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W. W ILL I A MS AND CO., (LATE LITTLER AND WILLIAMS), STEAM CORN MILLS, ABERGELE, WHOLES ALE AND RETAIL FLOUR DEALERS, FAMILY AND FANCY BREAD BAKERS, GENERAL A GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS^ BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS AT ABERGELE LLANRWST, RHUDDLAN COLWYN, LLANDUDNO, DENBIGH CONWAY, PENSARN, RUTHIN, QUEEN STREET AND VALE ROAD, RHYL. CARNARVON BOROUGHS. LOVE JONES-PARRY, ESQ., M.P., WILL ADDRESS HIS CONSTITUENTS AT THE GUILD HALL, CARNARVON, MONDAY, JANUARY 12th, 1885 HUGH PUGH, ESQ., J.P., IN THE CHAIR. AT THE PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR, ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 13TH, JOHN ROBERTS ESQ., BRYNADDA, IN THE CHAIR. AND AT THE MARKET HALL, CONWAY, ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14TH. AT CRICCIETH, ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 16TH, 1885, AT NEVIN, ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 17TH, 1885. The Meetings will be addressed by COL. BEAUMONT, R.E. R. PUGHE-JOXES, ESQ., London. REV. JOHN E VANS (Eglwvsbach), London. IÜw. EVAN JOSES, Carnarvon. RKV. EVAN ROBERTS, Carnarvon. DR. J. S. KIRK, Carnarvon. \|0IIw^ rYi^S'-Esy' (Gwyueddon), Carnarvon. R- WILLIAM DAVOES, Carnarvon. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. To commence at 7 o'clock p.m. prompt, at each meeting. MRS. CROOKS' gOOT & SHOE jgSTABL SHMENT, TOTTENHAM BUILDINGS, HIGH STREET, REYL. (Also 222, HIGH STREET, BANGOR). The largest and best assorted Stock of Joot3 and Shoes to be found in any town in the Provinces. Fresh Stock in both Gentlemen's and Ladies' Boots and Shoes, Gent's Shooting and Dress Boots. Agent for the Systematic Boot and Par Boot, as recom- mended by the Rational Dress Association for ease and comfort. Ladies' Boots and Evening Shoes A great assortment of Girls' and Boys Boots and Shoes at the most reasonableprices. An inspection of the above Stock is most respect- ully invited. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S NATURAL BOOTS These BOOTS are made on the most approved hvgienic principles, are constructed to the natural shape of the human foot. They are most comfortable in wear. are made in various styles and qualities, and the fact that they are of the celebrated Iv make is a guarantee of their excellence and durability. Also Lad its and Gentlemen s CELEBRATED K BOOTS. LAWN TENNIS SHOES IN GREAT VARIETY With Stitched Suleg (patented). AGENT FOR E. AND F. BOSTOCK'S (Of Stafford & Northampton), FIRST CLASS BOOTS AND SHOES. The highest prize for English Manufacture was awarded at the Paris Exhibition, 1878, toE. amd F. BOSTOCK for excellence of workmanship and design A NEW STOCK Of Ladies White and Coloured Satin Shoes from 7s Gd also Gents' Dress Shoes from 9s 6d. Felt Slippers and Dressing Shoes in great variety from Is 6d. Boots and Shoes made to order. Repairs neatly and promptly executed. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. EDWARD HUGHES, FURNISHING IRONMONGER, 26, 28, & 30, BRIDGE-ST., CARNARVON 9, CROWN SQUARE, DENBIGH, AND 36, HIGH-ST., RHYL. ETT HAVING Three Establishments, as stated JLl. above, purchases goods in large quantities, and is enabled to offer them at prices which cannot be beaten by any House or Stores. E. H. has just returned from the leading markets, and the stock is replete with the Newest Goods in each Department. T) EDSTEADS in every variety, from 10s to £10. BEDDING, including Flocks and Feathers of guaranteed B Purity. 11ENDERS and FIRE IRONS for Drawing and Dining Jf Room, Parlour and Kitchen use. CUTLERY. Large selection in Table and Pocket c Cutlery, &c. SILVER-PLATED GOODS, including Spoons and Forks of warranted quality, PERAMBULATORS, Double and Single, including the new Bassinette. p new Bassinette." BATHS in Cast-iron; and Portable Baths for Travel- ling. GARDEN SEATS in all Sizes. MANGLE and WASHING MACHINES from 40s to £ i. KITCHEN RANGES in large variety. A GRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS at Makers'Prices E HUGHES has confidence in inviting an inspection. of the above, which are sold at an uniform price in every one of his establishments. 102G REYNOLDS' GOUT SPECIFIC, he Oldest, Safest, and must Effectual Remedy. "n EYNOLDS* QOUT SPECIFIC, FOR GOUT! -"rpYNOLDS' GOLT gPECIFIC. FOR RHEUMATISM. "D EYNOLDS' QOUT gPECIFIC, FOR SCIATICA. REYNOLDS'™ b°UT gPE~CIFIC7~ FOR LUMBAGO. G OUT SPECIFIC, FOR ALL XEURALGIC COMPLAINS. DS BREWSTER (for many years one of the leading physicians iu Paris) writes:—" I have prescriced 'REYNOLDS' GOUT SPECIFIC' in all cases of Rheumatic Affections, and find it an infallible Remedy. I have always bad great pleasure in reccommending it, and consider it a ;&fe and invaluable Medicine." R EYNOLDS' GOUT gPECIFIC, ESTABLISHED 70 YEARS. Sold ui Bottles. lift, and 4s Gd. by Messrs Barclay and rJos, 5. Farrington-streei, B.C., and all chemists. SALES BY AUCTION OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LIBRARIES, PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS PLATE, &c. IN-DOOR AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, FARM PRODUCE, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, &c., Personally conducted with guaranteed satisfaction, it all parts of the country, on moderate terms, wit! IMMEDIATE settlements, BY W. WATSON ROBINSON, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, 264, HluH-STREET, BANGOR Instructions for the above respectfully solicited 259 ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAMPETER. SCHOLARSHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS. THE ANNUAL EXAMINATION FOR SCHOLAR- 1 SHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS will begin on THURSDAY, SEPT. 2GTII, 1885. A recent resolution of the College Board has largely augmented the value and number of the Lampeter Scholarships. Of these at least, the following will then be offered for competition (a) Scholarships—one of £ (50, one of X.50, one of JE40. two £ 30, one of £ 25, two of £ 24, and one of £ 20 (b) Exhibitions—one of £ 15, one of £ 11, one of £ 12', a t least, fi ve of £ 10, and several of £5. Additional vacancies will also occur. Candidates can Oftb: themselves either for the general examination in eight subjects, or for a special examination in any of the followingClassics, Mathematics, Theo- logy, Natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology), Modern History, Hebrew, Welsh, French, and German. For subjects and further details see Lampeter Memoranda published early in January.—Apply to the Principal. CLASG AWARD ] IF YOU WANT A GOOD PIANO ~l — • CO TO I LI -RPO,QL. CRANE & SONS pay special attention to the c "Easy payment System," and have sold thou- sands of Instruments throughout the country on these ad, antacreous terms. The prices they charge on the Easy Payment System are, in most cases, consid- erably less than the prices asked for net cash by other Louses for inferior intstruments. CRANE & SONS buy for prompt cash, saving Discounts, and therefore, offer to the Public Intru- meats in many cases, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pay for them, who sell perhaps one instru- ment in a week, and consequently must get as much profit on that one as Crane & Sons expect on Three Instruments." CRANE & SONS challenge this assertion, and will pay the Railway Fare of any- person coming to Liver- pay the Railway Fare of any- person coming to Liver- pool, providing same does not exceed 5 per cent of the perchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spontaneously sent to Crane & Sons:- Carnarvon, North Wales, August, 1883. GENTLEMEN,—I cannot help expressing my O-reat satisfaction with the Instrument you have sent" me. The sweetness and power of tone is always what has been wanted by me.—Iamyouis truly, THOS EVANS. To Crane & Sons, Liverpool.) 001 ({ORGAN S HARMONIUMS 'L, ARE THE BESTICHEAPEST EVER- 1* PRICES WILL ASTONISH & THE TRADE R G A :FROM N fromlO/monthly —A3; I SENT TO ALL PARTS or T«e KINGDOM j -> J ¡