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Mountain Ash Police Court.


Mountain Ash Police Court. Thursday, May 25th.-Before Messrs. R. A. Griffith (Stipendiary) and Griffith Evans. No Dog Licence.—Cynon Evans had not taken out a licence for his dog and was fined los. No Carriage Licence Wm. White, Mountain Ash, admitted being without a carriage licence and ascribed the omission to a bad memory. P.C. Wil- liams stated that he saw defendant on May 1st using a 2-wheeled carriage.— Fined 10s. Control Order Conviction. David Dundas Gordon, landlord of the New Inn, Mountain Ash, was summoned for soliciting, by his agent, George Nutty- comi>e, orders for beer, in contraven- tion of the Liquor Control Order, and Geo. Nuttycombe was charged with soliciting orders. Mr. W. H. Toulson (Messrs. Kenshole and Prosser), Aber- dare, defended.—P.S. Hill's evidence was that in the course of his duty he called at 24 Arthur Street, Miskin. it was about 5.30 in the evening of May 8th. He was in the front room and saw Nuttycombe enter the house. He then overheard a conversation between the tenant and Nuttycombe, in the course of which the latter said: How much beer do you want on Saturday?" and the tenant said, "1 will have four bottles." Then Nuttycombe told the tenant that he would have to go to the New Inn and pay for them. Witness then followed Nuttycombe outside and told him that he had no right to take orders for beer. He replied, I have not done so. I only told him to 'go to the New Inn and order it." Witness, continuing, said that in company with Inspector T. Davies and P.C. Jones, he visited the New Inn and saw Mr. ) Gordon. Witness told him that he had seen Nuttycombe canvassing for orders for beer. Gordon said, "I have given him definite instructions not to solicit. Nuttycombe had been given notice ter- minating his engagement as canvasser with an alternative offer at a reduced wage to deliver.—Cross-examined by Mr Toulson witness said that he went to Mr. Bullet's house in connection with the Registration Act. John Bullet giving evidence said that what he said to Nuttycombe was, What am 1 going to do about a drop of beer on Satur- day?" Nuttycombe asked, How many do you want?" and witness re- plied, "Four bottles." Nuttycombe then said, I will deliver them as usual on Saturday." Replying to Superin- tendent Rees, witness said there was a mistake in one statement that he signed for the Sergeant. He did not say he put Nuttycombe to understand quietly that there was a policeman in the house, because Nuttycombe told him he saw the policeman himself.—Police In- spector Thog. Davies spoke to visiting the New Inn'in company with P.S. Hill. —George Nuttycombe's evidence was that Bullet first spoke to him about the beer and he told him he would have to go to the New Inn and order it. Bv Superintendent Hees: His caii that day- was a friendly one and nothing to do with business.—Mr. Toulson urged that Nuttycombe's answer to Bullet's ques- tion did not constitute canvassing. Stipendiary I'm afraid he found it hard to drop out of his old habits. (Laugh- ter.) It is a clear attempt to evade the order and must be dealt with dras- tically.—The summons against Gordon was dismissed and Nuttycombe was fined £5 or 21 days. More Dogs.—Evan James was fined <s. 6d., and Dorothy Webb 2s. 6d., for not having taken out dog licences in time. Indecent Language. Mary Davies, invsboeth, and Kate Gould, Miskin" were fined 9s. each for the above oxtence. Drunk and Disorderly—Laura Jones against whom were previous convic' turns, was fined 20s. for the above oitence. Ejectment.-An ejectment order was granted against Lewis Hopkins, 65 Tir- tehn, Penrhiwceiber, on the applica- tion of John Christopher, representing the Pengeulan Building Club.

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