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I ""11 That Old Pain Again. | You had it last winter—it's an old 5 enemy. Perhaps you thought you had t shaken it off in the summer, but winter | winds find the weak spot, and it is | perhaps worse this time. # If you have severe pains in the $joints and muscles—pains aggravated t by cold and damp, so that you can | scarcely walk, it is | RHEUMATISM. I That may develop into Rheumatic £ Fever; or your joints may grow so stiff t that you may become a permanent • £ cripple. Sharp darting pains like hot • S needles, in the hips and down the back 5 of the thigh, reaching perhaps as->-low ? as the ankle, are caused by I SCIATICA, 5 often a permanent disease. ?) f r i i <' 7 Is there a permanent cure? Yes! } j Dr. Williams' Pink Pills j for Pale People 5 have repeatedly cured these ailments, where doctors and other | remedies have failed. They cure permanently by going to the. '[ 5 cause of the trouble and eliminating it, not by temporarily | 5 obscuring the symptoms. S J HERE IS AN INSTANCE :—Mr. William Hall, of 29, Bamford-road, Barking, London, E., J when a young man, went to sea for some years; but twenty years ago started in business in Barldng! f J For a long while," he said, I had been troubled with rheumatism, which gradually became worse! ? The pains were all down my left side. I saw several doctors, but obtained no relief. The rheumatism < was the result of exposure, and I had made up my min^ to bear it as an incurable complaint. £ 1 However, one evening I read of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and sent for a box. When J X I had taken nine pills I was able to attend to my business without feeling a twinge of pain, and by 4 2 the time I had emptied the box, I felt cured completely. I attribute my recovery entirely to s 4 Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I had been doubled up with pain before I began to take them, and could m j get no rest. Anybody in the neighbourhood will tell you I am a different man now." 4 £ Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People make rich, red blood, give tone to the nervous system, and 111 5 £ jf D* WILLIAMS 5 1 ffl i It IfAlE HU 5 m IL^opi.-g. tw impair neaitn ana strengtn to tne Dody, so that it is able to resist £ winter ills. They have cured in many cases such diverse ailments 2 i as Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralgia, St. Vitus' Dance, Nervous # J Diseases in men and women, Anaemia, Indigestion, Palpitations. # Decline" and Consumption, Early Decay, Paralysis, and Locomotor Ataxy. Obtainable of all chemists, or supplied direct by Dr. Williams' Medicine Comoanv. Holborn Viaduct. T-nntinn- at w S 2$. ga. a box, or six boxes for 13s. gd. Worthless substitutes are numerous; to avoid disappointment look on the package for the full name, Dr. Pink Pills for Pale People. # 5 look on the package for the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. £

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