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ESTABLISHED 1837. WILLIAM HUGHES ATS~D SON, "THE OLD PORK SHOP," WILLIAAI HUGHES & SON beg to inform the public generally that theyhave purchased 3å horse power Otto Silent Gas Engine," and a Gardener's Simplex Silent Sausage Machine," which they have placed in the Shop. where cu-to:ners can see the quality of the Meat used, and the chopping of same. This will prove a novelty, and will ensure: the purity and excellence of the Meat used. OChdE AND SEE THEM MADE. E V E R Y B 0 D y SIIOUJ.D TRY T 1-11", 1 It CELEBRATED FRESH EVERY MORNING. !5i 259 & 261 HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. QUAI 4F-GE ABLE .,s; ILITY SIO lp & R Corom E N D E Df3Y DOCTORS ANALYSTS C H E M SUITABLE FOR SPRING. SUMMER, AUTumrq & N T E R THIS preparation is now extensively taken throughout the country by pntients suffering from debility, ner- vousness. and general exhaustion, aad if any value be attached to human testimony, the efficacy of this medicine has been successfully established. Its claims Iwe been tested and proved by the medical profession and others. and corroborated by the written testimonials of emiaent men. The Quinine Bines contain not only a suitable quantity of Quinine in each dose, but the active principles of the following well-known herbs—saraparilla, saffron. gentian. lavender, daudelion, and burdock. The use of Quinine is well-known, but it has never been satisfactorily combined with these preparations, until, after overcoming considerable difficulties, the Proprietor was able to secure a perfectly uniform preparatioa, combining all the essen- tial properties of the above plants in their n eatest purity and concentration. It is now established as a family medicine, and is increasing in popular favour the more it is known and tested. Gwilym Evans's Quinine Bitters is a tonic Pick-me-up," scientifically mixed in happy proportions. GWILYM EVANS' T I N QUININE BITTERS, Being a vegetable "Pick-me-up," is strongly recom- mended for nervous diseases, such as undue anxiety, despondency, fainting fits. neuralgia, and nerve pains generally. Has been taken with gieac permanent results for INDIGESTION IN ITS DIFFERENT FORMS 'x such as sick head-ache, heartburn, cramp, flatulency. sense of fulness and oppresion after earing, drowsiness, and pains in the region of the heart. Has successfully treated (after all known preparations had failed) severe casas of affections of the chest, such as common colds. bronchitis, asthmatic colt's, shortness of breath, spitting of blood, ic. Mr Gwilym Evans can supply by post the names of patients in almost every district in Wales acd West of England, who have tried his Quinine Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of the benefits they have themselves received. Be not persuaded to try any other preparation, as there arc numerous imitators of all genuine and success- ful medicine. KOTE,-The name GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S., M.P.S., on Stamp and Label. Sold by all Chemists in 2s !)d and 4s 6d Bottles, and Cases containing three 4s 6d Bottles, at 12s 6d per Care or from the Proprietor, 4s Gd bottles and 12s 6d Cases carriage free Parcels Posts, under cover. GWILYM EVANS, SALES BY AUCTION OF HOUSEHOLD F URN" IT U LiE, LIBRARIES, PAINTINGS, UN'Gil AVINGS PLATE, &c. IN-DOOR AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, FARM PRODUCE, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, &c., Personally conducted with guaranteed satisfaction, in all parts of thu country, on moderate terms, with IMMEDIATE settlements, BY W. WATSON ROBINSON, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT AUGTIONEER AND VALUER, 264, HIiiH-STREET, BANGOR Instructions for the above respectfully solicited 259 ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAMPETER. SCHOLARSHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS. THE ANNUAL EXAMINATION FOR SCHOLAR- SHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS will begin on THURSDAY, SEPT. 2GTH, 1863. A recent resolution of the College Board has largely augmented the value and number of the Lampeter Scholarships. Of these, at: least, the following will then be offered for competition (A) Schobllships-one of £ 60, one of .£.0, one of f40. two of £ 30, one of £:!5. two of £:?4, and one of £ 20, (ft) Exhibitions—one of £ 1.3, one of £ lt, one of £ 12, at least, five of £ 10, and several of £ 5. Additional vacancies will also occur. Candidates can oftt." themselves either for the general examination in eight subjects, or for a special examination in any of the following :—Classics, Mathematics, Theo- loo-y "Natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology). Modern History, Hebrew, Welsh, French, and German. For subjects and further details see Lampeter Memoranda published early in January. Applj to the Principal. REYNOLDS' GOUT GPECIFIC, he Oldest, Safest, and most Effectual Remedy. nEYNOLDS' GOUT GPECIFIC, FOR GOUT; -TSEYXOLDS' J^OUT GPECIFIC. FOR RHEUMATISM. I OUT uRBY-NOLDS' SPECIPIO, FOR SCIATICA. rjEYN OLDS' OUT gPECIFIC," FOR LUMBAGO. Rig G OUT s PECIFLC, FOR ALL NEURALGIC COMPLAINS. DR BREWSTER (for many years one of the leading "physicians in Paris) writes:—"I have prescriced 4 REYNOLDS' GODT SPECIFIC in all cases of Rheumatic Affections. and find it an infallible Remedy. I have always had great pleasure in reccomtnending it, and consider it a afe and invaluable Medicine." REYNOLDS' QOUT GPECIFIC, ESTABLISHED 70 YEARS. Sold in Bottles. 2s t),I, åfi.d 4s G,1. by Messrs Barclay and son, 5, Farrington-street, E.C., and all chemists. v i In lias been pleased to ficccyt A eoov of thV K.-V dition of the work entitled Ptotterv ;:111 J'o-celain A Guide to Collectors, bv Mr Fmicr!k Litchfield. th<- «*vU-knowii expert in LoUoi. pott cry. That the book lias cojjie as a boon i" proved by ,UE tart that sine j's iirs: ]!'iolicauon by JIV'sors. rt> and Son. it 3^ "two new editions have been called tor.— CoV.J ■- Journal. | r FHMT CLASS AVVAM in L IT IF YOU WANT A GOOD PIANO Ij r =- co TO CRANE &■ SONS pay special attention to the Easy payment System, and have sold thou- sands of instruments throughout the country on these ad, antageous terms. The prices they charge on the I- Easy Payment System are, in most cases, consid- erably less than the prices asked for net cash by other Louses for inferior intstruments. CRANE & SONS buy for prompt cash. saving Discounts, and therefore, offer to the Public Intru- ments in many cases, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pay for them, who sell perhaps one instru- ment in a week, and consequently must get as much profit on that one as Crane & Sons expect on Three Instruments. CRANE & SONS challenge this assertion, and will pay the Railway Fare of any person coming to Liver- pool, providing same does not exceed 5 per cent of the perchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spontaneously sent to Crane &, Sons:- Carnarvon, North Wales, August 1883 n GENTLEMEN,—I cannot help expressing m'y great satisfaction with the Instrument you have sent me The sweet* ess and power of tone is always what has been wanted by me.-I am youia truly, r- i ™0S EVANS. To Crane <5c Sons, Liverpool. JDRGAN S &HARMONIDMS! ME THE BEST & CHEAPEST EVER a OFFERED TO THE PUBL fC > t j PRICES WILL ASTONISH ] TiiE TRA E S 'FROF 3: f- FOR SALE OR HI RE-A V2—from 10/-monthly I SENT TO ALL PARTS OF THE KINGDOM J L4- -CEEE333EEfr-H DENBTGHSHIKE INFIRMARY. MONTH ENDING November 30th, 1884. IN-PATIENTS Admitted 8 Dis^liar^ed (> Cured 4 Kelieved 2 1 Dead 0 Irreimlaritv 0 M»de-<)uit-j>atioiits 2 Eeinain n tin' House n; OUT-PATIENTS Admitted 133 .Discharged 05 Cured fa Relieved 2 Dead Jrre^u arity .Made pi patients .A limited since Jan. (Casualties 47 j THE DOROTHEA QUARRY ACCIDENT RELIEF HU ND. OWING to the calamity which occurred at the above Quarry, when seven men were killed and another badly injured, a considerable number of sympathizers met together to consider what could be done to aid the afflicted families, consisting of seven widows and twenty- two orphans, who have been left quite unprovided for and the only one saved is so severely hurt tha.t he will be totally disabled for a considerable time. Six of the men arc still under the debris and covered by fathoms of water; and a considerable time will elapse before the bodies can be recovered. As the fatality is without precedent in the Nt.ntlle Quarries, and thus naturally creates more sympathy, it was resolved to appeal to the Public for their kind support. Further subscriptions will be thankfully reeeived by the following gentlemen :— REV. R. THOMAS, Chairman. W. W. HUGHES, Treasurer, N. & S. W. Bank, Penvgroes. W. HERBERT JONES, Secretary. £ s. D. The Dorothea Co. (1st instalment). 100 0 0 Mr J A A Williams, Glanbeuno, (princi- pal proprietor) 100 0 0 J W Gwynne-Hughes, Tregib, Llan- deilo 30 0 0 Cornelius Davies, Carnarvon 25 0 0 CoNorthandSouthWaIesBank 20 0 0 Mr W. Rathbone, M.P. 10 10 0 „ Norman Davies, Carnarvon 10 10 0 II J E Nanney, J P., Gwvnfryn 10 10 0 Hugh Pugh, J.P., Carnarvon 10 10 0 Owen T Owen, Dorothea 10 10 0 R. Davies, M.P., 5 5 0 Coedmadoo Slate Co., Nantlle 5 5 0 Mr H ilobertson, M.P., Corwen 5 5 0 Messrs Davies, Sons and Co.. Liverpool 5 5 0 Air W J Parry, Coetmor Hall, Bethesda 5 5 0 T Lewis, B. and C. Welsh Slate Co., Nantlle 5 5 0 Love Jones-Parry, M.P., 5 0 0 T Williams. Vron, Carnarvon 5 0 0 Welsh National Newspaper Co. 2 2 0 Genedl Publishers 2 2 0 Mr John H. Roberts. Diuas, Llanwnda 2 2 0 T Jones, B. and C. \\elsh Slate Co., Nantlle 2 2 0 ..RGrlmth. ditto ditto 2 2 0 Morgan Richards, ditto 2 2 0 Williams. ditto ditto 2 2 0 „ G Williams. Slate Merchant, Carnarvon 2 2 0 J J Evans. Brynderwen, Bethrsda 2 2 0 Rev 1) L Williams, Llanvruda 2 2 0 Mr Robert Williams. Talysarn 2 2 () Messrs Morris and Jones, 20, Water Street, 2 2 0 Li\erpool 2 2 0 Mr II Rogers Williams, Carnarvon 110 Jt D Williams. Carnarvon 110 E Roberts. M.D., Penygroes 1 1 0 „ W Wr Hughes, N. and S. W. Bank, 1 1 0 Penygroes 1 1 0 Robert Newton, Carnarvon 1 1 0 W W Newton, Carnarvon 1 1 0 Walter Hughes, J.P., Carnarvon 1 1 0 ()wen Jones, Talysarn 1 1 0 T LI Jones, ditto 1 1 0 „ It Owen, Welsh Slate Co., Festiumg 1 1 0 W Jones, Felin Gerrig, Llanllyfni 1 1 0 J B Allansoa, Solicitor, Carnarvon 1 10 David Thomas, Gwynfrvn, Llanrwst 110 D Evans Owen, Liverpool 1 1 0 \V Bayne. Bangor 1 1 0 Rev John Jones, Pwllheli 1 1 0 Messrs Breese, Jones, and Casson, Portmadoc 110 Mr E Y Payne, Slate Merchant, Birming- ham. 110 Rev Evan Davies, Llanllyfni 1 1 0 Messrs Gee and Son, Denbigh 1 1 0 Owen Evans and Son, Carnarvon 110 W Hughes and Son, Bangor 1 0 0 Rev R Thomas, Llanllyfni 0 10 6 Mr Joliu Paul, Slate Merchant, Talysarn 0 10 G John Williams, Coal Merchant, Bangor 0 10 0 J W Jones, If, Chapel Walk, Manchester 010 6 Rev O G Owen(Alafon) 0 10 0 Mr T Acland, Clynog ••• 0 10 0 Daniel Thomas, Hafod Groeslon 0 10 0 T Roberts, Shop Nantlle 0 10 0 J Jones, Stag's Head inn, Penygroes 0 5 0 W Chambers. Victoria, 0 5 0 J Roberts, Manchester House, Llanllyfui 0 5 0 E Roberts, Slate Merchant, Talysarn 0 5 0 L Wilson Roberts, Llanberis 0 5 0 Rev W J Davies, Taurallt ••• 0 5 0 Mr Watkin Williams, S. Terrace, Carnarvon 0 5 0 „ R J Hughes, Shop, Rhostryfan 0 5 0 Messrs WW Jones and Son, Llanllyfni 0 5 0 Mr David Griffith, Nebo. Llanllyfni 0 2 G ..GWPrichard.Penygroes 0 2 0 Recieved in the Charity Boxes as follows One. 2s ten, Is twenty-seven, Gd; nine, :)ù; two hundred and forty, Id; seventy- six, 2 11 1 The Herald list, subscriptions al- re ad v received :— £ S. D. Sydney Platt, BryuyneuaÜd, Llan- fairtfcliau 500 F Lloyd Edwards, X anhoron, Pwll- helli 5 0 0 J D Whitehead, Glangwna, Car- narvon i) 0 0 R Puglie-Jones, Criccieth 3 3 0 Pierce and Williams, Golden Goat 330 Hugh Jones, solicitor, Carnarvon 3 3 0 Albert. Wood, Conway 3 3 0 W T Poole, Gwynfa, Carnarvon 2 2 0 Col II Piatt, Gorddinog, Llanfair- fechan 2 2 0 J Menzies, Menai Bank, Carnar- von. 3 2 0 Morgan Lloyd, Q.C., M.I. London 200 W Dew and Family, Biynbras Castle, Carnarvon 2 0 0 H Bulkeley-Price, The Moorings, Menai Bridge 1 1 0 Capt. Stewart, Bryntirion, Bangor 110 J. Armour Hughes, Solicitor, Car- narvon 1 1 0 Ellis Jones, 61, Botanic-road, Liver- pool ••• 1 1 0 Hugh Roberts, Solicitor, Carnar- von. 1 1 0 J. Evans and Company, Herald Office, Carnarvon 0 10 0 Richard Thomas, Estate Agent 0 10 0 B. T Ellis. Rhydllech, Pwllheli. 0 10 0 W Morgan, Vice-Principal Training College, Carnarvon 010 0 Mrs Rimmer, Bryn Peris. Carnarvon 050 R Lloyd Jones, Surveyor, Carnarvon 0 5 0 G H Humphreys, Old Bank, Carnar- von 0 5 0 J Williams. Madrvn, Pwllheli 0 5 o A Svmpathiser though in bonds 050 Capt. Jones. Ferry Stores, Anglesey 0 5 0 J T Morris, Penyclogwyn, Cwmyglo 0 2 V, David Williams, Portdinorwic 0 2 (j Gwilyrn Hughes, Herald Office, Car- narvon 0 2 6 J Black, at A and G Taylor, Photo- graphers, Cs-raarvon 0 2 6 £ 11 3 6 "DONALD CAMERON, MERCHANT, TAILOR, AND GENERAL OUTFITTER. CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, 205, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. PATTERNS, PRICES, AND DIRECTIONS FOR SELE-\IEASULIEA '£ NT SENT OX APPLICATION. THE Directors of a London Joint Stock Co. require a District MANAGER for Carnarvon. Salary £ 120 per annum. A preference wiil he awarded the candi- date (otherwise eligible) who is prepared to hold fifteen shares (£:2) fully paid, in the Capital of the Company. —Address. /Secretary," 171, Queen Victoria Street' London. E.C. TERM S OF SUBSCRIPTIONS PAID IN ADVAN Forwarded by Post,—One Year, Gs.Gd.; Half-year, Hs. 3d.; One Quarter, Is. 7^d.: Foreign Postage extra. Delivered by Messenger:—One Year, 4s. 4d.; Half-year, 2a.2d.;0ne Quarter, Is. Id. TO CORRESPONDENTS. CORRECTION.—IN a report of (Jonway Petty Sessions last week we stated that a pulpil teacher at Pcumaen- mawr Brittish School was fined for assault. This was erroneous, the teacher fined belonging to another school. TO ADVERTISERS. We beg to draw the attention of adver- tisers generally to the facilities afforded by the NORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS for giving publicity to adver- tisements. The circulation of the OB- SERVER AND EXPRESS is larger than that of any other Englislb paper published in North Wales. For the publication of annonncements requiring to be brought before the eyes of the upper or middle classes there is not in North Wales a better medium than the OBSERVER AND EXPRESS. Advertisements intended for insertion in THE NORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS can be received at the Bangor Office, York Place, up to the hour of Pub- lication, and at the Carnarvon Office, New Harbour, up to 12 noon on Thursday. All communications intended for inser- tion must be adelressed-Editor, OBSER- VER AND EXPRESS, Bangor. All business letters to be directed, an remittances made payable, to D. Edwards, OBSERVER AND EXPRESS Office, Bawjor. THE NOHTH WALES OBSERVER & EXPRESS may be had in London at the Establislinment of MR J. W. RAYNER, DEVEREAL'X COURT, ESSEX STREET, STRAND. IMPORTANT,! SPECIAL BENSON'S NEW PATENT (No. 4658), "LUDGATE" WATCH, SILVER x GOLD 5. 5. 12, IS A "SPECIAL STRENGTH" SILVER ENGLISH LEVER MY BEST LONDON MAKE, WITH THREE-QUARTER PLATE MOVEMENT. JEWELLED THROUGHOUT. CHRONOMETER BALANCE, WITH DAMP AND DUST PROOF PATENT RING BAND, AND EXTENDED BARREL, IN MASSIVE STERLING SILVER DOME CASES WITH CRYSTAL GLASS FRONT WINDS &TETS HANDS & OPENS AT BACK, MAKINO IT A BETTER WATCtf THAN ANY £ 10 WATCH IN THE MARKET, ITS Q ADVANTAGES OVER 'TIlE OLD AND FAULTY FULL PLATE BEING ENORMOUS. AS THE •< LUDG.-vTE WATCH WILL LAST ONE H UNDRED YEARS, IT NEVER BREAKS, AS IT CANNOT BE OVERWOUND, AND XEVEH NEEDS EXPENSIVE REPAIRS. IS A BETTElt TIMEKEEPER, IS A BETTER WATCH, AND IS BETTER VALUE THAN ANY OTHER WATCH SOLD FOR -C10 IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. WILL STAND ltOUGH USAGE OF ALL KINDS, AND IS THEREFORE THE BEST WATCH AND EQUALLY SUITED FOR WORKMEN, RAILWAY MEN, MINERS, GENTLEMEN, BOYS, AND ALL WHO REQUIRE A PERFECT WATCII OF EXTRA STRENGTH FOR HOME, INDIAN OR COLONIAL USE. MADE IN THREE SIZES, AS UNDER: WORKMEN S LARGE SIZE. (As SKKTCH). MINERS'& RAILWAY MEN'S, EXTRA LARGE SIZE, AND FOR GENERAL WEAR, MEDIUM SIZE. SENT FREE AND SAFE AT OUR RISK TO ALL PARTS FuR £5 5. 0 (ASH OR P. o. 0., PAYABLE AT G. P. O. PRICE IN 18-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLASS CASES TWELVE GUINEAS. SPECIALLY NOTE that J. W. BENSOX is the only Maker of a Three-Quarter Plate English Watch for 1:5 5s., and that our Patent Ludgate" Watch, cannot be had through, or of any Watch- maker in the Kingdom. Any infringement of the Patent Rights will be proceeded against. A Book explaining the advantages of this Watch over the Full Plate English Wat ches sold by all other makers, will be sent Post Free on application, to J. W. BENSON, WATCHMAKER TO II. M, THE QUEEN, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64, LUDGATE HILL, E.C., AND 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from £ 2 to .£500, Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks (House, Chime and Turret), and Musical Boxes, Free on Application. CLUB ASSOCIATIONS. — FOREMEN, SECRE- TARIES OF FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, AGENTS, and others will find their Incomes considerably increased by establishing Clubs, for the New Patent Ludgate Watch, as it is worth from t5 to £10 more than any English Watch sold, aud therefore bound to supersede all others in the Market.