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GWILYM HVAN'S. F.C.S., MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, 1 I M.NKU WY, SOUTH WALES, flWIi-YI EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS. THIS preparation is now extensively taken throughout the country by patients suffering from debilit 1 erv'■s e s, >i'id -.renor- exhaustion. a i if a»y value be attached to human testimony the efficacy of this me^H^i e ha-* been a,Cces«fnlly established. Its claim have been tested and proved by the medical profession nthpra. and ofvrroboriite^ by the written testimonials of eminent men. Tke Quinine Bitters contain not oely a suitable qn nti y of Quinine in ea-h dose, but the active principles of the following well known h<>rV?—aar»sp*"i'la safron, cei tian, lavender, and dandelion root. The use of Quinine is wel known, but it has n-vpr bwn satisfactorily combined with these p eparations, until, af er overcoming conai er. able difficulties, tb. proprietor w a abb- to s-c'lre a perfect'y unif rm preparation, combining all the essential properties of the above pia>'s in their greatest parity and concentration. It is now established as a family medicine, s>n i is increase tig i' popular tavonr the more it iskaosvn and tested, Gwilym Evans s Quinine Bitters is a tonic "Pick- me-up scientifically mixed in hippy proportions. ADVANTAGES OL AIMED. 1. Entirely veaetahl^, therefore contains? neither iron or mercury. 2. A happy combination of "hitherto not successfully riispef s°d 3. Kuioys the confidence of the leading medical men in all districts in which it has had a fair 4u1 continued trial 4. Qni tnj. Bitter; are superior to any other kind of bitters pre- pared. 5. Patients who h,¡ve xaff red long and t-nffered averely, have received lasting and permanent benefit from their use. Lastly. The numerous important testimonials received clearly demonstrate their value. MEDF'AL USES. T H h G k RAT WELSH EEMEDY. GWILYM FV QUININE BITTERS contains QUININE, and also the active principles of DANDE- LION and GENTIAN, LAVENDER ana SAFFRON. Without; exception the best Remedy for Depression of Spirits and Melancholy. GWILYM EVANS'S QOTNINE BITTERS Being a vegetable Pick-me-up," is strongly recommended for nervous diseases, such as undue anxiety despondency, fainting fi s l'fJura'g-ia, and n rve pains generally. Has been taken with great permanent results or INDIGESTION in i s DIFF ;RENT FORMS, sneh as sick head-ache, heartburn, cramp, flatulency, sense of falness a d oppress on a ter «-atir.g, drowsiness, and fains in the region of the heart. Has successfully boated (after all knowu preparations had failed), severe c'ses of affections of the chest, an. h as common colds, bronchitis asthmatic eolrfs, shortness of breath, spitting of blood, Ac. TESTIMONIALS. From the REV J. H. WILLIAMS (Brynfardd), H ^ad-master of Dowlais Grammar School. The wonderful efficacy of your Qainine fitters" to restore health and vigour, after lingering illness find debility, a as been recently and sufficently proved by my family, and elicits this voluntary and consclention testimony from me for the benefit of others. From J. ELLIS EDWARDS, M.R.C.S. ,L.S.A.,&C., St. Clears, Carmarthenshire. Having been so frequently Hsk-d by my patients as to the desirability of taking your Quinine B tters," I have for the last two yea s given it a fair trial, and find it, without exception, the most pleasant and effectual means of administering tlH.t remedy. THE TREATMENT IS SIMPLE. GWILYM EVANS'S QUININE BITTERS moTea disease by strengthening the system generally. They correct the [stomach and purify the blood, and Eva* s can snpply, by post, the names of patients in almost every district in "Wales and West of England whom iave tried his Quinir,e Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of the benefits they have tbea^vea 'received. not persuaded to try any other preperation, as there are vmerous imitators of 1011 genuine and successful medicines The names given here are well known, and can he consulted as to the merits of this preperation at any time. SOU) IN BOTTLES 2s 9o AND 4R FD" AND CASES CONTAINING THREE 4S 6D BOTTLES AT 12s 6D EACH; AT ALL CHEMIST, OR DIRECT FROM THE PROPRIETOR. :NOTE-The name Gwilym Evans, F.C.S.,M.P.S., on Stamp and Labei. E TOWLE'S PENNYROYAL & STEEL PILLS JOB FEMALES quickly correct all irregularities and relieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes Is. lid. and 2s. 9d., of all Chemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or S4 Stamps, by the Maker, E. T. TOV/LE, Chemist, Nottingham. Mm MTMI' LORNST PURELY VEGETABLE. Perfectly Harmlett, Wili reduce two to tiv6 ^nf joodin the stomach, prevent- 3 New Oxford-street, v London, W.C. t BD TROUBLE TO Sixpence spent in them saves 10s. IXIP Jlade of LONG STAPLE SELECTED ELASTIC WOOLS AHP 91 nkgtia flft fcff|#% In alt Fashionable Colours and in \||li flUnRuM'V New Fancy Designs. Mak*?s a warm Lnrilvlnll O garment without being heavy. 7L\- equalled for Ladies' Dresses and for W% A%/ A I Yachting1 and Soa-side wear. Sea water ■III | n| will not hurt it. Washes like flannel ItW I «ab and brushes like cloth. Special make — for Children's ana Young L*di«' All CfelJlft P Dresses in Nary Blue, Is. 3^4. the yard; llr V||Nj\ff 9|4P for Ladies'wear at Is. CcZ. and 1«. 114. ww !■ ■ w ll vl 111 Ik the yard; for Gentlemen's wear ■■ mx m *s- 11/ an^ y*rd; for D&yv %LDPB wear at 2s. lid. and 3«. lid. wie 3'ard. OLIIDL Patterns free. Any J«f?th cut. Gar- riage paid OR Cu parcels ot 208. and WpWiardsto all stations in England and Wales; also to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Cadi, »nd Waterford. SPEAEMAK rfnd SPEARMAN, Plymouth. Ko otber address or agency whatsoever. "The CLEAR Blackiew-vido Prem., JAMES' coL°^°AL ^Saceenivaawards for Bz-I ff <0«Doe of Quality and Cleanli- |f Ita SE',BLACK LEAD JMBWAIUE of Worthless Imitations [SYMINGTON'S REFUTATION ARABS DANDELION, FRENCH and PATENT COFFEES W. SYMINGTON & Co., ) Established Boujden Steam Mills, } over MAEKET HARB0E.0TJGH. > fifty year* SINCLAIR'S tTc i„ I GROCERS & OILMEN The Family r C J8 I J SAVES TIHE, FUEL, Wash with- LABOtnft. wt the misery Of A'T'CTD The Magic a 8teamy House. W% H 1 lUll CleanserI Beware of CQ/P Imitations! 1W f,; Ask for SINCLAIR'S." A bay writes ro The (, I r cornmend it to housewife; it saves tii material; economises tl»e clothes require less rub- v/bM;' m bing and no boiling." tAMES SINCLAIR, Southwark,London,S.R PACE w I N IOOD for the cure of WIND ON THE STOnos. 0000 for the cure of INDIGESTION. QOOS for the cure of SICB: HEADACHE. GOOD for the cure of HEABTBUSlf. GOOD for the cure of BILIOUSNESS. GOOD for the cure of LIVER COMPLAINT. GOOD fer the cure Of ALL COMPLAINTS arising from a disordered state of the STOXACH, BOWELS, or LIVER. Bold by tdl Medicine Vendors, in boxes at la lid, 28 94 ■ad 4s to e»cli: or free for 14,83, or 64 Stamps, from VAQS D« WOODCOCK, QIGB BTRE3T, LINCOLN. -_u_- NEW BREAKFAST A AFTER DINNER BEVERAGE. CON ROYS MALT COFFEE Pm Coffee combined with Malt by Patent Process. "At* €re« ikfast beverage it I "A nourishing and health )l tBMHUpassed."— producing article of diet"— Or. BAXMUSON, | is. DAVIKS, F.C.S., &O. ASSISTS DIGESTION. from Grocers, Dni^sts. Ac Prepared only lit the ,-is Cv -<r,K WORKS. 34. OLBBr Arr." LIVEBPOOL. YORKSHIRE RELISH M The most delicious Sauce in the World. Enriches Hot Joints, Stews, Chops, Fish, &c. "With Soup it is charming. Blends admirably with all Gravies. Makes Cold Meat a Luxury. Makes the plainest Viands palatable. The daintiest dishes more delicious. to great addition to Cheese. Every dish is improved by its addition. Epicures pronounce it the Best Sauce. Beware of Colourable Imitations. Sold Everywhere in 6d., Is. & 2s. Bottles. GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS. FOR INN EXCELLENT AND IUU PALATABLE HOUSEHOLD RECIPES Write,to GOODALL, BACKHOUSE$Co., LEEDS, Enclosing a penny stamp for postage, when yon will be pre- sented with a valuable book of 100 pages, bound in cloth, and fully illustrated, called GOOD THINGS," MADE, SAID AND DONE FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD. Please mention this paper. WORTHY THE NOTICE OF ALL. X20 PER CENT. INTEKEST NEW STEAMSHIP. 1. The Shares for our steamship.Anne Thomas were taken up so rapidly that we have contracted for another, to be ready for sea it December, 1883. The cost of the steamship being .627,600. 2. This steamship will be of the best construction,by the celebrated ship builders Messrs Palmer and Co., Jarrow-on-Tyne. It is of great importance to the shareholders who are the builders of a ship, because the true value of a ship, like that of a house, depends upon its constuction. The name of this steamship will be Kata Thomas. 3. We can promise with the greatest confidence that this steamship will pay about X20 per cent., perhaps more. Whilst sailing vessels to a great degree are oat of date, asd pay little or scarcely any interest, steam- ships pay better than ever. Even when trade was very dull, the steamships of Cardiff were paying, as a rule, about X20 per cent. per annum. We paid our f hare- holders the last-half year, ending December, 1882, at the rate of .624 10s per cent. 4. The boeks are open at the office at all times for the inspection of shareholders, and the Policy of Insu- rance may always be seen, to prove that there can be no loss through a shipwreck. 5. The shares will .be 4100 each, and to be paid as follows:— £ a. d. 10 0 on application for share. 49 0 0 December 1st, 1883. 12 10 0 in another six months. 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do. 12 10 0 ditto do Thus the share will be paid up in two years. But the interest will be paid on the whole from the com- mencement, viz., December, 1883. Thus making it convenient for all who have little mcney to invest. 6. It is understood that we do not charge any com- mission for the building of the vessel,which is the usual custom. The vessel will cost the shareholders the same amount as we are obliged to pay the builders, viz., £ 27,600 This will be an immense advantage to the shareholders to commence. The payment to us after this will be £ 2 10s per cent. upon all the profits of the brokerage, &c. going to the shareholders We espec- ially wish to draw the attention of the shareholders to these conditions, and compare them with the conditions of other firms. 7. The interest will be divided after every voyage, so that the shareholders will know from month to month what the profits of the vessel are. 8. The vessel will be on the principle of the Limited Liability Company, and we shall be the principal shareholders in it. FURTHER ADVANTAGES. 1. Every information will be found in the prospectus, or by writing to us, sach as the names of the builders, cost of the vessel, the construction of the vessel, &c., &c., which usually is not fovad in prospectuses. We are desirous for all to know the whole particulars. 2. Another great advantage is that the payment for management is so ¡')W, whilst we charge no commission on the building of the vessel. All who are "onversant with these things know that this is an immense ad- vantage, 3. No one need fear losing their money, because the ship will be insured to its full value, in case of ship- wreck, all accid nts, and also any negluot on the part of the captain. Sometimes these are neglected, but for the sake of strong security to the shareholders, the policy willlalways be shown in the office, 4 We are fully conversant with shipping affairs,and know all the principal ports and many of the principal traders in England and on the Continent have taken shares in our vessels, and send daily for shares in the Kate Thomas. 5. All are welcome to make inquiries as to our character in Cardiff, or at the National Provincial Bank of England, Cardiff, Brigend, and Dolgelley. 6. Anyone desiring for one or more shares, should write te us as below. Write soon for shares. EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO., BUTE CHAMBERS, CABDIFP. A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. I know Capt Evan Thomas and Mr Radciiffe well, and I have eve y confidence in their ability and honesty. They are not people to promise what they cannot per- form. Many of my friends are shareholders with them already. (Signed), J. CYNDDYLLAN JONES, 2, Richm nd-Crecaut, Cardiff. D R. O. W. J 0 N .h s, I D.D.. (AM.), L.D.S., F.P.B.G. DENTAL SURGEON, MARKET,PLA. E,BANGOR REQUIRES a Well-educated Youth as au >Pi RENTICE. He will have a good opportu- nity to learn High-class Dentistry. nity to learn High-class Dentistry. O. W. Jones is at Llangefni on Thur-dav in Lied wgan-road on the way to the Coanty Conrt. Tidings of Comfort and Joy. The Marvellous Cure for Corns and Waits, ? E R S TJ C A C I N E (RBCJISTEKED). Is guaranteed to remove the most painful CORN OR WART In a few days, without pain or inconvenience RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AID S KGiiONS. The following unsolicited Testimonials have been sleeted Wa'ton Liverpool, August 21, 1882. Mr Hughes, Sir,-The YRRKUCACINE reached here on Sat- urday enclosed are stamps for postage. Kindly send half-a-dozen more bottles to the above ad- dress. I must add that the VERRUCACINB is a most marvellous cure for cerm, and I am bure my friends will fully apprecate it. Enclosed is P. O.O.—Yours truly, ————— Ellesmere, Salop, Nov. 22, 1882. Sir,—I enclose postage stamps, value Is. 3d Will you please send me per return of post another bottle of YERKUCACINE. I am very much pleased with it, and can highly recommend it; as I believe by using it a few more times will entirely remove my corns, -Yours respectfully, —————. Mr R. D. Hughes. A Solicitor teritet:— 12th December, 1882, Dear Sir,—Will you please send me three bottles of your VERRUCACINE. It is the greatest b!ess. ing I ever came across. I want these bottles for friends.—Yours truly, Mr R. D. Hughes, Medical Hall. Denbigh. Sold by all Ohemists at 13^d., with ful directions and Testimonials, or by Pos for 15 Stamps from the Inventor, R. D. HUGHES, OPERATIVE CHEMIST Medical Hall, DENBIGH. Wholesale of all the London and Liverpool atent Medicine Houses. B 575

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