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'-?' JOLLY'S f. f. DUCHESS PILLS, For PALE FACES, A POSITIVE CURE FOR ANEMIA, OE POVERTY OF BLOOD,, And all the following' Ailments: I PALENESS. LANGOUR. DEBILITY. I NAUSEA. N.,VITSEA. HEADACHE. BACKACHE. IRREGULARITIES. SALLOWNESS. SKIN ERUPTIONS. INDIGESTION. LOSS OF APPETITE. OIrFENSIVE BREATF. PALPITATION. NERVOUSNESS. DEPRESSED SPIRITS. FEMALE AILMENTS. INSOMNIA. PAINS IN THE SIDE. As all the Ailments mentioned above arise from ONE CAUSE, they can be cured by ONE REMEDY, viz. :— JOLL Y'S DUCHESS PILLS. .'H >- These Pills are not an Aperient, but a Tonic which enriches the Blootf- Miss rtAHDY writes from Thorpe, Norwich Please forward a box of "DUCHESS PILLS," as It cannot p^ssif ly be without their. I can highly recommend them. I have been under the doctor's reatment for the last ten years for Anaemia, without receiving any benefit, but your "Duchess Pills" have quits restored me." Mrs. OHGAN wiitea from 19, Thomas street, Robertetown, Abardare :—"There is a great improve- ment in my daughter since taking your 11 Duchess Pills. She is stronger, her skin is much clearer, her lips have their natural colour, her cliecks are rosy, and her eyes brighter. Please send me another box, for which I enclose 2.9. 6d." Report ot Dr. A. FARn, the well-known Physician, late Medical Officer of Health, Lambeth, Londo i This is to certify that JOLLY'S "DUCHESS" PILLS do not contain any deleterious properties, and may be taken with perfect safety as a remedial agent and corrective for the various hililents for which they are specially designed and recommended." Certificate of the Analysts to the Health Corporation, London. We have mada a minute and critical Analysis of a sample, selected indiscriminately, of JOLLY'S DUCHESS Pills, and find they are composed of most valuable Tonic, Stomachic, and Purifying Properties, end quite free from injurious Vegetable and Minsral substances." BENJAMIN NBHBU, F.C S F.I C., ) Ana]ysts to the Health Corporation of London. WALLACE C. ISICKELL, l'.C.S., ) J JOLLY'S "DUCHESS" PILLS will restore colour, health, strength, and beauty, and make the palest face clear and rosy, thus producing a lovely complexion. ILLUSTRATED nOOK ON ANiEMIA, OR POVERTY OF BLOOD, SENT POST FREE. A box of JOLLY'S DOCRE-58 PILLS, containing 60 doses, easy to take, and sufficient to cure any ordinary case, will be forwarded to any part of the United Kingdom, securely packed in special boxes, with plain wrapper, post free, on receipt of 2s. Gd. Send for a box to-day. WHY BE PALE AND LANGUID ANY LONGER? ADPKESS"! — BRITISH DRUGGISTS, LIMITED, 219, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W. THOMAS BLAND DA VIES, COAL & LIMB HVCElK.CHI-^IsrT, 3, SPRING GARDENS, CARMARTHEN. LARGE SOFT HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- marthen Station from l-ls. per Ton. LARGE HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Carmarthen Station from 11s. 9d. per Ton. NUT HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- marthen Station from 13s. Gd.'per Ton. ENGLISH-THE S3? 2 BENSON'S WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. lkv 9 s W -W-7 BENSON'S BENSON'S English Lever Keyless Em^lish LeveV LUDGATE" WATCH BANK WATCH. IN USJ^^ In^S^er Oascs^ Post F Cheapest, Strongest and most Durable London A rood Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a made THREE-QUAR i'Elt PLATE ever sold. [low-price. Best. London made. Three-Quarter Plate An English Lever. J-jvrelied with 13 liuhics. Chrcrso- Enplixh Lever, Lavae, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter Balance. Patent Larsre Barrel, and Dam]) and 111 Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof ltins Band. Price £ 5 5s.. An Exact Timekeeper, and better value than any Keeps better time than, and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for £ 10. and Value of, any £ 5 5-3. at"ii made, la Sterling .pc in 7?—^rv^rvih Stprl'ti^ Silver Prvctii Silver Cases, with Strong Crystal G!:is-. r, ,p.^ steri.u., bilv^r, Crystal Made in Four Sizes af one Price. £ <5 5s. -No. 1. Gentlemen & Youths (a-illustrated): No u. \Vorktiv_' REASON'S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half- Men; No. 3, Railway Men and Miners; No. l.a iies. IIoop. Marquise. Gipscv and all other designs, In massive 18-ct. Gold th,ses, with Crv-ta! Ub: i s.( with BniHants, Hubies, Emeralds. Pearls, Sap- Gentlemen's size. £ 12 12s. Lady s size. 10s. j.hires, Opals, Turquoise, &e., Ac.,or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent pest free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on reeeint of Draft. Cash, or P.O.O.. pavablo a* f! P O CEHD FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 23. to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS. BROOCHts>, PLATE, .5;•. Sjnt i>ost free on application to JW WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • XX 0 5 H.M. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: 62 Ss, 64, I^UDGiiTE HILL, And 28, ROYAL EXHANGE. E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c., CLUBS.—Applications for agencies invited. Easy system, no risk. A GUARANTEED AND CARRIAGE PAID. I Full Catalogue and Testimonials from users in any District, Post free, from the DISTRICT AGENTS: Ag-ent for Carmarthen and District: W. THOMAS, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Agent for Llandilo and District: D. P. DA VIES, General Ironmonger, 3 and 5, King-street, Llandilo. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. D. LL. REES, THE LEJLIDIJSTC3- OUTFITTER, Has just received a large consignment of YOUTHS' and nO}'' CLOTHING, and is prepared to sell at the following Low Prices :— MJEIVS BLACK CURL & VICUNA JA( RETS & VESTS, 1 8/11 to 22/6. JIE;S COLOURED SUITS, J 2/11 to 42/ MEN'S TROUSERS, 2/11 to 12/0. YOUTHS COLOURED SUITS, 1>' f;,8/1: to 21/ Y BOYS' NORFOLK SUITS, f.. 4/11 to 13/11. BOYS' SAILOR SUITS, f K 1/11 to 10/11. WE STILL LEAD, AND OTHERS TRY TO FOLLOW WITH OUR CELEBRATED 3/9 HATS' GENTS' MERCERY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN THE LATEST STYLES. jVOrg-TIIE ONLY ADDRESS, 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. THE ONLY GENUINE IMT-A-Z-iT BKEAD EVER BROUGHT BEFORE THE PUBLIC. MOKTGOMEBli'B PATENT. AWARDED GOLD MEDAL. Highest Award Certificate of Merit by the Saoitary and Health Institute of Great Britain. SOLE LICENSED MANUFACTURER FOR CARMARTHEN- CHARLES G ALLOW AY, Pastry Cook and Confectioner, 5, QTJEEN-STREET, OARMAHTIIEN. jV M VMill 'til' v f -waif ONE LE5.5 N A, (fOW Edfs GREAT BRITAIN FOR THE »"farmer'sAlpha,"66 23 10 CAST 4 YEARS. GUARANTEED AND CARRIAGE PAID. WORK EASIER and PRODUCE MORE BUTTER than OTHER MACHINES. 88,000 users say so. DISTRICT AGENTS: Agent for Carmarthen and District: W. THOMAS, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Agent for Llandilo and District: D. P. DA VIES, General Ironmonger, 3 and 5, King-street, Llandilo. 81.1> GEO PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES f Were all the TestimQniab pnbhshedof tt^rdinS?they would fil1 a "TIIEY ARE MORE THAN GOLD TO ME,—THEY SAVED MY LIFE If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, this REMEDY^ effectually remove them. T1>RITATI0N of the BLADDER, SUPpnpoc,Tr^T SEWment' -— a box of «n'l LIVER are sluggish ai,* <• at of order, this HemPri„ ~d~ 8.ts'ss BILIOUSNESS, CONSTIPATION ym h>Te a OON8TIPAMow> f^XXITLENCE COLIO » affected, Pm\ryo»™ £ Af»T HEADACHE ind GIDDINESS, <W MlswiU remov„ these pAIKg ^If'yMtoTpTlNAFTEK EATING,and feel DKOVTSYandLISTLESS,„ne Dow of pflis "if^'foODTUENS SOUK and tfe» into the mouth, a » dose, „ lhi» R(.medy "if yo* ^&EKVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a pertect ANTID0TE wjl] fomd fn George's Pills. If you h,,e a T EEABLE TASTE in the niotith, a SIINGLE DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel They will malce y„M bed e,sy_ sleep pefrosUngi a°d If y™ S St for EXERTION, WSAK, Twi, RESTORE your ENERGY A and will Labour and *■ +1, -I of your life. 811 If you are troubled with ^vcniRY and PLEASANT?"81 °f eating' a bo of George's Pills WlUIf y^ur^LOODffimpure, it will keep open' j^TOITlEs48 b°dy' and thus giv0 free exit to all GROSS HUMOURS, and no more BLOOD IM±-UKlilEb WllI be seen thr^ugh the ^ki'ln1 thous^ds^' (^ses^ fth&s 'KemerH^ branch' ^HEUMATIO, SCORBUTIC, ^Katenden^t^ this ^y, by it, action upon the KIDNEYS and l/you have DIFFICULTY^of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of neC(It will change your CONSTANT AILING to FREE-FROM PA!N. It will change the SALLOW COMPLEXIONS^ It wil change your SICKLINESS to VIGOUK, your LiANGOUR to ACTIVITY and your OENERAIJ DEBILITY to firmness of SINEW It is APERIENT, and therefore will reraove oOJNo LJN. It is ANTIBIIilOUS, and will, therefore, correct all ["eguUritieH of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the WAiM PASSAGES. It is TONIC, and will, therefore, give TONE^and. VJLLitt to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS It is BLOOD-PURIF YING ixnd NERVE STRIiNGl^NI^ G. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. ————*————— THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE IJJLI) EVERYWHERE. In Boaes, Is. 1-gd. and 2s. 9d. eachr By Post, Is. 3d. and 3s. 2 PROPRIETOR—J. E. {EORGE, M.R.P.S., IIIRH ALV. HOPE ON. NERVOUS DEBILITY,&c. A gentleman having tried in vain every knowu reinccly. has discovered a simple self cure for Nervous Debility, Spermatorrhoea, Exhausted'Vitality, Premature Decay, Lost Manhood, The Errors of Youth, Kidney anil Liver Complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs: wllieh he will be pleased to forward «n receipt ofstamped- attyiressed envelope. Address :—fTKXHY DAViS, E'Q.. CoproRD LO'DOR, Outcuksic:; PJ.ACE, B«ioaxoj«, Sussi-X- ttiis i»aper> V IMPORTANT NOTICE, v J«st Published, a Book for Young Men, By Dr J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), entitled HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH," On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of tho Heart' Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Iudigest;on, Prostration, Lassitude, Depresssion of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back &c Bent post free for two stamps or by letter post 3 stalrms "THE FEMALES' FRIEND AND ADVISER' Will be sent to any address on receipt of two stamps. Address, Dr. BAKNES,4S. Lonsdale Square. Barnsburv Loadou, N. PEINTIN G[PPiINTING! G OOD, CHEAP, AND EXPEDITIOUS DRINTING T!7'XECUTED JpRINTING JgXECUTED AT THE "WEEKLY REPORTER" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. POSTERS (COLOURED OR PLAIN) HANDBILLS TRADE CIRCULARS BUSINESS CARDS PAMPHLETS ANNUAL REPORTS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PROGRAMMES (BALL, CONCERT, OR SPORTS) BILLHEADS MEMO. FORMS MEMORIAL CARDS (IN GREAT VARIETY CHEQUE BOOKS, &c. 11) RICES ON APPLICATION Orders by Post receive prompt and careful attention. The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, Circulate" throughout South Wales generally, and has the LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. PRICE ONE PENNY. POST FREE FOR 1/9 PER QUARTER M. LAWRENCE, PROPRIETRESS, 3, BLUE-STEEET, CARMARTHEN. roxt COUGHS -S SNLSAM OP A- tilAD E' M POWELLS m'a or BALSAM ANISiH COUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, A-NI> iLL amm.a Ml £ LUNG TROUBLES. SAFE AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Years. iijiMfA ot Imitfttloni. Trade Mark on Wrappe«.g everyWHERE. Bottles, Vii. 2/3. ftad lV- BREAKFAST-SOPPEB. E P P S'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILKI i*>i^ CCcnQ GENUINE SCOTCH_SEEP&. I BRUCE'S Collection of gy IQ i CHOICE VEGETABLE SEEDS i contains liberal quantities of 17 nnk)n kinds, including Peas, Broccoli, Carrot, Onion, I Leek, Lettuce, &c. Post Free, 2/9. > { BRUCE'S Collection of 4 I CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS ■/ ( contains 14 packets of Beautiful Flowers for out- J door cultivation, including Aster, Stock, Mignonette, Codetia, Nasturtium, &c. t i,.rf h-fe i j-. Combined Collections for 3/6. Illustrated Catalogue sent with Colicctlons. rr^1 PgTinE&Co., y,r,>m,ABERDEEN.|[ POST FKEKJ ZD, MW WHO ARE WEAK should read the best and most valuable work on ATROPHY and VAKirocELB. by M.O., Ch.M., with special chapters the explanation of vital secrets and the certain Pnre of Prostration, Debility and Decay. The purest eukle in essential matters. Address- burgeon," Copford Lodge, Brighton, Sussex. DIZ. MACK AY'S 11 ATARVEILOUS 11 5/C FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 LADIES will SAVE much EXPENSE, DELAY, and RTTTER DISAPPOINTMENT by sending at first icr this WONDERFULLY SUCCESSFUL MEDICINE, POST FFI NS Cd POSITIVELY the ONLY TRUSTWORTHY nnd RELIABLE PREPARATION in THE VORLD for ALL IRREGULARITIES. NEVER FAILING in bringing about oil that is desired SPEEDILY and SAFEL\. Does not rause PROSTRATION & PAIN like most of the SO-UALLED REMEDIES hut by its invigorating and effective action vvrrmotc^ a healthy condition of the system hitherto unattainable BY ANY OTHER PREPARATION. TVinnsimls of flattering and Unsolicited testimonials have been received EXTOLLING the VIRTUES of this REMARLV- ABLE MEDICINE Space, however, will not admit of them all bom" published. The following extracts are, therefore, specimens of some of the NUMEROUS GRATEFUL LETTERS that arrive daily Your remedy is worth its weight iu gold.—Mra W." "The first two dosas put me right.—Mrs N." Your medieiue relieved mc] almost instantly.—M. H." Everything I tried had failed. Your remedy acted like iutgic -L. W Ycurs, indeed, is a marvellous remedy.—H. B." "Not only am I all right, but much improved in health —A. S." I sincerely wish I had wrote to you "eforc.lrs K." "Every female ought to know of your med!cin'3.Mrs W." 1, Stipit always send to you in future.—Miss 11." "Maty, many thanks for your truly effective medicine.—Mr3. Y." "All other remedies were useless. Three doses of yours benefitted me.—Mrs S." LADIES, DUNIT DELAY, SEND AT OWE and test the Value of this Famous Medicine. 104, IIIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. nIl. J\IAOKAY'S MAEVELLOUS 5/G FEMALE REMEDY. 5/G .&. JAMS JAMS! JAMS! CHEAP AGAIN. 1 lb Plum and Apple 313. 2 » do 5d. 3 » do 8d. 4" do 101d. 1 Blackberry and Apple 4d. 2 do 6Jd. 2 3 do fld. 2 Raspberry and Apple 'id. 4 do is. 0d. I Marmalade 4d. S" do 7d. 3 » do led. 4 do Is. id. Damson Jam, Loose, 83d. per lb. Tumblers, Marmalade, 4d. each. SMITH & CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CAEMAETHEN. THE CARMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING and ADVERTISING, in all its Branches, throughout the Counties of Carmar then, Pembroke, and Cardigan. R. M. JAMI S, Manager. POTHOUSE Steam Sawing, Planing, and Moulding Mills, Carmarthen. I'll LARGE STOCK OF BUILDING AND JOINERY TIMBER IN YARD, AND SAWING OF ALL KINDS EXECUTED BY Experienced Sawyers at Moderate Prices. Agent for Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, and Pembrokeshire for R. A. NAYLOR, the well-known Joinery Manufacturer and Importer. II. G, POWELL, TIMBER MERCHANT. — LYTFE: LYFEYY 1,1 L^E! cSpAYEdYijOenUR J/ A \X from DEATH BY THAT bpjfeftg/ Wy TER,{,BLE DISEASE CROW? N^RR,-CI#Y & tlany jThcusands Die Annually. ALL MAY BE SAVED BY GIYIXG lIIDI MORTIMER'S CR00P&COUGH MIXTURE IN TIME. r. Also a valuable remedy for Coughs, WHOOPIHG COUGH, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Iijflurnza, Sere Throats, Hoarseness, Diphtheria, Fever, and ail Affoctions of the Chest and Lungs, liotli in Adults and Children. Patronised by the Public for over GO years. The following are a few from among THOUSANDS OF GENUINE TESTIMONIALS. The originals may bo seen at the Proprietor's; anyone doubt- ing their genuineness may writs to addresses given. From the Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP OF SWANSEA. DEAR Siiz,-Otir children frequently suffer from attacks of Croup, and we have always found Mortimer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife says she would not for anything be without it in the house. Having had experience of its beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of recommending it to our friends. Yours very truly, J. SWANSEA. Penrhos, Newham Road, Bedford. SIR -I received the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixture. Please send me twelve more bottles, as my children have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything e'se; in fact, I have never known it fail in Croup or Whooping Cough. Kindly send by return, and oblige, Yours truly, A. REM. In Bottles, Is ld and 2s Od each; sent by post to any address. Prepared only by i MORTIMER, LIMITED, CARMARTHEN, SOUTH WALES. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine "Vendors Wholesale Agents W. SUTTON & Co., London. -\i"- FREE TO MEN. WHEX vou are tired of taking nauseoua and mvsterious prescriptions and compounds, which do you no good but only ruin your digestive organs, write to me and I will send a book which describes a QUICK and CERTAIN CURE for lost strength, wasting weakness. &c from what- ever cause arising. No Stomach Medicine, no Electricity sent in envelope on reccipt of t wo stamps for postage—A- Leigh, !)2 and 93, Great Russell-street, London, W 0° WHY DO MEN SUFFER from Weakness T V Despondency, Nervousness, Nervous DebilIty, Loss of Strength, Youthful Imprudence, Lost Man hood, &c., when they can write to a friend (who has given the matter a life-Jong study) and be cured Simple self-treatment.—Enclose stamped envelops to W. H. BnowN, Esq., 14, Chesham Road, Brighton, who will send sutferers prescription free. (Name ihis Paper). HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. The most certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD CURES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. JUL Sold Everywhere. Price Is lid 2s 9d. JOHN LYSAGHT Ltd Bristol, Sole Manufac O turers of the REDCLIFFE (HLVA\Trsvn RICK COVER, Pig Troughs, Sheep Troughs and Racks, Cattle Cribs and Troughs, Corn Bins Hav Racks, Mangers, Water Tanks and Barrows', Hay and Corn Sheds, Shepherd's Huts, Wiro Netting Catalogues and Articles supplied by any Ironmonger. TyfKBOXOFCi K7 ranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acquired or constitutional) Gravel, and Pains in the back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in boxes 4s Gd each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DIWG Co., LINCOLN. Wholesale, Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-strect, and all the Wholes-xla Houses,