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-------Music in the Park.


Music in the Park. The Cynon Valley Band, on Sunday last, gave a choice selection of sacred music in the Aberdare Park. Among the items was included the Church Parade," and such a favouriate has it become that Mr J. Manley, the con- ductor, has received numerous request to include it in the programme for Sunday evening next, and he has kindly consented to do so Perhaps a synopsis of the piece will not be out of place. The title of the piece indicates its character, and the composer, Mr J. O. Hume, has most aptly and beautifully illustrated an episode in a soldier's life. The opening movement depicts the Sabbath Morn," where all is quftt and peaceful. Presently we hear the chim- ing of the "Old Church Bells," and so realistic is the arrangement that it is nearly impossible to decide whether it is the instruments, or in reality a peal -f bells. Suddenly we hear the bugles sounding "the fall in," and while the men are assembling we hear that Arn- old Christmas hymn. The Bounv Christchurch Bells." During the com- manding officer's inspection we nave an allegro movement, which is smartness itself, including a pretty little lio, it solo. Then with the roll of the drums for four bars and off the regiment marches to church to that well-known tune, "Soldiers of Christ Arise." Arriving at the church we hear a beautifully arranged andante religaso," which clearly indicates that divine service has commenced. Later we hear a a Soldier's Hymn;" and imme- diately the Amen is finished the Old Church Bells are again pealing forth their sweet and merry sounds, an in- dication that service is over, .-vnotnei roll of the drums, and the regiment is homeward bound to that spirited tune, The Soldier's Return." A short finale concludes one of the best descriptive selections we have had the pleasure of listening to for a very long tune. and a piece of music expressively written for Sunday services.

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