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Carmarthen County Court.


--------Is Llandilo Dic-Shon-Dafyddj…


Is Llandilo Dic-Shon-Dafydd Stricken ? To the Editor of the Carmarthen Werltlj Reporter, j SIR,—Your correspondont"Gomerian"lias actually eclipsed himself in his last contri- bution on the above subject—and that is saying a great deal. In this my friend appears to be hopelessly muddled he is at one time maufully contradicting himself, at another guilty of ingeniously misconstruing plain English to such an alarming oxtent that I doubt not my Llandilo friends will consider him absolutely beyond redemption." He has been roving once more through the Garden of Eden in com- pany with Baalam's Ass (or donkey, which?) and Lucifer, Son of the Morning. He has further made the astounding discovery that Dr Johnson, of London, and Bishop Thirl- wall, of St. David's, in the border county were foreigners! Bat to return to Gomerian's letter, and let us begin in the beginning. My friend objects to my using the word positiveness as describing his views on the probablo language of Eden. Gomerian, if I can trust my memory, used words to this effect-" If there is any living; sceptic as to Welsh I ein- the language of Paradise" &c., and then he launches on the Japhetli theory. Now when a person attempts to prove anything it is desirable, to say tho least of it) that he should himself first of all be fairly convinced of what he undertakes to prove to others. But, granting that Gomerian on]y assumed that for argument's sake, his last letter removes all doubts as to his real convictions for he says ho will firmly adhere to the belief that Welsh was tho language of Paradise. So far so good. We 0 n will movo on. Gomerian confesses some- where that he fails to see one of my arguments. I am not a bit surprissed when I read what follows. He says I maintained that" Greek resembles the Welsh in soft- ness, tenderness, and sweetness of its sounds more so than Italian and Spanish does (sic). Now whether this gross misrepre- sentation is due to Gomerian's dullness of comprehension or whether he has deliberately contorted my actual words to suit his own ends it is not for me to finally determine. What I said was that I never heard Welsh compared to the Spanish and Italian t-jngues, but that 1 perceived a striking resemblance between its periods and those of the Greek. I further took pains to show in what respects I thought Welsh resembled tho Greek, viz, in its richness of expression, in its resonant and high sounding words, and in its great wealth of ethical and metaphysical terms. I had arrived at this conclusion after studying Greek for some five years. But Gomerian is not content with betraying his inability to understand plain English, for later on lie turus completely round about and adds a capital contribution to my contention that Welsh resembles Greek. My readers will remember the little storv he related of the minister who con- vinced his congregation that he was quoting Greek when he was really quoting the good old language of John Elias. For this contribution to my argument Gomerian will pleaso accept my unfeigned thanks. Then I come to a most enigmatic string of words where my friend says something about Gwilym Hiraethog, of immortal memory and withal one of the brightest journalists Wales over produced. This is followed by a reference to that fine specimen of architecture—the Cardiff Free Library. Now if Gomerian should ever come to Cardiff I promise to conduct him through the library, where he will find an excellent selection of Welsh literature together with works on English Grammar ranging in simplicity from English made easy and English as she is wrote to Bain's work on English Composition. And lastly, my critic says it will be our fault if we shall (sic) not get from Parlia- ment our rights. This is another revelation Pray whose fault is it that Disestablishment has been denied Wales when she has repeatedly sent an overwhelming majority to Westminster in it3 favour ? But Gomerian confesses he has been wandering and let ll10 add—perhaps in more rsspects than one. In conclusion, I appeal to my readers if I have not sustained all my contentions in this controversy, and if Gomerian has not utterly failed to advance a scintilla of evidence to the contrary. This concludes the controversy as far as I am concerned. I am, etc., J. E. THOMAS. South Wales Daily News, Cardiff. --+-