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PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCM COMPAQ Y. LIMITED, HOLBORN BASS, LONDON. THIRT Y-FIFTII ANNUAL REPORT. For the Year ending jrst December, 1883, THE DIRECTORS have much pleasure in INDUSTRIAL BRANCH. presenting their Report ana Accounts for "the year 18S3. The reduction in the rate of expenditure in both The Premiums actually received during the year tranches has been continued during the year. in this Branch are £ 2,501,397 14s 2<i, as compared Tha Funds of the Company h ve been increased with the sum of £ 2,126,022 3a lid received during doringlthe year by the snm of £ 759,318, in the j 1882, being an increase of Premium Receipts of Ordinary Branch £ 126,255, and in the"Induat.ial L:178,2,85 10s 3d. Ihe increase for 1882 was "Branch £ 633,5^3, raising the total assets of the £ 276 527 rs 6,1., making 0 totAlmcteaseinthe Company to £ 3,807,217. Premium Receipts for the -r,-st two years cf the It will be seen that the Investments of the year Quinquennium of £ 654,81? have been confined to the usual first-class aecurities. The Claims of the yrar amountJto; £ 912,333. ORDINARY BRANCH. L The total expends of this branch, as compared The New Business of this Branch for the year with thosn ofjthe previous vear, show a reduction in consists of 9,504 Policies, assuring the sum of the rate of expenditure of TW4 and a half per cent £ 1,166,392 and producing a New Annual Premium on the Piemiu .a Income. Income of £ 45,959. The claimsi of tha year. The Direjtors have tbougtt it advisable to make representing 526 Deaths and 21 Endowment Assur- ftfurtker addition to their number, and they have ances matured. invited Dr ROBERT EARNBS, of Harley-street, one The Annual Premium Income at the end of the of the origin9, shareholders of the Company, to a 'L The Annual Premium Income at the end of the of the origin9, shareholders of the Company, to a year is £ *00,790, being an increase of £ .),bU geatpcthe Board. Dr BASXES'S elation; will be over the year 1882 ihe increase for 1882 was subr,itted to the Meeting for confirmation. £ 22,216, making a total increase m the Premium 0 Income for tbe first two years of the Quinouen- ilium of £ 58,057. The vacancy in the Audftorship has been filled] The rate of expenditure of the Branch slightly by the appointment of Mr THOMAS WHABHIIS, of exceeds Ten percent, on the Premium Income. Glasgow, G duly qualified Shareholder. LUE ATIFVBA-VCP COMPANIES ACT, 1870.—FOUBTH SCKK> ;E. 3U.LA.VCB SHEIn of the PEUDENTIIL ASSXTP.ANCS OOMPAXF LIMITED (ORDINARY BRANCH), on the 31st December, 1883. LIABILITIES. AKSETS. £ 8 D. | £ S, D. "Life Assurance Fund .• 1,053,891 4 10 Mortgages on property within the Sickness and Assurance Fund.. 540 3 8 United Kingdom 583,717 17 7 ——"————-—— Metropolitan Board of Works 1,054431 8 tj Stock 50,550 0 0: flaitm under Life Policies Lcacn on Municipal at:d other admitted lC,731 19;) Rates 16,454 19 5 Loans on the Company's Policies 40,829 10 11 Investments In British Government Securities ( £ 150,000 Consols) 145,425*10 7 Indian and Colonial ditto 63.83G 11 9 Foreign ditto 12,281 11 6 Railwav and other Debentures and Debenture Stocks 73,842 17 7 Ditto Shares (Preference and Ordinary 20,526 12 5 Houso Propertr 89,000 0 0 Revenions 82,243 18 0 ARe,utal BFtlaiiees 9,405 0 1 Outstanding Premiums 1,721 8 5 Ditto Interest and Rente 9,180 5 2 I Cash On Deposit • £ 50,000 0 0 On current account 16,0£1 4 6 I In hand 100 0 0 —————— 66,137 4 6 r ———— £ 1,065,213 7 11 zEl,065,213 7 11 £ ,«3RAUXCS SHIFT of the PEL-DEN TIAL ASSURAXCE COMPANY LIMITED (INDUETHIAL BBANCH), on the 31st December, 1883. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. £ 0. D. £ 8. 15. Shareholders' Capital 80,0'28 0 0 j Mortgages on Property within the Life Assurance Fond 2,572,75S 6 2 United Kingdom 39,281 17 6 Ikmtingertcy Fund 100,000 0 0 LoaDs on Municipal and other ~— | Rates 812.979 0 6 2, .52,786 6 2 City of London Oorporation Bends 49,875 0 0 Claims under Liae Polices admitted 10,578 15 9 4 Investments:— In British Government Securities ( £ 350,000 New 3 per Centa.) 313,426 0 0 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stocks.. 142,374 6 5 Freehold Ground Rents 774,622 12 6 iIlousa Property 211.0(10 0 0 Scotch Feu Duties u 8,062 19 10 Freehold Estates 89,607 12 8 (Reversions 46,457 15 11 I urniture and Fittings 22.500 0 0 j Loans upon personal security 912 14 0 Agents' Balances 7,947 2 10 Outstanding Premiums 137,496 6 7 Outstanding Interest and Rents 80,677 0 3 Cash in hands of Superintendents 20,153 11 1 Cash:— On Current Account JE25,741 1 10 In hand 250 0 0 25,991 1 10 JE2,763,365 1 11 £ 2,7*63,305 1 11 THOMAS C. DEWEY", EDGAR HORNE, Chairman. WILLIAM HUGHES, J *NANB6..R. HENRY H \RBEN. | n.. W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary. BICHD. THOS. PUGH, j Uirect0K- GEO. A. KEA T ES, 22, BASGOR STREET, -CARNARYON- HIGH CLASS TAILOR. The Choicest Selection of SPRING SUITINGS in SCOTCH & IRISH OIIEVIOT3, also, a nice assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Scarfs, &c. Silk and Felt Hats in the Newest Shapes. Tootball and Cricket Clubs supplied with Jerseys, Caps, Belts, &c. on the most reasonable terms. MESSRS p. Y Å UGHTON AND SONS, JEWELLERS, &c., 193, GREAT HAMPTON-ROW, BIRMINGHAM, MAKE AT.L SORTS OF GOLD, SILVER, AND BRONZE MEDALS, FOR FOOTBALL CLUBS, EISTEDDFODAU, &c., JSADGES for Cycling Clubs and Schools. A Diagram Sheet nud Price List post free on application. SPECIAL DXflCJNS GFATIS PARIS H Oif L L A N R U G~ PANTAFON ESTATES. WEDNESDAY 26th, MARCH, 138,1 LANDS TO LET IN LOTS. MES8RSOWEN& SON are instructed to Let by Auction on the grounds, at 1 pro on Wednesday nn^t, the21-;h inot., about 100 ACIiPS of CAPITAL LAND at PttctafoB. Hafod, Pare CAP rioedyn, Pant Ifaa Bach, & in i-otafrotnuayuf Letting till 31st December, 1884. For fnrthar particulars anpiy to Mes-ra OWEN & S'îN, Auctioneers, or to lieasrs E. D. WILLIAMS a HC JHE3, Solicitirs, Carnarvon, March 19,1884. E 1017 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. BANG OR, NORTH WALES. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, IMPLEMENTS, &c. EsTABMiiHCD 1854. MESSRS W. DEW & SON beg to announce ill. that-their next SALE of Horses, Carriages, &c will be held at the Mart, udjoining the British Hotel, Bangor, on Friday, the 21st day of March, 1884. To secure Stalls all entries should be sent in not later than Friday, the 14th day of March, 1884. Welldeld House, Bangor. THE FERRY SMITHFIELD, TAL-Y-CAFN NORTH WALES. IMPORTANT TO STOCKBREEDERS, FARM- ERS, AND BUTCHERS. MONTHLY SALES OF FAT AND STORE STOCK. MESSRS POGERS AND BRUCKSHAW I-VIL beg to inform Stockbreeder?, Farmers, and the Public generally in the surrounding district, that they intend conducting a Monthly Sale of Horses. Cobs, Ponies, Horned Cattle, Sheep, Plgb Farm Picduce, aDd Agricultural Implements, at the above address, on tte First Wednesday in every month, cemmenciug Wednesday, the Cth day of March next. Messrs R & B. beg to call the attention of all haviug Fat ted Store Oattie for Sale to the great facility these Sales will aCord for the disposing of the same. All Stock consigned for Sale will receive the pCTsoua! attention of the Auctioneers. t M*'3^r^es^artit; intend* d for ^alesia respect- :u iy solicited, atd should be forwarded by post to the Auctioneers (Llati'udno Offices) at least 7 ^8. P"0/ to ^ate of •Sales, to ensure their proper cias-incation and advertising in posting bills and l cata^oguea. o A Fourteen days notire will be given in this caper of any intermediate Stves. C rnmission 6d in ',be ;C',nelud"ng all expenses, with immediate cath settlement attha conclusion of tbe ¡":?!e. CatalcgaeJ ip 11n, obtained at the principal Hofels in the district J diya previous to Sale, and cit the Auctioneers Offices lv'"i7l,-4bery/3twvth, and No. 1, James-street, Liundudao. February 8th, 1884. February 8th, 1884. fyO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, A- aboui Sixty in-lamb Mcuntaia Ewes. Apply to Mr John Prkchard, Auctioneer, Bancor. B 997 PEXlitlVN AitilS BuTr.LhUME i'AUll, BANGOR; NORTH WALES. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PBITCHARD has been instruct ed to Sell by Public Auctbn (without re- serve) 02 the Premises as above on Tuesday, April ttt, lb84, commencing ut H o'cluck noon, prompt, The res-i Jae of the re-jov.ned Pure tired and Peli. (free Piize Welsh Cattle, comprising seven Cows and Heifers, two gjatid Bolls, and three Calves, four handsome Mountain Ponies, 3 aa<i 4 years e'd; a proajisin^ entire a:ourtain Pony, 4 years oW, hy "Prine, LUwtlyn Is' a valcable dark Bay Stare Poay, risicg 5 years old 14-2iaads >ii »h. qniet in single and double HarnesF, and a Fa-t Troiter, a grasd Drown Brougham Horse, 16 hands hiph, rising 6 years old, quiet in single and double Harness; a promising Bay Cart Filley, rising tsree yesrs oM together with the whole of th" exc lent Agiicahural Impletnents, including three Carts by Crossk It and th. Bristol Waggon Co.. a capital Cattle Float, a Pig Car, Corn Dr.11, Iron Field R ller Mowing Machine, Tedd ng Machine, Horse Hay R ike. A mericau llake, Double Row Turnip Drill. Bentall'? Patent Root Pal- per, Harrows, Ploughs, Seuffler, WiaTiovring Machiae, Sbpep Feeding Racks, wood Hurdlt-s &c., &o. Descriptive Ca^lnga-1* ra »y be obtained at any of the Hotels in North Wales, and of the Auctioneer' Bodhyfryd, Bangor. B 262G PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. TOWN OF CARNARVON. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will submit to unreserved Competition, on the Premises, Rosemont, Carnarvon, about the middle of March, 1884. The whole of the Handsome and Superior House- hold Furniture, Water Colour Drawings, Oil Paint- ings, Bed and Table Linen, Glass and China, and the Out-door Effects. Detailed particulars will appear in future Ad- vertisements and Catalogues. Bodhyfryd, Bargor. 2 594 MEN AI blUDUE sMIlMFiiJILU. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, GRAZIERS, AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD begs to announce that his next Periodical S .le at Menai, Bridge will be held on Monday, Apiil 7th, 1884 for the Easter Markets. Early Entries are respectfully solicited. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. B 2580 PENRHYN ARMS HOTEL, BANGOR. GREAT UNRESERVED SALE of the Entire Con- tents of the above HOTEL, together with the Horses, Cariiages, Hearse, Mourniug Coaches, Cfller of Choice Wines, Farming Stock, and other Effects. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed t,o Sell BY PUBLIC AUCTION, without reserve, on the Premises, the Pecrbyn Arms Motel, Bangor, on TUESDAY, March 25tb, lSi4, and Six following Days (Sunday excepted), commencing each day most punctually at 11 a m, the Extensive Assemblase of Superior and Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising the contents of Thirty Bedrooms, Ten En. tertsiain g Rooms, Domestic Offices, together with the Effects at the Taproom, and the Detached Residence known as the Terrace, briefly, summarized, com- prising Suites of Furnitnre for Dining Room3 and Drawing Rooms, in Mshogany, Walnut, and Rosewood, Massive and Costly designed Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Cabinets, Seta of Mahogany Telescope Dining,Loe, Pembroke, Occasional, Writing, and Fancy Tables, a Magnificent and Elaborately Carved Oak Dininpr Room Soite in Morocoo, including Twelve Single and Two Arm Chairs, Sideboard, Book- case, Dinner Waggon, Telescope Dining Table with Four Extra Leaves and Four Footstools. Brilliant Pier and Mantel Glasses in Gilt, Oak,and Rosewood Frames, valuable Oil Paintings. Water Colour Drawings, Oleographs, and hngravirgs, Two Antique Giracirle Mirrors in Gilt Frames, Small Library of Books, Vel- veti Pile, Brussels Tap^str? add Kidderminster Ca^peta, Hearth Rugs Window PoUs and Cornices with the Hngee of the Window Drapery throughout the Honse, raour Powerful and Riot Toned Cottaee Pianofortes by Feminent London makers, furniture, Wheel Barometer English-made Clocks and. Timtpieces, Two Valu- able Antique Oak Cabinets, Cwpbwrdd Tridarn." and an Old Oak Cht at dated 169', 1726, &nd 1756; An extensive Assortment of Superior Plated Goods and Cutleiy, Richly Cat Glass Dinner Desert, Tea and Breakfast Services, Bed and Table Linen, Blankets, Qailts, a Variety of Ornamental itemH, Oriectal Valles. The Bedrooms are replete with the nsual requirements for a First class Establishment, Xitch n Furniture, Large Refrigerator, Two Patent Churns, Culinary Utensils in Brats, Copper, and Iroc. The Cellar of Choica Wines including 4 7, 54 and 57 Port, and some very old Madeira, Sherries, Brandv, Liqueurs, Hock, Claret Champagne and other Sparkling and still Wines. Ei?ht Well-seasoned Posting Horses, a Powerful Cart Mare rising Six years eld. The i.Tge aiosortment of Carriages comprise a new Omnibus to carry Fourteen Inside and Five Outside, lintel with Crimson Utretcht Velvet, Six Hooded Pbaletoca. Two Breaks, Two Cap- ital Gigs, Two NVhr el Cab, a Handsome Brougham in first-class condition, Wagonette with moveable top. Large Omnibus and W»gonettee, Four Horae Coach, Hearse, and two Mourning Co»ciiP9, Ten Set3 of Single and Double Harness, Three Double sets of Black Har- ness,set Pourinhand liaruf-sp.An assortment of Garden Tools, Cncumber Frames, Cm-en's Patent Pony Liwn Mower, Garden Roller, Garden Seats, aud numerous other Effects, detailed particulars ol which will appear in Catalogues, which may be obrained a week prior to the Sale at the principal HOTRLS in North Wales, Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, and of the AUCTIONEER, Bodbyfryd. Bangor. N.B. "The sale of the Black Cattle, Mountain Ponips slid Implements will take on TuefcdayApriiSthlSSi at 11 a. m. prompt. » 610 NORTH WALES. IMPORT ANT TO CAPITALISTS, MILLERS, CORN AND FLOUR DEALERS, AXD OTHERS. MR. J. PRITCHARD is direeted to SELL BY PJBLIC AUCTION (in consequence of the death of Mr Jno. Evans, the late Owner), at the QVJ;F.S'stIoti;l, Chester, oa SATURDAY, ArBiL 5tb, 1884, at 2.30 p.m. for 3 p.m. prompt, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then read, all those valuable (OKN MILLS, situate and known as "THE MOS7'YN QUAY STEAM CORN MILLS," MOSTTN, NORTa WALES. The abo zp> Mills occupy tlte moet advantageou? position on the of North Wales, being only 100 yards distant from the Mostyu Station, on the Che&ter and Holyhead Railway, and the same distance from the Mostyn Docks, where tbn Grain, &c., from Liverpool can be brought, to the Mills for the lowfreight of Two Shillings a Ton. The ex- tent of ground covers an area of 36S0 square yards upon which are the Mills with Granaries, Offices, Stables, Cart Sheds, Carpenter's Shop a,pd Smithy! The main Building or Mill is 102 feet long by feet wide, most substantially built of stone, and is Fcur Stories high with concrete basement. It contains Six pairs of beet French Burr stones, and one paii of small stones with Elevators, Worms and Exhaust Apparatus attached, driven by a 35 Horse Power Horizontal Condensing Engine with Double Tube Boiler in seperate Building.' The entire Machinery including "The Silks and Eureka Separating and Scouring Machine" (largest size) are of the most modern description, and capable of making 70 Sacks of 2S01bs. each day of 24 hours, together with a larg* quantity of Indian Meal and otber Feeding Stntfs. The Mills produce Four well-known Brands of Flour: have an extensive connection formed over a periud of 50 years in I Denbighshire, Flintshire, and portions of Carnarvon. shire and Merionethshire, and being in close prox- imity to a densely populated district, there is abundant demand. The Purchaser will be required to taka the Horses, Lorries, Loose Trad) UnteDsils and Ofiiee Furniture at a valuation (which will be produced at the Sale, and caa he inspected a week previously at the Offices o? the Solicitors and the Auctioneer), and the Stock-in-Trade at the Market Price of the day. The .1 enure is Leasehold for a term of 40 years from September 20,h 1877, at a ground-rent of £ 80 per aum in. The above genuine concern especially commends itself to the attention ion of Capitalists and others. For farther mfo;m?.tion or to inspect the Lease, application may be made to Messers GOLD EEAVAXDS and KHTOX, Solicitors, Denbigh, cr the AucTionEEa, Bodhyfryd, Bangor. I BANGOR. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY.—The Freehold Hovel known as the Itoyal Oak. with the exter-,tive Yard, Stables, and Coach House, now in the occupation of Mr Turner, also the corner Shop and Dwelling House adjoiuing, lato in the occupation of Mr Wright. For particulars aud to treat apply to Mr JOHN PRITCifAECD, Auctioneer, Bangor. B 984 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CASTLE-STREET, CONWAY. 1- ~|TR JOHN PRITCHARD has been instruct- J.TJL ed to Sell by Public Auction, on the Premises as above, abort the middle of April, isg-t, the whole of the Valuable Household Furniture and Effects, the property of the late William Hughes, Esq., Solicitor, deceased. Further particulars in future Advertisements. Bodhyfryd Bangor. v 25S2 B A N G U li IMPORTANT TO MASTER MARINERS, SHIP OWNERS AND OTHERS. Mli JOHN PRITCHARD will Sell by Public Auction on the Beach at Hirael, Bangor, on Friday, April 4th, 1884 at 2 p.m. The well- known Smack "Busy" of Beaumaris of about 70 Top,; Burthen, as she now lies under the ship building yard of Mr cms THOMAS, together with the whole of the excellent materials. Bcdhvfryd. Bargor. ~TOKT~oFUak n A1IVi>V~ THE PERCH BEACON at the South West -L Entrance to the Menai Straits,having been this day carried away. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That, (until the Beacon cpn be replaced, A Blarfc Nun Buoy with Caue on top will be moored to mark the position. JOHN JACKSON, PORT SURVEYOR, Harbeur Office, Carnarvon, 11th March, 18S4. COLLIERY AGENCY. A LONDON SHIPPING FIRM of repute doing an extensive business in AUSTHALIAN COAL iu willing to accept the EXCLUSIVE AGENCY of a FIRST CLASS COLLTBRT, Shipping at Birkenhead.- Apply by letter with paiticulars (which will be regarded as confidential) to "MERTHYR" care of MESSRS W. DAWSON & SONS, 121 Cannon- Street, LONDON, E.O. HOLYHEAD UNION. MASTER AND MATRON WANTED. THE GUARDIANS of the above Union will be prepared, at their Meeting to be held on the 1st of April next, to ronsider applications for the appointments ef MASTER and MATRON of their Workhouse at Valley. Candidates must be singlq persons, conversant with the Welsh and English languages, and fully competent to discharge the duties r- gaired by the regulations of the Local Government Board and the Guardians. The Salary of the Master will be £ 30 per annum, and that of the Matron £ 20, with rations, washing and appartments in the Work- house. The appointments will be made subject to the approval of the Local Government Board. The persons appointed will be required to give ap- proved security iu the fium ot £ 50 each, and to commence duty on the 1st day of May next. Applications in the handwriting of the Candi- date-.ttating age, present and previous occupation, and accompanied by three testimonials cf recent date, to be sent to me on or before Saturday, the 29th inst. By order, JAMES E. HUGHE3, ClBBK TO THE GuAliDIAXS. Board Room, Valley, ABeIesey. March, 18S4. CARNARVON L"IS ION. PROVISIONS, 4o, THE Guardians of the above-named Union be- ing desirous of entering into Contracts for the Supply of Goods and Materials for tbe use of the Workhouse thereof during a period of Six Months, from the 22nd March inst., hereby issue a public advertisement of their willingness to receive Tend- ers for the supply of such articles. A statement of the amount of each article likely to be required during that period, and of the quan- tity or Lumber of each article consumed dtiling the corresponding period of the preceding y:ar, for the information of persons proposing to tender, as,'well as the form of Tender.may be had of theMns- ter, on application at theUnion House, Carnarvon. Tendcra must be under seal, and are required te be sent to me addressed to the Union HOi:¡:¡". Car. narvon, so as to be received not later tha i Friday, the 21st inst. J. HENRY THOHAS. Clerk to the Guardians. Carnarvon, Ma^h I4th, 1884. P.S.—Form of Tender may also be had on ap- plication at my Office, 14, Market-street MORIUS V. MORRIS. PURSU ANT to an order of the County Court 71 JL of Denbigh holden Rt Ruthin. marie in an action Morris against Morris (1884 No. 534) and to directions given by the Judge of the High Court of Justice, to whom the said aeticn is row assigned. The creditors of WILLIAM MORRIS late of Pen-y-bryn, Llanfwrog, in the C miity of Denbigh, Butcher, who died ia or about the month of September, 1883, are on or before the 7th day of April. 1884, to Fend by post prepaid to MR EDWARD ROBERTS of the firm of LLOYD 4 ROBERTS of Ruthin, in the County of Denbigh, the solicitors of, the defendant MARY MORRIS, the administratrix of the deceased, their Christian and Surnames, and if a Grm, the Christian and Surnames of each partner thereof, addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their clpims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities tif any) held by them, or, in default therof, they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the .said order. Every creditor holding anv fecurifcp is produce the same be- fore the VICE-CHANCELLOR BACON at his Chambers situated in t}j« R0yal Courts of Justice Strand, Middlesex, on Wednesday the 2'ird day of April. 1884, at 12 o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims. Dated this 10th day of March, 1883. E. LIONEL CLARKE, Chief Clerk. Rooks & Co, 1C, King*strt-ct. Chenpside. E.O., Agents for Llewelyn Adorns of R.ithin, Plaintiff s Solicitor. 1Io'lO¡I1ny's Piltl.-No Mystery. — Whcnever the blood is impure or the general health is impaired the human body is prediaposed to attacks of any prevailing epHemic. The first indications of faulty action, the first fensations of de»-finge(j or diminished power, should be rectified by these purifying Pilh, which will cleanse all corrupt and reduce all erring functious to order. These Pills counteract the tubtle poisons in decaying animal or vegetable matter, and remove all t mnency to bowel complaints, biliousness, and the of an. noying svmptoLis arising from foul stomachs. The fruit season is especially prone to produce ir- ritation of tile towc]s Md disorders of tho dila- tive organs; b-tli of which dangerous conditions ( can be completely removed by Hoiloway's correc- tive medicines. 1 Agents, Clerks, Managers, Music Teachers, I \\t AN TED, to obtain Orders for Pianos, American Organs, and Harmoniums. Hire System. Good Commission. None but respect- able persons need apply.—J. Bentiey, Small Heath, Birmingham. u 1014 Heath, Birmingham. E 1014 1 I TO CORRESPONDENTS. POUTDINOKWIC NoTr;a.—Crowded cut. METROPOLITAN MF.MS.—Held over. GEO. JONES, PBNTONTILLK.—Your inte'esting ac- count of our countrymen in London unavoidably omitted. ABEKYSTWTTH COLLEGE LECTURES.—We regret to have to omit report.3 of two different lectures for the same reason, viz., want of space. AN INTERESTING ACCOUNT OF A VOYAOS TO AUS- TRALIA is in type, but. unavoidably left over till next week. 1-


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