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Agonies of Sciatica, j


Agonies of Sciatica, j One of Liverpool's Best- 1 known men describes how his torture was ended by Dr Williams' Pink Pills. Mr William Longridge is a retired police-sergeant who now holds a position of trmt in one of the principal banks in Liverpool. He is 55 years of age and was for many years connected with the Liverpool Police Force, from which ser- vice he has been pensioned oft. He re- ceived special awards from the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society, and is a man highly respected throughout the city. Recently he was attacked by Sciatica in such an acute form that he was once confined to bed for five weeks and three days. He was completely cured by Dr Williams' Pink Pills, and he says :—' I have not felt any trace of Sciatica since." A SIMPLE CAUSE, H What was the cause of your com- plaint ? he was asked by a reporter who called upon him at his house, 354, Scotland-road, Liverpool. Simply through getting my feet wet," he replied. I first felt a shivering feeling coming over me, and this turned to slight symptoms of Rheumatism. Then I began to feel as if I was para- lysed in the lower extremities, and was unable to move without pains like hot needles running down my thighs and legs; these pains of Sciatica nearly drove me mad. When I attempted to walk I became so faint that I had to tnrn back home. My left leg became Mr. William Longridge Cured o' A cut Sciatica by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. almost useless, and at times swift pains shot right down to my feet. For hours I would roll and toss in bed through sheer torture, and beads of perspiration rolled off my forehead. Doctors prescribed all sorts of medicines, but I seemed to get worse. I then underwent a course of massage, but the Sciatic pains in- creased in fury. "My sister came to visit me and insisted that I should try Dr Williams' Pink Pills. My wife purchased some. and I took the doses regularly. I derived a little benefit and so continued the medicine. THE ONLY EFFECTIVE MEDICINE. Soon I made such improvement that I felt sure Dr Williams' Pink Pills were the only medicine to put me on my feet. In a few weeks I was able to get up. I could eat and digest my food, and then began to take exercise without feeling any after distress. My cure took place some months ago, and since then I have not felt any trace of Sciatica's pains. I was cured by Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and I feel it my duty to make known the wonderful curative powers of this medicine. I found that Dr Williams' Pink Pills re- stored my nervous system fd nourished and enriched my blood." W Victims of Sciatica need their veins filled with the New, Pure, Rich Blood supplied by Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, which have cured many of Sciatica, Rheumatism, Paralysis, St. Vitus' Dance, Gout, Neuralgia and Headaches. Only the genuine pills cure and substitutes should be refused be- cause they are worse than useless. The pills that have cured are Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People (seven words). They can be obtained of all dealers, or direct from the Dr Williams' Medicine Company, 46, Holborn Viaduct, London, post free s 9d for one box or 13s 9d for six boxes.

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