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<$!§> Balmoral Castle, Scotland, • Sirs, 25th Sept. "Please forward to Balmoral CastM one dozen 2/6 Tins of P-engee-6 "Food for H.I.M. The Empress "of Russia, addressed to Miss 44 Coster. We have received the box "ordered from Peterhori. Yours viviv, Coster." fP$OUtJled i7 Special permission of the Russian Court.3 The "EdinbughMedical Journal" of November, 1899, says:- "Benger's preparations pos- sess a household reputation. The food bearing this name, in ad- dition to forming an adjuxant to milk for infants, can be used by vised by those of older years or by invalids, in the shape of pud- dings, blanc-manges, iellies, &c. Benger's Food In TIne. j I I 4= Benger's Food Benger's Food evlrJlIben. For Infants, Invalids, and the Aged, "The partial digestion which takes place whilst this food is standing, after admixture with warm milk, renders it quite fluid, 150 that it can be readily admin- istered to infants from an ordin- ary feeding-bottle, or can be drunk by invalids as easily as milk itself." Benger's Food III TIne, j Beiiger's Foodcm-i t% a*. Benger's Food -7~& For Infants, I Invalids, and the Aged* The "London Medical Record" says— "It is retained when all other foods are rejected." Extract from letter from Lady Champion de Crespigny iy youngest child was most delicate: he was given up by two doctors. Having tried 'every kind of milk, I was told of your Food, and used it with the utmost success. He is now a strong boy of five." Benger's Food In TInt. I Benger's Food Benger's Food For Infants, Invalids, and the Aged, The "Medical Times" says:- "Has deservedly a very high reputation." Extract from letter from the Countess of —— "I reaPy cannot resist telling )vou oP the marvellous results iS 'Lenger's Food.' Not only am I quite renovated by a cup- ful every morning, but my daughter is taking it, and finds great benefit." Benger's Food III. Benger's Food Benger's Food evoludw For Infants, valfd and the Aged. The "British Medical Journal'' says: "Has by its excellence estab- lished a reputation of its own." Extract from letter from Mrs Ernest Owtrim: — "The effects of 'Benger's Food' have been so remarkable and instantaneous on my little daughter, that I must offer you my congratulations and small tribute of gratitude." Bengers Food In TIne, I Bengel"S Food ao.. V-Md% &% Benger's Food For Infants, Invalids, and the Aced. The f'Lancet" describes it as "Mr Benger's admirable pre- paration." A Lady writes. "Humanly speaking, Benger's Food' entirely saved baby's life. I had tried four other well-known fooch., but he could diøat no- thing until he began the 'Benger.' He is now rosy and fattening | rapidly." Benger's Food Berber's c,, o cl. tr Benge* 'i 5v>d For infants, Invalids ahd the Aged* I 6eaton Carew, Dec. 5th, 1896. "Sirs,—I enclose photo of my gola which was taken wherf he was nine months old, and his weight 221lbs. He has been fed entirely on'Beng<:>r's Food' r-ince he was 14 days eld. I have great pleasure in stating that he re- tained your fcod after several others had failed, I might men- tion that his mother died when he was 28 hours old. "Yours truly, W. Barnett." Benger's Food lit ftII, Bender's Pood 01. D' 0hInd8I8, Benger's Food For Infants^ Invalids, and the Aged. I&BNGEFS FOOD \FQtJjofwnU, InvaUds, and the Aged., us tins by Chemist^ &e^. everywhere.

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