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l A GOOD^THI^O "W'm i K*xV'/Vk' 'V-» ,c3s8Sas| ^li# ¡ t | FD THE t t* S S 8 tLJi tWH f" t a H M & B JE& tL<BBy it* Jim it $ • S, i Watson's Matchless Cleanser Has proved itself one of the Beat Soaps ever r.?ed. STILL HOLDS THE LC, AD. QUALITY PEKFEOT. BUY IT, PROVE IT, AHD EEGUIiE A PRIZE. BIG PRIZE SCHEME FOR SEPTEMBER, 1900. 15,409 pANDS?rLEuEPRIZES £ 6,64110s. LIST OF 1 Cash Prize of L50 £ 50 0 0 2 Cash Prizes, £ 40 each 81) f; 0 5 Pianos, value £ 40 each 200 0 0 S Cash Prizes, £ 30 each v. 90 0 0 3 Cash Prizes, £ 25 each 75 0 5 Cash Prizes, C20 each 100 0 0 5 American Organs, value E20,-ach 100 0 0 20 Ladies' Bicycles (free wheel), value £ 17 17s each 375 0 0 20 Gents' Bicycles (free wheel) 917 17s each 375 0 0 5 Cash Prizes, tio each 50 0 0 10 Cash Prizes, Z7 los each 75 0 0 10 Cash Prizes, £ 5 each 50 0 0 20 Cash Prizes, 50s each 50 0 0 50 Gents' Rolled Gold Waltham levers 50s e.ich 135 0 0 300 Ladies' sterling silver Watohes, 30s each 450 0 0 200 Cash prizes of ZI each 200 0 0 250 Electro-Plated Teapots 15s each 117 10 0 500 Gents' Umbrellas, 15s each 375 0 0 500 Ladies' Umbrellas, value 15s each 375 0 0 PRIZES:— ) 100 Pairs Witiev Blankets, 15s each pair 17 0 0' 500 Cash prizes of 5s each 125 0 0 500 Handsome Meat Carvers with Steel inCase, iCsperset 250 0 0 500 Gents'Gun-Metal Watches, 10s each 250 0 0 500 Ladies' Umbrellas, value 7s 6d each 187 10 0 1,000 Ladies' Dress Lengths (Navy Blue Se;e, I) yds. double), 7s 8d 375 0 0 400 White Linen Table Cloths, 70 in. square, 6s each 120 0 0 590 Cash prizes of 5s each 125 0 0 500 Brushes and Combs in Handsome Cases, Is 6d each 11210 0 2,000 Pi-iet-s, 4s each 400 0 0 2,000 leather Handbag, 4S each 400 0 0 1,000 Handsome Pictures "Charge of the 1-s-htbriga(it- 4s each 200 0 0 2,000 Handsome Work-boxes, 3s each 300 0 0 2,000 3-doz. Fine Linen .Cambric Hand- "kerchiefs, 2s 6s. 250 0 0 15,409 & ;e6,641 10 0 Conditions of Competition. < Every Bar of Watson's Matchless Cleanser is enclo f d in a Wrapper with signature up the centre of same. Save the Whole Wrapper (top of Wrappers will be disqu-iliel), and send, postage or carriage paid, to Joseph Watson & Sons, Ltd., (Whitehall Soapworks, Leeds, not later th-n March 31st, 1900. If any parcel arrives, postage or carriage not being fully paid, such parcel will be refused. Be careful to see that the full postage is paid. The prize will ba awarded in the above order to the senders of the high :st number of Wrappers; Each parcel sent in must contain 11 fnll name and address of sender, and number of wrap ers sent in must be marked on the same paper. On side of parcel write legibly Prize Competition." A list giving result' of Competition will be enclosed with each prize when it is sent out. Every wrapper must have first coutained soap. No employes of Joseph Watson and Sons, Ltd., will be eligible. All prizes will be despatched about the 20th day of the month following the competition. Watson's Matchless Cleanser Is pleasant to use, its washing qualities are well-known. Dirt flies before it, and the washing I is done quickly and easily. It has the Largest Sale of Full-weight I-lb. tablets in the World. Sold by all Grocers, Oilmen, &c., th-oughout the Lnited Kingdom. UUCNED & MANUFACTURED !j TiiE GREkt OPPORTUNITY NOTTO BE MISSED. 4 who wish to should grasp the present op- portunity of procuring their new Costumes at MALNUIFAC'rUlt] ICIMSV TØ1eLATEST I-ITICIES, I SUCCESS is direct f»y Parcel Post. fpfPfpljf I ^o^mtoo No Delay. No Waiting. y. I iooie*ront|?a»tn>- Masterpieces of Good ll) buttons, but may The John Noble S j be worn open or iflffiiMB f They are Tailor-cut and Fit KNOCKABOUT !>1 closed. The Skirt ■ Perfectly. FROCKS. if j* shape. Price com- 'I 1 The Quality of the Cloths in *hicli Made in strongSerge, fi j J picte, only 10/6. JMHHB I they are made cannot be aurpasaed in with saddle-top. full Ml' tle latest full shape. Price com- 'I 1 The Quality of the Cloths in *hicli Made in strongSerge, fi j J picte, only 10/6. JMHHB I they are made cannot be aurpasaed in with saddle-top. full Ml' I j Carriage6<i.extra. I ralue. (1) Tha John Moble Costume >>eercs and pocket. Bit M Carriage°5d* flH I Coattag is» popular fabric, a»d Jf'T1 Chenillo I glTC" greo satisfaction, being light in 1/6 2/- 2/6 3/-3/6ea. 31 j a Xoaue I weight and smooth in finish. (2) The 36 89 42 45 ina. Mil f ( •• sketch ), I John Noble Cheviot Serge ia a cloth fW 11 9 excellent, appearance and of li of Ths John Noble Co6tume Coating and The John Noble Cheviot Serge (with Illustrated Catalogue of Costumes, Mantles, &c.) A Full Dress Length of either Cloth (6 yds., 52 ins. Jin wide), for 7/6. Carriage, 8d. Any length cut at i'3 the yard. f/W M n Navy- Brown, Myrtle, Fawn, Khaki, Grey, • Sizes in Stock of Ladies' Costumes are 34, 36, 38 ins. round uust (under arms); waists 24, 26, 28 ins, Skirts being 38, 40 and JeSdBt11*Ti»y* 1 elBfl|k;||||!|iVi [DVA'INR'EG JPLEASE MEPmONTmS PAPER WHEN 0 NOERING SEND ORD E RS nl RECTTal BMWMBWWBWglWIWIlM»*q"»CiCr id vmr**UI&i £ WaP ^flWEW WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. I I PILLS.. FOR ALL BILIOUS AND NERVOUS DISOttOERS, SUCH AS Sick Headache, Constipation, Weak Stomach. Impaired Digestion. Disordered Uwr and Female Aliments. "r- aOILL^JHT Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helena Lancashire, is **>*<*> 13. aa^ 2s. 9d. *ac^ full diwetioua. ^da-^ywhei«.^

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