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Mountain Ash District Council.


Mountain Ash District Council. On Tuesday, Mr. Griffith Evans in the lair. The other members present re: Messrs. J. Powell, Wm. Davies, W- Lamburn, G. H. Hall, Chas. Mad- «ox, James Evans, Noah Bowles, George rL^ghbour, David Rogers, William Millar, Bruce Jones, Thomas Jones, J.P., T. TV. Jones, with Arthur Pin- combo (clerk), F. Stock (accountant), y G. Thomas (surveyor) and H. T. Jones. A Pathway. Mr. \V. Lamburn, referring to a re- ^renco in the minutes to the Mountain Ash 8Iaughter-house, said that the Pathway adjoining was in a bad state. Be asked the Surveyor to report. Underground Dwellings and the Hous- ing Question. Rev. George Neighbour asked whether the report submitted a fort- Bight ago concerning cellar dwellings was a partial report. 1, Sanitary inspector: Yes, it was a partial report. There are four or five more underground dwellings in the dis- trict. Rev. George Neighbour added that they had ordered notices to be served on those occupiers where there was ex- cessive overcrowding. In the face of that, &nd bearing in mind that the Bar- rack Houses were to be closed, what was the Council going to do in reference to the housing question The Chairman said that the matter was nnder consideration, and the Sur- veyor and Clerk were preparing a re- port. Rev. George Neighbour: It is a very serious question. I am informed by a Friendly Society official that there is more sickness in Mountain Ash than in any other district in South Wales. At the expiration of three years of the In- surance Act, inquiries will be made as to the reasons for this excessive sick- ness. Mr Thomas Jones: It is well known that in Penrhiwceiber 22 new houses will be ready for occupation earlv in April, and 12 more a few months fater, hnd 130 more are to be erected. Mr W. Millar: That will relieve the pressure very much. Mr N. Bowles said that the Clerk had been instructed to make enquiries as to what other Councils wero doing. He hoped those enquiries would be com- pleted very soon, and a meeting of the Council convened to discuss it. The Clerk said lie was still pursuing inquiries, but it was rather a slow pro- cess. Carnotown Water Supply. I Mr Chas. Maddox asked whether any reply had been received from the Camet-own Cottage Co. re providing a I water supply for the houses in Carne- town. j The Clerk said that no reply had been I' received. Mr Bruce Jones moved that another letter be written, Mr Maddox seconded, and this motion was agreed to. Penrhlwcciber Water. Mr Thomas Jones asked when would i the Surveyor be able to connect the new I houses at Penrhiwceiber with a supply of water. Surveyor: About a month or so. Planting Trees. Mr Bruce Jones suggested that a few trees be planted in Edward Street, Abercynon.—Carried. I Increased Cost of Food. Mr. Noah Bowles remarked that the Mountain Ash District Council should Mountain Ash District Council should fall in to line with other authorities with regard to the food question. He moved the following resolution That this Council, representing a population of over 43,000, views with great alarm the increasing cost of foodstuffs in this country, and urges the Government to take immediate steps to prevent any further exploitation of food supplies." He was sure that no one present was willing for fortunes to be made out of the nation's emergency, because the burden fell heaviest on those least able to bear it. As trustees of the public interest they should strengthen the hands of the Government in this matter. Mr Chas. Maddox seconded. Mr. Bruce Jones suggosted thai copies of the resolution he sent to the Prime Minister and the local members of Parliament. Mr J. Powell endorsed Mr. Bowles' sentiments. Mr D. Rogers said they should send copies to the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer and the Home Secretary as well. Mr W. Millar: And the President of the Board of Trade. The resolution was agreed to. Proposed Flag Day. A letter from Mrs. Lloyd George re National Fund for Welsh Troops, was read, suggesting that the churches should make collections on Sunday, Feb. 2Sth, and that on March 1st Flag Day be celebrated. The idea was for schoolchildren to sell small flags for Id. each, the proceeds to go towards pro- viding comforts for the Welsh Troops. She also suggested that the local Cine- mshe asked to give benefit perform- ances on Monday night, March 1st. Discussion ensued as to how best to carry out the wishes expressed in the letter. The Clerk suggested that a public meeting be convened so as to organise a Flag Day. Mr. Jsoah Bowles said there was a danger of duplicating works of charity. Mr G. H. Hall suggested that the work be relegated to a joint meeting of ladies' committees, who should meet in a central place. Mr. Bruce Jones did not think that that would be successful. It would bo better for the ladies to hold separate ward meetings. Ladies from Ynysy- bwl and Abercynon were not likely to come to Mountain Ash. In any case they would be very few. Mr. D. Rogers agreed. A motion that the Ladies Committees he asked to convene ward meetings was carried. Mr Bruce Jones With regard to Flag Dky we could relegate that matter to the schools. It would relieve the ladies. It was then moved that the Education Committee be recommended to organize and carry out the Flag Day proposal.— Carried. Penrhiwceiber Site. The Clerk reported on the result of his interview with Mr L. B. Nicholl ro I site of electricity sub-station and stores at Penrhiwceiber. The Clerk said that the site had been agreed upon, and the landowner's arant had offered a piece of ground in order to improve the higL* way. (Hear, bear., Why Street Lamps Were Not Lit Orders from Military Authorities. Rev. George Neighbour complained that whole streets in Darranlas were in darkness during last week and also Sun- day night and Monday night this week. He would like to know why the lamps ifere not lit. Mr G. H. Hall: The same thing ap- plies to Penybrvn Terrace. Mr W. Millar: 1- have noticed for several nights that two lamps are unlit in Cardiff Hoad, and in a very dark spot, too. Mr W. Davies said he could oonfirm what Rev. Geo. Neighbour said regard- ing street lamps in Darranlas. Mr Bruce Jones: Perhaps the moon was out. Rev. Goo. Neighbour: The moon was all right; it was something between the moon and the Mount. The Surveyor explained that he had had orders from the Government to re- frain from lighting lamps which were on an altitude of 600 feet above the level of the sea. About 50 lamps were affected in tin. t manner, in Llanwonno Road, and other streets near, and also I Penybrvn Terrace, Penrhiwceiber. A Diversion. At this junsture the officers and several members rushed to the window. Someone whispered Zeppelin," and a few faces were turned towards the sky. There they saw. not an airship, but volumes of black smoke rising from the T.V. Railway new the bridge, where a small oil stores was ablaze and burning furiously. Mr. Bruce Jones: I hope the Press will not report that this Council ad- journed to see a fire. (Laughter.) Cartage. Rev. George Neighbour remarked that the streets in Darranlas were now in good repair. It was the practice of both the G.W.R. and T.V.R. to refuse to deliver parcels to some houses in some streets, and the excuse was the carts could not be brought to those par- ticular streets. He moved that the companies be written to explaining that private street improvements had now been carf-ied out in those streets. Mr W. Lamburn seconded and the motion was carried. Damaging Curb and Channelling. Mr. W. Lamburn, referring to the Council's work of improving Darran Road, said it was the practice of some drivers to drive their carts with one wheel in the curb and channelling. He spoke to one offender, who had the most to say. It was a disgrace that property should be broken up in that manner, and prosecutions should follow it the offence was persisted in. Tenant's Complaint. Mrs. M. A. Edwards, Knight Street, Mountain Ash, wrote complaining of the nuisance caused by the presence of pigs In a slaughterhouse near her house, They are here week in week out," she wrote, and my medical adviser has told me that I need not put up with it. The whole place was unbearable and something should be done." It was pointed out that the Council had decided at the last meeting to build a public slaughter-house. Mr. Noah Bowles moved that a letter be sent to Mrs. Edwards stating that the Council were dealing with the mat- ter. Mr G. H. Hall: Can anything be done until such time as a new slaughter- house is built y Something ought real- ly to be done at once. The Sanitary Inspector said that a person had a perfect right to store cattle which he was going to kill. Mr. Lamburn For how long:' Sanitary Inspector: For three or four days. 1 have Keen Mr. Wilcox getting pigs in on Friday and keeping them there till Monday. The place abuts on Mrs. Edwards' door. Mr. Wilcox is doing his best to keep it as clean as pos- sible. In reply to the Cleric, the Sanitary Inspector said the place did not comply with the byelaws. Mr G. H. Hall moved that the Clerk and Sanitary Inspector report on the matter. Mr W. Millar said that his attention had been called to the nuisance arising from that slaughterhouse. In fact the whole street was affected by it. There was every justification for' complaint. The health of the public must not be menaced in the way it was. Mr Hall's motion was carried. lr. Lamburn I hope the Survevor will proceed as quickly as possible with the new slaughter-house.



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Mountain Ash Police Court.



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