all Chemists, Islid and 2s 9d, or Post Free for 15 and 36 Stamps from W. BELL & CO., Reading, Berks. B BRIDGE HOUSE SCROUL, CHESTER PRINCIPAL J. MATHER, B.A., Trinity College, Dablin. (Classical Honors The advantages offered at this school are liberal diet, moderate terms, successful preparation for examination, Darticuhr attention to backward boys. Duties rosTtied Wednesday, July 26th. erms on application. 47 SAMUEL EYANZS, BRYONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. Corn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Oil- cake Storec. AorNT FOR— Spratt's Patent Meat "Fibrine" Dog Cakes. The Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company. The Gloucester specific for Foot. Rot in Sh-;ep. Tii6 Liverpool, Chefhire, and North W dies Patent Sinn r Company. Messrs Richardson Brothers and Co., Lihseed Crushers and Manure Manufacturers, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Sligo E will bo pleased to send qu stations upon pplicatio n. S. E will bo pleased to send qu stations upon pplicatio n. CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE! WBJLE many of the Cheshire farmers have V V given up makirg Cheese, owing to American competition, arid, consequently, the dexrand for super- or Cheese is much in excess of the supply, the Farmers of the Vale of Clwyd have been buxy, and the famous Dairies of Kilford, Twysog, aMi VlHveni have turner out large quantities of exeept-onally good quality which we can offer at very moderate prices. WeightM, from 451bs to 701bs. Orders by post immediately attended t JOHN ROBERTS AND CO. THE "STAR," WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PROVISION STORES HIGH-STREET, DENBIGH. POTATOES FOR SALE. CHANGE your Seed, and plant early to se- C cure a heavy crop free from disease. A Sample Bag of 1121bs of either of the following varieties will be sent carriage paid (bag gratis/, to any Station or Address within rail delivery in England or Wales, on receipt of P.O.O., or Cheque tor lOa and address, button's Magnum, School. master, Beauty of Hebron,and Myatt's Early Ash- leaf. Each lot is ir, prime dr, bright condition and handp oked to te«d size. Cheaper by ton or truBk load. J. T. SMITH, Potato Merchant, B 1714-612 WISBEOH, Cambridgeshire. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. j MR JOHN PBITCHARD begs to give N< tice, that in consequer ce of the out break of the l?oot and Mouth Disease, bis sales of Fat Sfock, of the Foot and Mouth Disease, bis sales of Fat Stock, announced to be held at Menai Bridge on Monday, I TTarcn 12tb, and at Aber on Monday, March 19th, ARE POSTPONED. Bcdhyfryd, Bangor, February 20, 1883. B 1701 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT.. NANT HEILYN, NEAR BEAUMARIS. MR. JOHN PRITCHARD is favoured with instructions from the Rev. J. Williams Me rick to let by Public Auction, about the middle of March (unless the same be let by private treaty for which early offers are r quested), on the premises, Nant Heilyn, Llangoed, Beau-,gabout 56 Acres of the richest grazing and arable land in the county from the day of sale up to Nov. 12th after which will be sold the whola oi the valuable Live and Dead Stock. Bod-hvfryd, Bangor. B 619-1732 VAYNOL HALL FARM, BANGOR. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD has been honoured with the instructions of G. W. D. Asaheton-Smith, Esq., to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises, at the Home Farm, Vaynol, near Bangor, on Thursday, March 15th, 1883, 10 Grand Prime Fat 4 years old Welsh Bulleeks of he:.vy weight and superior quality, 60 wet-fed Mountain and Anglesey Wedders, and 10 splendid Porkers. Sale to commence at 1 p.m. punctually. Bodhrfryd, Banger. B 1715-613 BETHESDA. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENT. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will Sell by Public Auction, at the Victoria Hotel, Bethesda, on Saturday, March 10th, 1883, at 4 p.m., prompt, subject to conditions of sale to be there and then read, All that well built Freehold Dwelling-house and Premises, situate and:known as No. 10, Gerlan- road, Bethesda, late in the occupation of Mr John Owen Jones, deceased. It comprises the following accommodation, viz.: 2 good kitchens, 3 bedrooms, and a large garden, which is very valuable as a building site. For further particulars apply tQ:the Auctioneer, Bod-hyfryd, Bangor, or to Messrs Hughes and Pritchard, solicitors, Bangor. Bod-hyfryd, Bangor. B 1730-b MENAI BRIDGE, ANGLESEY. THE CADNANT WRITING SLATE WORKS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION (by Order of the Mortgagees), without reserve, on the premises, on Wednesday, March 14th, 1883, at one o'clock p.m. precisely, the unexpired term of the lease ot the business premises situate at Cadnant, Menai Bridge, and known as THE OADNANT WRITING SLATE WORKS carried on for some years by Mr Wallace. The situation of the prop3rty is very advantageous foi* the conduct of an extensive slate business, as the raw material can be brought into the yard by water, thus saving a considerable amount in cart- age. Unexpired term, 14 years, which can if de- sired be extended to 50 years. Ground rent. 11.4 per annum. The property will first of all be offered in one lot as a going concern, and if not disposed of the lease will be sold separately, and the excellent machinery in lots i u the usual way. The machinery briefly com- prises A SPLENDID TEN-HORSE POWER HOR IZONTAL ENGINE, with vertical boiler by Leather Matthews & Co, with driving gear, Pullies, Line, lithafts, &c., Planing Tables, Pegging Machines, bldging Machines, with appliances for round corners, patent hoist Framing Tables, Flat Cuttin g, Mor- t cing, Grooving, Drilling, Mitring and Rubbing Machines, Circular Saws, Six-Horse Power Port- able Steam Engine, by Clayton and Shuttleworth, Lorries, Sawing Table with log carriage, Iron Winch, Chain and Blocks, Iron Tram Kails, Water Wheel, a large Wood building, Iron Water Pip- ing, &c. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Bod-hyfryd, Bangor, or to Messrs Hughes and Pritchard, solicitors, Bangor. II 1728 c NORTH WALES. ON THE BANKS OF THE MENAI STRAITS. SALE OF A DELIGHTFULLY SITU \TED FREEHOLU MARINE RESIDENCE. IV/TE JOHN PRITCHAED has been instructed JLJA by the Executors of the late Th -mas Warner, Esq., to SELL BY PUBLIJ AUCTION, at the British Hotel, Bangor, en Friday, the sixth day of Apil, 1883 at 2 p.m. for 2.30 ".11). prompt, subject to conditions of falo to be there and then read, All that Charming Freehold Marine Residence known as BRYN-Y-MENAI, standing in its own grounds on a gentle elevat'on on the Anglesey side, overlooking and close to the Menai Straits (the Rhine of North Wales). The Mansnm which is substantially built, in good repairs, aud all the internal arrangements replete with every comfort H equi-d:stant from Beaumaris and Menai Bridge' and situate in a well-sheltered position with Southern aspect. It commands free and uninterrupted views of some of the most magnificent and picturesque scenery in Wales, including the Snowdonian Range of Moun- tains from the Rivals to the Orme's Head Tbe accommodation comprises lofty Dining, Drawing m.d Billiard-rooms, each 24 ft. by 18 ft, SmoKm Library, „Ante-reom, 9 Bed and Dressing-rooms, 2 Servants' Bedrooms, 3 Store Closets, 2 Excellent Kitchens, Pantries, Sculleries, Coach-honse and Stabl- ing, Vinery, Green-house and Kitchen GardeD The grounds are well arranged and tastefully laid out. Menai Bridge and Beaumaris have daily cemmunication with Liverpool by Steamer an omnibas passes the residence twice daily from Bangor aLd Beaumaris in connection with the London and North Woste-a Rariway, and being within three minutes' walk of the Y^rth _r erry, makes it within easy distance of the city of Bangor.' Yachtsmen will find here splendid anchorage, and as it is a rare occurrence thst a Marine Residence in this charming neighbourhood is offered to pubIc com- petition, the present is an exceptional opportunity of securing one of the most delightfully situate mansions on the Menai Straits. Plans and particulars are in course of preparation and may be obtained (with cards to view) of the Auc- tioneer, Bodhyfryd, Bangor; Messrs Hughes and Prichard,{Solicitors, Bangor; and of Messrs Warner aud Bfirder, Solicitors, 33, King's-streot, Mar,ch'fpr Bodhyfryd, Bangor. B 1716—614 TOWYN TILE WORKS & PIPE WORKS FOBYD, near ABERGELE. T AN?, MUlWilPES from 1J mohe. tc IV, ? /I'ays in stock, which are rnaje uf hSLKU™? S'T'T" Bailing Venaelii caE he Io^ed. TJe wi"'™ Carnarvonshire b, many than any other works in the district For prices and particulars apply to the Owner. J. WILLIAMS, 4 B1371-494 Tewyn Tilery, Abergele. I I TO SPECULATORS. A SPLBN'DID and well-paying Sulphur j ^ine to be Sold or Exchanged for Land ot H°uSeS.—For further informatics inquir# H°uSeS.—For further informatics inquire with Mr Da.d Griffith, Pant Da, Trefriw, via Con- way. G 1705 j RE DAVID WILLIAMS'S INSOLVENCY, i CASTLE-SQUAEE, CARNARVON. SALE BY AUCTION EXTRAORDINARY. Commencing on Wednesday, the 28th Feb- ruary, the whole of the remains of the Dr pery Stock, consisting of Broad and Narrow Woollen Cloths, Black and Coloured Dress Materials, and General Drapery Goods. Order of Sale Each day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and at 6 in the evening.—J. Hargreaves, Manchester, Auctioneer, B 1723.615 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A CONFERENCE of Representatives of the various Trades and Districts of the United Kingdom will'be held in London on the '/0th day of ulaich next, to consider the steps to be taken by Traders and Agricu tur s's to urge upon Govern- ment the vital importance of deal ng this Session with the questions at isaue between Railway Traders and the Railway Companies. Chambers of Commer. e and Aggriculture and Trade Aesociation3 wishing to be represented at the Conference will please communicate with the undersigned at one 3. rr-v t, WalTER CHTLDS, Secretary, lhe Railway and Canal Traders' Association, 24, Budger-rw, Cannnn-btreet, London, E.O. B 621 NORTH WALES SCHOLARSHIP IASSOOIA- TION. THE NEST EXAMINATIONS will be held at the QUEEN'S HEAD AFB, BANGOR, and the TOWN HALL, HHYL, on FRIDAY aud SATURDAY, JULY 6th and 7th, 1883. The Association Scholarships are, for the present, confined to the Counties of Anglesey and. Carnarvon. Two scholarships of X20 a year for three years, one for Boys and oae for Girls, and given by His Grace the DrKE OF WESTMINSTER, are open to the whole of North Wales. In order to send in Candidates, schools mast be affiliated to the Association, for which an uniform ee of 5s. is now charged. Managers of Seho Is acd Teache-f are invited to communicate at once witk the undersigned for Sj llabus, &c. W. CADWALADR DA VIES. Bangor, Feb. 21st, 1883. b 609 TO THE IMPROVRMENT COMMISSIONERS IN AND FOR THE DISTRICT OF BETH- ESDA IN THE count* OF CARNARVON, BEING THE URBAN SANITARY AUTHOR- ITY FOR THE SAID uISTRICT. To the inhabitants of the said District and to all others ichom it may concern. TITHffREAS the Improvement Commission- f ers in and for the dis riot of Bethes'a, in the t" e C un y of Carnarvon, being the Urban Sanitary Authority for the said district have applied to the Local Go eminent Board under Section 303 of the Public Health Act, 1875, to alter or amend by Prev .sional Order "The Be h øcla Improve ent Acf", 1854, by provid ng that the words "one-half and "Gener 1 District Rate a all be read for the words two-thirds and "General Improvement Rate" respectively wherever they occur in Sections 27 and 60 of thia said Local Act. And whereas it i3 prop:^ dthat the said Local Government Board should issue a Provisional Order i J compliance w th the said application, and should make euch alterations in the said L cal ct, and in any other act or acts in force within the spid district as may be necessary for tha purpose of giving effect to the objects of the said applijati n. Notice is Hereby Given that Alfred Douglas Adrian, Esq., Barrister at Law, one of the Inspectors of the said Board, will attend at the People's late, Beth'sda, o Friday, th 16th day ot March, 1883, at ha'f-past two o'clock in the afternoon, to hold a local inquiry into the subject matter of the said application. And Notice is hereby further »ivan that any person int ested may attend at such inquiry and be heard with reference to the subject matter of the aid application. As witness my h nd this twenty Seventh day of February, 18^3, at the offl :e of the Local Govern- ment Board, Whiteh II, London. 618. HUGH OWEN, Secretary. For Cure of Down Draughts in i Chimneys. Tke only Chimney Top you cannot blow down THE CROWN." Especial cara has been taken in the manufacture 0 he above to leave a perfectly free pa-sage for the Sweeper's Machine and to prevent blow down, without the least interference with the easy ejection of the volu me of smoke. The Crown" Chimney Top is constructed of strong Ga ionized Iron and being fire proof it is sure to last. Manufactured by JAMES GREEN. HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. » i- • •I.SI-'YJBL E IC f:*r38j| THE IS THT EST. here WILLIÀM JOHN pARRY, MERCHANT, MAES-Y-<JROES, BANttOR, CAN supply the best of the following at the o *asonable figure. Contracts for the supply of large quantities entered into. Orders promptly attended to. An experienced man will attend any experiments required with Explosives. EXxT'OSIVES. Gunpowder, Blasting Gelatine, Tonite Dyuamite, Sporting Powder, DetouawrTof all kin. s, Fuses, Percussion Caps, Cartridges, &0- ¡ 'ACKING of all kiuds. tND,ito RL BBER.—Sheets, Washers, Hoses, Buffers c,F.UCIBI,E STEEL.-Wheels for Slate Qnarr8 OnPSES'7^rA^ WW'any length. OILS and GRLASE of all kinds, for every description Lamps, ao well as for Paintem, •r?p tl L OUST.—Charcoal Blacking, Coal Dmi. ar' Pitch' Coal Tar. O/oal Pitoh. ENGINE W XSTE. —White and Coloured PAINTS, COLOURS VARNISH, and GLUES, of all description « CANDLES of slikin fiiJES.—Iron. £ <IHO, and Clay. Wareiwases and Magazines at Bethesda, B in«<M, > Featiniog, and Dolgelley OFFICES 3 & 4, Wiluajia' CoaaT, asratsnk% NEAJi LANQJ)X. Q73 3*g