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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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-------Music in the Park.

Ten Illustrious Welshmen.

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The Reflector.

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Mode of Working.



AN IMPORTANT POINT. to those who suffer from Indigestion, Headaches and Liver Complaints is that any remedy to be effective should, when taken, be easily and quickly absorbed by the juices of the Stomach. The marked superiority of KERNICIfS VEGETABLE PILLS. in this way has been proved. They are practically tasteless, are very small, and yet so readily dissolve that their cur- ative effects are quickly experienced- clearing the Head, bracing the Nerves, and removing all excess of bile. Try them. You cannot do better. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in 71d. and ISid. boxc-L, with directions how to restore J i >■ \;>¡¡" ,'i r{ p; m j) ))t)) I )t) r\[.I' ioto a. I,CANON SABERDARE I S39,COMMERCIAL ST, § Sjurs I,Can ON ST ABERDARE if iST MOUNTAIN Am I \;j (. I:' .1 L: A N EDD Y C :Y ■a—HMM——

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Speed Asked For.

Compulsory Stops (F.D.: Fare…

All Stations Including "Stop…

Trackless Routes.

The Abercynon Case at the…

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Scraps. !

Cinema Opposition.

._--.--------. A Revelation

Aberdare Man gains CovetedI…