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Mountain Ash Jottings.


Mountain Ash Jottings. BY LUCIFER." At least we breathe more freely thar a week ago, for the decision arrived at by the vast crowd on Cefn Glas Moun- tain last Sunday afternoon has given a respite to those anxious feelings that pervaded everyone in the district. It is cutting it rather fine to leave a decision of such, a momentous character to the last hour, but it could not be helped under the circumstances. A. curious story reaches me in refer- ence to a non-unionist who borrowed a sum of money from a gentleman in high position to pay up the Federation de- mands. Up to a late hour last Saturday night the individual had not arrived at the lodge with his payments. Those who braved the elements at the Duffryn Grove Sports had something for their money, for it was a fine. sporting programme, and the tea was done splen- did justice to. Perhaps rainy weather does make for a good appetite, and it is tc be hoped that good digestion waited on it. The billiard carnival at the Inatitule wa,s a complete success, although the at- tendance was very sparse. I understand that greater players will pay a visit later on in the season. Sir Marchant Williams changed his mind, and such a ohange too! Whatever it was that made our Stipendiary per- form such a complete volte face, must be left to the imagination. It does not require the brains of a Philadelphian lawyer to solve the problem, for to my mind it was brought about by Mr. F. P. Charles' notice of appeal, purely and simply. The question naturally arises, Would the change of mind have taken place had there been no notice of appeal? Again, why should Mr. Rees be mulcted with costs ? If there were no offence why should the landlord have to pay those expenses? Hasty judgments arrived at without due consideration of the whole facts of a case have before now brought about irrepar- able calamities; they have sent many a poor fellow to, his doom, aye, and to the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns-" The Mountain Ash Buffs are holding their annual Church Parade next Sun- day, when a special service will be held at St. Margaret's Church. The sermon will be preached by the Rev. D. E. Roberts, M.A., the Chaplain of the Sir- dar Lodge. Sunday trading is exciting a large amount of attention in our district, and, as the Stipendiary observed, the 5s. ine was not a deterrent. I cannot under- stand why a. shopkeeper who sells a penn'orth of fags should be fined, any more than the rfaff Vale engine drivers, or the cabman who takes a fare to Pen- deryn, or, for the matter of that, the chef who cooks my Lord Bishop's dinner. I should like to know whether a tobac- conist's licence states- it is only for 6 days. The law always was a a hass," and I suppose will continue to be so to the end.

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