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A Helpless Mother. Her Life a Bitter Struggle against Persistent Weakness Restored to 5ound Health by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills One of the most lamentable instances of impoverished blood is presented in the case of Mrs M. A. Suckling, of 12, Witherfield road, l-Iaverhill, Suffolk, whose message is important to her sex generally, but especially to those on whom rest the responsibilities of mother- hood. To a reporter of the Suffolk and Essex Free Press Mrs Suckling said:— For a long time after the birth of my youngest child, I remained exceed- ingly weak and low spirited. I was racked with cruel pains from head to foot. I could. take scarcely any solid food even liquid nourish- ment was rejec- ted, and through Jack of nouris- ment I fell away to a shadow. I had medical at- tention, but no- thing seemed to do me any ,.Mpft Terribly weak and wretched. Dr. William's Fink Pills aave her new strenath. good. After excruciating agonies, and being helpless through weakness I was ordered into hospital, with little im. provement. I suffered cruelly for twelve months, and then took a turn for the worse. I was colourless, my cheeks were sunken, and I had such frightful headaches that I could not bear to move my head. My nerves were in a state of collapse and the least noise made me jump. I had no rest night or day, could not attend to household duties, and felt so wretched that life seemed scarcely worth living. Doctors called my illness Blood- lessness and Acute Dyspepsia. But although everything was tried to cure me I was sinking fast. One day a visitor pursuaded me to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. She brought me a box of the pills, and I now feel that I owe my life to her kindness and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. After taking the second box the pains began to leave me. I persevered, and in a few weeks my strength came back and I began taking solid food. Before long I could digest full meals regularly, slept well at night, lost all nervous trouble, and got rid of all the aches I had had since baby was born. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a most won- derful medicine." Many a woman's life has been made happy and healthful by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People which put new good blood in the veins, and have cured Anaemia, Indigestion, Rheumatism, Eczema and Skin Diseases, Nervous Disorders, Neuralgia, St. Vitus' Dance. Paralysis, and Ladies' Ailments. Sold by all dealers; or direct from the British Depot, 46, Holborn viaduct, London, post free 2s 9d for one box, or 13s 9d for six. Illustrated pamphlet of cures sent free.

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