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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

24 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

Aberdare Sunday Services.


Aberdare Sunday Services. Carmel (B.) Preaching at Carmel English Baptist Church on Sunday evening the pastor, the Rev. T. Ed- munds. B.A.. dwelt on the church as a personal, living organism, with sec- tions, limbs and parts united together by the Spirit of Christ. The church as an ideal was the sacred body of Christ. It was by keeping the eye upon the ideal church that we would he best able to transform it into the actual. In such a church there would be unity in diversity. Unity was not uniformity. [n a tree we had the former, and in a brick wall the latter. Our churches were dull because or their monotonous uniformity. Were there more variety in them they would be more interest- ing. Sunday services and prayer meet- ings should be a fount of inspiration, but the minister alone could not make them so. Every unit of the church, individual member, must per- form his part of the work for the collec- tive benefit. of the institution. Every part should be conscious of the fact that it was only a part, and which could not prosper without the co-operation of the whole. Trinity.—On Sunday morning the pastor of Trinity, the Rev. J. Lewis Jenkins, delivered an address to the children as usual, and afterwards preached from the words in Gen. 6, 1, "And it came to pass." This brief, simple text he invested with much in- terest and edification. He dwelt on the transient nature of earthly things and the fleeting character of mundane pleasures as compared with the reality and permanence of things celestial and spiritual pleasures. The permanent character of the real self, the continuity of the ego, stood out in bold contrast to the unabiding, changeable nature of our worldly experiences. May God help us to choose the good part, which would not be taken away from us. At the present day the earth was soaked with blood and tears, but he hoped that the time would soon come when we would be able to say, And tho war came--to pass." Aberdare Brotherhood.—Last Sunday an open meeting of the Brotherhood was held at Green Street Chapel, the Rev. H. Barraclough presiding. The rev. gentleman at the outset conveyed to the Aberdare Brotherhood the greetings of the Brotherhood at Stow Hill, Newport, at which church he min- istered the previous Sunday. The pre- sident gave an address dealing with the Book of Ruth. He remarked that this idyllic book immediately followed a book of battles, namely, the Book of Judges. He referred to the pretty story which the book of Ruth contained. Elim- elech went to Moab, just as Lot went to Sodom, and his family, contrary to Mos- aic law, intermingled with the Gentiles and intermarriage ensued. The speaker dwelt upon the splendid conduct of the heathen figures in the narrative as con- trasted with the conduct of the Hebrew characters. Ruth, the heroine of this Scriptural romance, was privileged to become an ancestress of the Saviour.

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