Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

Merthyr Board of Guardians.


Merthyr Board of Guardians. On Saturday, Rev. J. O'Reilly in the hair. The ether members present were:—Mrs. Richards, Mrs M. A. Evans, Mrs. M. T. Williams, Messrs. David Edwards, John Prowle, Rev. J. D. Rees, David Hughes, Morgan William?, Meth Davies, Samuel Hawkins, Rees Rees Thos. Hedge, David Hopkins, Rev. T. Rees, John Edwards, John Jones, Jonah Evans, A. W. Honlson, Hugh Jones, Rev. W. Thomas, David Davies, T. E. Mor- gan, Wm. Harris, Wm. Hiley, David L. Jones, Samue* Thomas, David Evans (Merthyr), Rev. W. A. Jcnes, N. F. Hankey, Thomas L. Jenkins, W m. Jones, Richard Rees, Thos. Andrews, Edward Edwards, Llewelyn Bowtn, David Evans (Hirwain), T. J. Evans, J. H. Jones, Rev. J, Hathren Davies, Thos. B. Greatorex, Joseph Price, John Rogers, with Mr. Frank T. James (clerk). ABERDAEE RELIEF COMMITTEE. The above had met on August 12th, Mrs. Richards in the chair, others present being Rev. W. S. Davies, Messrs. David Edwards, John Prowle, Meth Davies, Samuel Hawkins, Rees Rees, Aug. Davies, and Wm. Harris. The letter of the L.G.B. which had been referred to the committee, having been read, fr. David Edwards gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the committee revert to the practice of holding its meetings at Mer- thyr. TRAINING SCHOOL COMMITTEE. The Aberdare Training School Com- mittee met at the Cottage Homes, Aber- dare, on the 12th inst. Present: Mr. Aug. Davies< (chairman), Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Williams, Rev. W. S. Davies, Messrs. Rees Rees, J. Prowle, S. Hawkins, D. Edwards, M. Williams, Meth Davies, Wm. Harris, T. E. Morgan, and Ben Lewis. Mr. Peter Pugh, of 1, Sion-place, Cwm- bach, appeared before the committee and expressed satisfaction with the boy John Aubrey, who had been with him for a month on trial. The boy subsequently appeared before the committee, and ex- pressed a desire to remain with Mr. Pugh.—It was resolved that the usual outfit be granted, and contract signed. The Superintendent reported that after the holidays there would be 17 addition- al children to go to the Elementary Schools, viz. Church of England, 6; Nonconformists, 6; Roman Catholics, 5. The Superintendent submitted a list of the children in the school who are eligi- ble for service, together with recom- mendations for filling the places of such of them as are girls, by girls leaving school. Isolved that the recommendations of the Superintendent be adopted. PAUPERS AND RELIEF STATIONS. THE CLERK'S JOKE. Mr. J. Prowle moved; "That the present practice of requiring paupers to attend at the several Relief Stations throughout the Union to make applica- tion for the renewal of relief, be dis- continued, and that the Relieving Offi- cers be required to attend at the Pay Stations when the relief is paid, for the purpose of notifying paupers when the period for which their relief has been granted has expired, and to receive their application for its renewal." Mr. Prowle said they were all con- versant with the object of the motion. He was of opinion that it would work out better if the Relieving Officers went to meet the paupers sometimes and not the paupers to attend the Relieving Stations. The Clerk observed that the Relieving Officers should be informed of this be- fore it was passed. The Board had better hear what they had to say. Mr. Prowle, continuing, said it was desirable to have brass plates on the doors of Relieving Officers' houses, to enable paupers to find out where they lived. Clerk: I suppose you will supply them with the brass. (Loud laughter.) Mr. Hugh Jones supported the sug- gestion regarding the little bit of brass." Mr. David Evans (Merthyr): Of which you arc devoid! Mi- Richards supported the motion. Rev. T. Rees moved an amendment that things remain as they are. Mr. S. Hawkins further supported, and added that Mr. Prowle was quite .right in what he had said. Mr. Prowle: That is a compliment, considering where it comes from. I.anghter. Mr. S. Hawkins went en to point out the advantage which the change would be to Cwmbach. people. Finally the motion \va» referred to a special committee. DEATHS AT BRIDGEND ASYLUM. The Clerk of the above Institution wrote that several deaths had occurred at the Asylum, among them being Elizabeth M. Thorney, Upper Regent- street, Aberdare; David Evans, and John Thomas, Mary-street, Aberdare. NOTICES.. ]\1{r. David Evans, Merthyr, gave noFce that he would, at the next meeting, deal with the question of vagrancy, and that of placing the cost of education on the Imperial Exchequer. POETHCAWL REST. Mr. Rees ReeSi applied for a ticket to Porthcawl Rest for Thomas John, Glou- cester-street, Aberdare.—Agreed.





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