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MOLD. ROBIN DDU ERYRI.- We are informed that this veteran Welsh bard and historian is now on a tour through a portion of North Wales, and this being his farewell tour, as might be ex- pected, he is everywhere enthusiastically received. The respected gentleman, who is now approaching hia 84th year, and is in the etljoyment of perfect health, is engaged to lecture in English at the Tabernacle, Buckley, on the 4th proximo, and in Welsh at Mold on the previous evening. CHEAP TRAIN.—On Friday, the 4th proximo, a > cheap train wi 1 run from Mold and intermediate stations to Chester, returningthesame day at II p.m. lor the purpose of allowing passengers an opportu- nity of bearing Gilbert and Sullivan's new opera "Princess Ida" at the Royalty Theatre. As the return fare is less than half the ordinary price, many persons will doubtless be glad to avail them- selves of the opportunity. PHOTOGRAPHING.—Caddick, the renowned photo- grapher, is paying his annual visit to this town. The visit terminates on Good Friday. BroDY BROWN AGAIN !!—This well-known char- acter was charged at the County Hall on Monday last with being drunk and disorderly in her house in New-street, thereby disturbing the public in general aud her neighbours in particular. Being unable to pay the fine inflicted of £ 1 and costs, her ladyship was sent to Ruthin for 14 days, with hard labour. PLEASANT EVENING.—One of these series of en- tertainments will be held at the Westminster-road School-room next Monday evening. In addition to a variety of songs and other items, the pro- gramme will include a performance of a farce, en- titled "The Rehearsal," in which four ladies and five gentlemen will take part. We hope the meet- ing will be well attended, as it is some time since the last was held. THE WEATHER during the past week has been very seasonable and enjoyable. We have had bright sunshine in ^tho day time as well as fine evenings,if they have been somewhat cold. COMING or AGE OF MB P. TALTON .OAVIES COOKB--A. meeting, which was well attended, of the tenantry of the Gwysaney estate was held at "I the Dolphin Hotel last week for the purpose of considering the best means of celebrating the above event. A subscription list was opened, and up- wards of JE20 was promised at the meeting. The following were appoiuted as committee :-Messrs J. Lloyd, Anteiope (chairman), W. Evans, W. Williams, E, Price, W. G. Jones, and J. Mattiison, Mold; T. Ellis, Leeswood Hall; R. Davies, Soughton J. Davie?, Oreg, and W. Hewitt, Buck. ley J. Black well, Alcen E. Jones, Gwernaffield; Owen, Tyddyn.y.gwynt; and W. Roberts, Simddai Hir. Mr J. Corbell kindly consented to act as treasurer, and Mr Ernest A. Craft as secre- tary, and subscriptions will be gladly received by any of the gentlemen named above or at either of the banks. The presentation will probably take the form of a piece of silver plate—an illuminated address, and the event will be celebrated by sports, 4tc, in the town. VESTRY MBBTING.-The annual vestry meeting for the appointment of overseers and guardians of the poor for this parish, and for passing the ac- counts of the burial board was held last week at the vestry-ioom in the parish church-yard. Mr G. Roberts presided. The attendance of parish- ioners was very limited. Mr J• E. Davies proposed, and Mr John Rothwell seconded, that the retiri&g guardians, viz Messrs J. Corbett, E. r. Edwards, 15. Jonea, Gwernafleld; E. Jones, Bistree; — Griffiths, Pistyll, Nerquis; E. Peters, Leeswood, be re-elected, andthia was carried unanimously. í Mr John Hughes, Henffordd, and Mr W. Hockey, seconded that the retiring overseers, Messrs .&< ward Griffiths, grocer; Job Edwaids, confection- j er G. Taylor, Bryn-v-baal, and James Griffiths, Ty newydd, be re-elected, and this was also un* j I animously agreed to. The accounts of the burial board, and the report of the auditors (Messrs J. E. Davies, and-Haghes) were submitted by the clerk to the board (Mr J. R. Bothwell), and passed un- I animously. The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman on the motion of Mr Mor- gan, seconded by Mr W. Dykinet, MOLD CYCLING CLUE.—This club is making satisfactory progress this year, a good number of members having already been enrolled. Mr J. Corbett, the respected vice president, has with his accustomed generosity presented the club with a handsome bugle, upon which is engraved a suit. able inscription. The firet meet of this season will take place place on Good Friday, when, weather permitting, the members will journey to. gether to Llangollen. an out which is certain to be enjoyable, if the elements above] are at all pro- pitious. The committe of the club are, we under- stand, using every endeavour to secure a track close to the town, to obviate the necessity of going elsewhere, and as this, if arranged, will be a special boon to all cyclists, persons interested in this popular recreation should assist the club in their endeavours to meet the requirements of local cyclists. The hon. secretary (Mr H. C. Earl) is arranging a number of meetd for the ssason, a list of which will shortly be published. INTERESTING TO YAGBANTS.—As will be seen by notices issued by Mr Peter Brown, the chief constable of Flintshire, the Berkshire system came into force in North Wales on Tuesday last (Lady Da7). The wayfarer receives a ticket from the assistant relieving officer of the union, where he passes the night, and this ticket ensures him a good ration of bread at a certain place on the road he wi!l travel the next day. All excuse for begging being thus done away with, the public are earnestly request ad not to give food or money to beggars, as by so doing they only encourage idle vagabonds, and thus cause an increase of crime as well as of rates. All destitute persons passing through the North Wales counties are provided for by night at the workhouses, and by day foed is administered under the directions of the police at Mold, Connah's Quay, and Overton, and tramps or beggars should be referred to the nearest police constable. CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY.— At the Town Hall, on the 1st proximo, a public meeting will be held under the auspices of the above society, when the chair will be occupied by MrP.A.Lloyd,Pentrehobin. The following speakers are announced-Oltnka A spin all, Esq., Coroner of Liverpool; the Rev H. B. Bltogg, Vicar ot Frods. ham the Rev Morgan Rees, Rector of Llangwy. fan, and other gentlemen. Temperance songs will be sung by a choir composed of members of the band of hope. EXCHANGE OF PULPITS.—On Sunday last the Rev Thomas Roberts, independent minister, occu- pied the pulpit of the Calvinistic Methodist Chbpel, and the Rev Roger Edwards, the minister of that chapel, preached at Bethel Independent Chapel. In his discourse on Sunday morning the Rev T. Roberts referred to the revival services recently held in that place of worship (full particulars of which appeared in cur columns), and to the great good which bad resulted from the visit of the -Itev Richard Owen to this district. These good results were, the preacher remarked, only to be accounted for by the fact that the people had fervently and faithfully prayed that they might come to pass, and they had prayed in the full belief that their supplications would be granted. Theie was prayer and expectation, these were the secret of the abun- dant outpouring of the Holy Ghost which had taken place, and every religious revival had re- sulted from the same cause. The rev gentleman dwelt upon the vast amount of ungodliness which exists in our midst in various forms, and exhorted his hearers to continue in earnest prayer to Al- mighty God that He might be pleased to send a more abundaat outpouring of His Holy Spirit in our miasc so that those who are at present in- different as to their spiritual condition may be brought to repent their sin and seek salvation. The preacher urged upon his hearers the necessity of constant prayer to Almighty God for the fulfil- ment of His promises concerning the salvation of mankind We believe the exchange of pulpits on Sunday was appreciated by both congregations, and we do not see why it should be confined to two denominations. The more and the oftener it takes place the better. THE CLOSING OF THE SHOPS.—Next week a number oi shops which are closed during the winter months at seven o'clock will be open an hour later each evening, and this rule will be in force throughout the summer. Seeing that the shops are at present open eleven hours-and on Saturday fourteen hours—ordinary people do not see the reason why the assistant should have to work another hour, and we have heard the question Bsked several times, but have on no occasion heard any satisfactory answer. It cannot be on account of the briskness of trade in our midst, at any rate we should think not, for we are told the tradesmen who are unwilling to close their shops early complain that there is "no trade in the town." We have heard many of them cry their Jeremiads loudly, and it has occurred to us that if there is no trade doing some of the shops might as well be closed; at any rate, eleven hours would be quite long enough to keep them open. It appears there is a good deal of oinconsiatenay somewhere, and the poor assistants have to suffer from it. THE SALVATION ABMY.—It is stated that unless this movement revives in our midst during the next few weeks the "officers" will be removed rom Mold. The nightly procession now numbers about a dozen persons, and many people in town are surprised that the army here has not entirely collapsed long since. MOLD NOTES. I regret that a few printers' errors occurred in my" Notes" of last week, which I fear must have made the grammatical sense of one or two of my paragraphs almost unintelligible. Whether it was the fault of the compositor, or whether I am to blame that my copy was not sufficiently plain, I cannot say. If the lattsr, I must crave your forgiveness, Mr Editor,and also that of my readers. With in Jack Evans's letter should have been "urth" (earth), whilst "masher" in another paragraph was printed master." DENBIGH 1. MOLD.—As will be seen from the football columns this week, a match was played here between these teams on Saturday last. Though resulting (according to the decision of the referee) in a draw, one goal each, I am decidedly of opinion that the visitors exhibited the best play. [ I was reallv glad to find a total absence of disputes during the game, and above all, of the bad language complained of in these columns last week. The spectators, too, behaved in a manner befitting persons in the enjoyment of witnessing a real old English game. Biddy Brown, it appears, has again been hauled up before her betters," for the offence of drunkenness. Biddy has hitherto escaped im- prisonment by the payment of a fine, but £ 1 and costs being apparently beyond the resources o £ her excheqiier.0 she has been conveyed to H. M. up before her betters," for the offence of drunkenness. Biddy has hitherto escaped im- prisonment by the payment of a fine, but £ 1 and costs being apparently beyond the resources o £ her exchequer,' she has been conveyed to H. M. Temperance Hotel at Ruthin, where it is to be hoped a sojourn of 14 days will have a beneficial effect. A few weeks ago, the Salvation Army seamed to have greatly increased, but, from some cause or other, the numbers have ^dwindled, so that there are scarcely a dozen persons in their nightly pro- cession. It is currently reported that the "powers that be- amongst them contemplate closing barracks in this town shortly? unless their "talents" are better appreciated by the Moldavians. Instead of singing as was their wont in the major key, the Salvation Army's goiue Up Up Up!" they (had better sing iiw: refrain in the minor key," tfce Salvation Army's going down down down What a loss (?) it will be to the inhabitants generally should this be the case, and how they will mies the melodious voices of some of the non-commissioned officers. • During the past week, the Dolphin field (or as it is better known, Coelia Moch"), to the delight of the youthful portion of the population (and if the crowds that have assembled there each night represent in any way the feelings of the adult portion, what tends to their amusement also), has been the scene of a regular "variety fair." A f well M the hobby horses and swing boats, I noticed various modes of rifle practice, ball and I ring throwing, &c &c., together with a number of shows," the latter, of course, being of the I imitated by many, but equalled by none" I description. The bright light of the numerous I I lamps gives the place quite a lively appearance, whilst the din of one or two organs playing at the same time, impresses one with the idea taat they mean business. QUILLB PBNNB. MOLD JOTTINGS. I hear that the same company which performed so successfully at the Town Hall on Shrove Tuesday will, at the request of the Rev J. M. Evans, shortly hold a similar entertainment at Bistree in aid of the National Schools Fund. Friday evening last, at tho Pioneer Lodge of Good Templars was as pleasant an evening as one could have wished to spend. Two persons were initiated and three more proposed for membership. The business of the session having been tran- sacted, the remainder of the evening was spent in a convivial manner with songs, recitations, and readings. The subject of the vicar's sermon on Sunday evening last was the strength necessary in waging war against the spiritual enemies-the world, the flesh, and the devil. The usual intercessory ser- vice was held at 8 p.m. THE SCHOOLMASTER FROM HOME."—Whilst walking in the vicinity of Wrexham-street I came across the following notice conspicuously posted:—



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