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The Aher Bridge.

Bangor School Board.j

The Finest Statue of the Qaeel.

JLleyn District Council.


-North Wales Licensed Tletnallers.

Commission on the Sale of…

Carnarvon School Board.I

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i Welsh Case.


i Welsh Case. A MARVELLOUS RESULT IN A CASE OF CHRONIC COUGH WTTH BRONCHITIS AND ASTHMA BY VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL REMEDY IN THE WORLD FOR THE RAPID CURE OF THESE AFFLICTIONS. Maurice Fraser. 5, Mount Pleasant Cottage. Stowhill, Newport, writes, January 11th.—Mr yeno Dear Sir.—I am ((lad to tell von of the grand result of Veno's Lightning Cough Cure. For 18 months I had suffered with great pain in my chest and a feaj-ful cough. I could not sleep at night for coughing. I have not been to work for a considerable time, and have been treated by several doctors but obtained no relief. I was afraid to try anything else, but I got a sample dose of your Lightning Cough "Cure la.8t Tuesday night, and it did me so much good that I sent for a bottle the next clay. The first night T had a good night's sleep. The pains have all left me, I can breathe easv and the cough hardly troubles me at all now.' You can use this testimonial for the. newspapers if vou l&e, as I wish other people to tret the same benefit as I h^ve irot. VENO'S LIGHTNING COTJGH CURE stops an ordinary cough in one n'^ an< "m'es chronic coughs, bronchitis, and a. m Price Is lid and 2s 9d. ^old by all chemists and medicine vendors.


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I N.S.P.G.C. Anglesey and…

The " Ceniasn" for January:I


Penrhyodeodraeth Board of…