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Aberdare and District Photographic Notes. BY "ROLLO." Up to the time of writing these notes I have had no reply to my request on the matter of attempting to form a local society. I think that this must be solely attributable to shyness on the part of our correspondent Stigmatic." So to help him and others who may have this subject at heart, I will make another suggestion that perhaps will serve to start the ball rolling. Since my last re- marks upon this item of interest, I have spoken to several camerists who were not in the old society, and each of them has expressed a strong wish that someone would take the initiative in calling a meeting to discuss the matter. Now, it is little use anyone going to the trouble and expense of calling a meeting and engaging a room, unless there are strong hopes of an adequate response, which means a well-attended meeting, for nothing is so depressing as to find that the attendance is such that the whole affair hangs fire from the start. Now I have enough faith in my fellow "town- ies to think that if a goodly number did turn up at such a preliminary meet- ing there would be no difficulty in start- ing a society with every hope of success, but, furthermore, the difficulty of select- ing the right men for the official positions is much easier g>ot over if a good muster is made, and I am going to make this proposal. If during the next fourteen days I can reoeive any number of Postcards over 20, from local camerists expressing their desire to attend such a preliminary meeting, and at the same time state what night in the week is most convenient to them (say Thursday for instance), I will arrange for a centrally situated meeting room for the night that will be most suitable according to the cards, and an- nounce as prominently as possible the date, so that all may know of it; and wherever I think it will be useful I will send a special invitation by post. By this means I am sure no one interested will be passed over, and it now remains with our readers as to whether a start is made or not. It is not a big request to make, and will cost only a half-penny stamp for postage. I am hopeful that the response will be encouraging, and if the matter is handled with anything like care a good start can be made with the New Year. I do not think that an earlier date could be fixed upon, as the Christmas holidays are close, and other affairs will claim most people's attention, but if I repeat myself here, I do so to very cord- ially ask all those who are interested, however slightly, in Photography to drop me a postcard to the Leader" Office within the next day or so, telling me that they would like to attend such a meeting, so that I can go to work and arrange what will appear the most popu- lar day and date. Of course, attending this suggested meeting would be in no way binding upon the visitor to join any society that may be started. Your pres- ence is alone requested so that the opin- ion of the local workers may be tested. Now then! don't put off writing that Postcard; just do it now. I expect that most of my readers have by this time finished off their Christmas Cards. Those who have not I should urge their doing so at once. I know to my sorrow what putting it off to the last moment means—hurried work and slip- shod results. It is such an easy matter to turn out a few dozen cards if set about In the right way, but it means having everything ready, which includes your deciding what form the card will take, what negative you will use, and what process shall be made the printing med- ium. Most of the dealers stock masks, espec- ially for double printing, while the num- ber of designs and makes of postcards with special designs for the festive season are legion. Nothing looks better than a well printed and carefully finished post- card, with an appropriate motto upon it, and nothing is more acceptable to the re- ceiver. Postcard collecting has laid hold of everyone, rich and poor alike, so what better means of conveying our wishes can we have than this? But to have it worth preserving it must be good, hence my re- mark that the work should be under- taken in good time so that all the best care and skill can be lavished thereon. Have you tried photographing a street scene during rain? If not, do so. Have the fastest plate you can get hold of in the camera slide; give the slowest possi- ble shutter exposure compatible with the surroundings and traffic, develop with a dilute solution that is not oolder than 60 degrees, fix in a bath that has had a few grains of Meta-bisulphate of Potash dis- solved in the hypo, and print upon a soft Gaslight ox- Bromide to a pearl grey, us- ing M-Q as the paper developer, and you -will get a negative and print that will give you joy. I





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