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A DOCTOE'S CANDID COUNSEL. ADDRESSING a meeting of working-men at the Trecynon Public Hall on Satur- day night Dr Banks spoke in favour of the introduction of the pithead bath, an innovation which, at the same hall by practically the same audience, had, a fortnight previously, been favourably commented upon. The Doctor con. tended that the substitution of the new order of the bath for the old one would be beneficial from the stand- point of health. From the lips of a medical gentleman who has obtained considerable professional experience in a mining district this argument in favour of the bath proposal comes with no mean force. When the matter will have been duly discussed at the Federation lodges no doubt some steps will be taken towards translating into practice the theories propounded by mining students, endorsed by mining lecturers and approved by mining medical practi- tioners. In the same address Dr Banks dwelt upon an evil which is, alas, too prevalent in our mining districts. He referred to excessive tea-drinking. In these days when we hear and read so much of the evils of alcoholic beverages, -we are apt to forget that non-alcoholic beverages are also productive of danger to the human system, though, of course in a far lesser degree. The "cup that cheers" may not produce inebriety, but it is responsible for a large amount of indigestion. It would be well if our inveterate, immoderate tea-drinkers were to take the Doctor's advice to heart. As he remarked, the women are the great- est sinners in this respect. May we respectfully submit for their consider- ation the Doctor's words of wisdom concerning the perils of the tea- urn and also, by the way, his most valuable advice with regard to the open door and the open window. When we worship daily and and devoutly at the shrines of Bacchus and Nicotine and the pagoda of the Indian leaf, with windows and doors barred against the emissaiies of hygiene and health, it is little wonder that we are fast becoming a dyspeptic and con- t sumptive people.

Abercynon Police Court


Presentation at Aberaman.


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