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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ESTABLISHED 1837. WILLIAM HUGHES AND SON, THE OLD PORK SHOP," I L, WILLIAM HUGHES & SON beg to iu-u, public generally that theyhave purchased 3 horse power ) Silent Gas Engine.' and a Gardener's Simplex S;1 Machine." which they have placed in the where cuitoiiiL-rb c-<n see the quality (,f the Meat used, and the chopping i!itne. This will prove a novelty, "ill ensure ihe purity and excellence of +hp Meat used COME AND SEE THEM MADE. E V E R Y B 0 D y TitY '1'14 P; I CELEBRATED SAUSA uES! fhESi'i EVERY YI01H QUI- A- EGETABLE CA SS, t4 vc om RECOMMENDED 13Y DOCTORS ANALYSTS CHEMiSTS FOR SPRtNG. SUMMER. AUTUMN & WINTE IS preparation is now extenshely taken throughout the country by pntients suffering from debility, ner- less, and generil exhaustion. and if any value be bed to human testimony, tiie efficacy of this medicine "Cep successfully established. It, claims have been I an(I proved by the medical profession and others. orroborated by the written testimonials of eminent The Q;iiniue Bitters contain not only a suitable tityof Quinii. e in each dose, but the active principles following well-known herbs-saraparilh, saffron. an, lavender, ("andeliou, and burdock. The use of •• ine is well-known, but it hasnever been satisfactorilv ine, twit h these preparations, until, after overcoming -1 der-.ble diificul i^s, the Proprietor was able to secure fectiv uniform preparation, combining all the essen- properties of the above plants in their greatest purity conceu t ration. It is now established as a family cine, and is increasing in popular favour the more it I own and tested. Gwilyrn Evans's Quinine Bitters tonic" Pick-me-up," scieutifilally mixed in happy ortions. GWILYM EVANS' UINIXE BITTEIJS, Ig a vegetable "Pi..i;JI]-JIj' is strongly reeom- ended for nervous diseases, j{.J¡ as undue anxiety, tcspoudeney, fainting fits, neuralgia, and nerve pains I, -nerally. Has been taken with gieat permanent results for INDIGESTION IN ITS DIFFERENT FORMS such as sick head-ache, heartburn, cramp, flatulency, sense of fulness and oppresion after eating, drowsiness, and pains in the region of the heart. Has successfully treated (after all known preparations had failed) severe cases of affections of the chest. such as common colds, bronchitis, asthmatic colt's, shortness of breath, spitting of blood, &c. Mr Gwilym Evans can sul,Iy- "by post the names of patients in almost every district in Wales ami West of England, who have tried his Quinine Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of the benefits they have themselves received. Be not persuaded to try any other preparation, as there are numerous imitators of all genuine and success- ful medicine. NOTE,The name GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S., M.P.S., on Stamp and Label. Sold by all Chemists in 2s nd and 4s Gd Bottles, and Cases containing three 4s 6d Bottles, at 12s fid per Case or from the Proprietor, 4s (H bottles and 12s 6d Cases carriage free Parcels Post, under cover. LLSTLLPYP Pr?pr.L £ Ior. G Wi LYi\1 EVANS, ESTABLISHED 1832. WILLIAM JONES, TAILOR AND DRAPER, ASTLE S (llT A I E, CARNARVON. in E0'u°'; GooD ;1\' of sC ,3,\ l i"flJr.l' cffS. WILLIAM JOXES wishes to return his sincerest thanks to his numerous Customers for the, patronage they have bestowed upon him since he took over the above Establishment, and hopes to receive the same favour in flu future. WILLIAM JONES; has a large assortment of Cloths of the best quality for OVERCOATS, SUITS, AND TROUSERS. Every Order cntrllstwl to him shall have his best arten- tion. as he superintends every department himself, thus saving extra expenditure. A good number of competent workmen constantly employed. Sl^lST$r c., t- COPY OF RETURN, I'ursua it to 7 and S ic., c. 32. X ame of Firm: P U G II J O N E S (CO. Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists Name Residence. igh I'ugh Llysmeirion, Carnarvon Banker )bert Junes Pla.stanrallt, Pwllheli do. i,mes of Planes where the Business is carried on :— Place. County. Ami well Anglesea Bangor Carnarvon Bethesda do Blaenau Festiniog Merioneth Carnarvon Carnarvon ColwynBay. Denbigh Conway Carnarvon Llanberis do Llandudno do Llargefni Anglesea Llaarwst Denbigh X ev ili Carnarvon Penrhyn Deudraeth Merioneth Port mad'ic Carnarvon Pwilheli (Head Office do Inland Revenue Office, 2nd February, Ihcjo. Name of Firm WILLIAMS AND COMPANY. Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists:— Name. Residence. tion .mes Toinkinson WilHngtwn Hall, Esi, iii-e Tarporlny enry Piatt Gorddinog, Bangor. do aines of Places WIKTC the Business is carried on — Place. County. Chester < 'hosier Bangor Carnarvonshire Carnarvon do Amlwch Anglesey Llaniairl'eeliai; Carnarson.shire Inland Revenue Glib- 2"i February, 1S.S5. J. s. p,Ji.( ELL, Registrar ot Bank Returns BANGOR CATHEDRAL. TllER E is a vacancy for a Lay Clerk (Alto). Services JL not numerous. Salary about £ 40 per annum. Ap- plieations with testimonials to be sent to R. LLOYD JAMES, Chapter Clerk, Bangor. SALES BY AUCTION] OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LIBRARIES, PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS PLATE, &c. IN-DOOR AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, FARM PRODUCE, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, &c., Personally conducted with guaranteed satisfaction, in all parts of the country, on moderate terms, with IMMEDIATE settlements, BY W. WATSON ROBINSON, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, 264, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR Instructions ior the above respectfully solicited 256 IIr. E. WILLIAMS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, AUDITOR, &(- BRUNSWICK CHAMBERS, C A K X A RVOJi. Agent to the Livjrpool, London, and Globe Inslw- ance Co., The Guarantee Society, xc. ILL! MINAd P." ADRES>ES. ami Illuminating in all branches • jiuptly and efficiently executed. ° lIICiHJ''ST REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS", NEW PATENTS FOR BRICKMAKING AND BRICKPRESSING MACHINES. WILLIAM J OHNSON invites attention to his Patent Lever Steam Brick- pressing Machine which, with two boys, will press 10,000 bricks per clay equal to best handwork Also his Patent Brick-making Machine, which will make 10,000 semi-plastic bricks per day ready for kiln, at much less cost in wear and tear and labour than any other macliinc made. OFFICE-QUE ROAD, LEEDS. A. W MERRIDEW, FROM ''CVr,.MK», WATCH MANUFACTURER, GOLDSMITH AND JEWELLER, I 9, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON, DESIRFS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and the Public generally of Carnarvon and the District, that he has Opened a Place of Business at the above address. He has a large and well-selected Stock of WATCHES. GOLD AND SILVER GUARD AND ALBERT CHAINS, BROOCHES, LOCKETS, EAR-RINGS, SCARF PINS SIGNET AND JEM RINGS, JET GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY, &c„ &c. Old Jewellery Converted and Re-gilt equal to new, Bicycle and Tricycle Manufacturer, for SALE and HIRE. All Goods Manufactured and Repaired on the Premises under A. W. M.'s personal superintendence. The Cheapest House in North Wales, and the largest and best selection. A Written Guarantee given with every article purchased at this Establishment, if required. NORTH WALES OBSERVER & EXPRESS. ESTABLISHED 1877. HIGH-CLASS FAMILY PAPER. OF 48 COLUMNS. PRICE ONE PENNY. GUARANTEED THE LARGEST CIRCU- LATION OF ANY ENGLISH PAPER PUBLISHED IN NOKTH WALES. PlJULISHED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING AND FRIDAY CORNING. HA\ IiS G admittedly the largest and most influ- ential circulation among the Gentry, Clergy. Farmers, Tradesmen, and all classes of the Com- munity in Anglesey, Carnarvonshire, Denbigh- shire. Flintshire, and part of Merionethshire, and among Welshmen in London, Liverpool, Chester, Ac. IT IS UNEQUALLED AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM for communicating with the Public for Agricul- turists, Architects, Auctioneers, Builders, Contractors, Engineers, Estate Agents, Hotels, Insurance Offices, Lost, Found, Strayed, or Stolen, I. lilanutacturers, Merc nants, Pa rliamentaryA gents, Poor Law Unions, Publishers, Prospectnses. Railway Companies, Schools. Servants, Share- brokers, Solicitors. Surveyors, Timber Merchants, Town Conncils, Local Boards, and other Public Bodies, Wholesale and Rebiil Vendors, Wants. Situations, Service, &c. TIIE NORTH WALES )i )ERVER ANE EXPRESS contains all the Local, District, and General News of the Week, with all the latest news up to time of going to press. From a litei aiy point of view, it is recognised on all hands as the leading organ of Public Op. inion. Its Literary Contents comprise Articles on the most important Topic of the Day, a Val ie(I collection of General News, and useful ESSfíY, on Social Subjects; and numerous Literary Ex- tracts, Facetia), Ac. It includes among its sub- scribers the nobility, gentry, clergy, and educated classes of society. Its literary articles cause it to be read with pleasure by the ,:lite of society, while its price places it within the reach of the masses, and thus IT HOLDS A POSITION UN- RIVALLED IN NORTH WALES. Terms of Subscription Paid in advance: If forwarded by Post, One Year. 6s. Gd. half-year. 3s. 3d.; One Quarter, Is. 8d. Foreign Postage extra. Delivered by Messenger:—One Year 4s. -tcl.; Half-year, 2s. 2d.; One Quarter, Is. Id. Letters on business and Money Orders to be made payable to D. EDWARDS, Obstrver and Express Office, Bangor. All comn,unications intended for publication should be addressed to the EDITOR. Observer and Express, Bangor. The following are a few of tbe "Principal Agents :— Abergele -Itobert Jones, Visitor Office Amlwch—D Jones, Stamp Office H Hughes. Stationer Blaenau Ffestinog—Ellis Roberts, 14, High-street Bangor—Humphreys & Parry Miss Davies E Williams J Meinlus Jones W H Smith & Son Miss Roberts Nixon & Jarvis R Roberts, Garth Bethesda-John Jones R Owei W Griffith. :1, Ogweu-terrace Beaumaris—Miss Roberts Carnarvon—D W Davies, Bridge-street Mrs Jones, Pool-street William Griffiths, Pool-street J R Edwards, High-street W II Smith & Son J C Castle-squarr; Conway-O Evans R E Jones Colwvn Bav-Owen Evans W Williams, Oakfleld House Criccieth—J W Bowen Chester- VV II Smith & Son Corwen-Mary Edwards, Stationer Denbigh—W II Smith fc Son W A Nott Dolgellev—-E Ylltyr Williams Ebenezer—Thos Thomas (Glan l'achrn), Holyhead—Mrs Williams, Boston House J Simpson, 34, Thomas-street \V II Smith & Son J G Hughes. Market-street Holywell-J Iverfoot Evans Liverpool—Messrs Foulkes, Printers, Daie-streot R 0 Roberts, 40, Old Hall-street T Lloyd. 52, Evertou-road James \VouIlarù.). Castle-street Mrs Parry, Hey worth-street, Everton. LOtlÜon-J \Y Raytier, Devereaux. Court, Essex-street. Strand Llandudno J tincti,)Ii-W II Smith Sc Son Llanfairfechan—R Roberts, Po^t Office LIaududno-Ylrs Andrews Llanrwst—Evan Evans, 3, Watling-street Lhngefni-Xixuu & ,lS Mrs Wii'iains Llanerch Jones Llanberis—Ellis Jones, 2, Manchester House Menai Bridgc-G Willi,lms, Post Office IV, I I Smith i Son Alold—Thomus Yorke Mr Morris Nantile—David Thomas Pwllheli—Robert Owen, Printer Robert Roberls I'enygrocs — Griffith Lewis Porfmadoc.—E. Jones, Printer. Post Office I) Lloyd R G Humphreys Penrnaenmawr—AY 0 Thomas Moses Jones Sillitli &- Son I'ortdinorwic—J Roberts Rhyl— 0 Trehearne, Wellington Chamber Q nigtou, 27, High-street Rnthin —Charles Aidrich Atrs Printer Row, Chemist St Asaph—W William Evans REYNOLDS' QOUT gPECIFIC, he Oldest, Safest, and most Effectual Remedy. REYNOLDS' GOUT SPECIFIC, FOR GOUT) £ ) RYXOLDS" jj0UT gl'^ 'IFlC. FOR RHEUMATISM. REYNOLDS' QOUT gPEOIFlC; FOR. SCIATICA. REYNOLDS' OUT SPECIFIC, i\ \Ji k) FOR LUMBAGO, D E YNOLDS' G U-T- -S- -P- E-C I -F -I- C, FOR ALL NEURALGIC COMPLAINS. DR. BREWSTER (for many years one of the leading physicians in Paris) writes:—"I have prescriced REYNOLDS GOLT SPECIFIC in all cases of Rheumatic Affections, and find it an infallible Remedv. I have alwavs had great pleasure in reccoinmending it, and consider it'a afe and invaluable Ifedicine." REYNOLDS' GOUT SPECIFIC, ESTABLISHED 70 YEARS. Sold in Bottles. 2s and 4s 0,1, by Messrs ilarclav and i son, 5, Farrington-street, E.G., and all chemists. ALD BOOKS FOR THE MILLION U CARRIAGE FREE. An Introduction to the Critical Study and Know- ledge of the Holy Scriptures, by Thoma.s H Horn, M A. Half bound, clean, 4 volumes, large 8vo, published at 48s, only 6s (id Dr Ree" Cyclopaedia, Arts, Sciences and Literature, 4o volumes, half bound, good as new, complete, cost -C I DO, only £:{ 15s Od I)r Dodridge's Family Expositer, G volumes, large Svo. cloth, clean, published at 72s, only 7s Scotts' Commentary Old and New Testament, G volumes, folio, cloth, clean, published at 17, only 20s Liturgies and Forms of Prayer, set forth in the fcicrn of Queen Elizabeth, Darker Society. 2s b Portus's Sermons, 5 volumes, full bounrl in calf, clean, 4s lill Bp. Jewel's Sermons, Parker Society, large paper. 2 s The Ecclesiastical Polity of the New Testament, un- folded by the Rev Dr Davison, new book, published at only Is lid The Cattle Plague, with Official Reports of thelnterna- tional Veterinary Congresses, by John Gaingee, cloth, good as new, published at 21s, only 3s Mant's Bible Notes, Explanatory and Practical, Old and New Testament, fine tinted plates—Apocrypha and a Compedious View of the Jewish History, during two periods, the events of which are not recorded in the Bible or the Apocrypha, 3 volumes, full bound in calf, good as new, published at -CS, only 20s Gai nott on the Book of Job, full bouud in calf, clean. 4to, s Od Sins and Wretchedness of Christendom Sermons by Rev W B Smith, new book, price os, only Is Typographical Dictionary of Great Britain and Ireland. 3 large volumes, thick tivo, published at E3, only 5s (ill The British Essayist, with Prefaces Historical and Biographical, by Alexander Chainers, 44 volumes, half bound, clean, published at, XII, only 20s Narrative of a Journey Round the World, by Sir George Simpson, 2 volumes, Svo, cloth, clean, pub- lished at 24s, only 3s 6d Ecce Messias or the Hebrew Messianic Hope and Christian Reality, by Edward Higginson. new book, published at 12s, only 2s Moshein's Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, G volumes, half bound, clean, published.,at £:.3, July Gs 6d National and Domestic History of Euglaud, Political and Diplomatic Events, 33 parts at 2s each. Complete with hundreds of Steel and Wood Engravings, quite new, cost £ 3 lis, only 12s Od Animal and Vegetable Physiology considered with reference to Natural Theology, by Roger, M D, 2 volumes, cloth, clean, published at 24s, only 3s (id Hev Thomas Scott's Works, with Occasional Observa- tions, by the Rev John Scott, 12 volumes, full bound in calf, good as new, published at .£7, and the binding cost 72s. Complete, only 14s Rev Alexander Fletcher's Family Devotion, a. Hymn, a Portion of Scripture with reflections, and a Prayer for the Morning and Evening of every Day in the Year, with 15 Fine Steel Plates, large 4to, published at t2 10s, only 5s Od .Gazettere of the World, a Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, 23 parts at 5s each, new work with Maps, t'iates, &c., cost £ 5 15s, only 10s Lectures, chietly Clinical, by Thomas K. Chambers, thick 8vo, cloth, published at 15s, only 2s Fulke's Defence of Translations of the Bible, Parker Society, 2s Dr Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, Theological Tracts, in 0 volumes, full bound in calf, large 8vo, only (js Gd Batchelou." (G 11) of the State of Europe, xiii Books, containing the Historie and Relations of the many Provinces Hereof, continued out of approved Authors, folio, Coat of Arms on covers, only (is, Oxford, 1027 The Coming of the Messiah, the True Key to the Right Understanding of the Most Difficult Passages in the New Testaiueut, Svo, half bound, good as new, 2s 6d Rev Phillip Skeleton's Sermons, 0 volumes, half bound, clean, published at X2 12s, only (is A Journey Round the Dead Sea, and in the Bible Lands, by Edward \arreu, 2 volumes, large Svo, cloth, clean, published at 24s, only 3s Gd Horae Decanicae Rurales, the Origin, Appointment, and Functions, Personal and Capitular, of Rural Deans, by W. Den sey, MA, 2 volumes, cloth, clean, published at 3 )s, only 4s An Exposition of the New Testament, intended as an Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures, by pointing out the Leading Seusi and Connection of the Sacred Writers, by W. Gilpin, 4to, 4s lid Mitttord s History of Greece, in 8 volumes, clean, published at 94 10s, only 7s The Charges of Samuel Horsley. Bishop of St Asaph, c'elivered at his several visitations, cloth, new book, published at 7s Ijd, only Is Od The Church, an Explanation of the Meaning contained in the Bible, showing the Ancient, Continued, and Pre- vailing Error of -Man, by William Atkinson, 2 volumes, cloth, as good as new, published at 24s, only 3s Gd A Practical Exposition of the Gospel according to St Mark, in the form of Lecturts, by John SUlUner, D D, clean, Svo, Is (jd The Church under the Tudors, with au Introductory Chapter on the Origin of the Connection between Church and tate, by D. Donlop, )11 I A,new book, small tin), published at 3s (jd, only Is Life and Society in America, by Samuel Phillips Day, 2 volumes in one, new book, published at 15s, illustrated, only 3s Bible Plants, their History, with a Review of the Opinions of Various Writers, regarding their Identifica- tion, published at 2s Od. only 9d, new book A Course of Sermons on the Creed of Pope Pius IV., by fourteen Clergymen of the Church of England, with Copious Notes and Appendices, published at 14s,, only 2s A Paraphrase and Annotations on all the Books of the New Testament, briefly explaining all the difficult places thereof, by It Hanimon, D D, folio, full bound, clean, only 5s. The Pictorial Bible. Old and New Testament, many hundred Woodcuts, full bound, calf, clean. 3 volumes, thick Ito, cost £ 4. only 12s. P.O.O. payable to ROBERT FOSTER, AJARKLKT HALL, BANGOR. All Books sent Carriage Free. Old Books bought o r taken in exchange. Stamps taken. SHIPS' ACCOUNTANT. FOREIGN AND HOHK VOYAGE ACCOUNTS made up by EDWARD MORRISON, :3, BODLONDEB, PORT DINORW1C. THE NORTH WALES OBSERVER"# EXPRESS may be had in London at "the Establisnmnpnt of MR J. W. RAYNER, DEVEREAUX COURT, ESSEX STREET, STRAND. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTIONS PAID IN ADVANCE i t Forwarded by Post,-OT,e Year, Os. Gd.; Half-year, 3s. 3d; I One Quarter. Is. < Foreign Postage extra. Delivered by MessengerOne Yeai, 4s,. 4d, ,HuH y*ar 2s. 2d.; One Quarter, Is. Id. TO ADVERTISERS. We beg to draiv (he attention of adver- tisers jttnerally to the facilities cforded by the KORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS for giving publicity to adver- tisements. The circulation of the OB- SERVER AND EXPRESS is larger than that of any otha English paper published in North Wales. For the publication of announcements requiring to be brought before the eyes of the vpper or middle classes there is not in North Wales a better medium than the OBSERVER AND EXPRESS. Advertisements intended for insertion in THE NORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS can be received at the Bangor Office, York Place, up to the hour of Pnb- lication, and lit the Carnarvon Office, New Harbour, up to 12 noon on Thursday. All williliunicationsintendcd fúr inser- tion must be (tdd)-csged-E(lito)-, OBSER- VER AND EXPRESS, Bangor. All [business letters to be directed, an remittances made payable, to D. Edwards, OBSERVER AND EXPRESS Office, Ban j or. -MUSIC! 1/.3 -AIUSIC! MUSIC!! 1/3 MUSIC: ALL who wish to play the Piano, Organ, or Har- monium at Sight, send this advertisement and 15 stamps to W. WALKER, 31, Grosvenor-road, Bristol, for his MAGIC PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTOR (Registered). .£ 10 for every reader of the N. W. Observer and Express who fails to play by it iminediatelv. 7 he Lyilney Observer, Newnham and Blakeney Herald, say anyone can play by this clever invention, without the assistance of a teacher, even though they have no previous knowledge of music oi of the instrument itself. The Oldham Chronicle says this is an excellent contrivance, by which those who have never seen a piano can learn to playa tune in a few minutes, and costs but eitjhteenpence. The Foresters' Free Press says the arrangements are so simple that a child can instantly learn to play most dittiCU15 music. The Provincial News and Cycling Record says the Magic Pianoforte Instructor," published by Mr Walker, is a genuine affair. Those who cannot learn from ordinary systems will have no difficulty with this. 13 REDUCED PRICE 13 CLASS AWARD if IF YOU WANT A COOD PtAMOt | • GO TO | CRANE & SONS pay special attention to the Easy payment System, and have sold thou- sands of Instruments throughout the country on these advantageous terms. Tli t prices they charge on the '• Easy Payment System are, in most cases, consid- erably less than the prices asked for net cash by other Louses for inferior intstruments. CRANE & SONS buy for prompt cash, savin;. Discounts, and therefore, offer to tlie Public Intru- ill nts in many cases, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pay for them, who sell perhaps one instru- ment in 1. week, and consequently must get as much profit on that one as Crane & Sons expect oil Three Instruments. CRAtJE SONS challenge this assertion, and will pay the Railway Fare of any person coming to Liver- pool, providing same does not exceed 5 per cent ol the perchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spout tneously sent to Crane <V„ Sons: Carnarvon, North Wales, August, 1S83. GF.NTLEMEN,—I cannot help expressing my great satisfaction with the Instrument you have sent me v The sweetness and power of tone is always what has been wanted by ine.-I am youi s truly THOS EVANS. To Crane & Sons, Liverpool. fool _c-=-=-='=="c- j Organ s &h arm oii cms{ ARE r// £ BEST & CHEAPEST EVE* • ^^RICEYWITL astonTS/T' • <* THE TRADE FOR SALE OR H IRE fromlO/jnonthly —, | SENT TO ALL PARTS OF TRE KINGDOM I I-C)lt Tlii- liA[lt.-it y ir hair is uinriig urey or white, or f.i!i»g <■ u.-c I h« Mexican Uair ltenewer," for it w-ll pvsiiirtli/ restart iit every case Uvey or White hair to its original colour, without leaving the disagreeable smell of most "Restorers." 1 t makcs the hair cbarmilJly IJeautifnl, it iii, as well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald epots, where the glands are not decayed. Ask your Chemist for" THE MEXICAN HAIR KKNEWKU," sold by Chemists and Perfumers everywhere at 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Wholesale QPoot re pa o red to 83, Farringdoa Road, London. A — Ar<; yon broken in yc-w cutting C O- CO to" b- ^ta li t:J, of IT Will relieve the per .-aif- rt?r iiauiediatoly. It i.i peifeetly harm- less and pi! -.o r, to- taste, it produces natural, quiet sleep, by r»:k-ving the child from pair., and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button. It I soothes the child, it soften* the bum, allays all pain, relieves wind, regulates the towels, and is the best, known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, TfhetiiCT arising from teething or other causes.6M.r«. Winslow & Seething Syrup is sold by Medicine dealers «wery where at 1.. I id." per bottle.