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Dr. JONES: 0.1>.s.(A.M &c SURGEON DENTIST OPPOSITE THE MARKET, BANGOR. DR. JONES visits LLANGEFNI every Thursday, at Lledwisan road. I/LANKRCHYMEDD from 10 to 1, and AMLWCH from 2 to 5, with Air Hughes, Stationer. 8, Market street, TUESDAYS, January 22ud, and then every four weeks for six months. EBE, NEZEP;, and LLANBERIS, First Tues- day after Pay Day. BETlltoDAj First Tuesday after Pay Day. OANGOR. every day except Tuesdays ThunKuylL Li j "The whole law for six- aud-eightpen(-e. "Westminster Gazette." 1901 EDITION, INCLUDING LEGISLA- TION OF 1901. NO MORE LAWYERS' BILLS! 68 8d SAVED AT EVERY CONSULTS- TION!! Now Ready. 750 closely-printed pages, con- taining 5000 Statements on Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Auth- orities. THIRTY-EIGHTH EDITION (1901), Carefully Revised, including tLe Legislation of 1900. Price 6s 8d post free. Every Man's Own Lawyer: A Handy Book of the Principlee of Law and Equity. By a Barrister. 33th Edition (1901). To which is added a Concise Dic- tionary of I -*gal Terms. This Standard Work of Reference forms A COMPLETE EPITOME OF THE LAWS OF ENGLAND, always kept up to date, comx>risini; Rights and Wrongs of Individuals—Com- mercial Law—Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost —Criminal Law-Parish Law—County Court Law—Game and Fishery Laws—Poor Men's Lawsuit,g-Be,ta and Wàgers-Bills, Promi- sory Notes, and Cheques—Agreements—Copy- right—Patents—Trade Marks—Insurance— Libel and Slander—Divorce—-Mortgages— Stock Exchange Practice—Trespass—Nuis- ances—Transfer of Land—Wills, etc., And Explaining the Law for Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant- Workmen and Apprentices—Heirs—Legatees —Husband and Wlf-Executors and Trus- tees—Guardian and Ward—Married Women— Infants—Partners and Agents—Lender and Borrower-Debtor and Creditor—Purchasers and Vendors—Companies—Friendly Societies —Churchwardens — Clergymen Doctors— Bankers—Farmers — Contractors—Sportsmen Farriers—Horse Dealers—Auctioneers — House Agents—Hotel Keepers—Pawnbrokers —Surveyors Railways Carriers Con- stables. etc., etc. The New Edition for 1901 comprises the important new Acts of Parliament of 1900, including the Companies Act, 1900; Money- lenders Act, 1900; Agricultural Holdings Act, 1900; Workmen's Compensation Act, 1900; Wild Animals in Captivity Protection Act, 1900: Finance Act, 1900; Burial Act, 1900; besides the London Government (New Boroughs) Act, 1899; Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1899; Infectious Diseases (Compulsory) Notification Act, 1899; Small Dwellings Acquisition Act, 1899; Marriages (Nonconformists) Act, 1898; Vaccination Act, 1898; Inebliatf s Acts, 1898 and 1899; Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897; and many other Act. of recent years. Also many recent and important judicial decisions. and other new matter of the greatest interest. — CROSBY LOCKWOOD and'SON, Stationers' Hall Court, London, and sold by all Book- sellers. "WHITE STAR LINE. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK, VIA QUEENSTOWN. TEUTONIO Wednesday, Feb. 20. GERMANIC Wednesday, Feb 27. MAJESTIC Wednesday, Mar. 6. CYMRIC Friday, Mar. 8. OCEANIC Wednesday, Mar. 13. TEUTONIC Wednesday, Mar. 20. THIRD CLASS PASSAGE at low rates Outfit free of charge to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Balti- more. The splendid vessels of this line are all of the largest class, uniform in model nnd arrangements, and unsurpassed in the com. pleteness of their appointments. Apply 'o Mr W. J. Parry, Coetmor Yard, Bethesda. R. Owen, Bbjp and Ir <uranoe Broker, and W. J. Williara* 7, Market srteet Carnarvon, M. Gotdie, 217, High street, Bangor; O. E. Parry, slate merchant, Dolwyddelen and Blaenau Festiniog; William D. Joaes, Old Bank, Holyhead; Edward Evans, 2, Pen- rallt terrace, Llangefni; Owen Jones, Cam- brian House, P^nygroes, R.S.O.; W. E. Williams, Globe Shoe Warehouse, Lin.i- rwst; or to Isjnay, Imrie, A Co., Liver- pool, 17, CockSjrar street, S.W., and 34, Leadenhall street. E.C.. London. I AMERICAN LINE. n_- UNITED STATt MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SER VICE. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK. SATURDAYS, AT NOON. Highesff Class of accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin and Steerage Pas- sengers. I LIVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA SER- VICE. Everv Wednesday, LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Passengers and Goods are landed at Phila. delphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in the Western Sb. Apply, RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & Co., Southam^fem or Liverpool. Or to Local Agentg: Means W. J. Wil- liams, 7, Market street; Richard R. Stythe 39, street, Carnarvon; W. T. Jones, 5, New street, Pwllheli; E. Jones, 173, High street, Bangor; Hugh Hughes, 8, Market street, Amlwch; Mrs C Williams,Douglas Terrace; Richard Roberts, Old Post office, Bethesda; O. Jones, Old Post Office, Peny- groes; W. Jones, Rosehill street, Conway; J. T. Williams Meirion terrace. Blaenau Festiniog; T. Evans & Co., Station Cham- bers, Rhyl; R. Owen, Grocer, Portdinor- wic. Cspis's Miniioa Bails I Testimonial. Fairfield, Kendal I have found them the best for Horses and Cattle I could procure, particularly for Scouring in Calves W. ARMSTRONG. BAIMM For Grease, Swelled COrSBS Legs, Cracked Heels Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, Disordered Liver Broken Wind, Influenza Loss of Appetite, &o., &c., 111, FotHide-boundSta VAbl 15 ring Coat, Hove, o. Bldwn, Distemper Epidemic, Surfeit, Con- dition ing, Preserving Health, Scouring in Calves, &e. For Rot or Fluke, and SHeep for keeping in Health Assisting to get into Condition, Scouring in Lambs, &c. < Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late FRANCIS CUPISS' M.R.C.V.S., Dia^Norfolk Sold in packets Is 9d and 38 6d each, 7 small packets 10s. 6d. or 7 large 218. by Chemists and Medicine Vendors, or from Proprietor, The Wilderness, Diss, on receipt of amount. F"LT}tUTURE I COMPRISING ELEGANCE COMFORT j DURABILITY. r~ FOR I 'CASH > OR I 0 REDIT- QLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, u r 1 O rm 1 Q PEMBROKE pLACE, M.& J.<J J.O, JL LIYJSKPOOL. -*• 1 ABSOLUTELY THE^ | LARGEST AND MOST UP-TO-DATE HOUSE IN THE CITY. CREDIT SYSTEM ENTIRELY DIFFERENT j TO ALL OTHERS. J ONE PRICE, l'HE LOWEST. I pE QUALITY, rj^HE llIGHEST" All Furniture we Sell is Delivered to any part of the United Kingdom. CALL, AffD INSPECT QUR STOCKj GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor). 12 to 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. FREX-IT will save you pounds in Furnishing to send for our Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue, Price List, &c. Business Hours 9 to 8; Saturdays, 9 to 8. Telephone No. 1760. THE FARMER AD STOf K BREEDER. Enlarged to 28 PAGES WEEKLY. Price One Penny. MOST ENTERPRISING. Each number contains maay brilliant and < practical Articles on the FARM, DAIRY, HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS POULTRY( VETERINARY. Also the Latest Telegrams from all the principal London and Provincial Markets. BEST ILLUSTRATED. Illustrations are a speciality, each nwaabe? containing many Illustrations of the lead- ing Prize Winners, &c., and printed in Colours. MOST ENJOYABLE. AmcJg the many new features in a TTorne Department, which includes first-class Short Stories, Useful Hints, Cookery, Fashions (ll- lustrated), Fancy Work, Answers to Cor- respondents, &e. THE FARMER AND STOCKBREEDER IS THE BEST ADVERTISING MEDIU1 Of all Nowsagents and Bookstalls, On* Penny Weekly. Peat Free for Six Months, 3a. 3d. Per umam, 6s. 6d. FARMER AND STOCKBREEDER, 130, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.C. ESTABLISHED IN 1836. FOR THE PROTECTION OB TRADE. T U B B k, MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBB'S Ltd.), 42 GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. 3obscribers, by c Staining timely information, through '<SE STATUS ENQUIRY DEI J.RTMENT MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read L STUBB'S WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement contain-11 ing LIST OF CREDITORS Under All the Important Failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY, And paid over to Subsenberr, on Tuesday aad Friday in each week. Branches at Aberdeen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford. Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Hud- dersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (West End),Mai;cheater, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Ports- mouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Wolverhampton. SUB-OFFICES. Buxton, Cambridge, Darby, Dumfries, Gloucester, Greenock, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanley, Inverness, Ips- wich, Limerick, Londonderry, Middlesboro', Newport' (Men.), Northampton, Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, Stockton-on-Tees, Torquay, Walsall, Waterford, Worcester, York. TERMS.-LI Is, JES 2aJ f3 3s, £5 5s, ac- cording to requirements. Prospectus forwarded a application to any of the above offices. CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS are warranted to care in either sex all acquired or consti- tutional Discharges from the Urinary Or- gans, Gravel and Pains in tb back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. In boxes, 4s 6d each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, Or sent for sixty stamps by the makers. The Lincoln and Midland Coun- ties Drug Company, Lincoln. I Thomas' Drug Stores, Dept l" 118 London, N.E. Genito-Urinary, Skin anrf ni^' I Piseases. Los. of Nerve Power,rico^k £ nd I allied troubles cured by SPECIAL A'SU.;AT.N^ P F,D I obsthtomom", and r*hcve the duiressinn s,7„, J Prevalent with the tes, iK>xea,i/l^4 2/9(^5^ "f { times the quantity), of ah Chemists. Ser fc-<^ree 5 £ ? receipt of 15 or 34 sturaps. by E. i'o v/r ht-° £ ««nufticturers, Drycim^ottiagham. < !4 TFE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES- QH3HX1 D Emu THEY ARE MORE THAN GOLD TO ME, THEY SAVED MY LIFE. Read this. It will repay you a thousand folds. If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, th remedy will effectually remove them. If you are troubled with IRRIATION of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of tba BLADDER, STONE, or GRAVEL, the ONLYjSAFE and EFFECT- UAL REMEDY OFFERED TO THE WORLD is GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PII^ If the Water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing much SEDIMENT lose to time, procure a box of GEORGE'S PILLS, and vou will soon be RHHlf again* If your KIDNEYS and LIVER are sluggish and out o order, this Remedy vrii gently STIMULATE these important organ, open their CLOGGED PASSAGES, ac- promote the secretion of HEALTHY BILE and other VITAL FLUIDS. If you are a martyr to INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATICff v"\u have a SURE remedy in GEORGE'S PILLS. If you suffer from any Bowel Disorder snch as PILES, CONSTIPATION FI" ULENCE, COLIC, you havf here a remedy you can always rely upon. If you suffer from PALPITATION and are afraid that your HEART is afTectad, you will find these Pilla an EFFICACIOUS REMEDY. If you slifler from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS George's Pills will remove the PAINS sooner than any other known medicine. If you have PAIN AFTER EATING and feel DRO W SY and LISTLESS, je E of George's Pills will act like a charm. f If your food TURNS SOUR and rises into the mouth a few doses of this RemeoT will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIBITED, perfect ANTI- DOTE will be found in George's Pills, If you have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth, one SINGLE DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed-times will clear the tongue before the dawn of j another day. | If SLEEP fail to give you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed Ml1 ) sleep refreshing, and REVIVE your STRENGH. i If you feel unfit for EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Rwyidy will RESTORE < your ENERGY and STRENGTH, and will make Labour and Excercise the ENJOY- MENT of you life If you are troubled with NAUSEA and VOMITING at the thought Seating, a bcØ of George's Pills will make your meat and drink both SAVOURY and PLEASANT. If your BLOOD is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of the bofljf and thus give free exit to all GROSS HUMOUR, and so more BLOOD IMPURITIJSB will be seen bursting through the Skin in Pimples, BLOTCHES, SORES, Or BOILS. In thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, root and branch, RHFJU- MATIO, SCORBUTIC, and SCKOFULUS TAINTS that had defied all other Remedies. If yon have a tendency to DROPSICAL SWELLINGS, this remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will soon bring Relief. If vou nave DIFFICULTY of Breathing, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the honr o need. It is APERIENT and therefore will remove CONSTIPATION. It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, correct all irregularities of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the WATER PASSAGES. It is TCNIC, and will, therefore, give TONE and VIGOUR to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS. It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE STRENGTHENING. It is.. therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD RENOWNEL PILIA \RE SOLD EVERYWHERE In Boxes 1B. lid and 2s. 9d each My post Is. 3d. and 3s. PROPRIETOR J. E, GEORGE, M.R.P.8., HIRWAIN. AMERICAN AGENT:—R. D. Williams, Chemist, Plymouth, Pa. -=-=-="=- WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. j BEECHAM's FOR ALL BILIOUS k NERVOUS DISORDERS, Sick Headache. Constipation, 1M, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Disordered Liver & Female Ailments. Prepared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, m fcoxea, ls. IJ& (56 pills) and 2s. 9d. each, with full directions. Sold.everywhere. i -■ OWEN'S ESSENCE M- OF COLTSFOOT. THE GREAT LUNG HEALER. AN AGREEABLE AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE CURE OF COUGHS COLDS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, HOARSENESS, DIFFICULTY IN BREATHING and all Affections of THROAT, CHEST & LUNGS. HHHOSE who are troubled with an unpleasant tickling in the throat, which deprives them I of rest at"night by tho incessant cough it provokes, will, by taking one dose, find im- mediate relief, and one bottle will in most cases effect a cure. 0 IN BOTTLES, Is. lid. AND 2s. 9d. EACH. Prepared only by GRIFFITH OWEN, lb Chemist, High Street, CARNARVON. Carnarvon & District Advertising and Blllnnstlng Co. MEMBERS OF THE UNITED BILL- POSTEKS' ASSOCL1TION. Owners of the Principal Posting Stations in the District, numbering over 60. We hold the sole advertising rights on the Snowdon Railway, North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway) .-Office, 6, Pool Hill, Car- narvon., Bangor" District BUlpostlng Co "jX/TEMBERS OF THE UNITED BILL ■«- POSTERS' ASSOCIATION. Proprietors of the Principal ardings in Bangor and District. t, Treble the Space of any other Local Bill- poster. NANTLLE VALE. W. GRIFFITH DAVIES. Billposter, Town Crier, Bill Distributor, 1 PENYGROES, R.S.O. ) BILLPOSTING CONTRACTED AT THE MOST MODERATE TERMS it Pen- ygrops, Talvsarn, Nantile, Llaullyfni, &c. All orders carefully and promptly executed. 1 JOHN ELIAS. JOHN ELIAS. THE ONLY PRACTICAL BILLPOSTER j IN PWLLHELI, and Owner of all the Hoardings in Town and District. OWEN ROBERTS TREMADOC, ILLPOSTER PARISH COUNCIL AND PORTMADOC DISTRICT. Also Auctioneers and Concert Posters, &c., &c. Also Distributor. Rhoddir Posters i fyny o Dremadog Rhyd-ddu, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gam Dol- benmaen, &c., am bris rhesymol, Tclir sylw dyladwy i'r Post. Mae yn byw yn ymyl Post Office, Tre- madog. PERIS AND PADARN VALE. B. A. HZj GEES (Alarch Gtryrfai).t BILLPOSTER, TOWN CRIER, AND BILL DISTRIBUTOR, LLANBERIS. BY APPOITMENT OF THE DISTRICT AND PARISH COUNCILS. Owener of the Chief Posting Stations, all in the most prominent parts of Llanberis and surrounding districts for six miles round. All orders entrusted to my care shall be promptly attended to and executed. FI CURED From the first <Joae of Orerlna fits erase. It ha* cured FEliMANENTLY thfi verT worst oases of Rptlepgr when eYOTY other remedv had failed. Price Sd. and ill.. Peat Free. Thousands o f Testimonials. Send for a. Tret BatavAe IietOe, tmd tut it. Write to—('Department X.) X. "IBI". ,ICHOLL, WMwimtto} cinMiit, M,HHb stmt, nmtmm*.