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19 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



DA1> UUA, CHURCHES AND CHAPELS. The C'lthedral.—Canon in residence, the Rev J Prvce, M.A. Organist, Dr. Roland Rogers. Sunday IIolv Communion 8 a m., and services at 11.0 a.m., and 4 p.ra St. James's Church, Upper Bangor Sundays, 11 a.m and 6.30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 12 a.m. English Congregational Church, Upper Bangor.— Minister, the Rev. Hugh S. Griffiths. Sundays, 11 a.m. and 0.30 p.m.; Sunday-school at '2.30 p.m. Weduesday evenmgs at 7. English Presbylerian Church, Prince1 s-road. Upper Bangor—Sunday 10.30 a.m.. and G.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p m. English Baptist Chapel, Penrallt-road, Upper-Bangor —Sundays, 10.30. a.m., h,nd (5 p.m. Wednesday evening at 7. Pastor. Rev W. R. Saunders. Preacher next Sunday, Mr Silas Morris, University College of North Wales. English lVesleynn Church.—Sunday morning at 10.30 evening at 60; Sunday-school in the afternoon at 2.30 services on Thursdny evenings at 7.0. Circuit Mini. s ter. Rev C. Willis (Carnarvon). St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, High-street.— On Sundays, Mass at 8.30 and 10.30 a in; evening ser- vice at G.30 p m. Weekdays service, bam. Presbyter the Rev. Charles Coelenbier. TELEGRAPHIC.—On Wednesday last, telegraphic communication was laid in connection with Upper Bangor Post Office. This must be a boon to the in- habitants of this part of the city. SUDDEN" DEATH.—On Saturday afternoon last, Mr Evan Ingram, bookseller, Glanadda, was found dead in a chair at his office. The cause of death is believed to be disease of the heart. CATHOLIC CHURCH.—A twelve days' mission com- menced at the Catholic Church, on Wednesday la8t, conducted by the Rev. Thomas Swift, S.J. On Sunday, the 1st of i.viareli, there will be first mass at 8.30; second mass with sermon at ten from his Lordship the Bishop. Confirmation, sermon and benediction at 3.30 in the afternoon. PORT I'ENRHYM.—Arrivals—Sir Richard, Lewis Maria Catherine, Thomas Mary Orr, Parry George Evans, Rees; Thomas, Hughes; Glynaeron, Lewis; Mona's Isle, Williams; Mary Edwards, Roberta. De- partures—Medway, Hughes, for Liverpool; Thomas, Roberts, Belfast; Edwin and Emma, Williams, Briib'ewater; Jane and Annie, Lloyd, Glasgow; Silvia, Evans, Stettin; Syren, Lewis, Belfast; Sarah Pringle, Evans, Bristol. THE SAILORS' INSTITUTE.—Mr Adoniah Evans, ma nAger of the District Bank, Llandudno, has pro- sea ted the Sailors' Institue, Ilirael, with a portrait of the wreck of the schooner Gipsy (Captain Hugh Edwards), of Bangor, which was wrecked in Llan- dudno Bay about four months ago. THE ENGLISH BAPTISTS.—On Monday, a quarterly meeting of the North Wales Baptist Union was held, under the presidency of the Rev. W. Evans Foote, Rhyl. Mr Daniel Jones, Bethesda. a candidate for entry at Regent's Park College, was examined. In the evening a sermon was preached by the Rev. John Raymond, Llandudno. The annual meeting of the Union will be held at Llandudno in June. LECTURE.- On Tuesday evening, at St. Paul's Wes- leyan chap-1, the Rev. Evan Evans delivered a lecture to a fairly large audience, his subject being "The Star of The chair was occupied by Mr Edward Jones. B.1 vumeirion, who contributed liberally to the funds i»f l ie chapel. Addresses were delivered by tha Revs. T. J. Humphreys, Samuel Davies, Mr Thomas Lewis, J.P., and J. Williams, Lodwig Villa. THE Ciioa.u, UKION\—The first rehearsal in con- nection with the newly-formed Choral Union was held at the Skating Rink, on Monday evening, when there was a muster of about 150 persons. Dr. Rogers conducted, and said that the quality of voice was good. llerr Gschwird was appointed secretary, and Mr Adams, C.E., treasurer. A president has not yet been appointed. SCHOOL BOARD.—The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday evening. Present:— Mr Meshach Roberts (chairman), Mr D. Cameron (vice-chairman), the Rev. John Morgan, Messrs Henry Lewis, J. Willuiatm, Griffith Roberts, John Thomas (clerk), and W. C. Jones (attendance officer). Pentir and School Rate.—Mr H. T. Roberts said he was instructed by the overseers of the parish of Ban- gor to call the Board's attention to the following no- tice, which was one of considerable importance, viz.: —" At a public meeting of the ratepayers of the extra municipal district of the above parish (Bangor), held at Pentir, on the 3rd inst., Mr J. W. Roberts, Ty'n- llwyn farm, in the chair, it was decided to request the churchwardens and overseers of the parish to convene a vestry meeting to consider the possibility and ad- visability of relieving the ratepayers of the extra municipal district of the parish from the necessity of paying school rate towards maintaining the School Boards which are situated within the borough boun- daries, and, in compliance with the said requisition, we, the undersigned, hereby give notice that a vestry meeting will be held at the Cathedral, Bangor, at two p.m., on Thursday next.IIl reply to Mr Henry Lewis, the Clerk said that the Corporation contributed £ 225 and the parish X,75 towards the School Board rate.—Mr Lewis: Is the same poundage got from each? What, is the rate from the district of the Cor- poration ?—The Clerk £ 225.— Mr Lewis No poun- dage ? —The Clerk: We don't ask them. We ask upon one-fourth. — Mr Lewis: What they want is to get rid of that one-fourth ?—The Clerk But we have entered into an agreement.—-Mr Lewis: That part of the parish is represented on this Board, is it not ?— The dlerk Yes; it is represented by every one of you.— Mr Lewis: The extra municipal they elect ?— Bey. J. Morgan IJijt we are united.—Mr Lewis: Will the whole of the parish have to vote for fourteen members?—The Clerk said no, and explained that about six months before the three years expired the Board would be required to determine the number of members required for the Board.—The Chairman: The question that occurs to me is that we are bound to the Ilhiwlas Board School.—The Clerk Yea by agreement.—The Chairman That is an extra muni- cipal district, and if this rate is quashed will we com- pel them to pay the rates? We cannot be compelled to support the school if they free themselves from us. —Mr Cameron We must fulfil our agreement.—The Clerk: Yes; unless the Education Department would decide otherwise.—Mr Griffith Roberta Is it possible for the extra municipal ratepayers to break out of this ?-The Clerk replied that if they did there would be no School Board in that part of the district.—Mr Roberts But it may be open for discussion whether the present rate is a fair one or not.—The Clerk It is not a question of fairness or unfairness.—Mr Price I think we ought to make no change until tho termi- nation of the present Board, when new arrangements could be made. We have made an agreement with Llanddeiniolen, and we have to meet it.—Mr Roberts: I understand that they object to pay the same amount, of rate as we pay in the town.—The Clerk [ cannot see that. For every 4d they pay we pay 8d.—Mr Roberts They say they ought not to pay as high as we do. They are paying according to one-fourth, but at the same time they pay the same rate per £ as we do, and they shy they are rated unfairly.—The Clerk: Then you ought to have a district round each school. —Mr Price suggested that they send a representative to protest against disuniting the district, and it was then decided that, should the vestry pass a resolution disuniting the district, the clerk should write to the Education Department on the subject as the Board had entered into obligations which could not be re- lieved until the termination of the Board. School Visitors.—Mr John Price proposed that two visitors be appointed to visit each school under the Board at least once a week, and submit a brief report at the end of the month.—The Rev. John Morgan said it was exceedingly important that visitors should he appointed, as teachers complained bitterly of the want of sympathy with the school work.—Mr Cameron seconded the motion, which was carried unaniniouslv, Mr Price, Mr Willmann, IVIr Morgan, and Mr Cameron being appointed to visit the schools. School Attendonee.—From the report of the atten- dance-officer, the attendance during the past mouth at the various schools had been unusally satisfactory. Owing to the fact that her Majesty's inspector examined three of the schools during the past week be had been unable to obtain from the teachers the exact statistics of the at- tendance. During the week his time had been fully occupied in securing the attendance of all children who were require I for examination. This had been satisfac- torily done. Four parents had been summoned for the irregular attendance of their children, and three fined Is. and ts.costs. Of eleven persons who had been previ- ously fine 1, five had paid the fines, and he had taken out distre-is warrants for enforcing payment by the remain- ing six.









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