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LOCAL AND GENERAL. The Duke of Baaufcrt died at l™ oV' on Sunday afternoon at Stoke Park, n.a Bristol, in his seventy-sixth year. Sir W. Anson was en Saturday unanimous- ly adcpted candidate for the vacancy m me representation of Oxford University. In the Queen's Bench Bankruptcy Division on Thursday, .Mr Justice ^S^t' special iury, had before him the clan- ct.hir William Mariott, Q.C., against Mi' for £ 20,000. The jury returned a verdict m favour of the plaintiff for 1:5,000. An expert, who has just arrived G^' «TOW asserts that Messrs Wdiwn and Co., ot Philadelphia, have on hand 800 foreign orders, in addition to a gre^t num t0 On USiturd xy James Edward Elsey, the District Messenger boy who' left April 1 with a letter despatched by Mr M Calmcnt, M.P., to Calif«^ turned to London, having beaten the mai The marriage of Mi« Catic Augusta, daughter of Mr "W Pntchari J. n > ,ce with Count Eric Carl^ ^vin-the- on the 1st of June at bt. ;rra^the ceremony l.oVdCa'"reception at 2 Whitehall Court. The action brought brought b} Mi J- Lancaster, a mining engineer, against Jli Samuel Moss, M.P., for the recomj o monev advanced for the working ot t j-■ > Colliery, Wigan, ccncluded c'l Th"r; with a verdict and judgment for the pluuL. fcr the full amount claimed, £ 9/0 outl. In the Queen's Bench Division, on A'*uri- dav, John Roberts, the champion billiard player, sued the proprietors of the -JV, man" for damages for alleged ucel contained in notes on the new Billiard Associa^on rules published in the newspaper on °y ber 5th, which stated that "smce^Octcb-r Is. there has been no champion." 1'ne henr^i W The ^Welsh Central Board on Saturday unanimously passed a series of resolution- presented by its executive demandin maintenance of complete .ratonomyoftn Welsh Beard in the scheme cf u*ermedw £ education for England awl ales about t be brought into existence by the Govern- ment.Board of Education Bid, whicn cu before a Committee of the House of next Tuesday. „rn The negotiations which have been pro- ceeding fcr seme time past between <•- Britain and Russia in regard now been brought to a sncces r' re. ail agreement has been signe J dealing '•p"tatives of the two Government, deaiua primarily with t*> question of railway ex- tension and the respective Bjpteie rf m duence of the two Powers in tfc. A well-ttended meeting of Cannula. Riilway men was held on Sunday at Oswes- tr"v To Consider questions affecting the ad- ministration cf the Company s affairs, and especially a decision to increase the workiu hours of firemen from 10 to 1-, per day, wiui out extra remuneration. A resolution was adopted protesting against the action of the officials of the Company, and calling upon the directors to institute an inquiry. Dr Adler, Chief Rabbi, r- -iiinq at the Cardiff Synagogue on to a large congregation, defender c .vxsa commu- nity against the charge that, as a people, tbev were largely responsible for increasing the encroachment of the world's affairs upon the Sabboth rest and worship. There was, h.? declared, no justification for charging the whole Jewish community with an endeavour to infringe the Sunday of rest, which was one of the most precious heritage of the English nation, and one of the secrets of England's strength and England's greatness. At Salford, on Thursday, the widow of a painter brought an action under the Work- men's Compensation Act against Messrs Dean and Co., Birmingham^, tor the css o her husband, who was killed by a fall fro. the scaffold while working at the Lyceum Theatre, Eccles. It was ccntentedtatthe respondents, who contracted for the MCT*, were decorators and not constoirtcn but the arbitrator, m awarding £ J00. held t.^u when a building was incomplete painting auu decorative wcrk was part of the construc- a A. J tion, and came withm i-e Act. (<Y In the forthcoming issue cf Y o^.o \Yale« » which will take the form of an E.lis memorial number, illustrated with scenes and portraits marking the^various stages in the career of the late Mr Tom Ellis, M.P-, there will appear a specialy contributed m memoriam ode from the pen of Sir Lewis Morris. Mr Balfour Was addressed the editor, Mr J. Hugh Edwards, a ccmmumca- t ion, in which he states —"I had a very hign regard cf Mr Ellis, and from .1 House cf Ceru- inens point of view, as well as a personal one. great!v regret his premature Joss. I bod ample experience of his unfailing courtesy -L=- and charm cf manner anci cnspusiuim. A destructive cyclone has swept over Missouri. In the town of Kirksville four hundred buildings were demolished, and it is estimated that fully 100 persons perished. Close upon 50 bodies had been recovered from the debris up to the time the news was despatched, and the number of injured estimated at fully 1000 lire broke out. in a dozen places among the rums, bodies are believed to have been 1^ir^a!e At Newton also, forty miles northwest ot Kirksville, great destruction of property and loss of life was caused by the storm, and numerous fatalities and severe damaee to pioperty are reported in the surrounding. country.. Mr Chamberlain, replying to a deputation from the Building Societies Association which waited upon him at the Cclrnial Office on Thursday, to urge objections to certain provisions of the small houses (acquisition by occupiers), bill, said the Government's object was not to endanger the propects of building societies, and he felt they were alarmed un- dulv. Having been connected with manv social legislation bills, he found peon e were invariably alarmed but rirelv injurcd Iv, them. As to the suggestion that the till shculd fix a limit cf the value of homes affected by it, he would be prepared to re- commend'the committee to fix some maxi- miim but regarding another suggestion to delete all reference to expenditure from 1"at0-s, that wculd make the bill a dead letter. A memorandum, issued bv the Local Government Board gives the number cf certificates of conscientious objectors issued under section 2 of the Vaccination Act, 1898. The section came into operation on tne passing of the Act. i.e., the 12th of Angust, 18% but in its application to a child bcrn before the passing of the Act there w, s substituted for the period of four months from the birth of the child the period or icur from the passing of the Act. This return shows that between the date of the pass «g of the Act in respect of whom certificates the number of certificates of conscientious objection received by the vaccination office was 203,413. ana that the to whom such cert ificates related > • The number of unvaccmater. cadjren i Emrland and Wales at the tune of of +he Act in respect of w- om cetin under Section 2 might have hoen apph« for cannot be stated, but m maj be noi-u that over 12,500,000 births were reentered durU th. Tears 188S-98, and the tot. number of cWldren, includiiu »1 who the! before vaccination, not reported !beon vaccinated, n)!>y be ,-ll-en a" 3'23

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