Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



1 Rohn PtaSn Talkm) owl& JSM* \[0 disease so universally weakens the system | as does CATARRH or COLD. The Catarrh I almost invariably extends from the throat | down into the wind pipe, and thence into the i BRONCHIAL TUBES. These tubes convey the i air into the LUNGS. As the COLD spreads the 1 BJ^W BRONCHIAL TUBES become plugged up from B swelling caused thereby. This causes 1 W JM DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING, & WHEEZING MR 111 IN THE CHEST* Mil SERiOUS SYMPTOMS l t Ii .'11 r- jj¡ If,f¡lIr&b m- The COUGH that occurs at this time is dry, is I hacking in character, and is usually most troublesome at night 1 and in the morning. This is the first evidence that the COLD is I EXTEMBiMB L&MGS* I 5H* At first there may be nothing brought up by the 3 COUGH, then there will be tough PHLEGM which is expectorated 1 with some difficulty; the VOICE often becomes weak and husky, 1 and nearly always there is a pain in the Chest. 1 WHMT TO DO: I Sgg* The time to stop a Cold is when it starts. Procure 1 a bottle ci that well-known and well-tried specific— 1 FRANCIS'S BALSAM The premier remedy for COUGHS, COLDS & LUNG COMPLAINTS. | I Safe, pleasant, and effective, for old and young. Absolutely free from poisonous ingredients g Sold everywhere tl${d. stsd 2IB foQiiUes. SOLE I Francis & Co., Chemists, Wrexham. I "L"?8C" -'iD'{;aI(I- := LD or WE BU ISUSED mnr FALSE TEETH A tJ UTMOST VALUE SENT BY RETURN.. f W or offers made and tetth held OTer ontil accepted. M Kj (Estd. 183&) CT R D & J. B. FRASER, TJ y> I PRINCES STREET, IPSWICH, ENGLAND. f ggj ^JL Bankers' References: Messrs. Bacon & Co.. Ipswich. —teJ L JH I TE å TEA! TEA! I fE trial will convince you for Purity Strength and Flavour. W. G N'S'S Standard Blends of Teas are tha hat money can buy at the following I:-ls, la 4d, Is 6d, Is lOd, and 2s per rhe enormous demand for these Bleuds be "CLIO BRAND TEAS in pack- sufficient proof. The public appreciate Tea and buy it. Flour and feeding Hams, Bacon, Lard, Jams, Mar- le, &c., &c., at special Low Prices. D LONDON HOUSE, 299, HIGH STREET, NTY CORN MILLS, WELL STREET, BANGOR, AND A. TUNG STREET, LLANRWST ) GREAT MEDICINE OF THE r SEASON. t I APE SALINE or PURIFYING THE BLOOD. 1/- per Bottle. had only (and there is a great de- mand for it), from ROBERT ROBERTS, A.P.S., Chemist and Druggist, &NGOR STREET, CARNARVON Vacancy for a well-educated Youthas it-door Apprentice JONES, D.D.S. (A-M)&c. SURGEON DENTIST, )site the Market, BANGOR. -0- TONES visits Llangefni every Thurs- ay, at Lledwigan road. irchymedd from 10 to 1, and Amlwch to 5, with Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, et street, Tuesdays, July 13, August ptember 7, October 5, November 2 and m ber 28. nezer and Llanberis, First Tuesday pay day. aesdaFirst Tuesday after Pay-day. gorevery Jay except Tuesdays and days T rvr INSURANCE OFFICE, 'LI FOUNDED 1710. INSURED IN 1895 S390,775,000 U particulars apply to the following agents:— 1 Mr R. L. Jones. toR Mr J. Smith & Mr R. Hall. I £ OUTH Mr R. F. Anders on JMARIS Mr Fred. Geary. lARVON Mr W. H. Owen. VA Y Mr Charles Drover, I Deganwy and Llan- dudno. rELLEY Mr Thomas P. Jones Parry. HEIEAD Mr Owen Hughes. DUDNO Mr Edgar W. Riches. rGEFNI Mr William Thomas. kADoc Mr J. Tobias. -ON-SEA Mr P. J. Kent. &POOL.-SHAFTESBURY HOTEL fount Pleasant, 100 rooms, near Cen •J Lime Street Station. No Intoxican Itoderate charges. Electric Light. class Temperance, Family and Com- Hotel. John Stansfeld, L E K D S TO WHEELWRIGHTS. CGACHBUILDERS, CONT? ACTORS. BLACKSMITHS, AND TIMBER MERCHANTS, WRITE FORI ILLUSTRATED PRICE LISTS TO WHEELWRIGHTS. BUY YOUR SPRINGS DIRECT FROM THE MAKER. lcoo PAIRS IN STOCK. 11 my WHEELS are manufactured from Relected and well- seasoned timber Naves hooped; Tyres are contracted on and set cold by PATENT HYDRAULIC MACHINERY, wi<"h improves the wearing qualities of the Tvres. PONY CART WHEELS. 3 feet 8 inches to 4 feet 0 inches diameter. 2 19s Od to X3 4s Od per pair. DOG CART WHEELS. 4 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 10 inches diameter. JE3 5s Od to JE3 19s Od per pair. <J3;Jr. SPRING CART WHEELS. 4 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 10 inches diameter. S4 Os Od to JE4 5s Od per ppir. OMNIBUS HEELS. 3 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 10 inches dia- meter, JE4 Is 6d to S4 17s per pair. CAB WHEELS-In Sets. 3 feet 0 inches and 3 feet 10 inches to 2 feet 2 inches and 4 feet 0 inches diameter, S5 10s to £ 5 15s. HAND CART WHEELS. 2 feet 4 inches to 3 feet 0 inches diameter. X2 2s 6d to £2 7s 6d per pair. FLAT CART WHEELS. 3 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 6 inches diameter. 93 3s Od to S3,4 11 s 0 per pair. CART WHEELS, WITH SPOKES LET IN, FULL SIZE, AND SQUARE TANGS. 4 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 10 inches diameter. S4 168 Od to 16 12s 6<1 ner pair. LUERY & DRAY WHEELS. 2 feet 10 inchrs to 3 fedt 2 inchss. S5 7s Od to Y,7 Is Od per pair, [ Mail and Collinge Axles. Patent and Improved Cart Arms. Swan Neck Scroll Irons I x 3-8 to 2t x 1, prices from 5s 6d to 9s 6d per set. Dumb Jack, Bridge. Spur, Ell Flap, Globe Scrolls. All sizes kept in stock. Carriage Lamps, Best Quality, from 10s 6 ] WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED {PRICE LIST. All sizes of Rung End Irons, Side Board Staples, Shaft Irons, and other Cart Iron work kept in stock. Illustrated Price Li st ofall requisites con nected with Wheelwrights, Coach Builders, I Blacksmiths, Engineers, Contractors, and I Builders, on enquiry. The largest and best selected s+ork in I xorishire. i— FOUND, in Carnarvon, on Sunday, a Gent's Gold Ring.-Inquire at Mr W. Hamer, Carnarvon. 865 HASTINGS.—A lady wishes to let her U furnished house. Six rooms. Bath (h and c). Gcod servant left if required. Plate and linen. High sheltered position. Suitable for two or three ladies.—Mrs Goodwin, "Melrose," Old London read. N EISIEU.-Mewn Shop yn mhrif dref Y Sir Gaernarfon, Bachgen o 14 i 16 oed, fel Apprentice, neu un wedi cael ychydig ymarferiad yn flaenorol mewn Shop Esgid- iau. Rhaid i'r ymgeisydd feddu ar gymer- iad da a gonest, yn gallu ysgrifenu a siarad ychydig o Saesneg. Wele fantais rhagorol i fachgen meddylgar i ddysgu a deall y Boot a'r Shoe Trade. Byrddio i fewn yda theulu bychan.-Am fanylion o'r le, cyfeirier Rhif 860, Swyddfa'r 'Genedl.' A SSEMBLY ROOMS, AMLWUH FOR TERMR, &c., apply to Mr W. H. Thomas, Lewis's Buildings, Amlwch APARTMENTS. Comfortable Apart- A ments to Let, close to the Railway Station, with accommodation for Visitors and Cyclists. Moderate Terms, on applica- tion to Mrs Hughes, 5, North road, Car- narvon. CYCLE Trade.—Wanted, a Youth, well educated and a good writer, to learn ever branch of the cycle trade practically Premium for first.-Apply to the Manager, Connah Cycle Vendors, Bangor. 261 T ITTLEHAMPTON. Intending visitors to this rising1 seaside resort seeking Apartments, could not do better than advertise their wants in the" Vttlehampton News," published every Saturday, price one penny; 20 words 6d., three insertions Is. Offices:-18 and 19, High Street, Little- CHAS. PEIHAM & Co., Proprietors. POOLE, PAKKSTONE, W1MBORNE, NEW FORE>T and LYMINGTON.— Intending Visitort. to this district should Advertise for Apaitments in the East Dorset Herald and South Hants Chronicle." Large and iucreasing circulation from Dorchester on the wfst to Southampton on the east 4 editions. Thursdays, Id. The charge for advertisements of 20 words, in all editions, is: Once, 18: twice' Is 9d; 3 times, 2s 6d,-AddrepA, "Herald Office, Poole. OARDING HOUSES AND HOTEL PROPRIETORS desiring to attract Visitors from the Midland Counties should advertise in the Lichfield Mercury," the Tamwerth Mercury," the "Cannock Chase Mercury," the "Rugeley Mercury," and Syttcn Coldfield Mercury," the best family papers in the Midlands, and the only papers printed and published in the Lich- field Division. 20 words, 6d; for the holi- day season, 4s 6d prepaid-Offices 36, 38 and 40, Bird street. BOURNEMOUTH.-Intending Residents in, or Visitors to, Bournemouth, Bos- combe, Parkstone-by-Sea, Swanage, &c., should advertise for houses or apartments in the Guardian series of newspapers, published simultaneously at Bournemouth, Boscombe. Parkstone, Poole, Wimborne, Blandfordand Swaaage. Scale same as P.O. telegrams, 12 words 6d: d for every additional word. Three insertions at the price of two. Diamond Jubilee enlargment to 64 columns.—Address MANAGER, Guardian, Bournemouth. LONDON Visitors Require Apartments. If you want to let your rooms, send n advertisement for insertion in the "South Eastern Herald," the Woolwich Herald," the West Kent Argus," and the Brockley News and New Cross Review." Advertise- ments appear in the four papers at one price -20 words, 6d; three insertions, Is; six ihsertions, la 8d thirteen insertion 3s 3d 2d for each additional eight words for oile insertion, Over 50,000 readers in South London. Specimen copy gratis. Head Office-eS. Greenwich Road, London. I A PARTMENTS.— To all having apart- ments to let. Do not have them empty when, for Is and three weeks, 2s you can have a 30 word advertisement inserted in six newspapers circulating' in districts which each year send thousands of visitors to Carnarvon Name of papers' Ley ton Leytonstone, West Ham, Wanttfad, Wood- forl, and Forest Gate, Manor Park and Ilford Express and Independ 3nt. Address Publisher, Iadepenent Office, Levtostone,' Essex BAKER A.ND CONFECTIONER—YN Eisieu, bacngen cryf a by wiog, oddeutu 15 oed, fel egwyddorwas.— Ynuofyner a. John Hughes, Valley Shop, Valley. SHOW GROUND FOR PUBLI AMUSEMENTS. TO BE LET, on and after the 12th of August next, a PLOT OF LAND in the Centre of the City of Bangor, within 150 yards of the Cathedral. Let for Fairs or Auctions. Four entrances into the public road a. Apply to Mr T. G. Williams, Menai Bridge Vaults, Bangor. 565 1- BRICKS. THE PARKIA BRICK Co., LIMITED, CARNARVON. -0- GELWIR sylw y JBuilding Trade yn gyff- redinol at Press Bricks y Parciau. Gellir eu hanfon o'r weithfa gyda'r mor neu'r tren. Am fanylion ymofyner a T. J. Hughes, 4, Ogwen Terraae Bethesda. 619 c E M A,%4-) 6 wrN CARNIS OR IleMg's Fxtract of Meat & Mal. Wine IS THE FINEST TONIC IN THE WORLD. OVER FIVE THOUSAND TESTIMON- IALS Have been received from Medical Mep. SIX GOLD MEDALS AD ONE SILVER MEDAL Have been awarded. Sold in Bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d everywhere. Sole Manufacturers: COLEMAN & CO., Ltd., NORWICH AND LONDON. ,&2s 9d Bottle sent Post Free on receipt of 33 Stamps. jgEAUMARIS COUNTY SCHOOL HEADMASTER: E. MADOC JONES, M.A, CANTAB.* With experienced University staff. Thorough Education. Limited number of bodders received. S uperior accommodation at moderate terms. School re-opens September 23rd. Full particulars on application to Headmaster o Olerk. W Griffith, Beaumaris «i IM-ESSRS W. DEW & SON.: I PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. LLEDWIGAN FARM, NEAR LLANGEFNI, MESSRS W. JDEW AND SON a.e i3jL instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction on Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th of October, on he above Premises, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, an Excellent Collection of Imple- ments in Husbandry, Eight Milch Cows, 40 three-year old Welt-h Cattle, 32 rising two-vear old ditto, 15 various Horses, 40 Fat Welsh Mountain Ewes, two Sows, one Boar, quantity of Poultry, Gear and Harness, etc.. etc. Catalogues will be issued in due course, and may be obtained of Mr Humphrey Owen, Treddolphin, Gwalchmai, or of the Auctioneers, Wellfield, Bangor, and Trinity Square, Llandudno. 867 MESSRS. HUGHES & SMITH. PERIODICAL SALES OF HORSES, FAT AND STORE CATTLE, SHEEP AND PIGS, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, &0. TITESSRS HUGHES AND SMITH (late R. Hughes & Son), Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors, Land and Estate Agents, Rating and General Assessors, Llanrwst and Colwyn Bay, at their Marts, as under: Old Colwyn Auction Mart j Action Monday Oct. 4th. Friday Oct. 1st. .m ARINE HOTEL, OLD COLWYN, Important Sale of about 30 Welsh Mountain Ponies, Welsh Cattle and Horses, On Saturday (next), Oct 2nd, 1897. Sale at 12 o'clock. OLD COLWYN AUCTION MART. Wednesday, October 6th, 1897, On Fat Stock. Sale at 1 o'clock. Usual conditions. I L LANGERNYW AUCTION MART. Thursday, October 21st, 1897, On Fat Stock. FAWNOG FAWR, NEAR DAFARN NEWYDD, On Farming Stock, Crops, &c. On Saturday, October 23rd, 1897. Sale at 12 o'clock noon. Credit until 8th March, 1898, on sums of JEo and upwards upon approved security, or discount for cash. 866 MR J. G. JONES. NEW SALE ROOM, CARNARVON. T^HE next Sale of Furniture at the above place will be on Tuesday next, October 5th, 1897. J. G. JONES, Tower Buildings. CARNARVONSHIRE. SALE OF DESIRABLE FREEHOLD FARM IN THE PARISH OF LLAN- FAGLAN, NEAR CARNARVON. I TtTR J. G. JONES begs to announce -"— having received instructions from Mr R. Wi liams, who is leaving the neighbour- hood, to Sell bv Public Auction, at the Castle Hotel, Carnarv^, on Saturday, October 23rd, 1897, at three o'clock in the ) afternoon, subject to conditions to be there and then read, all that desirable Freehold Farm, with all the nowly erected Out- Buildings, &c., known as Cae Eithin," in the parish of Llanfaglan, with ample supply of water and all necessaries, aud comprising 14 acres or thereaboutsf with immediate possessions. For further particulars apply to Mr C. H. Rees, solicitor, and the Auctioneer, Tower Buildings, all of Car- narvon. OCTOBER 28TH. Sal of all the (Live and Dead) Farming Stock, Household Furniture, &c., at the aboue place. Further particulars in our next issue. TOWN OF CARNARVON. IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS 1 AND OTHERS. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES. MR J. G. JONES begs to announce having received instructions from Mr David Williams, Builder and Contractor, to offer for Sale for Public Auction, at the Castle Hotel, Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 16th day of October, 1897, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the hereinafter mentioned Properties in Lots, subject to the conditions to be there and then read Lots 1, 2, and 3.—All those Three Free- hold Messuages or Dwelling Houses, with the 8 Yards, Gardens at the back, well stocked with Fruit Trees, situated at Hen- walia, Carnarvon, and now in the occupa- tion of Mr Sheffield. Mr Percy Hill, and Mr Evans, at an annual eent of 3 6s 6d each. Lots 4-5.-All those Leasehold Messu- ages or Dwelling Houses, being Nos. 15 and 17, in Thomas Street, Twthill. Carnarvon, and now in the occupation of Mr S. Morris and Mr Thomas Nasb, at an annual rentals of S15 12s Od, and JE15 Os Od respectively. Term of Lease unexpired 51 years from the 29th day of September, 1897, at an annual ground rent of 12s 6d each house. Lots 6—18.—All those 13 Messuages or Dwelling Houses, bsing Nos. 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, and 49, Vic- toria Street, Twthill, Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Mr J. Davies and others, varying from 4s 7!d to 5s per week. Term of Lease 63 years from the 29th day of September, 1897, at an annual ground rent i of £1 per house. The Auctioneer begs to call special atten- tion to this Sale, a? all the Properties are in good condition, and nicely situated. For further particulars, apply to Mr David Williams, Bron Caerog; Mr R. Roberts, Solicitor, Palace Chambers; or the Auc- tioneer, Tower Buildings, all of Carnarvon. N.B.—Two-thirds of the purchase money I may remain on Mortgage at S4 per cent. ON gia A PERFECTLY NEW TYPE WRITER (Odell's Make), WITH INSTRUCTIONS ONLY £1. Address — D. W. Davies, Bookseller, Carnarvon. A SECOND HAND STRONG BICYCLE in good condition for X3 10. Apply, D. W. Davies, Bookseller, Carnarvon AR WERTH. Y PEDAIR CYFROL GYNTAF O'R GWYDDONIADUR. i Rhwym. Gwerth dros 3p. Cynygir am 18s Ymofyner a" Jo {: =. MR JOHN PRITOHARD. —— COED HOWELL, NEAR BANGOR. Important SALE of LIVE STOCK, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, OATS, BARLEY, WOOL, and Other i Effects. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed by Mrs Roberts, who is relinquishing farming, to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION at the above Farm, distant about 2 miles from Bangor and about ten minutes' walk from Felinhen Station on the Bangor and Beth- esda Railway, on Tuesday,Oct. 5th, 1897. at 11 a.m. sharp, a Dairy of 17 Excellent MILCH COWS all timed to calve from November to February; 2 Heifers just calved, 2 Heifers on the point of calving, 2 years old and 1 year old Welsh Bulls, 4 strong two years old Welsh St ers, 4 year- ling Heifers and 7 Bullocks, 12 male and female Calves, Sow with Litter of eleven, 5 youmg open Sows. 7 store Pigs six months old, 24 head of Poultry, Strong grey cart Mare 16.2 hands (aged) with Foal and stinted to Ravenspur" (Penrhyn), Capital brown cart Mare 16.2 hands (aged), stinted to Criccieth stallion, Useful bay cart Horse (aged), Capital Mare Pony, 14 hands, 7 years old, quiet in harness and saddle; Bay Pony (aged), 14 hands Handsome black cob, 4 years old, 15 hands; by Lord Kenmare (Glynllifon); Well- bred bay Filly, 14 hands, 4 years old (un- broken), stinted to "Ravenspur;" Promising bay Cob, 3 years old, 14 hands (unbroken). The filly and cob are by the same sire and out of the same dam, and would make a grand pair. Two 2 yearr old and one 1 year old entire agricultural Colts Yearling Filly by Ravcnspur Beautiful bay Cob by Lord Kenmare," rising 5 yaars, 14.3 hands, quiet in harness and saddle; Handsome thoroughbred chestnut Mare, Lady Norah," by Blue Glass out of Lady Killarney," 7 years old, 15 hands, quiet to ride and drive (has been constantly ridden by a lady for the last two years) Capital chestnut Cob, 7 years old, 14.2 hands, quiet to ride and drive, A Large Assortment of AGRICUL- TURAL IMPLEMENTS. About an Acre of POTATOES, and about 250 Quarters of OATS and BARLEY. Welsh WOOL, etc., etc. Lunch at 10.30 a.m. Sale at 11 a.m. sharp. Order of Sale: Agricultural Imple- ments, Milch Cows, Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Produce, Poultry. Descriptive Catalogue may be obtained a week before the Sale at the principal hotels in the neighbourhood, and of the Auctioneer. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 826 ABER. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed by the representatives of the late | Humphrey Ellis, Esq., to Sell by Public Auction (owing to their giving up Meiryn and Nant Lands) in a field adjoining the Bulkeley Arms Hotel, Aber, on Wednesday, October 6th, 1897, at 11 a.m. prompt. About 350 Grand Welsh Mountain Ewes. Ii to 4 years old 360 Welsh Wethers, 1-1 to 2 2! years old; 220 WelshLambs,17 Rams, li- to 4 years old 2 Ram Lømbs, 4 Shropshire Ewes, 22 Pure Bred Welsh Mountain Ponies, 12 Pure Bred Welsh Mountain Stallions, 1 Shetland Pony, 5 years old with foal. A Handsome Well-bred Chestnut Pony, 13 hands, rising 4 years old, with good action, quiet in harness and saddle. I Cart Mare with late Foal, Dog Car equal to new by Jones Brothers, Bangor. I Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 344 MR J. PARRY JONES. MORFA FFARM, HARLECH. Arwerthiant Pwysig ar 51 o Ddâ Cornio g 7 o Geffylau, a'r holl Offer Hwsmonaeth a'r Gwyrddlysiau. MAE MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfar- wyddo gan Mrs Mary Lewis i Werthu ar Auction ddydd Iau, Hydref 7fed, 1897 yr holl o'r Stoc, yr Offer, a'r Gwyrddlysiau yn cynwys 14 o Fuchod Godro rhagorol, un o honynt yn min llci, ac eraill i ddod a lloi o'r Nadolig i ddechreu y flwyddyn; 1 Tarw cryf; 5 o Heffrod campus yn min lloi; 1 eto yn wag; 4 Eidion yn codi yn dair; 13 o Ddynewaid, yn codi yn ddwyflwydd; 13 o Loiau; 1 Gaseg gyfebr; 1 arall yn codi yn bump; 1 eto yn codi yn bedair; 1 eto yn codi yn dair; 2 eto o rai blwvdd a haner; Cyw sugno Hwch Dorrog; 2 Drol; 2 Aradr haiam, ac un arall a dwy styllen; 2 Og haiarn 3 darn; Og Cain Scuffler; Scratcher; Engine ladd Gwair,ddim gwaeth na newydd; Drill at hau Yd; Machine nithio; Wasg gaws; Cribinau; Pladuriau; Matiau; Howler; 2 acer o Swedes; 1 aaar acer o Fangles; yr oil o Ger Ceffylau a lluaws mawr o bethau eraill rhy luosog i'w henwi. Yr Arwerthiant i ddechreu yn brydlon am 11 y boreu, a dymunir ar i bawb gofio dod yno yn brydlon, gan y bwrie-tir decrheu i'r mUDyd, am fod yma lawf.- o waith. Bydd y bwyd i'w gael yn bryllon. Rhoddir coel gyda meichiafon boddhaol nyd Ffair y Penrhyn, Mai 2. 1898, neu discount am arian parod. y Am ychwaneg o fanylion, ymofyner a r Arwerthwr yn Penlan, Penrhyndeudraeth. 3 853 CWM BYCHAN, MERIONETH- SHIRE. MAE MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfarwyddo gan Mr David Pugh z Werthu ar Auction, ddydd Mawrth. Hydref 12fed 1897 yr oil o'r Stoc a'r Offer Amaethyddol a rhan o Ddodrefn y Ty. I ddechreu am 12.30. Manylion yn y 'Genedl' yr wythncsau nesaf. Rhoddir coel gyda meichiafon boddhaol hyd ffair Harlech, ? Ebrill, 14, 189. 827 GWYNDY, PENRHYNDEUDRAETH. MAE MR. JOHN PARRY "JONES wedi ei gyfarwyddo gan Mr Robert Evans i Werthu ar Auction ddydd Llun, Hydref, 4, 1897, yr oil o'r Stoc a'r Cnwd a'r Da Pluog, sef Pump o Wartheg Godro yn llawn proffit; Un Heffer dda, Pedwar o Loiau, Hwch Dorog ragorol ar fin dropio; eddeutu 40 o'r Da Pluog, Gwair wedi ei gynafa yn dda, Pytatws, Engine Eithin ac Engine Wellt dda, a llawer o'gelfi eraiU. Yr Arwertbiant i ddechre rhwng 1 a 2 o'r gloch. Rhoddir Coel gyda Meichiafon boddhaol hyd Fin ir y Penrhyn, Mai 2il, 1898. Am ychwaneg o fanylion ymofyner a'r Arwerthwr yn Penlan, Penrhyndeu- draeth. BRYN MANLLWYD, TRAWSFYNYDD. JrIAB MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfarwyddo gan Mr David Evans i Werthu ar Auction ddydd Sadwrn, Hydre: 16, 1897, yr oil o'r Stoc a'r Ger Hwsmon- aeth, yn cynwys naw o Fuchod Godro, chwech o Ddynewaid, chwech o Loiau, dwy Gaseg Wedd a Chyw, Merlan Mynydd a Chyw, a r holl Offer Hwsmonaeth, Ceirch a Haidd mewn sachau. Yr Arwerthiant i ddechreu rhwng deuddeg ac un o'r gloch. Coel gyda meiebi*tfon ooddhaol hyd ffair Trawsfynydd, Ebrill, 1898 Am ychwaneg o fanylion ymofyner a'r Arwerthwr yn Penlan, Penrhyndeudraeth. 828 i i. I T. MR ROBE; RT PARRY i j CAD LAN ISAF, ;ERDA RON. CADLAN 1SAF, BERDARON. MAE R R. PARRY yn Gwerthu ar Auction I4. yn y lie uchod Dydd Gwener, Hydref laf, 1897, Hull Stoc y Ffarm, Offerynau, &c. Gosodir y Tir am flwyddyn. Manylion ar y Posters. BRONHAUL (rhan o dir y Berth), LLAN- LLYFNI. MAE MB. ROBERT PARRY wedi ei gyfarwyddo gan Mrs Roberts, yr hon sydd yn ymadael, i Werthu ar Auction yn y He uchod, Dydd Sadwrn, Hydref 2il, I. 1897, y Stoc, &c., a ganlyn, yn cynwys 2 o Fuchod yn eu proffit, Heffer ar fin dropio, oddeutu 40 o Ddefaid Cymreig yn cynwys Mamogiaid ac Wyn (yr Wyn heb eu nodi), Chaff Cutter, Cribiniau, yr oil o'r man Offerynau, y Cropiau, Eithin, &c. I Rhyddid i adael y Defaid ar y Tir hyd Galangauaf. I Coel fel arferol gyda Meichiafon. Yr Auction i ddechreu am 1 o'r gloch. Am fanylion pellach ymofyner a'r Ar- werthwr, 3, Salem terrace, Pwllheli. TYÐDyN FAMAETH, liEh. BRYNKIR STATION. MAE MR ROBERT .PARRY wedi ei gyfar- wyddo gan Mr John Jones, yr hwn sydd yn ymadael, i Werthu ar Auction yn y lie uchod, ddydd Mawrth, Hydref 5, 1897, Y STOC, CROPIAU, &c., a ganlyn, yn cynwys 3 o Fuchod Godro yn eu proffit,* 2 Ddynewaid gwryw, Dynewad fanyw, 2 Lo, Caseg yn codi'n 4 oed, 16 o uchder, hwylus yn rnhob gwaith, Tas Wair (oddeutu 10 tunell) wedi cael cynhauaf rhagorol, Tas o WeUt eto, Trol ysgafn, y Ger Ceffylau, &c., tua 40 o Ddefaid Cym- I resg, yn cynwys Mamogiaid, Myllt, ac Wyh. L'oel fel arferul. Yr Auction i ddechreu am 1 o'r gloch. Am fanylion pellach, ymofyner a'r Ar- werthwr, 3, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. PWLLHEJLJL. ANNUAL SALE OF HORSES. MR ROBERT PARRY is instructed by Messrs Humphrey Jones, Beddgelert; Owen H. Parry, Nevin, and others, to Sell by Public Auction at the Yard adjoining the Crown Hotel, Pwllheli, on Wednesday, October the 6th, 1897, upwards of 60 First Class Coach and Posting Horses, being the Horses running during the summer season and others, Also, several Posting Cars, Waggonettes,Brass and Silver-Plated Double and Single Harness, &c., will be sold. The Horses can be highly recommended as excellent workers, in good ages, possess- ing plenty of bone, good action, perfectly quiet in single and double harness, and vary irom 14 to 17 bands high. Four months' credit will be given on approved security, or discount for cash. Sale to commence at twelve noon prompt. Catalogues may be had at the chief Hotels of the district, or from the Auction- eer, 3, Salem terrace, Pwllheli. LLA WR Y nnEF, LLANGIAN, PEIiLDER WYTH MILLTIR 0 PWLLHELI ARWERTHIANT PWYSIG AR 50 0 WARTHEG, 6 0 GEFFYLAU, 40 0 DDEFAID, MOCH, OFFERYNAU, DODREFN TY, &c. MAE MR ROBT. PARRY wedi ei gyfarwyddo '*— gan Mr John Williams, am ei fod yn ymadael, i Werthu ar Auction yn y lie uchod, Dydd Iau, Hydref 7, 1897, HOLL STOC, OFFERYNAU, &c., yn cynwys yn benaf 15 o Fuchod godro ieuainc rhagorol, rhai yn min lloi, eraill yn eu llawn broffit, a'r gweddill i ddod a lioi yn gynar yn y gauaf; Tarw dwyfiwydd campus, hollol Gymreig; Heffer wag, Heffrod cyfloion, 3 Eidion dwyfiwydd; 3 6 o Ddynewaid da (cynhar), 12 o Loi addawol (cynhar), Ceffyl Gwedd rhagorol 5 oed, dros 16 o uchder; 2 Geffyl eto yn codi'n 4 oed, rhagorol, ac wedi eu harfer yn mhob gwaith 2 Ebol yn codi yn 3 oed, campus Merlen 8 oed, 14-2 o uchder, deilwng o sylw arbenig; Bastard Mul, Mul da. 40 o Ddefaid Brid Lleyn, yn cynwys Mamogiaid, Wyn, a 3 Myharen. 14 o Foch Stores cryfion, 2 Hwch Dorog, bron ar ben eu hamser; Fowls. Tair o Droliau ddim gwaeth na newydd, Trol Mul, Dog-cart newydd a Harniss, 3 o Erydr, 3 Og haiarn, 2 Roller gareg, Scuffler, Og chain, Engine Eithin, Chaff Cutter, Pulper and Slicer, Cribyn Haiarn, 2 eto luago, Ger Ceffylau, Pladuriau, Pigffyrch, Rhawiau, Cafnau Moch, Cafnau Gwartheg, 3 Gwaith Malu (horse powers), amryw dunelli o Lo, ynghyd a'r holl gelfi Hwsmon- aeth. Hefyd, rhan o Ddodrefn y Ty, mewn amrywiaeth mawr, Buddai, Llestri Llaeth, a Llestri eraill. Yr Auction i Ddechreu yn brydlon am 11 y boreu. Coel gyda Meichiafon fel yr hysbysir ar y pryd. Gan fod y lotiau yn dra lluosog dymuna yr Arwerthwr am i bawb fod yn brydlon, gan y bwriedir dechreu i'r funud. Am fanylion pellach ymnfyner a'r Ar- werthwr, 3, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. MR. H. ROBERTS. 58, MADOC STREET, PORTMADOC M R HENRY ROBERTS has been in- x structed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Commercial Hotel, Portmadoc, on FRIDAY, the 1FM/>AY OF OCTOBER, 1897, at Three o'clo .'z in the afternoon, All that LEASEHOLD DWEL- LING-HOUSE AND PREMISES, situate at and known as 1.58, Madoc street, Port- madoc, now in the occupation of Mrs Janet Williams. This property is held under a lease for 61 years from the 21st October, 1873, of which 37 years are still unexpired, at the annual ground rent of 12s. The House is respectably tenanted and is most commodiously situated. Immediate pos- session can, if desired, be given. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, at Pensyflog, Trem^doc, or to Messrs Lloyd George and George, Solicitors, Crifcieth and Portmadoc. 819 BYDD MR HENRY ROBERTS yn cynal yr Arwerthiant Blynyddol yn y" Gareg, ger Penrhyndeudraeth, dydd Sadwrn, Hyd 2il, am un o'r glocb, pan y bydd llu dirfawr o Fuchod Godro parod a Heffrod, Bustych, Dynewaid a Lloiau yn cael eu gwerthu, yn nghyda nifer mawr o Geffylau a Merlod Mynydd o bob oed, maint, lliw, a llun, ac Offerynau. Hefyd, o flaen yi ArwertLiant cynhelir Arddangosfa Amaethyddol, pan y rhoddir gwobrwyon sylweddol am y goreu- on, yn nghyda Chystadleuaeth HoUti Llechi. Coel fel arferol. 831 PERIS PADAJttfN "VALE k. A- HUGHES (Alarch Gwyrfai). Billposter, Town trier, & Fill Distributer LLANBER113 By appointment o the District and Parish Councils. Owner of the cMef Posting bta tions, all in the most prumidexlt parts of Llanbexia and surrounding district for 6 sailea rouid. All orders entrusted to my care shall be promptly attended to and exe see at the most reasonable te nil "1.. I Milton,^ E. xL. OWEN & SON. SEA VIEW, ST DAVID'S ROAD, CARNARVON. THURSDAY, OCT. 7, 1897, AT 11 A.M. TyTESSRS E. H. OWEN AND SON, in- structed by Mr Gwilym Jones, will Sell by Public Auction, as above, the Whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, briefly comprising Dining, Drawing, and Bedroom Suites, Arm, Easy, I and other Chairs, Couch, Tables, Cheffon- iers, bideboards, Bookcase, Pierglasses, Overmantles, Pictures, Timepieces, What- nots, Fenders, &c., Dinner and Tea Services, Plated Goods, Hall Stand and Chairs, Bed- steads, Beds and Pedding, Hair and Wire Mattresses, Toilet Tables and Ware, Chests cf Drawers, Looking Glasses, Commodes, Ottomans, Crib, Sewing Machine, Carpets, Drapery,. Kitchen Furniture and Utensils, Mangle.. Meat Safe, Flour Bin t-c., &c. 18, Bridge street, Carnarvon. 858 HAFOD LYDAN, LLANBERIS. MRI E. H, OWEN A'I FAB a ddymun- —"— ant hysbysu eu bod wedi eu cyfar- wyddo gan Mr Thomas Hughes i Werthu ar Auction yn Hafod Lydan, ddydd Gwen- er, Hydref 8, 1897, am Un o'r gloch, 220 o DDEFAID, yn cynwys 120 o Mamogiaid, Wyn, a Myllt, 8 o Wartheg, 2 o Loi, Tarw, 2 Ferlen ac un Cyw. 18, Bridge street, Carnarvon. 855 LLEINIAU LLANRUG. MRI E. H. OWEN A'l FAB a ddy- munant hysbysu eu bod wedi eu cyfar- wyddo gan Mr Griffith Owen i Werthu ar Auction yn y Lleiniau, am 11 o'r gloch ddydd Mawrth, Hydref 12, 1897, holl Stoc y Ffarm, yn cynwys 5 o Wartheg, 3 o Heffrod tewion, 3 o Ddynewid beinyw, 3 o Loi, Caseg Wedd 7 oed, hwylus 2 Ferlyn Mynydd, 1 a 3 oed; 2 Ebol, codi yn dair; 50 o Mamogiaid ieuainc da at fagu wyn, Myharan, Oen etto, Hwch fagu, 4 o Foch Stores, 7 o Wyddau, 63 o Ffowls, 3 tas o Wair, 2 das o Wellt, 2 acer o Rwdins a Mangolds, Trol a Ffram, Car newydd spon, Car Marchnad cryf, Machine Pwyso, Machine Lladd Gwair, Gwydd, Og, Scuffler, Sheep Rack, Hurdles, Chaffcutter, Pulper, Oil Cake, Crusher, Cafnau Ger Ceffylau, 9 Gorddwr, Celfi Llaethdy, Dodrefn Ty. &c. 18, Bridge Street, Carnarvon. 857 HAFODTY NEWYDD, LLANBERIS. MRI E. H. OWEN A'l FAB a ddy- munant hysbysu eu bod wedi eu I cyfarwyddo gan Mr Wm. Owen i Werth ar Auction yn Cae Padarn Villa, am 1 o'r gloch, dydd Iau, Hydref 14eg, 1897, 400 o DDEFAID, yn cynwys 140 o Fvlit tewion; 14 o WARTHEG; 4 o HEFFROD Merle* Mynydd yn codi'n dair; Cyw gwryw, &c. 18, Bridsre street, Caernarfon. LIST OF SALES BY MESSRS. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES. LLANRWST. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, 1897. FFERM, EGLWYSBACIT.-ON the whole of.the Live and Dead Farming Stock. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1897. FRON GOCH, EGLWYSBACH.—On the whole of the Surplus Farming Stock. &c. The property of Mr Evan Roberts, who is leaving. rpUESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH, 1897. ANNUAL TALYCAFN SPECIAL Sale of Merionethshire and Montgomery- shire Ewes and Wethers, Store Cattle, &c. The property of Mr Evan B. Lloyd, Gorddinan, Dolwyddelen. w EDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6,18 CYFFDY, LLANRWST.—Annual Sale of Grand Mountain Sheep, Store Cattle, &c. The property of Mr Wm. Williams, Votty Fawr. jpRIDAY, OCTOBER 8TH, 1897 BRYN GEFEILIAU, CAPEL CURIG On the whole of the Live and Dead S took comprising strong Mountain Sh eep Cattle, Horses, Crops, &c. The property of Mr David Davies, who is leaving. gATURDAY OCTOBER 9TH, 1897. fDEUNANT, GLAN CONWAY.—On the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, the property of Mr John Jones (who is leaving). Usual Credit. A. NIONDAY, OCTOERIITII, 1897 BRYN PYLL, TREFRIW-—On the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c. The property of Mr William Roberts. WDNE SDAY, OCTOBER 13TH E 1897. TALYCAFN MART.—Periodical Sale of Fat and Store Cattle and Sheep. Usual Conditions. T HURSDAY, OCTOBER 14TH, 1897. PENTREFOELAS.—Periodical Sale of Fat and Store Cattle and Sheep, &c. Usual t Conditions. RID AY, OCTOBER 15TH, 1897. FFRIDD, DOLWYDDELEN.—On the whole of the Live and Dead Stock, &c The property of Mr John Davies. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16TH, 1897. LLANERCHI GWYNION AND CAE CWMPAS FARMS, PENMACHNO.—On the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c. MONDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, 1897. PENTRE UCHA, ABERGELE.-Sale of Fat and Store Cattle and Sheep, which will include about 100 PURE BEED SHROP, SHIRE EWE and WETHER LAMBS. SHEARLING EWES aim RAM LAMBS The property of the Countess of Dun- donald. w EDNESDAY, OCT. 20TH, 1897. MOELIWRCH ISA, NEBO, LLANRWST.- On the whole of the Live and Dead Farm- ing Stock, &c. F RIDAY, OC10BF 22KD, 1897. T Y ISA, otherwise PH '-1: TREFRIW.—On the whole of the .ie and Dead Farming Stock, &c. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21s 1897. Maes y groes Ucha, Llanrwst. On the whole of the Farming Stock, &c. the property of Mr W. M. Jones. ) 1.1 1 I .-11 .I