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CWMAMAN. CHEAPEST CYCLES for 1916 are Royal Enfields, .£6 2s. 6d. upwards.— Parker Bros. D. MORRIS POWELL will hold an unreserved Sale of Household Furniture, etc. (see bills) at Market Hall, Aberdare, Tuesday next, May 23, at 2 o'clock sharp. PULPIT. The pulpit of Soar C.}{. Church was occupied on Sunday last by the Rev. J. R. Evans, B.A., B.D., Mountain Ash. JAY'S furniture is worth placing in your best rooms. GLYNHAFOD SUNDAY SCHOOL. — The above branch of St. Joseph's Church Sunday School held a success- ful service a.t. the Glynhafod Mixed School on Sunday last. Mr. George Williams presided. Special music was rendered by the choir under the con- ductorship "of Mr. Martin Isaac. Ad- dresses were delivered by Mr. Tom Phillips, and the Rev. 1. J. Williams, M.A., Vicar. The accompanist was Miss S. A. Larrimore, A.L.C.M., assisted by Mr. Percy Bolitho, violinist. THE ANNUAL SERVICES in con- nection with Bethel (P.M.) Sunday School were held on Sunday. The con- ductor of the singing was Mr. W. H. John, while Miss Beatrice Evans, L.L.C.M., wats at the organ, and Mr. John James Evans was the violinist. The morning service was presided over by Mr. Richards, and the following took part:I,iiy Mona Davies, Florence May Legg, May Richards, Ivy May Belcher, Martha Thomas, Beryl Bad- ham, Lizzie Price, Douglas Davies, Ada Belcher, Clifford Richards, Gladys Bradford, Beatrice. Maud Davies, j Beatrice John, Phyllis Whiteford, Jennie Cooke, Alice Kingsbury and Alice Maud Cooke. The afternoon service was conducted by Mr. Ernest Whiteford, and the following took part:—Thos. Whiteford, Clifford Belcher, Trevor Cooke, Martha Thomas, Florence M. Iiegg, Doris Salmon, Gladys Bradford, Beatrice Maud Davies, Beatrice John, Anna May NVasloy, Louie Whiteford, Emily Sage, Muriel Evans, Jennie Oliver, and Phyllis Whiteford. The evening service was conducted by Mr. William Cooke, the superintendent of the Sunday School. The following con- tributed solos a.nd recitations:—Eddie Oldfield, Peivy Penny, Irene Stacey, Mildred Polknighorne, Jenny Cooke, Irene John, Ivy May Moon, Jennie Oliver, Louie Whiteford, Alice Maud Cooke. Sarah John, Eliza Penny, Elizabeth D».vie&, Phyllis Whiteford, Bella Joiiels, Lizzie Thomas, Maud Cumner and Muriel Evans. On Mon- day tea was held. At the tables were: (1) Mrs. Reggie Dobbs and Miss M. A. Dobbs; (2) Mrs. E. Whiteford, Miss F. Broad, and Eliza Penny; (3) Mrs. J W. Davies, Mrs. Edwin Owen and Miss Elizabeth Davies; (4) Mrs. S. Cooke, Miss Rhoda Cooke, and Miss Elsie Vernall; (5) Mrs. Oldfield and Miss B. Oldfield. Cutters, Messrs. David T. Davies and John Griffiths, Mesdames D. II. Woodhams. W. Cooke, Evans, John Davies, W. H. Johns, and Penny. Tea brewers, Messrs. J. D. Hughes, Ernest Whiteford, John James Davies, and Joe Dobbs. Assistance was ren- dered by Mesdames A. Richards, Tonkin, Evans, and Misses Alice M. Cooke and Nellie Williams. The secre- tary was Mr. Sidney Cooke, with Mr. Harry Vernall as assistant. DEMISE. Early on Wednesday ] morning, the 10th inst., the death took place of Mr. William Phillips, Soar Chapel House, at the age of 57 years. The deceased hailed from Llan- fabon, but had resided at Cwmaman for the last thirty-five years. The funeral took place on Monday last at the Aber- dare Cemetery, the officiating minister being the Rev. W. D. Morris. The chief mourners were: Mrs. M. Phillips, widow; Mrs. Gwen Harris, Miss Blod- wen Phillips, Miss Morfudd Phillips, daughters; Messrs. Tom Phillips, David John Phillips, and Idris Phillips, sons; Messrs. David Harris and Thomas Bartlett, sons-in-law; Mrs. Tom Phillips and Mrs. M. M. Phillips, daughters-in-law; Tommy, Nellie, and Irene Bartlett, Blodwen Davies, Eluned Phillips, grandchildren; Blod- wen Edwards, niece; Mrs. David James, Mrs. W. Thomas, Port Talbot; Mrs. D. Phillips, Aberdare, sisters-in-law; Mrs. M. Lewis, Glanaman; Mrs. M. Jones, Pentre; Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilde,' Cilfyuydd: Mr. and Mrs. T. Rees, Cil- fynydd; Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, Pentre; Mrs. Leake, Cwmparc; Miss M. A. Thomas and Mrs. Breeze, Ynysy- bwl; Mr. and Mrs. David Walters, Aberdare; Petty-Officer Lewis Phillips. Quakers' Yard; Mrs. Phillips, Radyr; Lieut. Trevor Phillips, Radyr; Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Abercwmboi; Mr. W. Millar, Mountain Ash; Messrs. Henry Phillips, Nelson; William Phillips, Abercwmboi; Mrs. Thomas Richards, Mrs. John Jones, Mrs. T. Thomas, Cwm- aman, cousins; Mrs. Jennet Kinsey. Trelewis; Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Davies, Trelewis; David Nicholas, Nelson, cousins; Mrs. Maggie Davies, Mrs. M. Thomas, Mrs. S. Evans, Mrs. M. Jen- kins, Messrs. J. R. Edwards, nephew; Adam Parker and David James, brothers-in-law; Willie and Tommy Parker, nephews; Mr. John Jones, cousin. The following members of Soar (C.M.) Church acted as bearers:— Councillor William Rees, J.P., Messrs. John Daniel, E. E. Jones, W. R. Evans, D. Lloyd and W. O. Lloyd. The de- ceased had been a faithful member of the once noted Dewi Mabon's Male Voice Choir.