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Bankyfelin Notes.

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Water-street Chapel, Carmarthen.

The Bankyfelin Squib.


The Bankyfelin Squib. To the. Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter SIR,-Thank you, Mr Editor, for correcting me. I am sorry my first letter was a violation of news- paper correspondence. It was an error of judgment based upon a comparison of the expressions used in the letters of Mr W. and Agricola." Upon a careful perusal of tho epistles in your i recent number anent Chokey, and comparing them with Agricola's writings, they present such a similarity that I am forced to confess I believe them to have emanated from himself, and that his friend only acted tho second, and lent his name thereto without giving a thought to its attendant responsibility. Otherwise how can he reconcile his previous behaviour with the signed letter, as I have it from good authority that after the meeting raferred to was over, he spoke very pointedly of his friend's interference; besides, how was Chokey informed of the incident if. as ha says, no notice was taken of it ? I consider such dealings a bit inconsistent, and tend to stamp his letter as a blind, > rather than a substantial argument, and is similar to a man hissing his dog uu uua men scolding it for obeying. However, they have become con- spicuous, and the cat has slipped the bag nicely, I and clearly explains the drift of Chokey's letter I and its relations with Agricola's." I It is, no doubt, a fine acquisition to see on( ( f name in print, but, fearing the shock might prove disastrous to my fragile system, and other obvious reasons, I wish to reserve it at present, and refrain from saying any more now. Dear Chokey, now dead, expressed in his will, To take up his cudgels, and drive his old quill And now I give warning to friends and to foes, His brief I'll continue, so boys here goes. Ha ha I AzriGola," we've got him at last, I see him all trembling in terror aghast His pills being coated with acid and slime, May tickle the vulgar, but not the sublime His language unfolded, deprived of the blade, Bespeak of a writer of an exuberant grade. His arrows are blunt, and his aims are not straight, He is caught in a net of numberless plait; Composed of the fragments cast off his own feet, Interwoven and finished with colours complete And now is gazetted at Chokey's canteen, Waiting a moment to discharge his own spleen. Poor Chokey, with catapult tied in a knot, Took aim through the keyhole, and hit the right spot; Surcharged with confusion, he clenches hia fist, The squib is exploded in vapouring mist ¡ Ilis body is wriggling in agonized pain, Oh what a condition for mortal so vain. The sudden combustion unfurled his headgear, His hat took a flight like a kite in the air His cranium so narrow, and membrane so thin, Revealed to the world it was boiling within His nostrils inflatsd, and all in a rage, Resembled a parrot in a furious stage. Our village alive in uproarious ado, The asinine tribe gambolling to and fro, Are roaring with laughter, and growing quite fat, When reading the tale of our hero's cocked hat. The clodhoppers, too, have a nut now to grill, And have raised him the name of Agricola, the Quill." Fanny "Agricola," eo fertile and prim, Disturbing a meeting to suit his own whim His conduct, when censurad, he quibbles a-bye, Phrased with contempt, triod to prove alibi. Be careful my friend, choose topics more fine, And cease with transgressing our laws most divine. The confab is over, the diatribe won, And peace is the order with Chokey's old gan My name will, however, remain as a myth, Yn ddiogel a dirgel, o r golwg am byth. For lending its columns to grievance impart, The Weekly Reporter I'll press to my heart. CHOKEY'S CHUM.

" Squib Bankyfelin" eto.

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