Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

12 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



LOCAL JOTTINGS. (BY A RAMBLER.) The scarcity of "rater at Carnarvon is be- coming a serious matter. Though z great of expense was incurred in laying down plp, to the new Intermediate School, there 0.1 Tuesday, when the building was in- formally opened, no water for ordinary san- itary purposes, and a complaint ha.s been addressed to the sanitary authorities. At to-day's meeting of the County Coun- ed there will be a joint application made by the Carnarvon Town Council and the Gwyr- fai District Council tha the County Coun- should construct a bridge across tne ^yrfai near the Voryd in connection with new roadway that it is proposed to be Qade to open up the loader parts of the par- ishes from Carnarvon to Dinas Dinlle, and hence to the Clynnog districts. At a m: sting of the T,)wn Council on Uesday night Mr J. T. Roberts, the chair- J lan of the Ferry Committee, submitted 1 gu *es to prove that the new bridge is ex- t'eyiely popular with Carnarvon 'people. rc ra the 2nd of March up toMonday night, Off r 26,000 people had crossed the bridge, e:tc lusive of vehicular traffic and Naval Re- vive men. The organisers of the annual ht of May C("-Icert in connection with the Beulah ,lvinistic Methodist Chapel are always on te qui vive for talent. Nearly eveTy year ley are abb to introduce some new artistes 0 the appreciative audience which in- "ariably attend their meetings. This year Was no exception to the rule. All four artistes were strangers to Carnarvon, and they acquitted themselves in a highly creditable manner. The two lady artistes "e Madame Thomas, of Llanelly, and Miss Gwendoline Dew, Bangor. The former is the wife of Mr John Thomas, who has time after time led the Llanelly choir to victory. She is the possessor of a charming soprano voice. The adjudicators at the Llanelly Rational Eisteddfod considered her render- ing of that most difficult song by Verdi, "Er- nani, 0 come, fly with me," to be as near Perfect as possible, and awarded her the prize. She is the subject of a sketch in thid "Cerddor" for this month, and Is known Us the "Welsh Patti. Had the concert been in the Pavilion instead of the Guild Hall Madame Thomas would have had a better opportunity of showing what volume of voice sh'e possesses. Her singing on Tuesday evening was certainly of a very high order, and her enunciation was simply perfect. The repertoire included "Llam y Cariadau," by R. S. Hughes; "Gwlad y Bryniau," and the most difficult and trying test piece of th(1 Llanelly Eisteddfod "Ernani." The audience showed its appreciation of Madame Thiomas' fine singing by encoring her on each occasion1. Miss Dew is the daughter of Mr W. A. Dew, the well-known auctioneer of Well- field, Bangor, and this was her first ap- pearance before a Carnarvon audience. This young lady is now pursuing her studies at the Royal Academy of Music, and her career so far has been eminently successful. The training which she has undergone has certainly made Miss Dew, who is the pos- sessor of a charming voice, a most finished artiste, and her singing afforded the aud- ience great pleasure. Her choice of songs had been most happy, The first was one by Goring Thomas, entitled "A Memory"; then came "Come Sweet Morning," and finally "Spring has come." Miss Dew was encored after each rendition, but only re- sponded by singing once. And in my opinion the song which she. gave as an en- core was her very best. It was entitled "The silver ring," and Miss Dew's singing of it was magnificent. Her enunciation was admirable, and the. pathos with which she sang vas most touching. I can only hope that ve shall not be long ere we have me pleast re of again listening to these two talented artistes Madame Thomas and Miss Dew in Carnarvon. I should add that Madame Thomas' singing of "God Save the Queen" at the end was as fine a bit of singing as ever I have had the pleasure of listening to. The friends at Beulah are to be congratulated on the success which crowned their efforts to provide us with a. musical treat. About a month ago I referred in this column to a suggestion which a friend of mine had made with regard to establish- ing an "Annual Sunday School Fete." in Carnarvon. I am pleased to understand that this suggestion is on a fair way to take a tangible form. On Wednesday night all the Sabbath Schools in the town were represented on a committee (prc- sided over by Mr W. Williams-Jones, watchmaker), which had this matter under consideration. The committee were unanimous in their opinion that it is ad- visable to adopt this suggestion, and they pledged themselves to do what in them lay to brinp- it to a successful issue. The form this demonstration should assume could not. be gone into tmtil the delegates have had an opportunity of laying the committee's suggestions before the var- ious schools. As the matter is urgent it was felt that steps should be taken by the Sunday Schools of the town, provided they endorse the committee's views, to invest their representatives with fall powers to make the necessary prepara- tions for carrying out the scheme without delay. The next meeting will be held a fortnight hence. In the meantime I trmt, the various schools will give a patient hearing to what their representatives have to say, and that the*- will do their utmost. to substitute a general "Sunday School Fete" for the annual trip which >s now quite out of date.


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