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Lady Member and Wife Deserter.i


Lady Member and Wife Deserter. Mr Young reported the case of a young wife, who was only 20 years of age, who had two children. They were destitute and he suggested that thev be brought to the Workh-vise. She was 17 years when she got marrisd, and ti.e husband had now deserted her. Mrs. Jenkins said it would be a pity to bring them to the Workhouse. If out-relief were granted they might be able to find apartments somewhere. That rascal of a husband ought to be caught and horse-whipped. The scamp had come to this district and married the girl and had now deserted her and two little children. She suggested that outrelief be granted for four weeks. The Rector moved os. per week, and this course was agreed to. Emigration. Mrs. Richards moved That Michael Corkery, aged 12, a, deserted child now chargeable to the Union, having con- sented to emigrate to Canada, the Guardians take the necessary steps to effect the emigration, and that a sum not exceeding tl4 be expended for that purpose (subject to the consent of the Local Government Board), and be charged upon the Common Fund of the Union." Mrs. Wills seconded. Mr Roger Vaughan questioned the wisdom of sending boys out to a strange land where they had no friends. Mr T. T. Jenkins said that the Can- adian Government was taking care of the boys sent out by Guardians. Splen- did reports had come to hand concern- ing those who had already gone out there. Mrs. Richards' motion was carried. Sympathy and Resignation. Mrs. Williams, a member of the Board, wrote resigning her post as ex- aminer of candidates for positions as probationer nurses. Her resignation was accepted with regret, and Mrs. Jenkins appointed in her place. Mrs. Richards moved a vote of sym- pathy with Mrs. Williams, whose sis- ter was very ill. This was seconded by Mrs. Wills and carried. Penalty Clause Threatened. The Building Committee, meeting at the Training School, Trecynon, on the 14th inst., reported having had an ac- count from the architect as to the pro- gress made in the conversion of the Training School. At the close of the paragraph the following appeared "The committee recommend that in future the penalty clause he enforced on all contracts if time limit is exceeded with- out reasonable cause being given by the contractor." The Rector moved that a fortnight's notice be served on Messrs. John Mor- gan and Son to determine the Training School contract, and that other builders be employed to complete the work. The Rector added that very slow progress was being made. The contractors were 1 simply playing with the Guardians, i Sometimes onl- 2 men were employed on the job. Mr T. T. Jenkins: Two and a hall? (Laughter.) Two men and a boy, you mean. Mr Rees Rees was opposed to such a drastic course at this juncture. The firm had been handicapped recently owing to the death of the managing director. The Guardians ought to show some little consideration. In reply to Mr P. Mansfield, the Clerk said that the sureties in the ease were Messrs. Levi Rees and Frederick Burge. Mr. Mansfield: Perhaps the con- tractors would be glad to get out of the job. Clerk: If it costs the Guardians an additional £ 1,000 to complete the build- ing, it sems to me the sureties are in a very awkward position. Of course we shall have to give the sureties notice as well as the builders. Mr Rees Rees moved an amend- ment to the Rector's motion that a let- ter be sent in the first place, stating that unless better progress would be made, a fortnight's notice would be given. In reply to questions the Clerk said that Mr Roderick, the architect, had sent in a notice to the builders. It was perfectly illegal on his part to do so, and he must have known he had no power to do anything of the kind with- out consultation with the Board and the Clerk. Mr T. T. Jenkins: That was only bluffing, and it leads the builders to think we are only playing. Mr Howfield: Has the Clerk himself ever written to the builders? Clerk: I wrote some months ago and pressed them twice. I think it would be sufficient to-day if you wrote a letter to them, and at the end of a fortnight serve them with notice. The Rector forced his motion, but Mr Rees Rees' amendment was carried by 2-1 votes to 9. The Electrical Contract. Members and Letters in the Press. Earlier in the meeting, when only a few Aberdare members were present, | and before the Clerk had arrived, the Board decided to hold a special meeting on Tuesday, May 26th, and make en- quiries re the tenders for carrying out electric light installations at the Train- ing School, Trecynon. It will be re- membered that a tender £ 40 above the lowest was accepted. Letters of pro- test appeared in last week's "Leader." The Clerk now stated that the con- tract between the Guardians and the Aberdare Electrical Co. (whose tender had been accepted) was now ready to be sealed. He understood this question t had been before the Board earlier in the day, and that it was to be further con- sidered. That being so he wished to know whether the sealing of the con- tract was to be held over until that special meeting had been held. Mr Rees Rees Is it within the power of the Board to pass that resolution without rescinding the previous resolu- tion ? Rector: The Board have decided to hold a public inquiry into the circum- stances of the giving of this contract, in order to satisfy some public dissatis- faction with the action of the Building Committee, and their recommendation. The day and the hour of inquiry have been fixed. When that was carried, I said that in view of that step the con- tract should not be stamped and sealed to-day. If, as Mr Rees suggests, I am out of order, I want to know whether that contract can be put one side to-day. Grave allegations have been made against the honour and pro- bity and against the common ordinary honesty of certain members of the Building Committee. I was not pres- ent at that committee, but I am not going to allow an unfair attack to be made on them. I believe the Building Committee were amply justified in what they did, but I want the public at large to know that we are not doing our work in a haphazard sort of way and throwing the ratepayers' money "away right and left. The Clerk said it was perfectly in order to hold an enquiry, although mor- ally the Board were bound to seal the contract. He understood that this ¡ matter had been re-opened because of letters which appeared in the Press. Mrs. Jenkins: How many mem he were present when you passed that re- solution this morning? Rector: Perhaps the intelligence 0:. the Board had not filtered through that door, but there were a good number of members present. Mrs. Jenkins: I did not ask the question in a spirit of I shall not use the term I should like to. (Laugh- ter.) The Aberdare members were very unfortunate this morning. The car bvoke down and we lost the first train. Why should we play to the gallery over this question ? We have not been asked to hold a public inquiry. Why waste time and money? I am not a million- aire and able to pay for coming to • Merthyr continually. Why should we take notice of what appears in the Press. The Clerk again said it would be im- moral and most unfair not to seal the contract. Rector: If it is morally wrong in the opinion of the Clerk I move that the contract be sealed, but that the inquiry be held nevertheless. Mr J. Lloyd: What good will an in- quiry be afterwards? Mr Rees Rees seconded, and Mrs. Richards supported that the contract be sealed. Mr Henry Owen (one of the members of the Building Committee) said that j the committee had information from Aberdare people and he had acted in good faith and in the interests of the ratepayers in recommending the tender which had been accepted. He would be very pleased if an inquiry was held. Chairman: In reply to Mrs. Jenkins I may say there was a good number present this morning when the resolu- tion was passed. The question was then put to the vote, when 17 voted for sealing the con- tract. No hand was raised against the resolution, but a large number remained neutral. Mr T. T. Jenkins said that it was in- tended to have the three contractors present at the inquiry. Now that the contract was to be sealed, the ground had been taken from under the Board's feet. Clerk: I am sorry I was not present this morning to advise you. Members So there will be no inquiry held now? Chairman No. Children's Homes Committee. At the meeting of the above, held on May 14th, Mr Dd. Edwards, Owmdare, was appointed chairman for the ensu- ing year, and Mr Morgan Williams, Abernant, vice-chairman. Finance Committee and Officers' Salaries. The Finance Committee reported:- The committee considered the letter from Miss Templeman, superintendent nurse, applying for an increase of salary, and recommend that her salary be increased from t60 to £80 per an- num, in consequence of the additional duties placed upon her by the new Poor Law Institutions Orders. Read letter from the Local Government Board, dated 12th May, stating in reply to the Board's letter applying for sanction to pay the expenses of the assistant clerks in attending committee meetings, that the Board considered that the sdary of an officer should be adequate to cover all expenses likely to be in- curred in the discharge of his ordinary duties; and if in the case of any officer the Guardians consider his salary in- sufficient for this purpose, the Board would be prepared to sanction a reason- able increase thereof.—The committee recommend that the salaries of Assist- ant Clerks Cook, Jones and Roberts be increased by LS per annum each to cover their expenses in attending com- mittee meetings. The report was adopted.

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