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Mountain Ash District Council.…


Mountain Ash District Council. I The fortnightly meeting of the above took place on Tuesday, Capt. F. N. Gray, J.P., presiding. The other members present J were Revs. J. F. Williams, E. V. ridniali, Major Morgan, Messrs Wm. Davies, H. Price, D. Rogers, T. M, Bevan, Bruce Jones, John Powell, J. Charles, J. Jones, with Mr H. P. Linton (clerk), Mr F. Stock (assis- tant clerk) and Mr W. G. Thomas (sur- veyor). SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Water TVorks.-I have received a report from the County Medical Officer of the chemical analysis of a sample-of water taken from your supply mains, and I herewith submit same. Highways.-As instructed, I have in- spected that portion of Victoria street, south of Mount Pleasant terrace. It is a private road and greatly in want of repair. Bye-L(ttv&I have to report that Mr D. T. Jones has let for occupation one of the two houses built by him in Allen street Mountain Ash, which have not yet been certified as fit for habitation. ACTION ON REPORT. The result of the analysis of the water showed that it was pure, and that there was no evidence of contamination. The water analysed was from Darranlas Reser- voir. Building Bye-Laius.- It was resolved that a letter be sent to Mr D. T. Jones, ordering him to vacate the house. The Surveyor enumerated the articles required by the Abercynon Fire Brigade, and he was asked to provide an estimate of the cost of same. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORTS. Quarterly -Pi,(-,po)-t.-The death and irth returns for the quarter ending September 30bh in your district is as follows :— In the Llanwonno and Llanfabon portion of the district the births numbered 392 (182 males, 210 females). The deaths were 156, and from the fol- lowing causes bronchitis, 6 pneumonia, 5 phthisis and tubercular disease, 12 scarlet fever, 2 diarrhaea, 14 continued fever, 1 acute rheumatism, 1 heart dis- ease, 4; measles, 2 whooping cough, 2 other causes, 101. Inquests, 6. Total, 156. The death rate for the quarter would be 19'2 per 1000 per annum upon the esti- mated population of 32,000. The birth rate would also be 48,8 per 1000 per annum. The death-rate for the third quarter was somewhat high, this rate being due to the number of deaths that occurred from diarrhaea, which is more or less prevalent during the summer months.-E, P. Evans, M.O.H. Fortnightly Report. Scarlet fever, 2 cases. THE OLD ORDER RESTORED. The Chairman observed that the present method of holding their meetings was very inconvenient. By holding the two meetings the same day, the business was being rushed. He proposed that they revert to the old order of things, viz., that the Edu- cation Committee meetings be held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, and the District Council on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month. This was agreed to. ABERCYNON BRIDGE. Mr J. Beasley, manager, T.V.R., wrote making an appointment with Mr H. P. Linton to discuss the above matter. NEW PUBLIC OFFICES. A letter was read from the caretaker of the Town Hall asking to be allowed to reside in the Town Hall premises when completed. It was decided to grant the request. NEW CEMETERY. Mr H. E. Gray, managing director of Nixon Navigation Co., wrote offering a piece of land near Llety Turner field for the purpose of a public cemetery. On the motion of Mr J. Powell, seconded by Mr T. M. Bevan, it was decided to accept the offer subject to the approval of the Clerk. COMPLAINT. A complaint from a Richard Jones, Kennard street, Ynysboeth, of the conduct of his neighbour in throwing nuisance before his door, was referred to the inspector of nuisances. TAXATION OF LAND VALUE. In reply to the invitation of the Council that he should ballot for a Bill for the taxa- tion of land values at the beginning of next session, Mr Keir Hardie, M.P., wrote that owing to prior engagements he could not accede to their request. He would, how- ever, be prepared to support the Bill when it came before Parliament. Mr D. A. Thomas, M.P., wrote In reply to your letter of the 5th instant I regret very much indeed that I am unable to comply with the request of your Council that I should ballot for a Bill for the Taxa- tion of Land Values at the beginning of next Session, for though your Council may rely upon my heartily supporting any reasonable proposal for Taxation of Land Values and Royalties, I propose myself to ballot for the Trades Disputes Bill, of which I was last year one of the backers." Mr J. Powell: I saw that letter in the Press last week. Does he supply the news- papers with copies of all his letters sent to public bodies Mr F. Stock That letter was never out of my office, so the papers did not have it through me. Mr Powell: I do not suggest that.

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