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*@*@*@*@*@**@*@$@*@*@*@*@* $. Business Enterprise. « I HALL & SONS | 9, Cardiff Street, Aberdare, g Have now opened their VICTORIA SQUARE SHOWROOMS I |j| (OPPOSITE BLACK LION HOTEL). # ff —' # Newest Designs in Furniture. H I The LARGEST STOCK and the LOWEST PRICES in the Valley. | s w SEE; W,NDOW;S' f E. T. JENKINS, L.I.S.Ni. (Honours, Literary and Theoretical.) Music Master Cathedral School, Llandaff. Assistant Organist to G. G. Beale, Esq,, Mus, Bac., F.R.C.O., organist and choirtrainer, Llandaff Cathedral. Engagements accepted for Concerts,:Eisteddfodau, etc. Lessons given in Pianoforte Playing, Singing, Theory, etc. Pupils successful in the Examinations held by the Associated Board of the R.A.M. & R.C.M. and the Incorporated Society of Musicians. 99 marks awarded to pupils in the Examinations held by the I.S.M. For Terms apply. PARK VILLA, PENRHIWCEIBER. „ MOVE AND EMPLOY THE V\J| TAFF VALE COAL CO's £ » (Jones Bros.) Ms Furniture Vans. Experienced Packers employed Offices: 22, OXFORDST., MOUNTAIN ASR. I WM. USHER & Go., I ORIGINAL FINANCIERS, 14, Commercial Street, ABERDARE. (Over Mr Lloyd's, Grocer). LENT. yUyvNo Fees. Personal attendance on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1 to 7 p.m. Or please write to Head Office: 14, Picton Place, SWANSEA. Are you a Photographer? If so, I should like you to come and inspect my stock of photographic goods Many photo- graphers, both amateur and otherwise, have done so, and have been good enough to say that the inspec- tion paid them. I have the latest styles and makes, and all prices are moderate. I have a good price list; ask for one it is free. I. E. THOMAS, Chemist ABERAMAN. Possesses the GREATEST HEALTH AND LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES the World can produce, and which exist in no other preparation. REMARKABLE RECOVERIES. Beware of Piracy and Fraud. NEW LUNG HEALER DEAKIN S MIRACULOUS CHEST, COUGH, AND LUNG HEALER. Will immediately arrest the course of the disease and guard against all ill effects. It possesses marvellous healing and tonic pro- gerties, and gives instant Relief to Coughs, olds. Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, etc. It is very beneficial, and has proved for many years a BOON and a BLESS- ING to THOUSANDS of SUFFERERS. Prices, 11J and 2/3, of all Chemists and Stores. 113 or 2/6 from the sole proprietors and inventors, G. DEAKIN & HUGHES, The Inflammation Remedies Co., BLIIEMVON. Prepaid Small Advertisements Inserted at the following specially low rates. One week 4 wks. 13 wks s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 words 0 6 1 6 3 0 28 „ 0 9 2 8 5 a 88 1 0 8 0 7 9 Remittances may be made by Postal Orders or half-penny stamps. If not prepaid double rate will be charged. Advertisement and Publishing Offices, Market Street, Aberdare. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED a respectable boy to W deliver papers.—Apply, Wyman's, Ltd., Aberdare station. WANTED. Gentleman to share sitting room and bedroom with another. Terms moderate.—Apply, 24, Dean street, Aberdare. WANTED at onee a general servant over 20 years of age. Only three in family.—Apply, T. W. Griffiths, solicitor, Belmont, Aberaman. ICYCLES.-Spare-time AGENT to JD take orders for us. Large profits easily made outside ordinary employ. ment.—Write for trade terms and par- ticulars, Mead Cycle Company, Agency Dept. 568Y, Liverpool. WANTED Immediately, an organ- iser. Must have had experience in appointing and supervising men. Excellent position to competent man.— Apply Progressive, Leader Office, Aber- dare. WANTED Immediately, an expert Billiard Marker. Good referen- ces indispensable.—Apply (stating wages required) not later than Tuesday, Oct. 8th.-Secretary, Constitutional Club, Aberdare. WANTED. GIRL (14) wants situation as nurse or with elderly couple.—Apply, Mrs Price, 6 Chapel court, Aberdare. LOST. LOST a Lemon and White Spaniel, answering to the name of Gin- ger." Anyone returning same to In- dustrial Farm, Aberdare, will be re- warded. Detainer prosecuted. FOR SALE. FOR SALE. Piano, cost 60 guineas three years ago. Will take half. —Apply, 2, Beadon street, Mountain Ash. TWO Fish Carts, in very good condi- tion. May be seen at any time. Will sell cheap.—Apply, Vicary & Co., Aberdare. FOR SALE.—96, John street, Aber- cwmboi.—Apply by letter, Ivor J. John, 71, Monk street, Aberdare. FOR SALE. Gas Engine in good condition. Will sell at a sacrifice. —Apply, J.E Leader Office. TO LET. TO LET, J'ock House, High street, Aberdare.—App]y, Rock Brewery. TO LET. Lock-up Shop, 47, Com- mercial street.—Apply, Berry, 47, Commercial street, Aberdare. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ABERDARE. EDUCATION COMMITTEE. TO COAL DEALERS AND OTHERS. THE Urban District Council of Aber- dare Education Committee invite TENDERS for the SUPPLY OF LARGE HOUSE COAL and COKE of approved quality, to be delivered as may be required at the under.mentioned Schools up to and including the first day of October, 1908. Provided Schools: Town. Penywain. Park. Blaengwawr. Cwmbach. Capcoch. Cwmdare. Abernant. Ltwydcoed. Robertstown. Aberaman. Cwmaman. Ynyslwyd. Aman. Higher Standard (Gadlys). Non-provided Schools. Town National. St. Fagan's National. Cwmbach National. St. Margaret's Roman Catholic. Also CUT FIREWOOD for the Non. provided Schools. Prices must be given for the supply to each of the Schools. The Committee reserve the right to reject all or any of the Tenders. Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersigned, on or before the 8th day of October, 1907. JOHN MORRIS, Clerk. Town Hall, Aberdare. I NO RENT CRU-Qlk DEB The Housing Problem Solved. THOSE wishing to stop paying Rent JL and become owners of their homes should communicate with Saml. Williams, 41, Albert street, and 15, Cross street, Aberdare. N.B. No connection with any build- ing society. NOTICES. I HEREBY give notice that I shall not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, MARY JANE GRUBB, after this date. Signed, W. H. GRUBB. 52, Dean street, Aberdare. October 1st, 1907. I HEREBY give notice that I shall not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, ANNIE JONES, of 3, York street, Aberaman, after this date, Signed, DAVID JONES. October 3rd, 1907. NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. FREETHOUGHT. IRIRIR. C. COHEN, London, (Vice-President N.S.S.) will deliver LECTURES On Sunday, Oct. 13, 1907 SUBJECTS: 2.15 p.m. What is man's chance of a future life ?" 6 p.m. Christ, Christianity, and Social Reform.' Discussion earnestly invited. Admis8ion to each Lecture: Silver Collection. MISCELLANEOUS. RHE UMATISM CURED.—Mr XV Baring-Gould, Queenswood road, Mosely, Birmingham, strongly recom- mends wonderful and cheap rheumatism cure. Free information for addressed envelope. OPENING SATURDAY, OCT. 5th. S5 et.O" C, s\.g\l' tDe & JOT-etv s s I Q\190\l01 De 1-ø90 tot :t s ï '(¡\le ..d ot tuoe y.-for el Stre 11o\(\et 0 01t.fO 5" AT 49a, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE. NO FEE FOR CONSULTATION. Miles's Restaurant 2, CANON ST., ABERDARE. Proprietors R. H. MILES & SONS, The well-known Meat Purveyors. All our Noted Cooked Meats at the usual Moderate Prices. HOT LUNCHEONS DAILY, 12.30 to 2.30. Dining Hall and Tea Rooms on ground floor. Parties catered for in the iarge Dining Hall. P.O. Tblhpbone, 29 ABBRDARB.




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