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THE ONLY PENNY PAPER CIRCULATING THROUGHOUT NORTH WALES. -B E S T- Aclvertisirtg Medium I IN THE DISTRICT. I i GUARANTEED I THE p LARGEST THE CIRCULATION OF ANY ENGLISH PAPER PUBLISHED IN NORTH WALES. To Let, j TO LET, Furnished or Unfurnished, PLAS ISA, GARTH. JL Detached HOUSE, with GARDEN -Apply to Mr W. Francis Williams. TO LET, from November 12th, 1884, THE ROYAL I OAK HOTEL (near the North Wales College), ^ANGOR (Free House), with extensive Stabling and Coach-houses. Rent £ 42 a year. Apply to Mr John -*■ ritchard, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Bangor. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, AMLWCH. I^OR Terms, &c., apply to Mr. W. H. THOMAS -*■ Lewis' Buildings, Amlwch. "D ANGOR.—TO BE LET or SOLD, a DWELLING p HOUSE, containing Four Bedrooms, a Sitting-room, Parlour, Two W.C.s, Two Kitchens, with large garden at the back. Situate at Caelleppa. Splendid view of surrounding district.-Apply at i<9. High-street, Bangor. To BE LET, in High-street, Bangor, the well-known JL Shop and Premises, known as the New London House (recently occupied by the late Mr JOHN PARKY), suitable OR any Trade or Business,] and situate in the principal °roughfare of the City.—Apply Mrs E. ROBERTS, Port _J^NRHYN House, Bangor. Sales. FOR SALE. VALUABLE PROPERTY in centre of Presteign. To VALUABLE PROPERTY in centre of I'resteign. To p be Sold on easy term*. Write, GEO. II. BARLOW, r°perty Agent, Hereford. CJEVERAX YILLAS FOR SALE, and TO LET, in ^LE City of Hereford.—GEO. H. BARLOW, Here- A WHITECHAPEL GIG, for Sale. As good as new. ^1. On view at Mr John Parry 's, the Coach Builder, danger. r^lARNARVON.—Grocery Business to be Disposed ot VJ in one of the principal streets. Established 54 years. Rent moderate.—Apply to Miss E. BRYAN, Castle-street, Carnarvon. Wants. WANTED immediately, a SCHOONER, 170 to 250 tons burden. Also one 300 to 350 tons burden, Class not necessary, but rnllst be in good conditon.— Apply to A. OGLE, U, James-street, Liverpool. WANTE D small detached Country Cottage, with large Garden or small Field. Moderate Rent.—State full particulars to Mr Lancaster. 3. Glover-street, Birken- head. A GENT (Local, with influence) wanted by a firm of Manufacturing School Stationers.—Apply by letters °Box, 1228, Sell's Advertising Offices, 167, Fleet Street, London. \\TANTED, in North Wales, to Rent or Buy, Fur- T n»shed or otherwise, a SMALL MODERN HOUSE, With Garden. Outbuildings, and a few Acres of Pasture, Y!. SOME^ Rabbit Shooting preferred, near Town or 1 AN<* RAILWAY Station. Sheltered from east and ■J,01 •State full particulars to W. T., 3, Garden-street, Kamsbottom, Lancashire. WANTED, by an Experienced Man, a Situation to REPRESENT a good Scotch Retail Drapery and Out- ing House. Has a good connection amongst families In Carnarvonshire and Anglesey,-Apply H. J. R., Mr R. Taylor, Victoria-street, Twthill, Carnarvon. DRAPERy.-WANTED, Two Junior Young Men to :D the General Drapery, also Six Young Ladies as Apprentices to the Millinery and Dressmaking.-Apply to O. D. JONES, Bon Marche and London House, Car- narvon. TO JOINERS, CARPENTERS, AND WHEEL- WRIGHTS.—WANTED, a Working Foreman, to take charge of Wagon Works, at Llanwnda.— Apply, with ltestim oiiials, to R. Williams and Sons, 3U, Old Hall-street, Liverpool. J^ERVANTS REGISTRY OFFICE, for N urses, Cooks, I Housemaids, Waitresses, and General Servants. All applications promptly attended to by Miss REES, Berlin and Fancy Repository, Bangor-street, Carnarvon. THE CORPORATION OF MANCHESTER require -F- a respectable Energetic .Man, having a good connec- J?N> to represent them in the districts of Carnarvon and MERIONETHSHIRE for the sale of their CONCENTRATED "1ANURE. None but those who are well-known will be eligible.—Apply to HY. WHILEY, Town Hall, Man- tester. A GENTS, CLERKS, MANAGERS. MUSIC TEACII- ERS WANTED, to obtain Orders for Pianos. American Organs, and Harmoniums. Hire System. Good Commission. None but respectable persons need apply.— J. Bentley, Small Heath, Birmingham. [1005 £ '9 WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY and HONESTLY REALISED by persons of EITHER -KX, without hindrance to present occupation.—For Particulari, & enclose addressed envelope to EVANS WATTS, & OMPANY (P 975), Merchants, Birming- aiT1-—This isgenuine. 484 To INVESTORS.—Safe investment for any amount of JY money in the Lleyn and Eifionddd Building Society. LVLDEND for a full year, from 5J and (J per cent.-For 2 R RticulARS apply to the Secretary, D. E. Davies, Char- eredj^ccountant, Pwllheli. ] 004 T IVERPOOL COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY. LmiTED.—LOANS of from £10 to *■1000 promptly granted, and the Interest charged unusu- moderate. Personal or other security. Share Certi- ficates, Dock Bonds, Life Policies, &c.—Apply to B. Roberts, City Road, Chester or to James Smith, Secre- tary, 21, Whitechapel (Corner of Stanley-street). 1028 AHl\IY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office in the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge, with a pamphlet containing detailed information as to the Con- ditions of Service and Advantages of the Army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay, and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eligible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimental District at Wrexham, or to the nearest Voluntary Sergeant Instruc- tor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for any arm of the Regular Service they may select. 101 (J Amusements' pRlTEKION THEATRE, Picadilly, W. Original Comedy. Charles Wyndham and a Powerful Com- pany every evening at 8. Prices, Is to £ 3 3s. T. E. Sinale, Manager. ALHAMBRA THEATRE, London. "THE BEG- -kA- GAR STUDENT." A Comic Opera and Brilliant 13allets every night. W. Holland, Manager. HRLNCE'S THEATRE, Coventry-street, London, W. r Every Evening, at 8.15, "CALLED BACK." Pro- prietor and Manager, Mr Edgar Bruce. VAUDEVILLE THEATRE, Strand, London. Every Evening at 8, Saints and Sinners. Prices Is to ^2 2s. Sidney Alport, Acting Manager. PRAND THEATRE, ISLINGTON. Lessee and Manager, Mr Chas. Wihiiot, Puss in Boots" 94 Boxing Night at 8. Public Notices. NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, LIMITED. NINETY-SECOND DIVIDEND. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Dividend of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 31st ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a Bonus of Seven Shillings and Sixpence per Share, will be paid to the proprietors, free of income tax, on and after the 12th instant, at the Head Office and the respective Branches. The.TRANSFER BOOKS will be CLOSED from this date to the 12th instant, inclusive. By order of the Directors, R. MEREDITH JONES, Liverpool Manager. Liverpool. 2nd January, 1885. ASSEMBLY ROOM, ROYAL SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CARNARVON. SECOND LECTURE, ON TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, JANUARY 13th, ox The Gospel of the Kingdom—The kingdom of heaven, What is it ? Where shall it it be ? When shall it come ?" Lecture at S o'clock. Admission Free. A SAFE INVESTMENT. THE Book Shop, Market Hall, Bangor, containing about 8000 Vols, of New, Old, and Second-hand well-selected Books, also a full practical instruction in the Book Markets, all offered for £250. As it is the only Old Book Shop in North Wales, by sending out 300 small catalogues every three months, and advertising in the local papers, in the three years the concern would be worth .£1500. QUEEN INSURANCE CO., OF LIVERPOOL FIRE AND LIFE. Total funds in hand £ 1,087,763 and in addition the uncalled capital £ 1,020,315 Together .82,708,078. IN the FIRE Department all kinds of property are in- sured at moderate rates, and Losses are promptly and liberally dealt with. In the LIFE Department the rates are moderate, the condition most liberal, large Bonuses are added every five years, and Claims are paid immediately on proof of death. The addition to policies at the last Division was at the rate of £75 per £1000. Agent at Upper Bangor, Henry Davies, Post Office. Agents at Carnarvon, G. B. Thomas and Son, Flour Merchants, to whom apply for full particulars and pro- posal forms, &c. VISITORS TO LONDON. GWALIA HOUSE, (HOME FROM HOME) PRIVATE HOTEL, 8 AND 9, UPPER WOBURN PLACE, TAVISTOCK- SQUARE, LONDON, W.C. Three minutes' walk from Euston, Midland, and Great Northern Stations fifteen minutes' from Paddington, by the Underground Railway to Gower-street Station. EXTENSION OF PREMISES. GWALIA HOUSE, being very extensively patronised, G it had become an agreeable necessity on my part to look out for more accommodation, I have now great plea- sure in announcing that I have added to it this week, the next House, feeling sure that the kind friends, who have made Gwalia House, from time to time, their HOME FROM HOME," will continue to patronize it, and re- commend it to others Bed and Breakfast, 3s 6d, including attendance. TY GWALIA. Ty llawn a llety Iloiivdd-Ty Gwalia Teg ei olwg bounydd Ty a'i glod ar dant gwledydd, Tro i fewn, dy gartref fydd.-DYFED. PKOI-KIETOB—EDWARD JENKINS. COMMERCIAL BOARDING AND LODGING HOUSE, TEMPERANCE HOTEL 2, POOL-STREET, CARNARVON, (Late Mr William Griffith). Well-aired Beds and Good Accommodation for Tourists and Visitors. The House is situated within a few minutes' walk of the Railway Station, and near the magnificent ruins of Carnarvon Castle. 1007 D. WILLIAMS, PROPRIHTOR. JOHN LLOYD, ACCOUNTANT, PUBLIC AUDITOR, AND ESTATE AGENT. MASONIC HALL, BANGOR Agent for the "Royal" Fire and Life Assurance Company, and the Scottish Provident Institution. PROFESSIONAL NOTICE E. C. CLARKE, L.D.S., R.C.S., DENTAL SURGEON BULKELEY TS33A0E, fILGJ ST., May be consulted daily upon all cases appertaining the Teeth. ATTENDS at Penmaeninawr and Bethesda every alternate Thursday Painless Dentistry by Nitrous Oxide Gas. [117 NEW PATENTS FOR BRICKMAKING AND BRICKPRESSING MACHINES. W LLIAM JOHNSON invites attention to his Patent Lever Steam Brick- pressing Machine, which, with two boys, will press 10,000 bricks per day equal to best handwork Al,() his Patent Brick-making Machine, which will make 10,000 semi-plastic bricks per day ready for kiln, at much less cost in wear and tear and labour than any other machine made. OFFICE—QUEEN'S-ROAD, LEEDS. TO FAT PERSONS.—How to remove superfluous fat, cure obesity, and improve the health without semi-starvation dietary or Taiiguing exercise, by F. C. RUSSELL (late of 15, Grove-street). Recipe and other particulars will be sent free on receipt of stamped envelope to F. C. RUSSELL, Woburn House, Store- London, W.O NEW FRUIT! NEW FRUIT! NEW VALENCIAS, NEW SULTANAS, NEW MUSCATELLS, NEW CURRANTS, NEW FIGS, NEW JORDAN ALMONDS, NEW LEMON PEEL, NEW ORANGE PEEL, NEW CITRON PEEL. Plum Puddings and Mince Meat IN JARS AND TINS, AT WILLIAMS AND HUMPHBEYS, GROCERS, DEINIOL HOUSE, (Next door to the Market). BANGOR. AND 31, HOLYHEAD ROAD, UPPER BANGOR. AGENTS FOR W. & A. Gilbey's Wines and Spirits. Huntley & Palmer's Cakes aud Biscuits. Tom Smith s Celebrated Bon Bon's. Scholastic. THE HIGH SCHOOL, CASTLE-SQUARE (OLD POST OFFICE), CARNARVON. PRINCIPAL Mr J. LEWIS JONES, B.A. (High Honorman, Prizeman (1st Rank), Senior Moderator and.Gold Medalist of Trinity College, Dublin. Pupils are carefully prepared for the Public Schools, Universities, Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, Preliminary Examinations in Law and Medicine. N.B.—A Special Evening Class is hel for young men, preparing for Preliminary and Civil Service Examina- tions. This School will re-open on Monday, August 11th. CHESTER HOUSE SCHOOL, G and 7, UPPER NORTHGATE-STREET, CHESTER. Boarding School for Boys. A HIGH-CLASS Course for Pupils intended for Busi- ness. Pupils prepared for Civil Service and all Public Examinations. For terms and references apply to the PRINCIPAL. 1038 COLES HALL QRAMMAR gCHOOL. Healthfully situated, seven miles north-west of Stafford. PUPILS are carefully prepared for Commercial pur- suits, and for Pharmaceutical and other Examinations. A few vacancies at the September term. Prospectus on application to the Principal, 1037 MR. J. HARGREAVES. THE TATTENHALL SCHOOLS, NEAR 1 CHESTER. The Preparatory School is for Boys from six to twelve years old. The pupils are well grounded in Elementary subjects, and carefully trained into correct habits. Pupils in the Upper School—all above 12 years old-are pre- pared for the Cambridge Local and other Examinations, or for Professional and Commercial pursuits. The locality is healthy and pleasant; the school-room and dormitories spacious and well ventilated splendid cricket field .bath- room, &c. Terms moderate. 103d ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAMPETER THE COLLEGE SCHOOL AND JUNIOR DEPARTMENT. TUITION FEES: Division I (boys over 14).— £ 3 per term brothers, X2 10s, or £9 and £ 7 10s a year. Division II (boys under 14).— £ 2 per te rm, XG per annum. BOARDING AND LODGING OF PUPILS. (I)-The Boarding House Fees, including Tuition, X16 per term for boys over 14, and £ 15 for boys under 14, and for brothers. (2)-The Hostel (a) Lodging, Attendance, &c., 3s a week. (b) Board and Lodging, 12s a week.. PRESENT STAFF OF THE SCHOOL. Classics-Mr J. J. LLOYD WILLIAMS, M.A. (Tutor in Charge). Higher Mathematics-Mr E. H. CULLEY, B.A. Natural Sciences-Prof. SCOTT. Higher English and Modern Languages—Prof. TOUT. Elementary History—Mr T. EVANS, History Scholar, S.D.C. Elementary English and Vocal Music — Mr JOHN WILLIAMS. N.B.-Religious Instruction given by the Principal to those pupils only whose parents request it in writing. All fees to be paid in advance. Examination for Exhibitions, ranging in value from Free Tuition and Lodgings in Hostel to £3, will be held on September 18th. Candidates can be examined near home.-Apply to the Principal or Tutor in Charge. 1035 UPPER BANGOR COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, CONDUCTED by the Rev. D. D. Jones. Terms, One C Guinea and a half and Two Guiueas per quarter, ac- cording to branches taught. 5, Fen'rallt-road. rjiHE OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL. CLASSES Class I. provides special preparation for University Colleges, and conditions of admission can be had on appliction. Classes II. and III. provide preparation for the Oxferd Local Examinations (for which Oswestry is centre), and for Public Examinations goner- y Classes IV. and V meet the general requirements of Business and Commercial pursuits. Class VI. is preparatory for Class V., and Boys can be received into this Class at an early age. Five Vacancies for Boarders next January. Parents of intending Pupils will kindly apply as soon as possible. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Lists of Candidates for the Senior and Junior Scholarships are now closed. Candidates for the additional Scholarship (over 15 years of age) may apply on or before the 20th of this month. OWEN OWEN, M.A., Head Master. Scholastic- EIRIANFA LADIES' SCHOOL, NEAR ST. JAMES'S CHURCH, UPPER BANGOR. PRIXCIPAL-MRS SWAN. THE Course of Study is intended to fit pupils for the JL requirements of the University, Local, and College of Preceptors' Examinations. Thirty-eight Certificates have been obtained by present pupils since 1881. A Kindergarten Class will be commenced the ensuing term for elementary pupils, and Latin will be added to the school course in the senior division. The term will begin FRIDAY, January 30th, 2 p.m. Successful preparation for the North Wales University College. Bangor, January, 1885. II L L E S M E R E LADIES' COLLEGE, J ELLESMERJil, SHROPSHIRE. Conducted by the MISSES PADDOCK. This School combines the advantages of modern education with the care and comforts of home. Situation healthy. Terms moderate. Prospectus on application. TN a select LADIES' SCHOOL, for resident Pupils 1 only, healthily situated near Shrewsbury, there are a few Vacancies. Foreign governesses and professors attend. Inclusive terms for board, with tuition in En- glish, French, and Music. 30 guineas per annum under twelve 25 guineas. A happy home during the holidays, if required—For particulars, address Mrs. Heath, 103, Graham-road, Hackney, London. LLWYN-ON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, PORTMADOC. HEAD-MASTER: MR. J. H. LEWIS (1st. B.A, Lond.) late Assistant Tutor at the Bangor Training College PUPILS are carefully prepared for all Public Ex- ± aminations. Numerous successes during the last five years. Special advantages offered to candidates preparing for the Training Colleges. Boarders re- ceived Terms moderate. Special preparation for the North Wales University College. HOLYHEALMJTRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD-MASTER R. MORGAN JONES, B.A., ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, CAMBRIIIGE. mHE aim of the Education given at this School is to _L fit boys for the Universities, the various Colleges, the Preliminary Examinations, the Oxford and Cam- bridge Local Examinations, the Civil Service, and I Commercial Pursuits generally. Prospectus on appli- cation. Next Term begins January 19th, 1885. 224 MOUNT HOUSE SCHOOL, UPPER BANGOR, N.W. BANGOR, N.W. THE Course of Study at this School is so arranged as to fulfil all modern requirements. The following Classes can be attended by non-members of the School:— Part-Singing—Mondays, 12-0, Mr Davies. Drawing and Painting—Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-30, Mrs Hughes and Miss Andrewes. Arithmetic—Thursdays, 2-30, Mr E. Harding. Lectures and Essays—Friday, 2-30, Madame Gschwind and Miss Andrewes. A class for Latin will be formed after Christm as. Arrangements can be made for Private Lessons. The Easter Term will be in Thursday, January 22nd, 1885. TERMS MODERATE AND INCLUSIVE. Prospectuses on application to the Principal, Miss t Andrewes. CONWAY COLLEGE. HEAD MASTER REV. R. O. THOMAS, F.E.I.S., &c. SPECIAL Preparation for Matriculation and Scholarships -University Colleges of Wales Entrance at Church of EnLTlatl(l and Nonconformist Theological Institutions Cambrivige and other Local Examinations; Professional Preliminary Tests; H.M. Naval, Military, and Civil Services, \nd for Commercial Pursuits. Prospect us, &c., on application to Mr P. Mostyn Wil- liams, RhylMessrs. Galt and Co., Corporation-street, Manchester j or the Head Master, at the College. NEXT TER.VI, TUESDAY, JANUARY 20TH, 1885 i'IADIES' COLLEGE, BRYNTYSILIO, CARNARVON. CONDUCTED BY 1 { 1 S S REES, ASSISTED BY C.1:RTIFICATE D GOVERNESSES. PUPILS successfully prepared for Cambridge and other Local Exam mations. School duties will be resumed (D.V.j, January 21st) 1885. ESTABLISHED HALF A CEJNTUKI. BIRKETra STORES. NEW. NEW. NEW. N EW. Raisins, Currants, Sultanas, Candied Peels, French Plums for Stewing or Dessert, Figs, Dates. Oranges, Apples, C X V x Grapes, Filberts, Cobnuts, Almonds, Brazil y Nuts, Barcelona Chesnuts, Crystalized and ill as Glace Fruits, Crystalized and Pre- Stilton Clied- served Ginger Cosaques and Bon ^ar Parmaesan Bons, all prices and sorts Cruvere, Cheshire and call and see or send; North-Wilts Cheeses, Wilt f°r sllire and Irish Bacon> Limerick SAMPLES. Hams, Melton-Mowbray SAMPLES. Hams, Melton-Mowbray PIES AND SAUSAGES, Celebrated as the Best. Christmas Tapers, Coloured and Hand Painted Boudoir Candles> The Newest Designs in Canole Ornaments, Wax Bougies, Plain and Coloured, CASH PRICE LIST, POST FREE. BIRKETT'S STORES, BANGOR. + A Good Light Makes a Cheerful Home. + ROBERT PRICHARD Begs to inform the Public that owing to the IMMENSE SALE OF LAMPS this Season, that he has al- ready received two fresh con- signments. The important fact that the Quantity ot Lamps Sold this Year, ex- ceeds that of the Three Previous Seasons added together, is the best proof of the EXCELLENT VALUE offered in the LAMP DEPARTMENT OF "THE GOLDEN PADLOCK." 0 V THE 1 GOLDEN PADLOCK < \il^ ROBERT PRICHARD Has pleasure in announcing that he has made several most favourable purchases \° £ I THE FINEST PETRO- f LEUM OIL, and as there is now a very Large Quantity of INFERIOR Oil in the Market, he respect- fully requests the favour of a TRIAL of his BRILLIANT OIL, The sweetest and Best Oil known for the Price. Great Bargains in the Folloiving Goods Brass and Iron Fenders, Washing Machines, Table Cutlery. Kitcheu Ranges, Bedsteads, Coal Vases, Wringing Machines, I Pocket Cutlery, Register Grates, Childrens' Cots, Tea Trays, Mangling Machines, Table and Dessert Mantle Registers, Stretchers, Trunks, Chaff Cutters, Spoons & Forks in American Stoves, Palliasses, Baths, Pulpers and Slicers, Electro Plate, Nickel Petroleum Stoves, Spring Mattresses Perambulators. Churns, &c., &c. Silver,&. white metal. Shop Stoves. NOTE THE ADDRESS ROBERT PRICHARD, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER. (Opposite the Museum), BA-N G OPt. THE NEXT IRONMONGERY SHOP TO THE RAILWAY STATION. + EXCELLENT QUALITIES.—MODERATE PRICES. THE VERY BEST VALUE IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, AND FLOURS THROUGHOUT CARNARVONSHIRE & ANGLESEY, TO BE OBTAINED AT THOMAS LEWIS & CO.'S BRANCH SHOPS. T. L. & CO.'s extensive Trade enables them to sell all articles at very Small Profits. T. L. & CO. have for the last 30 years been specially noted throughout the above Counties for the superior qualities of their TEAS, their standing in this respect, owing to zn their lengthened experience, is unrivalled, Tea being an article requiring the most lipe and In matured judgment to serve the Public to the best advantage, both as regards Price and Quality. THOMAS LEWIS AND Co., J BANGOR, CARNARVON, PWLLHELI, HOLYHEAD, AMLWCH, Ac., &c. AUTUMN AND WINTER SEASONS, 1884-5. GRIFFITH AND COMPANY, (OF WESTSOURNE GROVE, LONDON,) THE "BEE HIVE, BANGOR Are now showing in all Departments THE LATEST NOVELTIES Embracing every article, of novel or fashionable design that is likely to be in demand during the Season. FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY. Straw, Beaver and Felt Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Laces, Gloves, Hosiery, Furs, Trimmings Gents' Ties, Shirts, Hats, Braces, Rugs, &c. NEW WINTER DRESS MATERIALS. Silks, Velvets, and Velveteens. Beiges, Merinoes, Mantles, Ulsters, Seal Jackets, Tailor-made Jackets, Furlined Cloaks, Mackintoshes. LADIES' AND CHILDRENS' UNDERCLOTHING IN ALL SIZES. DRESS AND MANTLE MAKING. 11 a N, Every effort is made in these Departments to give Complete Satisfaction, Excellent Fit, Elegant Style, an Substantial Work Guaranteed, at the Lowest Possible Charges. 0 WEDDING'AN'D MOURNING ORDERS RECEIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION TERMS-READY MONEY.