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"SPIRITISM" AND SCARCITY OF WATER AT CARNETOWN. Sir,—Permit me through the ¡ columns of your valuable paper to II solicit the aid of the 'Medium' which dominates the Spiritists' gatherings at Carnetown Infants' School, Aber- cynon, in solving the following pro- blems which perplex the cottagers at Carnetown and the voters generally in the ward. The problems exist because of the inadequate supply of water at Carnetown Reservoir, and produce a deplorable and insanitary condition of affairs in that locality, and is consequently injurious to the health of the community as a whole. The following are some of the problems which call for an immedi- i • "xrl 1- T\ -.1. ate soaition i% no are tne i^ireci-ors of the Carnetown Cottage Company Are there more than two men em- ployed to rectif3' the insanitary con- dition of affairs at the Carnetown Cottage Company's Reservoir, the main pipes and offshoots in Park St. and Cardiff Road ? What may be the cause of the stoppage in these pipes ? Are all the lavatories supplied with up to-date flushing appliances? Are all the channels which convey the supply of water from the springs to the reservoir carefully and properly laid with good sanitary and earthen pipes, especially the long channel which crosses under the incline lead- ing to the quarry? Are the very sources of the springs themselves substantially protected with a high strong wall ? Is there a large and commodious filter bed, up-to-date, to preserve the water from contamin- ation in case of a downpour of rain when the surface water which rushes down the high and steep mountain in the locality, and carries with it all sorts of decomposed wood, dead leaves, and all sorts and condition of insects and other nuisances as well ? Should the 'Medium' be able to throw light on these intricate things, the Councillors from Abercynon will then be in possession of important: facts to convey to the other Coun- cillors at the next meeting of the Mountain Ash Urban District Coun- cil. and strengthen the hands of fhat authority to supply the President of the Board of Trade with a full state- ment of the condition of affairs at Carnetown in answer to his inquiry. The mental worries of the voters in the ward will then be matters of the past, and those Councillors from Abercynon who have championed the cause of the defenceless miners and their families at Carnetown will re- ceive the thanks of the voters at their next election by being returned as our representatives unopposed.




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